Friday, August 30, 2013

August FPP

My FPP package was awesome again this month!

My favorite? Greek yogurt pretzels. SO good!!

I got some awesome salad additions/toppings - wasabi peas and sesame ginger crisp things. They're both yummy on salad!!! 

Apple butter. This is a favorite and I love it! My fav is to have it on a croissant for breakfast. 

Beets. I haven't tried them yet and frankly on a little frightened. I've never had beta before. I'm just trying to find the right time to try them!

Anyone have any idea what a jar of beets would go well with? Or any recipes to add them to? 

Chelsea did a great job with my package this month! 

And of course a picture of what I received...  

Have a great weekend! My boyfriend and I are in Chicago and having a great tome!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Weekend Re-Cap (A Day....Or Two Late)

It was another busy weekend for me! I thought I'd have time to post on Monday but did not. I was too tired to sit down and concentrate on a post yesterday, so here it is....Better late than never, right? 

Friday... What did I do on Friday? Oh yes... I pretty much stuck around home. I did a few errands but spent most of the day cleaning, got dinner prepped early, did some laundry, and relaxed a little. My boyfriend came over after work and we just hung out for the evening. Of course, we did watch wrestling too. Well, mostly me... He managed to nap through part of it. It was a nice, relaxing evening in. 

On Saturday we just hung around the house too. We ran to the grocery store to get a few things, and of course I forgot a couple things so I had to run back later. That evening, we went out for dinner - just to a local bar. It was quiet in there (yay for the county fair, which is where I assume most people were), so it was nice. We sat and had dinner and a couple drinks before we walked home. We didn't do much the rest of the evening - just kind of hung out before bed. Him more than me, as I spent some time dozing on the couch. 

Sunday I got up and got ready to head out of town with my cousin for a concert; Kelly Clarkson (yes I just saw her last month) and Maroon 5. We were going to meet another cousin for lunch on the way, but because the first cousin was late, we didn't have time. The other cousin (oh this is confusing lol) had to leave at two so we planned to meet at one. It takes about two hours to get to her house, and the cousin who went with me was late, so we were way too short on time. So anyway... We stayed at my house and hung out with my boyfriend for a bit before we left. We stopped for a late lunch on the way, at this awesome Cubs themed bar in lower Michigan. I got a giant burger, of which I ate about a quarter. I had wanted to shop a little on the way but traffic was so bad we just did not have time. So we drove straight to the hotel, got ready for the concert, and headed out. I think we missed an opening act (there were two...I think...). We had a couple beers at the concert and bought some merch (of course!) but no food or anything there. 

The concert was a ton of fun!! Well, except for the heat and the crowd. It was ouside and I got pit (standing room only; but RIGHT down front!) tickets. It was hot. Super hot. The younger people (mostly under 12) that we encountered were SO annoying. Kids were pushing like crazy to try to get right down front. My thought was, "you should've gotten here earlier, punks!" I do not tolerate pushing and such, so despite the fact that they were kids, I may have pushed back. A couple bumps of my purse may have been administered. I KNOW they're kids, but seriously... Adam Levine wasn't going to drag them on stage. He wasn't going to run off and marry a sixteen year-old. I suppose that's the age difference... I was there for fun, music, and of course good photo ops. Some of these kids were crazed fans. I am not a crazed fan...I'm just a normal fan. Also, (some) kids these days can be terribly rude! Okay, I'm done with my old lady rant....

One girl fainted twice, before it was even super crowded. She went totally down and had to be assisted by security. They found her a seat, gave her some water, and she was fine. Given the heat and crowd, I wasn't surprised. Given that an hour or so later that was (almost) me, I totally understood how it happened! I know my body well enough to know when something isn't right. I can feel it when I'm going to pass out. Suddenly I got super hot and sweaty... It was a different kind of sweaty; not like when I workout. It wasn't sticky, stinky sweat. It was more like all the water I had drank all day started coming out of my poors. So much so that my shirt was soaked. Nausea came next. hen I started feeling sort of dizzy and like everything was getting farther away. I looked at my cousin and said, "I don't want to leave but I don't feel good." A few moments later I said, "I think I'm going down. Don't let me fall!" I was kind of "foggy" feeling and out of it, so she told me to go sit along the ledge. I did, and after sitting for a little while I felt better. I'm sure I looked gross, all covered in sweat and pale. In fact, I know I looked sick because the girl who passed out asked if I was okay...Then we had a laugh about passing out. Luckily since I know my body, I didn't go down, but if I had gone to sit a few seconds later, I'd have hit the ground (and taken some teens with me, I'm sure). I went back and made it through almost the rest of the concert before I felt that way again. This time I told my cousin, "we have to move to the back of the crowd. There's no where to sit now, and I more space and air. She agreed to move with me, without difficulty. Turns out that we were only toward the back of the pit for a few songs, before the concert ended. We decided to beat the traffic and headed out before Maroon 5 did their encore. Good choice...We got out of there much faster than if we had waited.

After the concert we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for some snacks/a super late dinner and drinks. We shared some chili con queso dip and chips, and we each ordered a small order of wings (at least 10 per order). We ate most of the chips and dip, and apparently that filled us up. When we got our wings, I think we each only ate three of them. So we took them to go. Then we searched for a gas station or liquor store to get some beer to take back to the hotel room, but we had no luck. We drove around for a bit and couldn't find a gas station that sold any alcohol, or a liquor store that was open. It was after midnight by this time, so we just went back to the room, hung out for a bit, and went to bed. 

We headed home on Monday morning with no major stops along the way (a coffee stop, a bathroom break each, and because we had time to kill a new store in a town not far from mine). My cousin had to work at 3, so we stopped by my house for a bit then headed out. She went to work and I went to pick up her daughter from daycare. 

We picked up a few things at the store, as I planned to make dinner at my parents' house, and then headed over there. My parents were working, so Little Miss and I just spent a few hours playing. We went outside for a bit, watched Bubble Guppies, and then she helped me make dinner. I made quesadillas so there wasn't a lot that she could do, but I had her put the ingredients into bowls for me (I usually don't do that, but she wanted to help). I got her started on dinner right as my Dad got home, so then I made his quesadilla, and then I ate. I had a hot one ready for my Mom when she got home from work. 

Then I gave Little Miss a bath, which was fun. She played in the tub until I told her she needed to get out because the water was getting cold. Then I had her brush her teeth and got her ready for bed. It was just after eight by then, so she sat with a book for a bit, while I cleaned up from dinner and talked to my Mom. When I was done with that, I headed over to my boyfriend's for our typical Monday night wrestling date. 

Yesterday I didn't do much of anything after work. My allergies were going crazy and I didn't feel well. I had a headache, sinus pressure, and I felt a little nauseated (probably from the insane humidity yesterday). I was going to workout but felt too yucky so I thoght I'd wait until later and walk the dogs. Even after eating and relaxing I still didn't feel well, so I ended up doing nothing. UGH! My allergies have been crazy the last couple weeks and I haven't worked out nearly as much as I usually do. I just feel so lethargic and can't find the energy. A scratchy throat, a headache, and other symptoms just drain me. I struggled to stay awake last night. I could've gone to bed at 7:30 but decided that would've been WAY too early. Unless, of course, I wanted to get up at three this morning but that didn't sound like much fun. I ended up falling asleep on the couch sometime around 10:30 and slept until after midnight. I thougth about getting up to workout this morning (and aim for a two-a-day day today) but that didn't happen. I guess I really needed my sleep!

I feel better (a little tired, and hot, but better) today so I'm planning to workout shortly. I'm not sure what I'll make for dinner yet... I didn't plan and I'm not really feeling hungry so who knows. I have stuff; I just don't know what I want yet! 

I suppose I should go workout now... I'm going to do some ST, biking, and hopefully walk the dogs later this evening (as long as it cools down a bit). 

Hope you're having a great week!! 


Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Weekend....Already?

Is it just me or did this week fly by? Sure, I've only been working a four day week, but I'm having a hard time grasping that it's already Thursday afternoon. My weekend has officially begun! This, of course, means that I probably won't post again until Monday. Perhaps by then I'll have more to write about. 

This week has been fairly uneventful, which isn't a bad thing. I didn't end up doing any ST yesterday (because I was HOT again!! UGH!) but walked for over an hour. I ran a little bit too, but I had my dogs with me and they're not the best runners. I ran them a few times for a few minutes, but kept it to a decent walk pace most of the time. I usually don't walk them for that long. Usually it's 30-40 minutes, so I took them out for about double the time. They did pretty well considering they're not adjusted for the distance or the amount of time that we walked. 

 I'd love to get outside but it looks like rain. I always fear being caught in the rain. I'm not sure why... It's not like it's a big deal. I'll just get a little wet, which will likely happen from sweating anyway!! The idea of doing any exercise inside today just isn't very appealing. I swear whenever I get a little taste of being outside, that's all I want to do. 

Part of me hates to say it, but I'm ready for the weather to be just a little cooler so I can run outside more often. Now that it's too dark early in the morning (not that I do well at getting up early anyway!), my only option is in the evening... The time I can do it just doesn't mix well with the heat. So, anwyay, cooler days sound like a good plan to me... Not too much cooler, just enough to make running more comfortable for me. I'm so darn particular!! 

Tomorrow I will try to do some weight training moves, so that I get something done. I LOVE ST when I do it (and after) but I'm just so darn awful with consistency. 

Some people wish they could take a magic weight loss pill. I wish I could take a magic muscle building pill (which would, in turn, also help with weight loss). 

If it's nice, I'll also get out and mow the lawn. Of course, there's cleaning and laundry to be done...So, that's pretty much my day. Busy with things around home and working out...Not a bad Friday, I'd say; especially because then I will be able to enjoy the weekend with my boyfriend without worrying about anything else. I'll take a day of busy followed by relaxation with him any ol' time! 

I should go get started doing whatever it is I'm going to do (most likely a run/walk outside). I'm headed over to the boyfriend's after my workout to watch a football game... Pre-season Lions. I'm torn... They're not my team, but for my boyfriend's sake hopefully they do well. I would not stop rubbing it in last week! What can I say...? It's my nature! My team (DA BEARS!) is also in the NFC north (and he hates my team) which makes it that much more fun. If they don't do well, I will try to behave myself, However, I cannot make any promises.

 Have a great weekend!!! 


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Workout Fail; Try Again.

Yesterday I totally failed at my workout. Why? Several reasons....Of course one of those is probably an excuse rather than a good justification.

It was too damn hot. It was nearly 90 degrees in my house and by the time I relaxed for a bit I was way too drained to do anything intense. I decided I'd wait to workout for a bit, in hopes that it would cool down...And then... 

(Side note: Don't ask me why I didn't turn the air on. My boyfriend asked me that later in the night and I was like "oh, good idea." Apparently I just didn't think of it.) 

I cut my foot. And it hurt. Like, super hurt. I will try to spare the nasty details but I was trying to remove a callous and what I thougth was a callous (still not sure what the heck it is...It's raised like a blister but isn't a blister. Is that a wart? EW?!). I cut it and started bleeding like crazy and it hurt SO bad. I also clipped too much off of a callous on the bottom of my foot, which was in pain every stinkin' time I stepped on it. 

Note to self: Stop trying to clean up your own feet. Get a pedi. After a couple hours I decided to at least go for a litle walk. I figured with some gauze and whatever else for padding I could make it. 

(**FYI, this is the only reason I find to be a good justification.) 

 And then my Mom called and talked. And talked. And it got too dark to walk the dogs. I should've started earlier....You know, when it was hot and I decided to wait a bit too cool down. I should've sucked it up and done SOMETHING while it was hot so that I could've at least had some exercise in. 

Oh well...Shoulda, coulda, woulda... Lesson learned. Moving on. 

It is hot again today but I have already changed into my workout gear and plan on getting started right away after I write this. I have the fan blasting on me, hoping that I will stay cool and not start to feel "blah" from the heat. It doesn't seem as hot today but I'm sure it is.

Today's agenda now includes shoulders, triceps, legs, and now abs too. Luckily my ab routine doesn't take too long, and arms shouldn't either. I'd say that I'll have an hour of ST to do, then some cardio. I'll probably follow the plan I was going to follow yesterday... Some biking on the stationary bike, and maybe a walk later.... If all goes well, that is! I'm definitely feeling the workout bug today so I'm ready to get to it! Today I will start sooner rather than later...And will not pick at any body parts. 

 Eating has been good today.... Healthy overall. I haven't had much of an appetite so my eating schedule is kind of silly. I didn't have breakfast until after 10:30, which is late for me I had to force myself to eat because I wasn't hungry. I had egg whites and fruit. I then when to lunch later than planned, after 1:30, and didn't feel hungry but my body told me I was (I think). Sometimes when I don't eat enough or soon enough, I don't feel well. That happened today. I got sweaty and nauseated. I splurged and had a pop with lunch to give my blood sugar a boost. I ate and felt better, so I'm guessing that's what that was about. 

I'm not sure what I'll do for dinner this evening. I have leftover grilled foods from the weekend that I could have. And a small salad sounds refreshing. I have been hungry for lasagna but I don't think I want to have the oven on for an extended period of time (not at all, actually) to cook it. It seems like the oven just makes the house that much hotter! And that? Is no fun. I'm also not that hungry at the moment and I really don't want to start cooking something I might not be hungry for later. You know what does sound good though? A protein shake. Hmmm... I think I will make one of those after I workout. Then I'll see where I am in terms of calories and hunger. I may just have a small salad a little later. Yes, that's it... A protein shake will for sure be on the menu, post-workout! I 

I guess that's about it... Gotta go work those muscles!! 

Happy Wednesday! 


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

That's a Wrap, Tuesday!

I can't believe that Tuesday is already almost over! Crazy!! Oddly, my work day seemed to pass quickly which I didn't anticipate since it was a paperwork and meeting kind of day. I really thought it would drag on. But here I am, home already! I'm actually not super tired, which is a surprise. I guess maybe my energy level is finally back up after that little break. Then again, if I sit here and write long enough, I just may start to feel tired. It seems to happen that way quite often... My body must get into relaxation mode quickly! 

I had a nice time at the boyfriend's last night. It was nice to spend a little time with some of his family. Of course, I'm a big family girl so I really enjoy that kind of stuff. Even if it's just for a short time, it's nice to be able to chat. His 12 year-old cousin was there and I just adore that kid! She reminds me a little of myself at that age, so maybe that's why... That and she's just a really good kid. She's so sweet and super helpful to her Grandma, which is nice to see. Not all kids are like that these days! Anyway...I really like his family and had fun spending a little time with them. 

After they left we watched wrestling (of course) and then hung out for a while before it was time to sleep...Which was late, as usual. I'm surprised I'm not tired today given we were up so late last night, but I'm good with that!! I feel really great today, actually!! 

My agenda for this evening includes working out. And that's about it, I think. I plan on doing my shoulders and triceps circuit, followed my by leg circuit. That should take a good 45 minutes, at least. After that I will probably do 30 minutes of biking on the stationary bike. I tend to burn more calories on that then when biking outside. I'd love to run, but it is pretty hot today and I cannot stand running in the heat. It's one of those days that's even too hot for the treadmill. I will most likely walk the dogs a little later this evening, after it cools down a bit, to get a little more light cardio in. If I'm going light on the cardio, I feel like I should do a little more of it. On days that I hit it hard, I workout for a shorter amount of time. The only bad thing about light cardio days is that I feel like I workout for a long time and burn too little. I guess I just enjoy that high burn from high intensity stuff a bit more than a lower burn from lighter intensity stuff! Oh well... It will be good to workout so I'm okay with a longer time and lower burn. 

I'm super excited to get some weight training in and to get outside and walk the dogs. They love their walks and I love taking them out and about. It's good Mother-dog bonding time! :) Other than that, I may do a litle laundry but probably not much more than that. I am certain that by the time I get done with everything, I'll want to relax for a bit before bed. I probably won't walk the dogs until 8:00 or so, so by the time we're done, I'll be ready to relax for a while. 

I'm looking forward to a little relaxation time and an early bedtime tonight. I definitely miss my boyfriend when he's not around, but I have to say, I do enjoy my quiet time too. 

I suppose that's about it for now! I don't really have anything noteworthy to add, so I'll wrap it up. 

Have a wonderful week! 


Monday, August 19, 2013

The Weekend Re-Cap!

Hello Friends! I realize I've not posted much lately... I needed a little break. I just wasn't into blogging, or even fitness for a few days last week. I wasn't feeling well; super exhausted. I decided I needed to take time to just relax and recharge so that frustration wouldn't build and throw me all off. I'm feeling much better this week. I'd be back to my usual routine, but I have an appointment shortly (so a short post, most likely) and then I'm headed out to my boyfriend's to celebrate his Dad's and his Aunt's birthdays (they're a few days apart). I'll be back into full-on workout mode tomorrow. 

Since I've had a bit of an absence I'm not going to recap everything in the last several days. I've eaten pretty healthy; not too much thank goodness. I've continued to track though, so that's probably why. For me that really is the key! Other than some light stuff, as I mentioned, I've not done a lot in terms of fitness lately. I'm definitely ready to get back into it!! 

Anyway, on to the recap... 

On Friday, I was fairly productive. I did some grocery shopping, painted my front door, and did the lawn work. Later in the day, my boyfriend and his younger brother came over to hang out for the night. We grilled out for dinner and just hung out around the house. Later in the evening, my cousin and her little girl also came over. I planned to babysit her daughter on Saturday anyway, so it worked out well. We all just kind of hung out on Friday night. Some of us (the grown-ups) had some drinks and just relaxed. 

 On Saturday, I went to lunch (technically brunch since I didn't eat any breakfast) with my cousin and the Little Miss while my boyfriend took his brother back home. We went to a Chinese place, which filled me up all day! That was my big splugre this week. After lunch, Little Miss and I stopped by the store then headed home. She was asleep before we got back (makes nap time a lot easier!), so while she napped I set up the sprinkler and got some other toys out. My boyfriend decided he'd nap too, which gave me a little quiet time...To do laundry. I was able to sit and relax for a bit before the little one got up. Then we changed into bathing suits and went outside to play in the new sprinkler. She wasn't sure about it at first, but after a while she ran through it a bit and then just stood with her head in the water. What a goof! She said, "I wash my hair!!" She seemed to enjoy it! She's two-and-a-half so naturally she doesn't have a giant attention span. We also played "golf" with a little set I bought for her, played with a beach ball, and decorated my sidewalk with sidewalk chalk. She did a few scribbles but mostly she told me what to draw and she watched, in amazement of course. We went in, and my boyfriend got up from his nap and decided he was ready for dinner. So Little Miss and I ran to the store for a few things for dinner. We grilled out again (different foods, but we actually grilled all three nights this weekend). After we ate, we played inside for a bit, then went outside to pick up toys. After that, we read, then I got her ready for bed. We watched part of a movie (naturally she had to have some popcorn) then I went and laid down with her for a bit. By "a bit" I mean I fell asleep for a good hour and a half too. I got back up and then my cousin got there shortly after. She decided to just come over after work and spend the night. She, my boyfriend, and I hung out for a while but someone (ME) kept falling asleep on the couch. Finally she went to bed, and shortly after my boyfriend and I did. 

Sunday morning the girls got ready and left, then shortly after my boyfriend went home for a bit. He needed some more clothes and stuff so he did that and then visited with his family for a bit. I enjoyed my quiet time by doing a few things around the house (trying to kill some weeds, failing to use the weed killer appropriately, and then pulling them until I got sweaty; and picking up the house a bit) and relaxing. I caught up on some reality TV ("The Vineyard" - new guilty pleasure) and read some of a magazine.

My boyfriend came back a few hours later and we hung out the rest of the day...Took a little nap, had dinner, and watched a wrestling PPV before bed. I really enjoyed having his brother over, and of course enjoyed my cousin and Little Miss...BUT...It was nice to have some time with just him before the weekend ended. I always enjoy that!! 

I suppose that's about it for now... I'm off to my chiropractor appointment and then headed over to my boyfriend's. It's been a pretty quiet Monday and I'm looking forward to a fun and relaxing evening!! I should be back to regular blogging this week. :) 

Hope you had an excellent weekend!!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Manic Monday and the Weekend Re-Cap

What a busy day today! Holy cow, was it Monday!! Work was kind of crazy (for me) today, but that made the day fly by so I suppose that's not such a bad thing! I'm definitely glad that the day is over!

 I'm getting back into the swing of things as far as working out goes. I think I needed a little time off to re-group and re-motivate myself. Plus last week I was just NOT feeling it. TOM struck again. Sometimes that happens and at those times breaks are needed. 

I suppose that since I didn't get around to writing on Thursday or Friday, I should start with Thursday...Which was really fairly uneventful. I had a meeting with my licensing supervisor after work and that's about all I did. I was still feeling rundown and just needed another day to rest. So I did. I spent time with the doggies and did some reading. It was nice to not stress and worry about things for once. 

Friday was pretty eventful for me. I got up fairly early because I was planning to mow the lawn. It seemed to take forever for the dew to dry up and since I hadn't started by 9:30 I decided I'd do it later in the day. I cleaned for a bit before I had to go run my errands. When I left the house around 10:30, the grass was still wet. I ran to the bank, did my grocery shopping, stopped by a store to spend a gift card that I still have from my Birthday (in December). I found some cute things and, naturally, forgot to use the gift card. I ended up picking up a new dress, a skirt, a shirt, a tank, a scarf, and a pair of boots. I'm going to a concert in a few weeks and either outfit will be perfect. When I got home, I put everything away and then planned out a little scavenger hunt for my boyfriend (to get a surprise I'd bought for him). My boyfriend got there as I had given up on using the stupid weed whipper/whacker/eater/whatever you wanna call it. I couldn't get it started on my own. Luckily he was able to start it, and being so nice, he did it for me. I picked up the doggy droppings from the yard while he did that. I think he got the better end of the deal. 

The scavenger hunt was SO much fun! He had no idea where I was going with it or what the surprise would be until the fourth clue (I had five total but the last one was had the surprise on it). The clues were, in order, a case of Bud Light (with special football cans which were part of the clue but when he asked about the cans I told him that's all the store had lol), the grill, a leaf, me in a t-shirt of his fav football team (which I again sort of fibbed about to make it harder on him). He guessed the surprise on that clue though, so I guess I didn't make it too hard. So what do beer, a grill, a leaf (to symbolize fall), and me wearing his teams shirt have in common? We are going to a football game! Oh, and the final clue was a little football with surprise written on paper. I had instructions to lift up the paper that said surprise, where I had a print out of my order confirmation stuck to the ball. Super fun! While it's a surprise for him, it's also for me too. I really like football and I happened to get tickets for when our teams play one another. So we will be heading to Detroit in September to watch my Bears beat his Lions. His reaction? Shock. And awe. He totally didn't expect me to buy them, which was great. I absolutely loved how surprised he was! It should be a super fun time, and I can't wait to look all adorable in our opposing team gear! 

So that was Friday.... We grilled out for dinner and just hung around home for the evening. We actually went to bed fairly early for a Friday night, but we were both pretty tired.

 Saturday we slept in a little and then got up and hung out for a while. We met up with his Dad and his Dad's fiancee in a town near mine for a big Homecoming celebration. They have a parade, an entertainment tent, and lots of other events that happen all weekend. We hung out at the tent for a while, then went to watch the parade, and back to the tent for a bit. We spent the afternoon there and had a really great time. The celebration centers around Michigan State so it's kind of like a big tailgate celebration. 

After that, we went back to my house.  tossed a football around for a while and just kind of hung out. Later I decided that we should walk to the local bar for a couple beers so we did that. When we were there we met a former Michigan State assistant coach (Steve Beckholt) and his wife. He grew up in the town where I live now so we talked about the area, our various high schools, and sports. Both he and his wife were super nice and it was fun to chat with them. We went home and hung out for a bit before bed. 

Yesterday we didn't do much of anything. Other than going to the gas station and to pick up pizza we just relaxed at home. It rained for a bit so we watched some TV and just hung out, spending time together, which was awesome. I did clean up the house a bit and did some laundry but it was mostly a relaxing day, which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

I guess that's the update for now... I am going to go to a weight circuit (shoulders and triceps) then we'll see what I have time for. I'm meeting a friend for (free!) Zumba in the Park tonight at seven so if I don't have time for other cardio, I'm okay with that. The local Zumba instructor offers three or four free sessions each summer at our local city park. I don't do Zumba on a regular basis but it's a fun way to socialize and get some exercise too. Depending on how much time I have after my weight circuit, I may do a quick run or some biking but we will see. I need to make sure I have time for dinner before I leave, so I'm a bit tight on time. 

After Zumba, I'm headed out to my boyfriend's for our weekly Monday date to watch wrestling. So, that's my evening... Other than the hectic day at work the week is off to a good start. Of course, it always helps when the weekend was awesome!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!! 


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Good News and Good News.

I called the doc back this morning and the nurse told me that my Vitamin D level is within normal limits. So that's good! She didn't say anything about the other labs, so I'm assuming they were fine or not much different from my last labs. My PA-C just wanted to make sure I had the info on that level since he'd mentioned that if needed, I'd have to start taking Vitamin D. Luckily I don't so yay for not needing another pill! This also means that nothing medically, in terms of my labs, has been impacting on my weight. 

However, I do have good news about that. When I weighed myself this morning my weight was down four pounds from last Wednesday morning! In all honesty, my eating hasn't been stellar over the last week. With the party and reunion (and pre-TOM junk food cravings; not over-eating just poor eating), I didn't think I'd see a loss. In fact I actually feared a gain. I was pleasantly surprised to see a loss of four pounds!! I feel like the medication change is already doing its job. Granted, it could still be swelling going down, or my body adjusting to strength training, or something else, but it seems to coincide with the change in medication. And it's not even at its full dose yet! Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come. 

I'm feeling much better than yesterday! I actually ended up not working out. Sometimes a break is nice and apparently I needed a break yesterday. I was getting ready to get up and workout and decided to sit for "a few more minutes." I ended up falling asleep. I was tired and just had no energy. I think it's pre-TOM havoc, but it was fairly mild so I'm okay with that. I probably just needed a rest day. I'm actually taking a rest day today too. My boyfriend is coming over and we are grilling dinner so unless we go for a walk, I'm not working out. I decided that maybe I needed a couple days off. Sometimes it just gets to the point where you need a break. When you work so hard all the time, a few days off is needed. And it can be a good thing. Obviously my body was telling me it needed rest yesterday, and I'm feeling a little run down today too. Better than yesterday but my energy is still low. I will workout tomorrow, at least a little something, no matter what though... I've not done anything since the race on Saturday and really don't want to take much more time off. I also have to mow the lawn so that will take an hour or so and burn some extra calories. I'd have pushed it and worked out today, but I just won't have the time this evening. And? I'm okay with that. I actually think that mentally little breaks are good for me. I sometimes feel way too much guilt and even obsession over workouts (or missed workouts) at times. And sometimes the same thing (even when varied throughout the week) just wears on me. I was definitely experiencing TOM-brain yesterday. I had no energy but felt anxious; nothing sounded good to do. I actually counted down the hours until bedtime last night! To be able to take a couple days off and not beat myself up for it is something I need to be better at... I need to be more relaxed and not freak out. I've not been good at that in the past, and I'm really trying to get on-track mentally with body image and weight. This should be a good thing for me. 

Eating has been good today...Well, pretty good anyway. I haven't had those pre-TOM junk cravings like I did the last couple days so that's a good thing! I've not eaten enough though, and that's a problem. I'll have to eat a fairly decent dinner in order to reach 1200 calories for the day. I think I can manage, even if I have to have a diet beer (what I call those Bud Select 55 calorie beers) or two while watching wrestling! I usually don't drink during the week, or even much on the weekend, but it's pretty hot today and a beer or two sounds really freshing. I suppose that's about all I have time for. I need to go pick-up a little bit before my boyfriend gets here. 

Hope your week is great!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dreary Weather

Is it just me or does dreary weather make anyone else feel like doing nothing? It's gray and looks like rain here today. My motivation to workout? Lacking. Of course, it doesn't help that I stayed up a bit too late last night and am tired. When I'm tired, motivation really suffers. Napping sounds much better than further exhausting myself. However, I will. I need to.

I didn't get to workout yesterday because my cousin and the Little Miss stopped by my parents' house just as I was getting ready to start my workout. They stayed for dinner, so by the time they left, I had enough time to get ready to head over to my boyfriend's for the night.

I definitely have some work to do today! In addition to my regularly scheduled leg day, I'll have to do my shoulder and tricep work from yesterday. I'll do some cardio too. Due to my lack of energy I doubt I'll run today (that sounds overwhelming, actually). I'll most likely bike for half an hour or so. I'd really like to walk the dogs, but it looks like rain. It seems like it always wants to rain when I want to walk the dogs. Or grill out, which I also planned on doing this evening (steak and some veggies for dinner). I can stand in the garage to grill so it isn't a big deal. It just seems that, more times than not, when I plan to grill, it rains. Weird

This evening will be fairly low key. After I workout and such I'll probaly clean up a bit, do some laundry, and then spend the evening relaxing. It seems like a good night to light a couple candles (I do that often anyway though) and read. I'd actually prefer to sit and do that instead of working out (see, I MUST be tired). I'm looking forward to spending the evening in relaxation mode!

I missed a call from my doctor's office yesterday. They called at 5:45, so I was long gone for my chiropractor appiontment. Naturally, they were only open until noon today, and I didn't get the message until after that. I'll have to call tomorrow morning. I'm assuming it's about the labwork I had done recently. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit nervous and wished that I could call right this minute. I'm sure nothing is terribly wrong, but they don't usually call if everything is good. Maybe everything is fine though and they're just following up on the medication change. I guess I'll find out tomorrow morning. Until then I'm going to try to distract myself so I don't worry about it.

My medication change seems to be working already. I really have not had much of an appetite lately. Even with it being pre-TOM time I've been just fine. If anything, I catch myself reaching for snacks when I'm tired or not busy enough. I'm aware of it though, so that's good. Sometimes I avoid the snacks and sometimes I don't. Because I'm not hungry, I actually need those calories. I'd prefer healthy calories but just want to eat that much. No worries, I'm eating enough (more than enough over the weekend, especially at the family reunion). I'm just not super hungry. Often during pre-TOM I feel ravenous so I'm glad I'm not right now! Anyway, I need to work at finding a way to eat more healthy calories despite not being hungry. I HATE eating when I'm not hungry but I know I need to eat. The good thing with this is that even though my goal has been around 1500 calories, on an average day I'm over 1200 but under 1500...Seems like 1200 is a good average lately. Hopefully this will be helpful for my weight!

I suppose that's it for now. If I sit too long I am really not going to want to workout. Given that it's taking more motivation than usual, I should probably get moving.

Hope your week is going well thus far!


Monday, August 5, 2013

The Weekend Re-Cap

If you read my last post, you know a little bit about my weekend. I won't repeat what's already been said so this will likely be a bit on the short side. Friday morning I planned to meet my Mom and her friends for a walk (they go once a week). I was running late so I didn't make it to meet them, so instead I walked the dogs for a while. After that I met the ladies at our local bagel shop for breakfast (bagels and coffee). It was fun to sit around and chat with them for a bit. After that, we picked up my cousin's daughter and headed to Grand Rapids to pick-up my Color Run packet. After we got back I picked up a few things at the grocery store then headed home. I cleaned a little before my boyfriend got there. We had a pretty simple dinner (grilled brats and chips) and then just spent the evening hanging out. We watched Friday Night Smackdown (lol...Seriously I watch wrestling like three times a week now - makes me laugh!). We went to bed fairly early for a Friday since I had to be up early for the race. 

After I got home from the race on Saturday I did a few things around the house (laundry, mostly) and my cousin brought her daughter over around 1:30. We played for few minutes and then I relaxed with her until she fell asleep. I finished up the laundry and picked up a couple things and then I went and laid down with her. She slept for about two hours and I think I was able to napfor about an hour. After we got up, I decided that she needed a bath because her hair is crazy and I can't do anything with it when it's dry and, more importantly, because she had smelly feet. I never realized a toddler could have such horrendous foot odor! I think her Mom lets her wear her shoes with no socks....I made the mistake of taking a whiff of those and, oh the horror! Seriously. I think I burned my nostrils! After her bath, I changed and did my hair and make-up for a party we were going to. Because of those smelly shoes, I decided we should go shopping on the way. We just stopped at a local store, Shopko (a small Walmart type store). We picked up some socks and new shoes. It was getting chilly and I didn't have a jacket for her, so I picked up one of those too. And a pair of pajamas. As soon as we got into the car, I took her stinky shoes off and put the new socks and shoes on her! 

Then we were off to pick-up my boyfriend and head to the party. My friends had a ten year anniversary party so there were lots of people there who both my boyfriend and I knew. It's so funny that he and I had these friends in common but never really ran into one another. We both had a good time. He was able to catch-up with friends he hadn't seen in a while and rekindled a bromance with one of them. I swear they hugged about 100 times that night. They both may have had a bit to drink.... Just a bit though. The friend he was so thrilled about seeing is someone who I've known for a while too. He was in my Dad's class at our local college, which is how I met him. My fantastic boyfriend was sure to tell this guy that I had a crush on him (like 13 years ago). Instead of being embarrassed (like I would've been in the past), I laughed, rolled my eyes, and said, "I'm pretty sure he knew that back then!" 

The Little Miss had a great time at the party too. She played with my friends' daughters and had a ball just running around the yard. The next-door neighbors are also friends of my family (life-long, actually) so my friend Jen's little boy was outside playing and Little Miss went over and played with him and his friend too. Then all the kids played together for a bit. They had a great time, and I know that Little Miss was super tired! I was glad I had pajamas in the car! I changed her and rocked her to sleep, then laid her down on my friend's bed. I knew my boyfriend wouldn't be ready to leave his buddies for a while, but I didn't want her to be up late. It worked out well... She slept, the boys talked, and I got to talk to my friend Brianna for a bit before we left with no interruptions. 

On Sunday I had a family reunion, so after I dropped my boyfriend off (he needed a nap), Little Miss and I joined the family. I spent a few hours just eating, playing games, and talking with some of the extended family. It was a pretty nice day (a little chilly with the wind though!) out too. We had a good time and got some great pictures. After the reunion, I spent an hour or so with my Mom and my Nonie. We just had coffee and chatted. Then I headed home where I did....Nothing. I definitely enjoyed my rest day and used it to do nothing but rest! I am sure I could've done more laundry and picked up but I just wasn't feeling up to it. Instead, I watched TV, talked to my boyfriend, and did some reading. Then I fell asleep on the couch until about 1:30, when I woke up and decided to go to bed! 

Today work went fairly well... I lost of my favorite little old men, so it was kind of sad. In another way, working the the elderly has made me realize that sometimes losses can be a blessing for that person. I'll definitely miss him! He was such a sweet guy!

I had a chiropractor appointment and now it's time to workout before having dinner with my parents. Then, of course since it's Monday, I'm headed out to the boyfriend's for the night to watch wrestling. Sounds ilke a good, relaxing evening! 

Hope you had a great weekend!!! 


Race Report: The Color Run 5K

On Friday, my Mom accompanied me to pick-up my Color Run packet. She was babysitting my cousin's daughter so we took her along for the ride too. She was excited to go to "Rapins" (Grand Rapids). I think she thought it was a specific place, or someone's home, because she seemed confused when we were just walking around the downtown area. She also asked, "Where Rapins?" Too cute! Anwyay, packet pick-up was smooth sailing, as it was last year. It took five mintues or less to check-in and pick up my bib and swag (t-shirt, sweat band, temporary tattoos). Then I visited the "store" which probably took an extra ten or fifteen minutes and a few extra dollars...Just a few! Ha! I decided to buy one of their tutus becuase it was less expensive than making my own wouldn't been (although not nearly as fluffy and fun as mine would've been), and I wouldn't have had to have spent my Friday making a tutu. This way I was able to focus all of my attention on my boyfriend and good ol' wrestlin' instead of crafting. I considered the tutu purchase a win. I also picked-up a new Color Run tank, a running pull-over, and some fun sunglasses to wear for eye protection for the race. I may have spent more than a few dollars, but it was fun and I have some fun new things!! Yay!

 This was my second Color Run and it was just as much fun as the first. Last year, my cousin and her daughter did the run with me and we actually walked. My cousin is not a runner. She was in the Army and had to run and now simply refuses. I was just happy to have someone to accompany me - and it was a fun time! This year was a bit different. I went solo. I knew some people who'd be there but that race is HUGE. It's far too difficult to meet up with people if you didn't arrive with them. I thought for sure that downtown Grand Rapids would be crazy busy because of so many participants but it wasn't bad at all. I had no problems getting there - no issues with traffic or anything. I left a little later tahn last year so I thought for sure I'd run into some traffic or have trouble finding parking. I'm glad I had no reason to worry! 

The race was on the same course that it was last year, through part of the downtown area. There were some hills to navigate (which I haven't ran in ages). I kept my pace to what I thought was fairly slow and just held steady throughout the race. There were a couple points when I had to walk because there were so many people. Those were going into the color zones and througout the color zones. Naturally, because it was the Color Run, everyone wanted to be colored! It got a little backed up but they worked hard to keep us moving through. There were various color zones, and I'd say it took a couple minutes to get through each. I checked my HRM at the end of the race and my time was about 40 minutes. I figure that with time taken off that it took to get through the zones, my time was in the low 30s (I'd say between 32 and 34 minutes) right around where it was for the last 5K I did. I guess my running (outside anyway) is about where it should be! That? Definitely made me feel better! I feel like it's taken me a while to get back into the swing of things after surgery and completing a 5K around my last time definitely made me feel better!! 

 When I finished, I hung around for a few minutes for the post-race "party." They have a stage with a DJ and every so often people throw their packets of color (given to us with registration) into the air. Basically? You're hit with more of the color used in the race as well as some colors that weren't. 

After I was colored a little more, I headed back to the parking garage to make the drive home. I was definitely A LOT more covered in color this year than last year. I look like I'd been admist a color war zone! I had color all over me. I think that because we had my cousin's little one with us last year, they went easier on us. There was no mercy this year. Which is good... I mean, I registered for a Color Run! I expected to be colorful! I didn't have time to get gas before I left so I had to make a stop on the way home. Luckily it was still pretty early in the morning and the gas station I chose wasn't too busy. I'm sure enough passersby wondered why on earth I was wearing a tutu and covered in what appeared to be paint. FYI, color packets plus sweat can make you look super gross (and sweat makes the color clump and look like caked-on eyeshadow!). I also went through Starbucks and I'm certain that the kid had to have known about the run.... He seemed young and hip. I'd hope he's up on his current events. And if not? He didn't give me a "wtf" look so that was cool. I can only imagine what other motorists may have thought as I drove past them. Or the neighbors who were outside (the ones I don't know!) when I got home. Honestly, I don't care. I had fun and I certainly felt that I looked super cool. Or at least super colorful! I ran a fun race and wore that color with pride! 

Unfortunately I was sweaty (read: stinky) and had to babysit that afternoon (oh and I didn't want to get color everywhere) so I showered fairly soon after getting home.

 Overall? The Color Run was super fun, as expected! I was nervous (not sure why) to be going solo, but everything turned out fine and I had no reason to be! I had a great time and it was nice to get out and run. Although I was surrounded by thousands of other runners and walkers, I still felt solitutde when running. I got into my zone and it felt awesome!! If you haven't done the Color Run, or something similar, you should definitely check it out! It's an event for people of all ages, runners and walkers alike. You don't have to be fast (and aren't officially timed). 

It's a fun way to just get out and get some exercise!! 


Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Weekend Has Started! Yay!

How is it that the week can seem to drag and then when the end of the week comes it's like "woah! Already!?" Funny how that works, isn't it? Of course, currently having three day weekends might be a reason why mine fly by so quickly. My boss is off this week and I could work a full day tomorrow, but I'm going to be off anyway.

I am doing the Color Run on Saturday and have to go out of town to pick up my packet tomorrow. With construction along the way, I just want to make sure I'm all set. I can pick up the packet on Saturday morning but I've heard it's quite chaotic...So tomorrow it is. I'm getting excited about the race! It will be my first since surgery and since it's a fun race, I'm not too concerned about time or anything. It should be a nice morning!! 

So...Tomorrow. Before I head out of town to get my race packet, I'm going to workout. I have back work on the agenda. I will do my back exercises and then I'll spend some time walking with my Mom and her friends. If it rains or they cancel then I'll put in some time on the treadmill - probably a run walk mix (which is how I'm tackling the race on Saturday). I'm not up to my usual running speed or stamina but I'm getting there. I just have to keep pushing and it will come! 

Obviously I have the race on Saturday and other than babysitting I don't think there's much going on. I'm not sure what my boyfriend's plans are but I'm thinking he will probably come over, since we usually spend time together on the weekends. A babysitting date - how fun! He's met my little "niece" before and she loves him so I'm sure it'll be a good evening. A friend is having an anniversary party so if the little one is behaving herself, we may stop by that. It's a BBQ/potluck style party so that will be fun. Little Miss can run around and play with other kids too, so that should wear her out! This will depend on her behavior though, so we shall see. I'm not taking a cranky child to a party. 

Sunday should be pretty laid back too. I have a family reunion but that's only a couple hours mid-day. It should be a fun time. So, there are things going on this weekend but nothing too crazy. And there's not really pressure to do any of it. The Color Run is my choice and if we make the party that's cool but if not, it's not a big deal The family reunion is really the only thing I absolutely have to attend....And I'm looking forward to it. 

Yesterday I worked out - abs and biking. I was going to walk the dogs but then it started raining. And my boyfriend invited me over for the evening, which obviously I wanted to do. It's nicer out today though so the dogs just may get a walk tonight. I plan on doing my strength training (chest and biceps today) followed by either the bike or treadmill. I feel like I should do a run/walk combo but I'm a little apprehensive...I'm feeling a little "off." 

Today I started taking half of my Wellbutrin with one of the Cymbalta caps. Since it's day one I can't say for sure, but I think the Cymbalta is what is making me feel like I'm a little off. I can focus and all but part of me feels like I'm kind of out in space. It's weird. Usually when I feel spacey I have trouble concentrating and such, but not today. I'm right on it with everything, just a little goofy feeling. Strange. Oh and I was ready to break into a case of the giggles earlier - for no real reason. I also haven't felt very hungry today, which is a plus. I know that it takes a while for the Cymbalta to get to the level where it will even out, but I think I'm feeling the effects of it today. One of the nurses where I work said that I would probably feel this way for a couple days. After a few weeks, I should be feeling whatever version of "normal" the meds will make me feel. I'm hoping it's not quite like this, but even if it is I'm sure I will adjust. We'll see...

I guess that's about it for now. I need to get moving so I can get my workout done. I'll try to post tomorrow, but it'll depend on when we get back and the evening's plans. I haven't gotten as far as discussing plans yet, but sometimes they don't need to be! I also have to work on making a tutu tomorrow night, so I may be doing that rather than blogging! 

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!