Monday, August 19, 2013

The Weekend Re-Cap!

Hello Friends! I realize I've not posted much lately... I needed a little break. I just wasn't into blogging, or even fitness for a few days last week. I wasn't feeling well; super exhausted. I decided I needed to take time to just relax and recharge so that frustration wouldn't build and throw me all off. I'm feeling much better this week. I'd be back to my usual routine, but I have an appointment shortly (so a short post, most likely) and then I'm headed out to my boyfriend's to celebrate his Dad's and his Aunt's birthdays (they're a few days apart). I'll be back into full-on workout mode tomorrow. 

Since I've had a bit of an absence I'm not going to recap everything in the last several days. I've eaten pretty healthy; not too much thank goodness. I've continued to track though, so that's probably why. For me that really is the key! Other than some light stuff, as I mentioned, I've not done a lot in terms of fitness lately. I'm definitely ready to get back into it!! 

Anyway, on to the recap... 

On Friday, I was fairly productive. I did some grocery shopping, painted my front door, and did the lawn work. Later in the day, my boyfriend and his younger brother came over to hang out for the night. We grilled out for dinner and just hung out around the house. Later in the evening, my cousin and her little girl also came over. I planned to babysit her daughter on Saturday anyway, so it worked out well. We all just kind of hung out on Friday night. Some of us (the grown-ups) had some drinks and just relaxed. 

 On Saturday, I went to lunch (technically brunch since I didn't eat any breakfast) with my cousin and the Little Miss while my boyfriend took his brother back home. We went to a Chinese place, which filled me up all day! That was my big splugre this week. After lunch, Little Miss and I stopped by the store then headed home. She was asleep before we got back (makes nap time a lot easier!), so while she napped I set up the sprinkler and got some other toys out. My boyfriend decided he'd nap too, which gave me a little quiet time...To do laundry. I was able to sit and relax for a bit before the little one got up. Then we changed into bathing suits and went outside to play in the new sprinkler. She wasn't sure about it at first, but after a while she ran through it a bit and then just stood with her head in the water. What a goof! She said, "I wash my hair!!" She seemed to enjoy it! She's two-and-a-half so naturally she doesn't have a giant attention span. We also played "golf" with a little set I bought for her, played with a beach ball, and decorated my sidewalk with sidewalk chalk. She did a few scribbles but mostly she told me what to draw and she watched, in amazement of course. We went in, and my boyfriend got up from his nap and decided he was ready for dinner. So Little Miss and I ran to the store for a few things for dinner. We grilled out again (different foods, but we actually grilled all three nights this weekend). After we ate, we played inside for a bit, then went outside to pick up toys. After that, we read, then I got her ready for bed. We watched part of a movie (naturally she had to have some popcorn) then I went and laid down with her for a bit. By "a bit" I mean I fell asleep for a good hour and a half too. I got back up and then my cousin got there shortly after. She decided to just come over after work and spend the night. She, my boyfriend, and I hung out for a while but someone (ME) kept falling asleep on the couch. Finally she went to bed, and shortly after my boyfriend and I did. 

Sunday morning the girls got ready and left, then shortly after my boyfriend went home for a bit. He needed some more clothes and stuff so he did that and then visited with his family for a bit. I enjoyed my quiet time by doing a few things around the house (trying to kill some weeds, failing to use the weed killer appropriately, and then pulling them until I got sweaty; and picking up the house a bit) and relaxing. I caught up on some reality TV ("The Vineyard" - new guilty pleasure) and read some of a magazine.

My boyfriend came back a few hours later and we hung out the rest of the day...Took a little nap, had dinner, and watched a wrestling PPV before bed. I really enjoyed having his brother over, and of course enjoyed my cousin and Little Miss...BUT...It was nice to have some time with just him before the weekend ended. I always enjoy that!! 

I suppose that's about it for now... I'm off to my chiropractor appointment and then headed over to my boyfriend's. It's been a pretty quiet Monday and I'm looking forward to a fun and relaxing evening!! I should be back to regular blogging this week. :) 

Hope you had an excellent weekend!!


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  1. Your baby cousin is SOOO precious. I meant to tell you that the other day while I was looking at your IG pics. I didn't want to comment on her pictures though incase your cousin was like, "Who is this random girl talking about how cute my baby is?" ;)