Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thank You, Diet Bet!

Last week (or was it the week before?) I posted about motivation. I also posted about Diet Bet. I've since learned that Diet Bet is GREAT motivation!!! My bet (Rebecca's Diet Bet - please join if you'd like, or send me your info and I will invite you!) starts in a week! I'm excited about that....Even though as of now only one friend and I have signed up. I had a lot more interest than that so I hope that more people join us before Tuesday!! I decided to join another bet too. Last week I signed up for Jillian Michaels' bet which is not at a pot of over 200,000 dollars. WOW! There are over 6000 participants involved in that bet. Anyone who loses four percent of their weight will split the total in the pot. Even if everyone reaches a loss of four percent, we will at least get our money back (minus whatever the company keeps for their profit). I'm okay with that. I doubt everyone will reach that goal, but I certainly hope that I do!! I feel like these diet bets are exactly what I needed to get motivated again. Money talks, isn't that what they say? SURE DOES!! Putting money into something makes me more likely to keep up with it. This is only four weeks long. Certainly I can commit to that amount of time. And if I can? It will help me get back into my old healthy habits that I've let slip recently. I blame you, boyfriend... Okay not quiet. He doesn't eat healthy like I generally do and he doesn't exercise, but it isn't his fault. We are not together 24/7. I usually have three days where I don't see him, and two that I have time to workout before I see him. The only really difficult time for me is the weekend.... He's always around and I enjoy my time with him. I guess I'd rather be hanging out with him than losing an our of our together time to workout. That's gotta change. It's an hour. That's not much. He's super supportive and understanding so I know it wouldn't bother him at all if I went out for a run or something. We have walked my dogs together before, so that's an option too. And just because he can eat crap food doesn't mean that I have to. I've gotten better about this... Like we had hot dogs on Sunday. I got him regular beef dogs with white buns, and I had lower fat, lower calorie turkey dogs with whole grain buns. We used half a pack of each and put the remainder in the freezer for next time we have them. He was able to take leftovers for lunch and I had leftovers for me too. Perfect. As long as I manage and plan better, there's no reason that we can't continue doing this. AND he has had some of my healthy foods and not even noticed the difference (like whole grain noodles and lower fat cheese). With a little more effort, I can easily figure out ways to satisfy both of us when it comes to meals. Also? I used to buy chips and things in large bags (he LOVES his snacks - he and my dog Buddy are one in the same, I swear!). Now I'm going to pick up smaller bags just for him. I do not need the extra laying around for me to eat. Or I'll buy him larger backs of stuff I don't like, which means I won't be tempted to eat it. Anyway, back to my diet bet... It has really helped to motivate me -- already!! Of course, as I have mentioned before, this time of year really energizes me too. By putting money into a pot and seeing the potential for a large winning amount, I'm all into it. I'm ready to kick it into gear! I sat down last night and wrote out a list of dinner ideas and workouts. I typically have the same types of things for breakfasts and snacks, and will eat dinner leftovers for lunches. I found some healthy recipes and went to the store after work to pick up what I needed. I even organized my workouts based on how often I am going to do various exercises and went as far as noting on which days I'll do them. Given that I was sick yesterday and am not working out on Sunday (going to a football game!) I think I have A LOT packed into a few days, but I'll do what I can. I'm going to accomplish as much of what I've planned as possible. My goal is to do everything listed but I'm also realistic and accepting of it if I cannot fit everything into a day. Like, today, I have about 140 minutes planned out. I went to the store and now I'm blogging... That's over two hours of various calorie burning activities (two rounds of my seven minute workout, 30 Day Shred, a run/walk, mowing my dog pen, and pilates later this evening. Let's face it, that's a lot to do for one day. The mowing isn't a typical workout thing, but I do wear my HRM because I burn calories I wouldn't normally burn. I'm not worried about that. I'm worried about my motivation to do even 30 mintues of a run/walk after doing 30 minutes of the 30DS. BUT I will try my best, even if I end up walking more than running. Plus...What's 30 minutes? Both the 30DS and the run/walk should go by pretty quickly. I suppose that's about it for now! It's about 5:00 and I need to go get started on my workout so I can get done and make dinner! Have a great week!!! XOXO

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