Tuesday, August 20, 2013

That's a Wrap, Tuesday!

I can't believe that Tuesday is already almost over! Crazy!! Oddly, my work day seemed to pass quickly which I didn't anticipate since it was a paperwork and meeting kind of day. I really thought it would drag on. But here I am, home already! I'm actually not super tired, which is a surprise. I guess maybe my energy level is finally back up after that little break. Then again, if I sit here and write long enough, I just may start to feel tired. It seems to happen that way quite often... My body must get into relaxation mode quickly! 

I had a nice time at the boyfriend's last night. It was nice to spend a little time with some of his family. Of course, I'm a big family girl so I really enjoy that kind of stuff. Even if it's just for a short time, it's nice to be able to chat. His 12 year-old cousin was there and I just adore that kid! She reminds me a little of myself at that age, so maybe that's why... That and she's just a really good kid. She's so sweet and super helpful to her Grandma, which is nice to see. Not all kids are like that these days! Anyway...I really like his family and had fun spending a little time with them. 

After they left we watched wrestling (of course) and then hung out for a while before it was time to sleep...Which was late, as usual. I'm surprised I'm not tired today given we were up so late last night, but I'm good with that!! I feel really great today, actually!! 

My agenda for this evening includes working out. And that's about it, I think. I plan on doing my shoulders and triceps circuit, followed my by leg circuit. That should take a good 45 minutes, at least. After that I will probably do 30 minutes of biking on the stationary bike. I tend to burn more calories on that then when biking outside. I'd love to run, but it is pretty hot today and I cannot stand running in the heat. It's one of those days that's even too hot for the treadmill. I will most likely walk the dogs a little later this evening, after it cools down a bit, to get a little more light cardio in. If I'm going light on the cardio, I feel like I should do a little more of it. On days that I hit it hard, I workout for a shorter amount of time. The only bad thing about light cardio days is that I feel like I workout for a long time and burn too little. I guess I just enjoy that high burn from high intensity stuff a bit more than a lower burn from lighter intensity stuff! Oh well... It will be good to workout so I'm okay with a longer time and lower burn. 

I'm super excited to get some weight training in and to get outside and walk the dogs. They love their walks and I love taking them out and about. It's good Mother-dog bonding time! :) Other than that, I may do a litle laundry but probably not much more than that. I am certain that by the time I get done with everything, I'll want to relax for a bit before bed. I probably won't walk the dogs until 8:00 or so, so by the time we're done, I'll be ready to relax for a while. 

I'm looking forward to a little relaxation time and an early bedtime tonight. I definitely miss my boyfriend when he's not around, but I have to say, I do enjoy my quiet time too. 

I suppose that's about it for now! I don't really have anything noteworthy to add, so I'll wrap it up. 

Have a wonderful week! 


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  1. I've been thinking more and more about starting up weight training again. On one hand I want to soooo badly because I really miss it. But on the other hand I am already strained for time AND there are throngs of people in the weight lifting area at my gym. I really don't feel like having to fight for a spot. That is such a weak excuse but that's the truth!ha I hope you enjoy getting back into the weights. :)