Monday, July 1, 2013

Wedding Weekend Re-Cap

What a busy weekend! I'm sorry I didn't take time to post on Friday - I don't know where the day went! I suppose I'll start there...

Friday was a pretty good day...I didn't do a whole lot in the morning. I was going to do Ripped in 30 but just wasn't feeling into it. Instead I walked my dogs for about 40 minutes. It was a nice, sunny morning for a walk. It wasn't too hot so the dogs did pretty well. Although, I do think they walked a little bit slower than normal. After that I packed for a weekend in up north, then met my Mom and Aunt for lunch. We ate and talked for a while before my Aunt had to go. Then I headed over to my parents' house to work on my tan.

I probably could've posted when I was laying in the sun for a couple hours Friday afternoon. But I didn't. I tend to get a glare off of my iPad, which is really annoying when you're trying to write. I think it would've taken. Instead I listened to some music and read some more of the most recent book I'm reading ( Jeneration X, by one of my favorite authors, Jen Lancaster).

Speaking of Jen Lancaster.... Did I ever write about the time she replied to one of my tweets? I was at one of my favorite Chicago watering holes and noticed the cross street (which I hadn't previously paid attention to, I guess). From one of her books, I remembered her twitter user name includes that street, so naturally, I composed a tweet about it.  And she replied with where she used to live. Needless to say I was GEEKED that she replied to me. Totally starstruck (yes, over a tweet - hush).

Anyway..... Back to the weekend. I get so easily distracted sometimes!

I spent a few hours in the sun on Friday and then went for another walk. This time my cousin joined me and we walked for just over an hour, so we got at least four miles in.... Given how slow the dogs were I'm sure my daily total for walking was somewhere around six or seven miles. Not bad! I'm so happy to be back into my exercise groove. Even if, for now, it's just walking and some DVD stuff a few times a week, I'm okay with it. It feels good to just be doing something!!

After the walk, we had dinner at my parent's house and then hung out for a little while. I showered then went to my boyfriend's house for a bit before we headed over to hang out with some friends (a married couple) for a few hours. It was a nice, fun, relaxing evening and a nice start to the weekend!

Saturday I got up at a decent hour with a plan to walk with my cousin. It rained. Bummer!! Luckily she was coming over to primp me a little - to straighten my hair (which I usually do on my own but I have a terribly stubborn spot that's hard to reach),  paint my nails and possibly put my faux eyelashes on for the wedding (eyelashes didn't happen because I forgot my adhesive). So instead of walking we watched a movie for a while before she helped me primp.  She left just before noon, which was perfect since that was the time my Dad wanted to get on the road.  We stopped and picked up my boyfriend on the way, and then headed up north!

My good friend Laura, whom I've known her entire life, got married on Saturday evening, on Lake Charlevoix. It was a perfect day and everything was beautiful.  Laura was one of the most stunning brides I've seen. The wedding was a lot of fun! Since it was outdoors they provided us with beers to sip on (if we wanted) during the ceremony.  They had a huge tent set-up with tables and a dance floor. Outside of a tent was a table with hors d'oeuvres for cocktail hour, a bar, and a photo booth.  The  hors d'oeuvres table turned into a s'mores dessert buffet after dinner. What a great, super fun idea!! It was a great change from the traditional wedding cake, or even cupcakes.

We left the reception around 11:30 and headed back into town to our hotel.  We actually stayed in Boyne City instead of Charlevoix like the rest of the guests (I had technical glitches with the wedding website and ended up booking elsewhere). We had planned to stop at a cute bar called The Thirsty Goat on the way back to the hotel but when the end of the evening came no one else wanted to go.  I threw my best, most age appropriate fit (not much of a fit), but was unanimously out-voted. Jerks.

We slept in a little the next morning (well, my Dad's version of sleeping in - he didn't bang on our door until 8:30, for which I am thankful), then got breakfast before leaving town. We took a bit longer to get home because we made some stops along the way.  My Dad was kind enough to oblige my request to visit a few of vineyards in Traverse City on the way home.  Traverse City has two peninsulas, both of which have some awesome vineyards. We stopped at a few on Old Mission Peninsula.  They allowed me three stops, which was nice of them.  I think my Dad's original plan was only two stops, but I managed to get him to stop by a third on the way out.

We visited Hawthorne Vineyards, which just opened this year. It had gorgeous views of both of the bays as well as the vineyard. We sampled five wines for five dollars, which included the glass. My Dad and boyfriend, who are not the wineos that my Mom and I are, did the tasting there too. My Dad bought both my Mom and I a bottle of wine there.

After that we visited one of my favorites, Chateau Grand Traverse Winery. I love this one because there's a nice tasting area, the tasting is free (six samples, but no glass is included), and they have a very nice gift shop area that carries tons of wine accessories, food items, t-shirts, and other fun gifts. I paid extra for to try their ice wine, which was delicious!! It was on sale for $50 a bottle (from $70) and while I contemplated buying it, I didn't. I did, however get two bottles of different wines that we sampled (my Mom did too!).

We were headed back down the peninsula when we saw the sign for Black Star Farms, and I commented that last time I was there it was closed. So my Dad stopped. My Mom went in with me but had enough wine at the other stops, so I tasted on my own.  They offered a tasting of five with a small glass or ten with a larger glass.  I opted to do the smaller tasting since I'd already sampled 12 wines that day. The guys had their own "tasting" in the parking lot at the last two. Yup... They were pretty much tailgating at vineyards. So classy, those two! I bought two bottles of wine at Black Star.

I ended the day with my wine stock replenished a little; six bottles total. I also picked up some peach salsa (OMG TO DIE FOR!) and a woozy ( a wine koozy) at Grand Traverse. 

Then we headed home. We dropped my boyfriend off on the way, then went to my parents' house where I transferred all of my stuff to my car, stopped and picked up my dogs, and then I headed home. I was totally exhausted from the weekend! I didn't do a whole lot when I got home... I unpacked some of my stuff, did some laundry, played with the dogs, and chatted on the phone...I pretty much just spent the evening relaxing.

It was a busy, fun, exhausting weekend!! We all had a wonderful time up north.... Definitely a fantastic weekend!!

This week's workout schedule will be much like last weeks; Ripped in 30 and walking.  My legs are feeling better so I'm hoping that toward the end of the week I might be able to sneak in a run. Of course, with the holiday and family visiting from Kentucky, I will be busy! I suppose it's time to go do Ripped in 30 and then walk the dogs for a while.  I need to get started so I can get done and head over to my boyfriend's to hang out for the evening (that's the plan anyway... we'll see how tired I am after!).

I hope you had a great weekend and have  fantastic week!!!


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  1. Super pack super fun weekend. I'm glad you are feeling well enough to get back to a normal schedule. Your dad sounds like my mom. She used to come into our rooms in the morning pounding on the door for us to wake up!haha