Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Weekend Has Started! Yay!

How is it that the week can seem to drag and then when the end of the week comes it's like "woah! Already!?" Funny how that works, isn't it? Of course, currently having three day weekends might be a reason why mine fly by so quickly. My boss is off this week and I could work a full day tomorrow, but I'm going to be off anyway.

I am doing the Color Run on Saturday and have to go out of town to pick up my packet tomorrow. With construction along the way, I just want to make sure I'm all set. I can pick up the packet on Saturday morning but I've heard it's quite chaotic...So tomorrow it is. I'm getting excited about the race! It will be my first since surgery and since it's a fun race, I'm not too concerned about time or anything. It should be a nice morning!! 

So...Tomorrow. Before I head out of town to get my race packet, I'm going to workout. I have back work on the agenda. I will do my back exercises and then I'll spend some time walking with my Mom and her friends. If it rains or they cancel then I'll put in some time on the treadmill - probably a run walk mix (which is how I'm tackling the race on Saturday). I'm not up to my usual running speed or stamina but I'm getting there. I just have to keep pushing and it will come! 

Obviously I have the race on Saturday and other than babysitting I don't think there's much going on. I'm not sure what my boyfriend's plans are but I'm thinking he will probably come over, since we usually spend time together on the weekends. A babysitting date - how fun! He's met my little "niece" before and she loves him so I'm sure it'll be a good evening. A friend is having an anniversary party so if the little one is behaving herself, we may stop by that. It's a BBQ/potluck style party so that will be fun. Little Miss can run around and play with other kids too, so that should wear her out! This will depend on her behavior though, so we shall see. I'm not taking a cranky child to a party. 

Sunday should be pretty laid back too. I have a family reunion but that's only a couple hours mid-day. It should be a fun time. So, there are things going on this weekend but nothing too crazy. And there's not really pressure to do any of it. The Color Run is my choice and if we make the party that's cool but if not, it's not a big deal The family reunion is really the only thing I absolutely have to attend....And I'm looking forward to it. 

Yesterday I worked out - abs and biking. I was going to walk the dogs but then it started raining. And my boyfriend invited me over for the evening, which obviously I wanted to do. It's nicer out today though so the dogs just may get a walk tonight. I plan on doing my strength training (chest and biceps today) followed by either the bike or treadmill. I feel like I should do a run/walk combo but I'm a little apprehensive...I'm feeling a little "off." 

Today I started taking half of my Wellbutrin with one of the Cymbalta caps. Since it's day one I can't say for sure, but I think the Cymbalta is what is making me feel like I'm a little off. I can focus and all but part of me feels like I'm kind of out in space. It's weird. Usually when I feel spacey I have trouble concentrating and such, but not today. I'm right on it with everything, just a little goofy feeling. Strange. Oh and I was ready to break into a case of the giggles earlier - for no real reason. I also haven't felt very hungry today, which is a plus. I know that it takes a while for the Cymbalta to get to the level where it will even out, but I think I'm feeling the effects of it today. One of the nurses where I work said that I would probably feel this way for a couple days. After a few weeks, I should be feeling whatever version of "normal" the meds will make me feel. I'm hoping it's not quite like this, but even if it is I'm sure I will adjust. We'll see...

I guess that's about it for now. I need to get moving so I can get my workout done. I'll try to post tomorrow, but it'll depend on when we get back and the evening's plans. I haven't gotten as far as discussing plans yet, but sometimes they don't need to be! I also have to work on making a tutu tomorrow night, so I may be doing that rather than blogging! 

I hope you all have a great weekend!!! 


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