Monday, August 12, 2013

Manic Monday and the Weekend Re-Cap

What a busy day today! Holy cow, was it Monday!! Work was kind of crazy (for me) today, but that made the day fly by so I suppose that's not such a bad thing! I'm definitely glad that the day is over!

 I'm getting back into the swing of things as far as working out goes. I think I needed a little time off to re-group and re-motivate myself. Plus last week I was just NOT feeling it. TOM struck again. Sometimes that happens and at those times breaks are needed. 

I suppose that since I didn't get around to writing on Thursday or Friday, I should start with Thursday...Which was really fairly uneventful. I had a meeting with my licensing supervisor after work and that's about all I did. I was still feeling rundown and just needed another day to rest. So I did. I spent time with the doggies and did some reading. It was nice to not stress and worry about things for once. 

Friday was pretty eventful for me. I got up fairly early because I was planning to mow the lawn. It seemed to take forever for the dew to dry up and since I hadn't started by 9:30 I decided I'd do it later in the day. I cleaned for a bit before I had to go run my errands. When I left the house around 10:30, the grass was still wet. I ran to the bank, did my grocery shopping, stopped by a store to spend a gift card that I still have from my Birthday (in December). I found some cute things and, naturally, forgot to use the gift card. I ended up picking up a new dress, a skirt, a shirt, a tank, a scarf, and a pair of boots. I'm going to a concert in a few weeks and either outfit will be perfect. When I got home, I put everything away and then planned out a little scavenger hunt for my boyfriend (to get a surprise I'd bought for him). My boyfriend got there as I had given up on using the stupid weed whipper/whacker/eater/whatever you wanna call it. I couldn't get it started on my own. Luckily he was able to start it, and being so nice, he did it for me. I picked up the doggy droppings from the yard while he did that. I think he got the better end of the deal. 

The scavenger hunt was SO much fun! He had no idea where I was going with it or what the surprise would be until the fourth clue (I had five total but the last one was had the surprise on it). The clues were, in order, a case of Bud Light (with special football cans which were part of the clue but when he asked about the cans I told him that's all the store had lol), the grill, a leaf, me in a t-shirt of his fav football team (which I again sort of fibbed about to make it harder on him). He guessed the surprise on that clue though, so I guess I didn't make it too hard. So what do beer, a grill, a leaf (to symbolize fall), and me wearing his teams shirt have in common? We are going to a football game! Oh, and the final clue was a little football with surprise written on paper. I had instructions to lift up the paper that said surprise, where I had a print out of my order confirmation stuck to the ball. Super fun! While it's a surprise for him, it's also for me too. I really like football and I happened to get tickets for when our teams play one another. So we will be heading to Detroit in September to watch my Bears beat his Lions. His reaction? Shock. And awe. He totally didn't expect me to buy them, which was great. I absolutely loved how surprised he was! It should be a super fun time, and I can't wait to look all adorable in our opposing team gear! 

So that was Friday.... We grilled out for dinner and just hung around home for the evening. We actually went to bed fairly early for a Friday night, but we were both pretty tired.

 Saturday we slept in a little and then got up and hung out for a while. We met up with his Dad and his Dad's fiancee in a town near mine for a big Homecoming celebration. They have a parade, an entertainment tent, and lots of other events that happen all weekend. We hung out at the tent for a while, then went to watch the parade, and back to the tent for a bit. We spent the afternoon there and had a really great time. The celebration centers around Michigan State so it's kind of like a big tailgate celebration. 

After that, we went back to my house.  tossed a football around for a while and just kind of hung out. Later I decided that we should walk to the local bar for a couple beers so we did that. When we were there we met a former Michigan State assistant coach (Steve Beckholt) and his wife. He grew up in the town where I live now so we talked about the area, our various high schools, and sports. Both he and his wife were super nice and it was fun to chat with them. We went home and hung out for a bit before bed. 

Yesterday we didn't do much of anything. Other than going to the gas station and to pick up pizza we just relaxed at home. It rained for a bit so we watched some TV and just hung out, spending time together, which was awesome. I did clean up the house a bit and did some laundry but it was mostly a relaxing day, which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

I guess that's the update for now... I am going to go to a weight circuit (shoulders and triceps) then we'll see what I have time for. I'm meeting a friend for (free!) Zumba in the Park tonight at seven so if I don't have time for other cardio, I'm okay with that. The local Zumba instructor offers three or four free sessions each summer at our local city park. I don't do Zumba on a regular basis but it's a fun way to socialize and get some exercise too. Depending on how much time I have after my weight circuit, I may do a quick run or some biking but we will see. I need to make sure I have time for dinner before I leave, so I'm a bit tight on time. 

After Zumba, I'm headed out to my boyfriend's for our weekly Monday date to watch wrestling. So, that's my evening... Other than the hectic day at work the week is off to a good start. Of course, it always helps when the weekend was awesome!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!! 


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  1. Super fun weekend. I liked the scavenger hunt. One of the first biggest gifts I ever gave to my husband(then boyfriend) was tickets to watch the Cubs play at Wriggley Field. It'd been on his bucket list. We had the best time!
    I hope you enjoyed your Zumba class.