Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday

First, I'm having a better day today. I've been in a pretty good mood most of the day. This afternoon I started to feel tired and generally when I'm tired I get a little more emotional. I started thinking about weight loss and how it's so hard sometimes...And sometimes others just do not understand the struggle. 

I also find it hard to be doing everything right only to gain, or plateau (even with changes!), and to see all these other people hardly doing anything and losing. I work my tail off and don't see many changes. Talk about frustrating. I KNOW that a lot of this is probably due to my recent surgery but it's really bothering me. So, I decided to call my doc (well I see his PA) and schedule an appointment. I haven't had any labwork done lately and who knows if something goofy is going on in my body. I've felt pretty fatigued and such lately so labs are probably a good idea. Last time it was my hemoglobin and although I take iron now, it's worth checking into. I also wonder about my hormone leves... Given that I take birth control pills and recently had a two week long period, something could be off.

My boss suggested pregnancy. I can only imagine the look on my face before saying "OH GOD NO!"

Overall, though, it's been a pretty good day. I feel a little better and am just going to keep plugging along, doing what I know is healthy. Maybe the doc will have some more suggestions or something next week. I plan to print out my MFP sheets and show him exactly what I've been doing so that he knows I'm really trying.

I'm trying to keep in mind that this is a temporary thing and that change is ahead. I've gotta stay postitive or it will eat me alive.

Given that it's Throwback Thursday I thought I'd show an old pic.... This was from sometime around 2005.

This picture, along with some others, really helped me see how far I've come. I kinda laugh because of that insane cleavage. I swear one boob is the size of my head! Oh how things have changed... Hmmm.. Maybe a boob job really should be next on the list of surgeries! Going from a DD to a large B/small C (C only due to current weight gain!) is quite the shock. As with other areas of the bod, the skin there is damaged to. A lift with implants sounds like a good idea to me! But not that big!!! At some point in time anyway.

So thanks to the pictures, I'm able to stay a bit more positive... Yes, I've had a minor setback but I have to believe it is temporary and that my hard work will pay off soon. I can't stop because there's no way I'm going back.... This is a simple bump in the road that is my journey. I'll work through it.

Today's agenda includes chest and biceps, and I will do some cardio. I also plan to wear my HRM when I mow the lawn this evening. Hey, calories burned are calories burned! And mowing the law isn't something I do often so I say it counts. 

I'll get up tomorrow and do back work then cardio before heading off to an organic store. Then it's off to hangout with my boyfriend's Mom and a couple of his younger siblings... Maybe. We're supposed to relax by the pool. The weather is iffy though... Scattered thunderstorms are forecasted but we'll see what happens. Maybe there will be a couple in the morning and that's it. I really hope for some float time!

I suppose it's time to get moving. 

Hope you're having a great day!


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