Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Weekend Re-Cap

*Written Monday; saved instead of publishing! Oops! 

I apologize for not writing at the end of last week. Honestly? I just wasn't in the mood to sit down and write. I think it was the weather. I wanted to be busy with something! And I was... Worked on some crafty projects, so that was fun. Today it's hot and I don't feel like doing much, as usual when it's hot. I am ready for it to start cooling down. I really find my motivation in all areas in the fall!! 

The weekend was nice... I was supposed to do a mud run but the friend I was going to do it with has an injury and had to housesit, so I couldn't stay at her house. I just didn't feel like doing it solo. I'd have run alone, but I didn't feel like driving a few hours alone, and then having dinner and sitting around at a hotel alone. Just didn't seem like what I wanted to do at the time. So? No mud run for me this year. Oh well... Life goes on. AND I got to spend all weekend with my boyfriend, Little Miss, and some friends, so it ended up working out for the best. 

On Friday I spent some time with my Mom; grocery shopping and just hanging out at her house. Before that, though, we had lunch with my cousin and Little Miss. It was nice to get together for a while. I haven't spent a lot of time with my Mom lately so it felt good to have an afternoon together. That evening, my parents, my boyfriend and I went out to a local pizza place for dinner. It was nice for the four of us to get together and sit and chat. They all get along really well, and it's been a while since we did anything with them. Two meals out in one day wasn't the best for my body, but it was good for my soul to have all that time with loved ones.  

Speaking of my body, my eating habits weren't the best (but not the worst) over the weekend. Stupid TOM. Gets me every dang time.  I did manage to drink more water though! I also fell behind on my workout challenge so I'm just starting it again today...Now that it's hot. And my motivation is lacking again. I was all kinds of motivated at the end of last week and this weekend. And of course, I ran short on time or it rained, or it rained again....And I didn't want to get out and run in it. UGH! 

Anyway... Back on track today - and doing awesome, I must say! 

Saturday my boyfriend and I just spent most of the day hanging out at my house. We were babysitting for Little Miss so she kept us busy. Well, she kept ME busy. He decided to nap for a while in the afternoon - until I sent her in to wake him up, of course! She and I played outside for a while. She had a great time in the sprinkler, then we went to the store, and then got ready for a birthday party. Some friends' little boy turned four last week and his party was on Saturday. The three of us went to their house and I think we all had a good time. It was nice to see some other friends of ours and catch up. Little Miss had a blast running around with the other kids! We stayed a little later than everyone else, so we sat around and chatted with our friends while the Little Miss played; and then fell asleep (I only held her for about five mintues and she was out!). We were home fairly early and after I put her to bed, my boyfriend and I sat up and hung out for a bit before we went to bed. 

Sunday I got up and got Little Miss ready to go home/to church. My cousin picked her up around ten, and my boyfriend and I just relaxed for a bit, and got ready for football of course! I did make a run to the store for a couple things, but other than that we spent the day at home, enjoying sports and food. Actually, we didn't really even eat that much. My boyfriend made a dip in the crockpot, so we had that with tortilla chips, and later we grilled hot dogs (those 98% fat free, low cal hot dogs). 

We both took vacation days yesterday so we sat up for a while before bed. Yesterday we spent part of the day being lazy and just kinda laid around and cuddled. Not gonna lie - it was super nice to just relax. 

My Dad has to fix my garage so we were somewhat productive yesterday. We cleaned up my garage, moved things around, and tore styrofoam off the walls and cleaned up the area a little so that my Dad can start working on it. I also did some laundry, a little cleaning, and after he went home last night I did some crafting. I was going to do more cleaning but didn't get around to doing much of it. Not that there was a lot to do anyway! 

Today was back to work! I had to stop by the gas station and hardware store on the way home, but now, here I am, relaxing for a bit before I workout. I will definitely get back into the challenge (well, start it over!) and will most likely bike for a little while (on the stationary bike).

I have some stuff do to around the house, but if it cools down enough later, I should walk the dogs too. I'm not sure what dinner will be... I'm thinking a grilled chicken and cheese quesadilla with a side of beans or something. Sounds simple, health (due to ingredients I use), and yummy! 

Now that my week has officially begun - here's to a happy, healthy week!! Hope your weekend was great!! 


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  1. I am with you on the fact that sometimes a meal may not be good for the body but the time spent with family is good for the soul. Good to hear from you. And thank you for being a fashion expert for my future shopping trip. I'm excited to see what my wardrobe will end up looking like!