Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Plan...

Well it's day two and my new plan seems to be working well for me. I've been focused on eating healthy, protein rich foods the last two days. No problems at all with the plan! I haven't felt hungry, so the protein is definitely keeping me full! I've been cooking a bit more (always a good thing!)... Not just cooking; I do that all the time. I'm actually taking time to plan meals out and prep them. I'm doing more than cooking one or two things a week and eating them all week. I've managed to change up the plan both days and will continue to do so.

I'm doing so well tracking that even with eating out tonight I'll be in my calorie range. Eating out can be annoying when you're trying to eat as healthy as possible. I think that's why it is so easy for people to slip up.  Let's face it, when you're out and about the unhealthy (but oh-so delicious) foods are right there on the menu you and at surrounding tables, almost calling out.  Boo to them! 

I know what the restaurant serves (and what I usually eat there) so I looked up some foods on MFP. I decided that I'll go with a Pleavalean burger (also described as Michigan cherry burger). The burger is made of beef (91% lean, which is way better than most restaurants!) and is enhanced with cherries. They're delicious and somewhat healthy. I tracked a full bun but may only eat the bottom part, or none. We'll see how hungry I am!  Those are generally served with fries, which I would've been in okay shape to eat (after working out) but I decided I don't want to waste calories on fries. Instead, I'm asking them to sub a side salad for the fries. My splurge will be regular ranch dressing because that restaurant has awesome ranch! I'll use it on the side, so I won't eat it all. I'm sure there will be an extra cost for the substitution, as there usually is in restaurants. I'm used to it by now!!

Sometimes I dread eating out because of the limited healthy choices offered at some restaurants. Luckily I know what to look for and do the best research I can before I go so that I can have a decent plan in mind. I generally try to aim for the healthiest of choices!!

Yesterday's workout went well. My strength training workout was focused on triceps and shoulders. I did three exercises for each body part, and did three sets of those exercises. I ended up doing them in circuits. I did a set of all of the exercises, then rotated through them again, and again. Some people do a set of one, rest, do a set, rest, etc. I find that to be a bit boring so I changed it up a bit to make it more interesting. I'm still working the muscles which is what matters to me! I'm sore today, so I know the arm moves worked!! After ST I did some cardio; 30 minutes on the treadmill.  It was far too hot to consider running outside, so I stayed in the basement.  For short periods of time on a hot day, the dreaded torturemill really isn't so bad.

Today is a leg day.  I will likely just do legs; no cardio.  I am going out to dinner, as I mentioned, to meet with my Mom and some cousins to plan our family reunion. It's coming up in a few weeks so we like to get together before hand to make sure we have a plan of action and to divide up tasks. Naturally I want to get my workout done so that I can shower with plenty of time to get ready for dinner! I also happen to think that running after working the legs probably isn't the greatest idea.... Just sounds painful or something.  I'll resume cardio tomorrow, along with abs!

After dinner I'm headed over to my boyfriend's for the night. I'm assuming we will spend some time watching the All Star game and just hang out, as usual.  I love how good company really makes time fly (but then I get bummed because it seems to go so fast!). It seems like even if we are just hanging out watching a game and talking, we always have fun. I definitely like being able to just relax and still have fun. I seem to keep busy a lot of the time and really do cherish the moments that the two of us can spend together, not being busy.

So that's about it - so far my new plan is working well. I'm really enjoying it - both the change of pace in workouts and diet. I'm also liking the variety of foods I'm adding to my plan (and the new things I'm trying!). I need to go get my workout started so that I can get ready to head out for the night.

I hope your week is going well!


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