Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Questioning my Sanity.

It's no secret that my ST routine has been suffering. Heck, cardio has been suffering lately too. My cardio has been a little running but mostly walking, and a little biking. There's nothing wrong with that, however it just isn't up to where I was. The ST part bothers me. So much for that year challenge, huh? I guess I just fell out of the routine and the idea of getting back into exactly what I was doing doesn't sound appealing to me. I was in need of a self-er-vention.

This would be where I give myself an intervention. I need to get back into my healthy routine in general. I've slacked lately. Or I feel as though I have anyway. 

Eating has been good, but after eating out all weekend I'm feeling fat. I'm sure i's from a combination of eating things I don't normally eat, eating out (helllooo sodium), consuming more adult beverages than normal, and TOM is due soon so I'm bloated from that on top of everything else. I feel like I was making good steps and losing weight. Now I feel as though I've taken five steps back. Granted, TOM's pending arrival doesn't help my emotional state so it's best that I don't dwell on those feelings right now. Instead I just need to get back into my normal routine, which will lead to healthier choices. 

First, I've not been good about my MFP tracking lately. I don't think I tracked at all over the weekend, and prior to that I'd miss something here or there. My diligence? Needs to return. With that goes my healthy eating. Now that the long weekend is over I can get back into a normal pattern. I suppose that's not the largest part of me feeling why I am, but it certaily is a huge contributing factor at this point. 

Working out... This needs to happen. I need to be more consistent. I need to be more intense. There are to be no excuses (no matter how tired I've felt lately - wonder if that's the new medication working its way into my system). Of course, I stay up too late sometimes and then try to get up too early, end up hitting snooze, and then I sleep terribly for about an hour. It's probably a better idea to just go to bed earlier, or not try to get up early every day (since I fail at it anyway). 

My cardio has been "okay" but I definitely need to step up the intensity. Walking and biking have been easier for me than running lately because it was SO stinkin' hot and humid. I'd prefer to not feel like the heavy air is going to make me pass out when I run. My most convenient time of day for running happens to be around nine in the morning, when I'm at work. We all know how I am about mornings. That leaves after work/evening as my time to run. It's been way too hot for me lately. A cool front did come through yesterday, so I'm hoping that I can get a few days of running in this week, before it gets too hot. Unfortunately that won't be today because I really need to take the time tole my lawn.... So there's today's cardio.  

My ST has needed work. I came up with an idea... I keep seeing everyone doing various fitness challenges. I decided to create my own, by using elements from those various challenges. Some of them had repeated exercises so I just decided not to duplicate them. I've combined a squat challenge, an arm challenge, an ab challenge, and a burpee challenge to create my own challenge. Instead of focusing on one area, I'm going to focus on all of them. I really need to kick my own arse, so I'm hoping that this will help. I'm really questioning my sanity with this new plan.... FOUR challenges in one? It seems like a lot. It seems as though it could become too much. 

I'm also hoping that it won't be too overwhelming, causing me to get frustrated and quit part way through. I think that happens with me a lot of the time. I'm great at coming up with plans. They look lovely on paper. When it comes to carrying them out I get bored, frustrated, or just plain annoyed and quit. That's why I've, historically, sucked at these types of challenges. That's why I get bored with DVD workouts. They're just too repetitive for me. I cannot stand to do the same type of thing over and over again. I'm the kind of person who could probably change their routine every two weeks. Maybe I should invest more time in doing that! 

Anyway, I'm hoping that this 30 day challenge won't annoy me, bore me, or overwhelm me. I really feel that if I can stick to to it, then I will get back into my usual workout pattern. Maybe I'll get back to loving it again and it will seem super fun again! I'm hopeful. 

I'm trying to figure out a way to motivate myself... I think maybe I'll put some money (maybe a dollar?) in a jar each day that I complete a task, and at the end of the week, if I finish every day I'll put in $5. If I finish out the month, maybe I'll give myself an extra $25 or something. I've done something like that in the past and it really worked well for me.... Might not be a bad time to try it again! On top of that, maybe I'll throw a quarter in each time that I resist an unhealthy snack. That's been hard to do since mid-week last week. I really think that it's due to the fact that TOM is coming. That's usually the case though, so I'm not surprised. It's been too easy to get a pop here, or a some chips there, lately. Last week I was visiting the snack shop at work far too often. No more of that! I made it through today without doing so, so maybe that means I'm on the right track.... Must mean TOM's arriving shortly. 

Finally, I think that on the weekends, I'll give myself a bonus for drinking my water. I do excellent during the week. I drink more than I need to. That's about all I drink. On the weekends, that changes. I think part of it is time and being busy, part of it is that I have a different routine than I do during the week which makes it harder to stay on track. So, for each cup of water I drink on the weekends, I'll give myself an extra dime. A dime doesn't sound like much, but considering I can drink 20 cups of water on a good weekday, it will add up if I drink even half that on the weekend. I think that will be my weekend goal; 10-12 cups, or half of what I drink during the week. To start anyway... I may beef it up after a couple weeks if I'm successful.

Here is a picture of my calendar:

Are you challenging yourself this month? If not, I encourage you to come up with some kind of challenge for yourself (and a reward too!). 

Wish me luck! 


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