Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Weekend Re-Cap; Tuesday (Long Weekend) Edition

What a busy, but fantastic weekend!! My boyfriend ended up getting a couple extra days off work at the end of last week so on Wednesday night he came over and decided to stay since we planned to head out of town on Friday anyway. I worked Thursday, so he hung out around the house. He took care of my dogs and did a project that I hadn't yet finished (or started, actually). He was going to mow for me but it was crazy hot out, so when I was home at lunch I told him not to do it. Thursday night we grilled out and just hung out around the house. It was and of course relaxing. I love extra time with him, so I was pretty excited about that. 

On Friday we headed to Chicago for the weekend. I was expecting terrible traffic since my cousin and I encountered it the weekend before, but it wasn't bad the entire way there. Of course, it got crowded heading into downtown (on 90/94, if you know what that is like!), which is the norm - especially for a Friday afternoon. I don't know why, but instead of taking the Lakeshore Drive exit I stayed on 90/94 a little longer, which was probably a mistake. I don't even want to think of how much longer it took sitting in traffic than it would've had I taken Lakeshore. I knew better and still I stayed in traffic.... Silly me!!! 

We got to the hotel right around check-in time, and since our room was ready, we were set. We unpacked and I freshened up a bit and then we headed up Michigan Avenue. My BF hadn't been to Chicago before, so it was fun to walk and show him the sites. Until it started pouring. I stopped into Walgreens and picked-up an umbrella, although it was almost too late for that. I guess it helped us to not get quite as wet the rest of the walk. We stopped by Water Tower Place and did some shopping. He wanted a new shirt for the baseball game on Saturday, so we stopped there and into a couple of my fav stores (usual stops). For once I didn't spend a ton of money! Woohoo! I got a couple hoodies at Finish Line and a couple dresses at Akira (favorite), and managed to resist the calls of some super cute things in the other stores that I love. 

 LAfter we shopped for a while, the rain finally stopped. We walked back to the hotel to change out of our wet clothes (and for me to freshen up - again - grrr...rain and make-up!!). We hung out for a bit (trying to find wrestling on TV and unfortunately we did not get that channel), then went in search of dinner. We decided to go to Houlihan's since it was right by the hotel and we weren't sure if it would start raining or not... And it wasn't busy by the time we went. We had a nice dinner and some drinks, then headed back to the hotel. We thought about going to the hotel bar for a bit but we were both pretty tired and just wanted to relax. I ended up falling asleep pretty quickly. 

On Saturday we woke up to rain. I was not happy. The weather had not called for rain, so I was bummed to see that it was raining. I took my time getting ready and we tried to figure out what to do/where to go since it was raining. We ended up just hanging out around the hotel until a little after 11, and then headed to Navy Pier for a bit. We walked around inside, stopped in a couple stores, and had lunch at Harry Cary's Tavern (so yummy!). We also walked around the restaurant and checked out some of the spots memorabilia they had on display. 

After lunch we grabbed a cab and headed up to Wrigleyville. We stopped in another of my fav stores, and a must for me when I got to a game, Wrigleyville sports. We shopped for a bit, then headed into the stadium. We drank a beer and walked around for a while since we were pretty early. Eventually we went to our seats and watched warm-ups and such. The game seemed to fly by (probably because I got a little drunk and wandered off a few times; forgetting where our seats were once - of ALL the times I've been to Wrigley you'd think I wouldn't do that!). The game was great, the Cubs won, and we got to sing "Go Cubs Go" at the end, which I always love! We managed to catch a player, Andrew Lane (bullpen catcher), signing autographs and I tossed my hat up for one, which I got. Yay! 

We hung out outside near a fence for a bit, hoping to get some more autographs, but apparently no one was in the mood. You'd think after a win, they'd be more willing to sign. The last couple years I haven't had the best luck with trying to get autographs. In the past it was a HUGE thing and a lot of players would take the time to sign. Last year one player made a comment about signing six days a week and how he just wanted to go home. He did end up signing, but it took some other people heckling him to get him to do so. This year not one player came over....And it was after a win at home! I heard from another fan that the opposing team was really good about signing autographs. I can't help but wonder if maybe it's the current players...Come on kids, lose the egos. There were children waiting!! 

Anyway, enough about that... After the game we went back to the hotel and hung out for a while. I changed for dinner and we walked up to Gino's East (yummy pizza joint, although I think I like Uno and Due better). We hung out and shared an appetizer, some drinks, and finally ate some pizza. I had one slice because it's way too big for me to eat anymore than that. After dinner we walked back to the hotel and relaxed for a bit before bed. 

On Sunday we slept in for a little while, then got up and got ready to leave. We checked-out just before check-out time and then waited for a year-and-a-half for an elevator. Okay, so that's an exaggeration but it was a good half an hour. That place was definitely busy during check-out!! 

After we checked-out we walked downtown for a bit. We had lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery (another yummy place...but I've yet to find a place downtown that isn't yummy!). Then we walked to Garrett and got some popcorn to bring home (some for me, his grandma, and my grandparents). After a little more walking we headed for home. 

Traffic out of the city wasn't bad at all, so we stopped at one of my favorite outlet malls on the way home. I was on the hunt for some new things for work and he was on the hunt for new shoes. We succeeded and after a couple hours of shopping, made the drive home. We unpacked the car and didn't do much except relax on Sunday night. 

We relaxed all day yesterday too....I think we were both tired from the weekend, that we just hung out all day. It was really nice to spend time together not doing anything, especially after a busy weekend. We had our weekly Monday night wrestling date last night and then headed to bed. 

The weekend was super, super fun and I enjoyed every minute of it (except maybe when I thought the rain would ruin Saturday). It was a fantastic way to celebrate the unofficial end of summer! My boyfriend had a great first visit to Chicago and said that it was the most fun he had at a baseball game! I'm sure we will definitely be making a trip back sometime in the future. I'll be there again soon for races, and hopefully he will be able to join me. I am certain we'll head to another game next summer! 

Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend! 


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