Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Good News and Good News.

I called the doc back this morning and the nurse told me that my Vitamin D level is within normal limits. So that's good! She didn't say anything about the other labs, so I'm assuming they were fine or not much different from my last labs. My PA-C just wanted to make sure I had the info on that level since he'd mentioned that if needed, I'd have to start taking Vitamin D. Luckily I don't so yay for not needing another pill! This also means that nothing medically, in terms of my labs, has been impacting on my weight. 

However, I do have good news about that. When I weighed myself this morning my weight was down four pounds from last Wednesday morning! In all honesty, my eating hasn't been stellar over the last week. With the party and reunion (and pre-TOM junk food cravings; not over-eating just poor eating), I didn't think I'd see a loss. In fact I actually feared a gain. I was pleasantly surprised to see a loss of four pounds!! I feel like the medication change is already doing its job. Granted, it could still be swelling going down, or my body adjusting to strength training, or something else, but it seems to coincide with the change in medication. And it's not even at its full dose yet! Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come. 

I'm feeling much better than yesterday! I actually ended up not working out. Sometimes a break is nice and apparently I needed a break yesterday. I was getting ready to get up and workout and decided to sit for "a few more minutes." I ended up falling asleep. I was tired and just had no energy. I think it's pre-TOM havoc, but it was fairly mild so I'm okay with that. I probably just needed a rest day. I'm actually taking a rest day today too. My boyfriend is coming over and we are grilling dinner so unless we go for a walk, I'm not working out. I decided that maybe I needed a couple days off. Sometimes it just gets to the point where you need a break. When you work so hard all the time, a few days off is needed. And it can be a good thing. Obviously my body was telling me it needed rest yesterday, and I'm feeling a little run down today too. Better than yesterday but my energy is still low. I will workout tomorrow, at least a little something, no matter what though... I've not done anything since the race on Saturday and really don't want to take much more time off. I also have to mow the lawn so that will take an hour or so and burn some extra calories. I'd have pushed it and worked out today, but I just won't have the time this evening. And? I'm okay with that. I actually think that mentally little breaks are good for me. I sometimes feel way too much guilt and even obsession over workouts (or missed workouts) at times. And sometimes the same thing (even when varied throughout the week) just wears on me. I was definitely experiencing TOM-brain yesterday. I had no energy but felt anxious; nothing sounded good to do. I actually counted down the hours until bedtime last night! To be able to take a couple days off and not beat myself up for it is something I need to be better at... I need to be more relaxed and not freak out. I've not been good at that in the past, and I'm really trying to get on-track mentally with body image and weight. This should be a good thing for me. 

Eating has been good today...Well, pretty good anyway. I haven't had those pre-TOM junk cravings like I did the last couple days so that's a good thing! I've not eaten enough though, and that's a problem. I'll have to eat a fairly decent dinner in order to reach 1200 calories for the day. I think I can manage, even if I have to have a diet beer (what I call those Bud Select 55 calorie beers) or two while watching wrestling! I usually don't drink during the week, or even much on the weekend, but it's pretty hot today and a beer or two sounds really freshing. I suppose that's about all I have time for. I need to go pick-up a little bit before my boyfriend gets here. 

Hope your week is great!!

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