Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Which Track? The Right Track!

After FINALLY getting back on track yesterday, I feel pretty darn good! I think that taking time to put together that challenge schedule last night really helped to motivate me. I did my challenge workout and most of my lawn mowing. I still need to mow in my dogs' pen area, but it was getting late by the time I finished with the rest of the yard. I hope to finish that tonight (if time) or tomorrow night. 

I have a fairly busy evening tonight but I am hoping to get to the rest of the mowing before it gets too late. It doesn't take long but I have other things to get done first... I have a chiropractor appointment that I need to leave for shortly. After that I have a meeting which will last about an hour. I have to pick up a couple things at the store (not doing all of my grocery shopping tonight though; that would just take too long!) before I head home. By the time I get home I'm guessing it will be around 7:30. I will most likely get dinner ready (turkey tacos) and eat before it gets too late. I'm baking some cupcakes for a bakesale/contest at work tomorrow, so after I have dinner I'll get started on those. While those are baking, I'll do my challenge workout.

I'm not mowing today. In thinking about all I have to do and putting time's with it.... It'll be dark before I even start. So, mowing will be tomorrow's super fun activity! 

I know that the calendar I posted yesterday is hard to see (not to mention FULL of typos because I couldn't see well as I was typing!), so I'm just going to summarize my workout last night. 

I did the following: 

50 squats 
5 push-ups
5 tricep dips 
10 curls (okay so I did 20) 
10 seconds of punches. I

It was hard to only do 5 each of the push-ups and dips.... I know I did some extra, but I can't remember, exactly, how many. I think I did 12 push-ups and 10 dips. I didn't write it down, but I know I did over the minimum so I was happy. I know that as the challenge progresses, it won't be as easy, which is why I'm supposed to start small. I couldn't handle that small though. AND the notes I have from the original challenges say to alter them as needed to fit your fitness level (i.e.: if you want to do more, do more!!).

Then I had three sets of the following: 
20 sit-ups 
20 Russian twists 
30 seconds of mountain climbers 
30 second plank 

Between sets one and two I did 10 burpees. Between sets two and three I did ten more burpees. My burpee challenge goal is 100 for the week, which I'm hoping to surpass by doing a minimum of 20 burpees a day. We'll see... As the week progresses fewer burpees may sound like a good idea. I'm not a fan of burpees. They're horrid. Then again part of me likes them because I like how they make my body work. But actually doing them? After the first, I don't know, six or seven, I'm over it. 

This workout took less than 20 minutes (including a few rests, about ten seconds, between exercises) and I burned 192 calories. THAT is a lot of calories for something based on body weight training! I think that the cardio portions; climbers, burpees, and the continuous movement from one move to the next really helped keep my burn up. That and it had been nearly a week since I did any kind of a workout at all....That ALWAYS guarantees my heart rate to be higher. I really don't expect to burn that many calories consitently as the challenge progresses, but you never know. 

I will try to keep better track of EXACTLY what I do during these workouts. For example, if I do more than suggested, I'll try to make note of that so that I can accurately blog about it. 

After I completed that workout, I got some water and took a quick rest before heading outside to mow. I must be getting better at my mowing....It took me less time than it did the first time I mowed the same section of my yard (the whole yard minus the dogs' pen). I was done in less than 40 minutes and had a decent calorie burn. I was trying not to let my mind wander and get distracted, so that I could focus more on walking fast! I think I did okay with that, although my mind did wander...Quite a bit, actually. I burned another 327 calories just mowing the lawn (not bad for a 37 or 38 minute walk!!), so I burned over 500 between the two activities and in less than an hour. Not bad, I'd say! 

Tonight, just because of my limited time, my burn won't be as high. I'm not even sure I'll burn as many calories during the challenge workout, but I'll try to push as hard as I can to get a good burn! I'll honestly be happy with a burn of 150 calories during that time. My body tends to adjust to getting back into working out very quickly, so I wouldn't be surprised if it dropped that low. 

Tonight I'm scheduled for the following: 55 squats 
8 push-ups 
8 dips 
15 curls 
15 seconds of punches 

 Three sets of the following: 
40 bicycle crunches 
20 Russian twists 
30 seconds of mountain climbers 
30 second plank 

Again, I'll do my burpees between the sets, with a goal of 20 total today. 

I suppose that it's for now. I need to get ready to head off to my appointment! 

Happy Hump Daaaaay! 


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