Monday, September 16, 2013

The Weekend Re-Cap.

I'm so tired this afternoon... Wish I could take a nap!! I think we stayed up a little too late last night. There's no time for a nap today! Oh well... That means I should sleep better tonight...Right?! 

I have a chiropractor appointment shortly, then I'm going to run/walk, then I'm having dinner with my parents, and after that I'm headed over to my boyfriend's for our usual Monday night date. We missed it last Monday, which was a little odd. I'm glad to have Monday night wrestling (and now football) dates back!!! 

The weekend was great, as always! On Friday I had my three month post-op visit with my surgeon. He checked out my arms and said that they looked really good and that was about it. They're healing well. He asked if I"m happy with them, and I said that I am very happy with them. He mentioned that I could use a scar cream and that the scars can take about a year to fade. I'm really not concerned with the scars so much. I have times when I'm a bit self-conscious, especially when I catch people staring at them (which isn't often because of where they're located), but most days I don't mind them. Also? I'd much rather have scars than all that loose skin hanging from my arms!! I go back in March for another visit, then I might be done. 

My Mom and I did some shopping before and after my appointment. Unfortunately we took so much time at craft and home type stores that we never made it to the mall. I had some stuff I wanted to look and and a couple things that I knew I wanted to pick up, but there just wasn't time for that. Oh well... I guess. I got some home decor and craft items which I'd wanted to look at too. I wish we would've had a bit more time to go clothing shopping, but I was getting tired and wanted to get home since my boyfriend was coming over. 

On the way back, we stopped by my house and unloaded my stuff, and then we went to my Dad's business so that I could get my dogs and my car. I headed home and was able to get things put away, pick up a little, and even put up some of my new decorations before my boyfriend got there. Luckily he had a phone call from one of our friends, so he was chatting for a bit. Otherwise I'm not sure I would've gotten everything finished!! 

On Saturday he went left for a while to spend some time with his Dad and his Grandma. While he was gone I... Relaxed a bit and exercised. I could've done some actual cleaning but I got wrapped up in some movie on TV (couldn't even tell you what it was now!) and sat in front of it or the two hours that it was on. I finally decided that I needed to accomplish something! Since it was a gorgeous day outside, I opted for a run! Well...A run/jog/walk. It's been a while since I've been out so it took me a while to find a comfortable pace and settle into it. I went farther than my typical route too... I'd say I logged at least 4.5 miles. 

After my run, I relaxed for a short time (long enough to drink some water, eat a protein bar, and cool down). After that I walked the dogs. We went for a shorter walk than usual (only about 30 minutes), so with the way they walk, I'd imagine we only did a couple miles. They were happy to get out though, and I enjoyed the extra walking! 

A run was just what I needed to get back into the swing of things - in all areas!!! I feel like my focus is coming back and I'm ready to attack. Of course, I have a run this weekend, so maybe that's my motivator!!! Sunday I had planned on running but I decided to skip it, and be super mindful of what I ate instead. 

My legs were super sore from Saturday's running and walking (actually they're still a little sore - but I'm working out today anyway), it was cold, and it was rainy. That combination of things just made me decide to spend the day relaxing. I did some laundry and cleaned a little, but I didn't do anything super athletic. It was the perfect day to lounge around with my guy. I was really careful to not exceed my calories and although what I hate wasn't exactly what I'd call healthy, I stayed under my calorie goal, which felt really good -- especially for a football Sunday!!!  

Today has been a good day in terms of eating - I have plenty of calories left to eat a healthy dinner and still be under my goal. I'm eating at my parents' house, so I hope that my Mom makes something healthy. It would certainly be a nice surprise! I didn't tell her I planned on coming over until just a little while ago, so there wasn't time for special requests! I'm sure I can find some stuff for a salad or some other healthy dinner option, if hers isn't to my healthy satisfaction! Then again, I may burn enough on my run that it will be okay to eat a small portion of whatever she's made. I like to try to eat within my calorie range, and not use calories from exercise, but sometimes there's no avoiding that....Well there is, and that's to plan in the first place. When you fail to plan, such things happen. 

As I mentioned, I plan to run for a bit today (at least 30 minutes; that's my minimum) and I'm also going to do the "Seven Minute Workout" that I read about in a magazine ("Redbook"). There's a free app for iPhone and Android too (I believe), called Bytesize, which shows the seven minute workout. The workout is a series of tweleve exercises. You do each for 30 seconds, and immediately move on to the next. Obvoiusly seven minutes isn't enough in terms of a workout, but I think it will be nice to add to my routine. Today I'm using it as a warm-up before my run. Other days I might do it just to get moving in the morning and burn a few extra calories. I think it will help me get back into my routine. 

Oh! If I haven't mentioned it, I'm not doing my 30 day challenge right now. It was too much to try to get back into so much at once. I'm going to wait a couple weeks, and start it in October. I figure that in a couple weeks I will be back into a workout routine so adding something in will be easier for me. That's my plan anyway!! 

Well, I need to head off to my chiropractor appointment now. I hope you had a great weekend!!! 


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  1. Even though I've been running, I hadn't been forcing myself to do much more than maybe two miles while walking a bit after reaching that. This past week I decided that I really want to get back into going for longer runs. I'm inching my way towards 3 miles. You and a few other blog friends are so inspiring when I hear you take about a several mile run. I'm aiming for a 5k race sometime in February. That should give me enough time to get a good 3 mile run down pat.