Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sometimes Plans Change.

Today was supposed to be a running day. Somehow before I even got on the treadmill my foot got a severe cramp from the middle of the top to the bottom. I thought maybe it was my shoe so I adjusted it and hit the treadmill. No luck. The cramp came right back to the point that it brought tears to my eyes and I wanted to quit. 

I stretched. I cramped. I rested. I cramped. Since I was sick of wasting time and of cramping up, I quit. 

Here's the thing though... I quit the treadmill but I hit the bike instead. I have a goal to run three times this week. Now it may only be twice. BUT I think that's okay because it was due to an injury AND I replaced it with biking. I didn't just throw in the towel and say "forget this." I decided to do something that was still active that wouldn't put too much pressure on my foot. I didn't quit and ht the couch. So because I biked for 30 minutes and I'm saying I met my goal. It's not running and isn't nearly as intense but I did something; I kept moving. 

This is a new thing for me. Generally when my plans get goofed up it means that I end up skipping whatever it is that I was planning to do. I'm happy that this was only a minor adjustment and I still got that 30 minutes of cardio done. 

Sometimes plans change. It's inevitable. It's how you adapt to the changes that maters. Sometimes there's a way to do serving even if it isn't exactly what you planned on doing. 

In addition to biking I did two rounds of the seven minute workout, 30DS, and will do 30 minutes of Pilates to unwind later this evening.... After Big Bang Theory, of course! 

Tonight's dinner is homemade butternut squash soup (another skinnytaste recipe), salad on the side, and some roasted asparagus with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. The soup had to simmer for 40 minutes so I let it cook while I biked and roasted the asparagus. My house smells divine and I cannot wait to eat!!

Actually I think my bowl is cool enough to eat now, so I'm off to enjoy my healthy dinner!

Happy Thursday!!


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  1. Sometimes changing things up can really help you get through the lulls that tend to pop up from time to time. I think the dietbet will be just the thing that I need to perk me up and shake me out of this lil food battle I've been in.