Monday, August 5, 2013

The Weekend Re-Cap

If you read my last post, you know a little bit about my weekend. I won't repeat what's already been said so this will likely be a bit on the short side. Friday morning I planned to meet my Mom and her friends for a walk (they go once a week). I was running late so I didn't make it to meet them, so instead I walked the dogs for a while. After that I met the ladies at our local bagel shop for breakfast (bagels and coffee). It was fun to sit around and chat with them for a bit. After that, we picked up my cousin's daughter and headed to Grand Rapids to pick-up my Color Run packet. After we got back I picked up a few things at the grocery store then headed home. I cleaned a little before my boyfriend got there. We had a pretty simple dinner (grilled brats and chips) and then just spent the evening hanging out. We watched Friday Night Smackdown (lol...Seriously I watch wrestling like three times a week now - makes me laugh!). We went to bed fairly early for a Friday since I had to be up early for the race. 

After I got home from the race on Saturday I did a few things around the house (laundry, mostly) and my cousin brought her daughter over around 1:30. We played for few minutes and then I relaxed with her until she fell asleep. I finished up the laundry and picked up a couple things and then I went and laid down with her. She slept for about two hours and I think I was able to napfor about an hour. After we got up, I decided that she needed a bath because her hair is crazy and I can't do anything with it when it's dry and, more importantly, because she had smelly feet. I never realized a toddler could have such horrendous foot odor! I think her Mom lets her wear her shoes with no socks....I made the mistake of taking a whiff of those and, oh the horror! Seriously. I think I burned my nostrils! After her bath, I changed and did my hair and make-up for a party we were going to. Because of those smelly shoes, I decided we should go shopping on the way. We just stopped at a local store, Shopko (a small Walmart type store). We picked up some socks and new shoes. It was getting chilly and I didn't have a jacket for her, so I picked up one of those too. And a pair of pajamas. As soon as we got into the car, I took her stinky shoes off and put the new socks and shoes on her! 

Then we were off to pick-up my boyfriend and head to the party. My friends had a ten year anniversary party so there were lots of people there who both my boyfriend and I knew. It's so funny that he and I had these friends in common but never really ran into one another. We both had a good time. He was able to catch-up with friends he hadn't seen in a while and rekindled a bromance with one of them. I swear they hugged about 100 times that night. They both may have had a bit to drink.... Just a bit though. The friend he was so thrilled about seeing is someone who I've known for a while too. He was in my Dad's class at our local college, which is how I met him. My fantastic boyfriend was sure to tell this guy that I had a crush on him (like 13 years ago). Instead of being embarrassed (like I would've been in the past), I laughed, rolled my eyes, and said, "I'm pretty sure he knew that back then!" 

The Little Miss had a great time at the party too. She played with my friends' daughters and had a ball just running around the yard. The next-door neighbors are also friends of my family (life-long, actually) so my friend Jen's little boy was outside playing and Little Miss went over and played with him and his friend too. Then all the kids played together for a bit. They had a great time, and I know that Little Miss was super tired! I was glad I had pajamas in the car! I changed her and rocked her to sleep, then laid her down on my friend's bed. I knew my boyfriend wouldn't be ready to leave his buddies for a while, but I didn't want her to be up late. It worked out well... She slept, the boys talked, and I got to talk to my friend Brianna for a bit before we left with no interruptions. 

On Sunday I had a family reunion, so after I dropped my boyfriend off (he needed a nap), Little Miss and I joined the family. I spent a few hours just eating, playing games, and talking with some of the extended family. It was a pretty nice day (a little chilly with the wind though!) out too. We had a good time and got some great pictures. After the reunion, I spent an hour or so with my Mom and my Nonie. We just had coffee and chatted. Then I headed home where I did....Nothing. I definitely enjoyed my rest day and used it to do nothing but rest! I am sure I could've done more laundry and picked up but I just wasn't feeling up to it. Instead, I watched TV, talked to my boyfriend, and did some reading. Then I fell asleep on the couch until about 1:30, when I woke up and decided to go to bed! 

Today work went fairly well... I lost of my favorite little old men, so it was kind of sad. In another way, working the the elderly has made me realize that sometimes losses can be a blessing for that person. I'll definitely miss him! He was such a sweet guy!

I had a chiropractor appointment and now it's time to workout before having dinner with my parents. Then, of course since it's Monday, I'm headed out to the boyfriend's for the night to watch wrestling. Sounds ilke a good, relaxing evening! 

Hope you had a great weekend!!! 


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