Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Weekend Re-Cap (A Day....Or Two Late)

It was another busy weekend for me! I thought I'd have time to post on Monday but did not. I was too tired to sit down and concentrate on a post yesterday, so here it is....Better late than never, right? 

Friday... What did I do on Friday? Oh yes... I pretty much stuck around home. I did a few errands but spent most of the day cleaning, got dinner prepped early, did some laundry, and relaxed a little. My boyfriend came over after work and we just hung out for the evening. Of course, we did watch wrestling too. Well, mostly me... He managed to nap through part of it. It was a nice, relaxing evening in. 

On Saturday we just hung around the house too. We ran to the grocery store to get a few things, and of course I forgot a couple things so I had to run back later. That evening, we went out for dinner - just to a local bar. It was quiet in there (yay for the county fair, which is where I assume most people were), so it was nice. We sat and had dinner and a couple drinks before we walked home. We didn't do much the rest of the evening - just kind of hung out before bed. Him more than me, as I spent some time dozing on the couch. 

Sunday I got up and got ready to head out of town with my cousin for a concert; Kelly Clarkson (yes I just saw her last month) and Maroon 5. We were going to meet another cousin for lunch on the way, but because the first cousin was late, we didn't have time. The other cousin (oh this is confusing lol) had to leave at two so we planned to meet at one. It takes about two hours to get to her house, and the cousin who went with me was late, so we were way too short on time. So anyway... We stayed at my house and hung out with my boyfriend for a bit before we left. We stopped for a late lunch on the way, at this awesome Cubs themed bar in lower Michigan. I got a giant burger, of which I ate about a quarter. I had wanted to shop a little on the way but traffic was so bad we just did not have time. So we drove straight to the hotel, got ready for the concert, and headed out. I think we missed an opening act (there were two...I think...). We had a couple beers at the concert and bought some merch (of course!) but no food or anything there. 

The concert was a ton of fun!! Well, except for the heat and the crowd. It was ouside and I got pit (standing room only; but RIGHT down front!) tickets. It was hot. Super hot. The younger people (mostly under 12) that we encountered were SO annoying. Kids were pushing like crazy to try to get right down front. My thought was, "you should've gotten here earlier, punks!" I do not tolerate pushing and such, so despite the fact that they were kids, I may have pushed back. A couple bumps of my purse may have been administered. I KNOW they're kids, but seriously... Adam Levine wasn't going to drag them on stage. He wasn't going to run off and marry a sixteen year-old. I suppose that's the age difference... I was there for fun, music, and of course good photo ops. Some of these kids were crazed fans. I am not a crazed fan...I'm just a normal fan. Also, (some) kids these days can be terribly rude! Okay, I'm done with my old lady rant....

One girl fainted twice, before it was even super crowded. She went totally down and had to be assisted by security. They found her a seat, gave her some water, and she was fine. Given the heat and crowd, I wasn't surprised. Given that an hour or so later that was (almost) me, I totally understood how it happened! I know my body well enough to know when something isn't right. I can feel it when I'm going to pass out. Suddenly I got super hot and sweaty... It was a different kind of sweaty; not like when I workout. It wasn't sticky, stinky sweat. It was more like all the water I had drank all day started coming out of my poors. So much so that my shirt was soaked. Nausea came next. hen I started feeling sort of dizzy and like everything was getting farther away. I looked at my cousin and said, "I don't want to leave but I don't feel good." A few moments later I said, "I think I'm going down. Don't let me fall!" I was kind of "foggy" feeling and out of it, so she told me to go sit along the ledge. I did, and after sitting for a little while I felt better. I'm sure I looked gross, all covered in sweat and pale. In fact, I know I looked sick because the girl who passed out asked if I was okay...Then we had a laugh about passing out. Luckily since I know my body, I didn't go down, but if I had gone to sit a few seconds later, I'd have hit the ground (and taken some teens with me, I'm sure). I went back and made it through almost the rest of the concert before I felt that way again. This time I told my cousin, "we have to move to the back of the crowd. There's no where to sit now, and I more space and air. She agreed to move with me, without difficulty. Turns out that we were only toward the back of the pit for a few songs, before the concert ended. We decided to beat the traffic and headed out before Maroon 5 did their encore. Good choice...We got out of there much faster than if we had waited.

After the concert we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for some snacks/a super late dinner and drinks. We shared some chili con queso dip and chips, and we each ordered a small order of wings (at least 10 per order). We ate most of the chips and dip, and apparently that filled us up. When we got our wings, I think we each only ate three of them. So we took them to go. Then we searched for a gas station or liquor store to get some beer to take back to the hotel room, but we had no luck. We drove around for a bit and couldn't find a gas station that sold any alcohol, or a liquor store that was open. It was after midnight by this time, so we just went back to the room, hung out for a bit, and went to bed. 

We headed home on Monday morning with no major stops along the way (a coffee stop, a bathroom break each, and because we had time to kill a new store in a town not far from mine). My cousin had to work at 3, so we stopped by my house for a bit then headed out. She went to work and I went to pick up her daughter from daycare. 

We picked up a few things at the store, as I planned to make dinner at my parents' house, and then headed over there. My parents were working, so Little Miss and I just spent a few hours playing. We went outside for a bit, watched Bubble Guppies, and then she helped me make dinner. I made quesadillas so there wasn't a lot that she could do, but I had her put the ingredients into bowls for me (I usually don't do that, but she wanted to help). I got her started on dinner right as my Dad got home, so then I made his quesadilla, and then I ate. I had a hot one ready for my Mom when she got home from work. 

Then I gave Little Miss a bath, which was fun. She played in the tub until I told her she needed to get out because the water was getting cold. Then I had her brush her teeth and got her ready for bed. It was just after eight by then, so she sat with a book for a bit, while I cleaned up from dinner and talked to my Mom. When I was done with that, I headed over to my boyfriend's for our typical Monday night wrestling date. 

Yesterday I didn't do much of anything after work. My allergies were going crazy and I didn't feel well. I had a headache, sinus pressure, and I felt a little nauseated (probably from the insane humidity yesterday). I was going to workout but felt too yucky so I thoght I'd wait until later and walk the dogs. Even after eating and relaxing I still didn't feel well, so I ended up doing nothing. UGH! My allergies have been crazy the last couple weeks and I haven't worked out nearly as much as I usually do. I just feel so lethargic and can't find the energy. A scratchy throat, a headache, and other symptoms just drain me. I struggled to stay awake last night. I could've gone to bed at 7:30 but decided that would've been WAY too early. Unless, of course, I wanted to get up at three this morning but that didn't sound like much fun. I ended up falling asleep on the couch sometime around 10:30 and slept until after midnight. I thougth about getting up to workout this morning (and aim for a two-a-day day today) but that didn't happen. I guess I really needed my sleep!

I feel better (a little tired, and hot, but better) today so I'm planning to workout shortly. I'm not sure what I'll make for dinner yet... I didn't plan and I'm not really feeling hungry so who knows. I have stuff; I just don't know what I want yet! 

I suppose I should go workout now... I'm going to do some ST, biking, and hopefully walk the dogs later this evening (as long as it cools down a bit). 

Hope you're having a great week!! 


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  1. Glad you didn't pass out. That's been happening to me too, where I feel very near faint. I think mine has come from working out in the afternoon and not having eaten yet so there is a low blood sugar.
    That is soo cool that you live in an area where other towns that have fun things to do are just hop, skip, and jump away. Here in West Texas cities are so far from each other(well Texas in general is so spread out). You can drive in a straight line for 12 hours and still be in Texas. The closest city to where I live is 30 minutes. And given the fact that we are the biggest city in our area there isn't much reason to go visiting the surrounding community.