Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Weekend....Already?

Is it just me or did this week fly by? Sure, I've only been working a four day week, but I'm having a hard time grasping that it's already Thursday afternoon. My weekend has officially begun! This, of course, means that I probably won't post again until Monday. Perhaps by then I'll have more to write about. 

This week has been fairly uneventful, which isn't a bad thing. I didn't end up doing any ST yesterday (because I was HOT again!! UGH!) but walked for over an hour. I ran a little bit too, but I had my dogs with me and they're not the best runners. I ran them a few times for a few minutes, but kept it to a decent walk pace most of the time. I usually don't walk them for that long. Usually it's 30-40 minutes, so I took them out for about double the time. They did pretty well considering they're not adjusted for the distance or the amount of time that we walked. 

 I'd love to get outside but it looks like rain. I always fear being caught in the rain. I'm not sure why... It's not like it's a big deal. I'll just get a little wet, which will likely happen from sweating anyway!! The idea of doing any exercise inside today just isn't very appealing. I swear whenever I get a little taste of being outside, that's all I want to do. 

Part of me hates to say it, but I'm ready for the weather to be just a little cooler so I can run outside more often. Now that it's too dark early in the morning (not that I do well at getting up early anyway!), my only option is in the evening... The time I can do it just doesn't mix well with the heat. So, anwyay, cooler days sound like a good plan to me... Not too much cooler, just enough to make running more comfortable for me. I'm so darn particular!! 

Tomorrow I will try to do some weight training moves, so that I get something done. I LOVE ST when I do it (and after) but I'm just so darn awful with consistency. 

Some people wish they could take a magic weight loss pill. I wish I could take a magic muscle building pill (which would, in turn, also help with weight loss). 

If it's nice, I'll also get out and mow the lawn. Of course, there's cleaning and laundry to be done...So, that's pretty much my day. Busy with things around home and working out...Not a bad Friday, I'd say; especially because then I will be able to enjoy the weekend with my boyfriend without worrying about anything else. I'll take a day of busy followed by relaxation with him any ol' time! 

I should go get started doing whatever it is I'm going to do (most likely a run/walk outside). I'm headed over to the boyfriend's after my workout to watch a football game... Pre-season Lions. I'm torn... They're not my team, but for my boyfriend's sake hopefully they do well. I would not stop rubbing it in last week! What can I say...? It's my nature! My team (DA BEARS!) is also in the NFC north (and he hates my team) which makes it that much more fun. If they don't do well, I will try to behave myself, However, I cannot make any promises.

 Have a great weekend!!! 


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