Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Things That Motivate Me.

So latey I've been writing a lot about getting back on track and plans and such. I have confessed not feeling that fire anymore. Well, I'm happy to report it's back. I weighed myself yesterday and saw that I'm the same weight I was about a month ago. Initially I lost six pounds when I started the new med. Or was it four? Something like that. Anyway, I managed to gain it back.

Confession - I started taking Garcinia Cambogia around that time because Dr. Oz said it was okay, and he's a doc, so he should know...Right? Well, I haven't been consistent with taking it so naturally I gained weight back. That's what happens when you do such things. Obviously I didn't take it long enough to notice any major results or lose a lot of weight, but I did feel it working as it was meant to. 

Yes, I've been against pills for weight loss. However, this one was natural and recommended by a friggin' doctor. I'd like to think he's not some guy who's gonna buy into whatever crazy idea just to make a buck. I hold him in a higher regard than that. I think he's legit. 

Anyway, so I wasn't consitent with it and gained back what I lost. Cool. Yesterday I mentioned that I need to look at where I am, not where I was at any other point in my life. That helped me get a healthy perspective, but at the same time I need a goal. I decided that my goal is going to be to get to where I was two years ago. So I changed my FB profile pic to a pic from a photoshoot from that time. That pictures has 93 "likes" as of now. I just posted it last night. I posted it mostly for my own motivation to reach a goal, but in doing so I motivated myself even more. 93 people liked that pic of me.... That makes me want to push even harder to reach that goal. 

I've also decided that I need to stop being so friggin' self-loathing and like myself as I am right now. So I did that too. Today I looked in the mirror and decided that I actually like my body right now, even if it's not where I want it to be. Because I've gained weight my boobs are a little bigger. Wooohooo! My waist is still defined. My booty has gained a little weight, but has been and always will be big. Today I decided that I have a nice curvy figure going on, even if it's not exactly how I want it to look when I'm at my goal. I've got a nice, curvy girl body. The mix of that and 93 people thinking I'm a damn hottie has made me feel better. It may sound vain as hell, but it really drives me to want to be my "hottest." 

Side note, when I reach my goal and stay there for a bit, I'm totally buying boobies. They match my butt really well, actually.

I'm also starting a Diet Bet on October 1st. Instead of thinking of how I'll wait until then to hit it hard, I've managed to give myself incentive to start now. 

I think that MUST have something to do with this motivation I'm feeling. 

Oh! And a friend and I are doing a trail race on October 5th, so naturally I want to be in good shape for that. I'm not much of a trail runner (pavement, please!) so that will be a small challenge for me. I want to be ready for that race, which just may also be motivating me! 

I THINK that the above combo of factors has really helped me to fuel my fire again!! I think that having a race on Saturday and looking foward to some fun stuff this weekend is helping too. My photographer cousin is going to snap some pics of me on Friday which is exciting! Last time I did a photoshoot I pressured myself to get as small as possible and reached my lowest weight. I quickly gained ten pounds back because my habits didn't fit into my daily life plan long-term. FYI - that weight is what I'm at in the picture I just wrote about. Even so, I'll be happy weighing a few pounds more than that. I have a goal set, and I'm going to achieve it. 

In thinking about it, I can't say for certain it's that combo or one of those things that's helped to get me to where I need to be. I really just don't know. I can't say "oh yes, it was this, this, and that." What I do know is that it's like a switch has been flipped again and I'm ready to get it. I've wanted this feeling back for so long and it feels awesome to finally have it back!!! 

Today my eating has been clean, I'm past my usual water intake (which is normally high but it's so high today I've lost count!), and I got enough sleep last night which means in addition to feeling good I really want to go do a kick ass workout. It's much easier to stay on track with healthy eating when you keep it clean. I still have a lot of calories that I could eat today and have eaten more often than other days recently....Why? Because I've been keepin' it healthy!

I suppose that's about it for now! I'm so happy to share a positive update with you!! I have big plans for after this post goes up... I'm doing my seven minute workout circuit, then I will run for at least thirty minutes, do another seven minute circuit, and then I'm not quite sure... I should really mow my lawn but I'd also like to walk to the dogs. I suppose I'll mow first and then if there's time I'll take the children out for a short walk. 

I'm thinking spaghetti squash sounds like a fabulous dinner tonight, which means, I can probably enjoy a protein shake between my workout and mowing (I'll also be counting those calories). I haven't had a protein shake in quite a while so I'm kind of excited about that.

I hope you are having a fantastic week!!!


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  1. I think you might have mentioned this in yesterdays post but I really liked when you said that no longer wanted to hold yourself to the weight you were two years ago. I like that you are starting fresh with new goals and a different perspective. I did that too. I held myself to a weight I had reached a few years back and all that ended up doing was make me feel bad because I wasn't obtaining the me I was back then.
    September has been a hard month for me to keep on track. I've been way more lax on my eating. I guess my mojo was on E. My schedule got a bit hectic and I know that is a huge reason I have found myself getting away from what I know will aid my weight loss. I think I'd like to join your diet bet. I feel like I need a goal and a fire under my butt to keep me focused.