Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Too Much Tuesday

I have to say.... I'm glad this day is over! I was tired all day and when thing at work got hectic I was just not in the mood to deal with anything. Of course I did what I needed to do but was relieved when the day was over. 

I think I'm getting a cold which really doesn't help. At all. My throat had been scratchy and I feel a though I have a slight fever. That's just making me more tired than I was to begin with. I'm definitely ready for some good sleep tonight!! 

Despite not feeling well I worked out. I did my weight circuit (leg day!) and then walked the dogs for a while. Because I'm all stuffy, scratchy, and blah on general, running wasn't happening. I think that's why I biked yesterday.... This cold must have been coming on. 

I ate healthy today and drank all of my water. This is week three of my new workout plan and it is going well do far! I really hope this helps boost my weight loss and makes me feel better. 

Tomorrow is my doc appointment so I guess we will see if anything is out of whack. Part of me hopes everything is fine and another part of me kinda wishes something is off.... At least I could explain my lack of weight loss if there is! If not, it's probably still swelling. All that will hope that is time and healthy behaviors. 

Well I think I'm headed to bed! I'm so tired and rest will do me good. I'm planning to do some biking before I leave for my appointment tomorrow. After work I will do weights (abs) and hopefully I'll feel up to running. 

Tomorrow is FPP reveal day so stay tuned for a post about my box of goodies!!! 


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