Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Re-Cap.

This was another busy weekend the seemed to fly by way too quickly! As I mentioned, on Friday I went to my boyfriend's. We just hung out for the evening. He had to be up early to help a friend pour cement for his garage and I wanted to be sure to get a workout in before heading out of town, so it was a pretty relaxed evening.

On Saturday morning we got up around seven and I headed home. I changed and did a workout (abs and cardio), and then got ready for the day. I had things picked out so packing was pretty easy and only took a little while. I had some breakfast and relaxed for a bit before hitting the road. I picked my friend Jen up and we headed to the city for the night.  Traffic was a nightmare! I can't remember the last time traffic was so backed up - and in both directions. I guess I just haven't drive through Chicago on a Saturday in quite a while. Or if I have, it's been early in the morning, not mid-afternoon.  We didn't have a whole lot of time once we got to the hotel so we got ready for the concert right away. Then we were back in the car, and back in traffic, on our way to the concert. 

The concert? Was a blast!! There were for singers (Thomas Rhett, Jake Owen, Kelly Clarkson, and Jason Aldean). Although Jason was the headliner, I think Kelly got just as much (or close to it) stage time as he did, which was awesome! We didn't have super great seats or terrible seats. We could see the stage fairly well, although for some reason pictures always make things seem so much smaller! We enjoyed some adult beverages at the concert (Old Style Light - only at Wrigley!). It was a much different experience being there for a concert rather than a game... HUGE difference in crowd (I even spotted a White Sox hat - were you for real!?). It was a lot more rowdy than any game I've ever been to, that's for sure.  And the outfits...Oh wow... I can't even begin to explain how appalling some of the girls were dressed. Completely in appropriate for age, body type, and many other reasons. If people are comfortable in their own skin and feel like wearing what they want, then cool (even if I did want to call the fashion police)... I'm just saying I wouldn't go out wearing a lot of what I saw!

After the concert, Wrigleyville was a madhouse. I expected that, which is why we parked a little ways away.  We started walking because the red line was already getting packed and there wasn't a single cab available. We probably walked a few miles down Clark Street before we hailed a cab.  It didn't seem like we walked that long, but that could've been the beers. The walk was pretty nice because it was a nice night, and it gave my buzz some time to wear off (and you know "buzzed driving is drunk driving").  When

Health-wise Saturday was kind of a bust. I ate a healthy breakfast that came in under 200 calories. Unfortunately that's all I had all day. Due to traffic, Jen and I didn't get to have dinner before the concert like we planned. This is also probably why I felt buzzed after a couple beers.  We ended up getting some snacks and that's all we ate... Chips for dinner? Not the greatest idea ever.

Sunday was a little better. We were both pretty tired from Saturday (and for some reason I was wide awake at 5:45 Sunday morning and had a terrible time getting back to sleep!) so we stopped along the way for something to drink and got... Snacks again. This time we needed a jolt so we each got some chocolate. She got Chex Mix and I got some Special K Cracker Chips (which we did not eat). I did eat my cracker chips later on that day, along with a sandwich for dinner.

Yesterday I just hung out around home. I spent some time relaxing but I also got some things accomplished. I cleaned my kitchen, bathroom, and living room. I did a few loads of laundry too (rugs, towels, dog blankets). I still have a couple loads of my clothes to do but I have lots of those so it's not urgent that the laundry gets done.

It wasn't a healthy weekend but it wasn't a terrible weekend.... I ate some unhealthy foods but not a lot. Sure I was under calories (even with my beer on Saturday - obviously since I hate very little), but that's not a good thing.... I'd prefer to eat more healthy foods than a few junk food items. Choices? Not the best. Calories? Under goal; within range; not bad. I definitely could've busted my calorie goal had we eaten out;
healthy options or not, restaurant foods still aren't that great.

Well I'm off to the chiropractor, to stop and visit my cousin for a bit, squeeze in some weight training, and then I'll be out to my boyfriend's by eight. Sounds busy but really it isn't. My appointment is at five and will only take about ten minutes. I figure if I visit with my cousin and her daughter for half an hour, I'll have enough time to do my weights and shower before heading to the man's. My weight training usually only takes 20-30 minutes. Today's agenda includes shoulders and triceps. I can't believe I'm starting week two of this new plan already! Man, did last week go by fast!!  If I didn't have the appointment and wasn't going to see my cousin, I'd do some cardio too (even though it isn't cardio day). 

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment which will take a couple hours.  That always throws my plans off a little. I don't have time to workout before and by the time I get done it will be at least seven.... If I go straight home it will be getting a bit late but I can probably squeeze in some weight training (tomorrow is scheduled as leg day). If I go to my boyfriend's house, working out isn't happening. I also won't be home early enough in the morning to do a workout before work. I may just make tomorrow my rest day and move everything back a day. OR I'll add legs on to Wednesday's agenda. That's abs and cardio day, both of which are fairly easy. I'm not sure how fun running will be right after legs, but I might as well try. If the run isn't going well, I'll move my days back a day.

Well, I'm headed off to to chiropractor!

I hope you had a great weekend and that you have a great week!


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