Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Re-Cap.... Kinda.

If I were to re-cap my entire long weekend, I'd be here for a while. As much as I'm not a fan of writing lists in posts, that seems to be the best format for me right now. 

Wednesday - Nothing super exciting. I cleaned, got some groceries, and then my boyfriend came over for the long weekend. I spent some time making some Jello-shots for the long weekend. We generally spend our free time together so this isn't anything out of the ordinary. He and I, along with my cousin and her daughter attended one of the local fireworks displays. 

Thursday - Busy day! We spent the day a little farther north, in my home town. We went to the parade with my family in the afternoon, then to a family cookout for most of the day and evening, and then to the fireworks. I took some healthier options to the family cookout so that I'd have some options that weren't so bad.... Fresh veggies and dip, hummus and pita chips, lighter hot dogs, wheat buns, and a lighter dessert. I stuck to eating that, other than a couple handfuls of chips, some cheese cubes and vennison sticks (vennison is so lean though!), and baked beans. I did indulge in some of my Jello-shots and beer. That was the only meal I ate that day -- not healthy but at least the day wasn't a huge bust! 

Friday - It was a quiet morning of just hanging out at home... Then we spent a few hours in the afternoon at the beach with two of my cousins and their little ones. After that we headed home, with a stop at the grocery store for some dinner items. We had our own little cookout and just hung out most of the night. We were actually in bed early, especially for a Friday night! 

Saturday - I spent most of the day with my cousin from Kentucky. It was nice to have some quality time with just her. We shopped, went out for lunch, and then went to the beach for a while. I left earlier than she did (and had to say my goodbyes as she and her little one left for home early Sunday morning) because my boyfriend and I were spending the evening at his Mom's. She lives a little ways away, so we got out there late in the afternoon and just hung out for a while. I took a dip in the pool with his little sister and spent some time hanging out with her. Last time I was there a spent a lot of time with his littlest brother, playing a car racing game and talking about sports, so it was nice to hang out with her. Of course, I spent time chatting with the little guy about his new go-kart and other things too. We had a cookout there. We had some delicious smoked ribs and brats (I didn't eat a brat because I was stuffed), potato salad, pasta salad, and watermelon. We went to another fireworks display with the famliy. After that we spent the rest of the night just hanging out around the house; just talking and playing beer pong. I drank a bit much. We stayed up late and slept the majority of the morning away...

I ate pretty well and was able to do a bit of walking over the various weekend days so that was nice. Between walking to/from the parade and fireworks, and at the cookout on Thursday, I definitely got my time in. I didnt' do quite as much walking on Friday, and then later in the evening I wasn't feeling well so I laid around. When my cousin and I spent Saturday together, we walked around the downtown area so there was a bit of walking there too. I wasn't as active as I usually am, but I wasn't inactive. 

Yesterday was pretty much a quiet day. I just kind of laid around most of the day because I was so tired from being busy all weekend. I did some laundry and picked up some stuff around the house, but that was about it. It was a really weird day... I didn't get home until around two in the afternoon then spent a couple hours looking at pictures from the weekend, doing a couple edits, and uploading them to facebook. After that stuff was done the day seemed to drag on. I was too tired to do much but felt "bored" at the same time. I watched teenager type movies on TV, played Candy Crush, played with the dogs a little, did some reading, and goofed around online. I didn't feel like writing this post or doing much that required thinking. The hours until bedtime dragged on. Sadly I was ready to go to bed and start a new day so that I could be busy with something. 

My problem? Being alone. Since my boyfriend and I have been together I haven't had much alone time because we are together so much. It's almost as though I don't know what to do with myself when I'm alone. Normally if I'm alone, it's a weeknight evening and by the time I workout and do my usual evening routine, I don't have much time to kill. 

Yesterday was horrible. I'm sure being tired didn't help my situation any, but spending six hours alone without anything to keep me as busy as I'd prefer to be was a terrible feeling. I was kind of anxious and did not enjoy my time like I did in the past. This has never been the case with me. I've always enjoyed being alone and have cherished any free time that I had to myself. This is definitely an unfamiilar feeling and a change. 

To make things worse, I had trouble sleeping too. Part of it is being alone, I think... I've noticed more difficutly on the nights I'm alone. Last night I was tired and didn't want to be up but had a hard time falling asleep. Once I got to sleep, I was up a short time later. This cycle continued for most of the night. I woke around 3:30 this morning, following a nightmare, and that was the last time I remember waking until my alarm went off at 6:00. Naturally because I hadn't slept well I was too tired to get up and do even half an hour of some sort of workout which means I won't workout at all today. I have a chiropractor apponitment shortly and will then be busy the rest of the evening.

 What is happening to me?! I'm having a hard time spending a period of hours alone and trouble sleeping alone? This is such a change for me. It's definitely weird. Hopefully being tired had a lot to do with it and I will tolerate my alone time better in the future. It doesn't happen often and people say to enjoy those moments... Yet I'm having difficulty doing so. I think it's because I'm much happier when I'm with my boyfriend than when I'm alone. It's just such a huge change... 

I always wondered how I would handle having someone else (whether it be a roommate or boyfriend) around all the time. Now I'm having trouble when he's not around.

 Well I'm off to my appointment, then stopping by my grandparents' house for dinner and to see my aunt and uncle before they head back to Kentucky. After that, I'm sure I'll be spending the evening hanging out with my boyfriend. I plan on being back on track with a regular workout schedule tomorrow afternoon! 

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!! 



  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. I was never dependent on the guys I dated to fill my time until I met my husband. I simply enjoyed and still do enjoy spending time with him:)

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Thanks for linking up with us.