Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Weekend Recap (Tuesday Edition!)

I had another busy, but fun-filled weekend! As you can see from my previous post it was a race weekend and overally that was a good time! I got home with enough time to shower and get a couple things done before my cousin brought the Little Miss over. She watched TV (Doc McStuffins of course) for a bit while I finished a couple things around the house. Then we went out and about. 

We stopped at the local pharmacy store (they have a super cool gift area there) so I could pick up a birthday present for my boyfriend's Grandma. Naturally Little Miss wanted a toy so I let her get this weird, ugly witch looking ball thing from the Halloween area. That kid is obsessed with balls whenever we go to the store, then gets them home and hardly plays with them. Must be a fun thing to buy? After that we stopped by the dollar store for some craft supplies for a project I planned to do with her. Then it was off to the local orchard's market - LOVE that place! I get most of my FPP goodies there, so I'm in there at least once a month! I noticed that they had pumpkins out last week, so we stopped by to get some...And by some I mean about eight pumpkins and several little gourds (maybe six?). Then we went home to begin our afternoon of crafting fun! 

First we worked on painting pumpkins. I let her "help" me spray some with glitter spray paint. Of course she's not even three yet (soon!) so I didn't actually let her spray anything, but I let her put the pumpkins on the cardboard and let her pick out the colors so she thought she had a big job. She was SO interested in it! My fear is that now she's going to come over and want to spray paint everything... Hmmm... Like her Auntie! After we spray painted some of the pumpkins we took three of them inside for some hand painting. I worked on while while I let her work on one. Mine of course had a design where hers is more...Abstract. She had a blast with it and was so proud of making painting her own pumpkin. We painted the third one together, which meant that while I painted different colors on different sections she painted randomly on the otherside...And then over what I had painted. Too cute! They're definitely interesting but she she was just so proud of them. I put them out on my front porch with the rest of my fall display. 

After our pumpkin painting extravaganza, we made some ghosts... Out of construction paper, glue, cotton balls, and then paint. They were pretty cool. Gotta love those Pinterest projects!! She is a very active little girl so getting her involved with something to keep her busy is always a good idea. I usually try to do some kind of craft or baking activity with her when she's over. Otherwise she's into everything and making a mess! After we (I) cleaned up, I told her I was going to make something to eat. She told me "okay... I go play in my bedroom and you cook supper." Sassy little thing! She also thinks my guest room is hers. 

Later that evening, we headed up to my parents' house. I think it was the last of the PMDD leaving my system because my mood changed and I just could not stand the thought of being alone (well without any other grown-ups around). My boyfriend was supposed to come over but wasn't feeling well and took a nap. Thankfully he felt better when he got up, but decided to spend some time with some of the guys. I think he just wanted to escape babysitting duty...! Not that she was his responsibility but sometimes you just need time with the friends. It turns out that it was a good thing because time away apparently gave him time to think and now he can't stop telling me how awesome I am and thanking me for being such a good girlfriend. He may need guy time more often! Haha! 

Anyway, my cousin and I hung out after she got out of work, since Little Miss was peacefully sleeping at my parents' house. We went and picked up some random Halloween accessories, dressed up, and took a drive. We were headed back to my parents' house when my boyfriend called to say he was on his way to my house... So we went and got Little Miss out of bed (luckily she was tired and didn't wake up and want to stay up!) and met him at my house. The three of us stayed up a little late, my cousin and I enjoyed some adult beverages and acted like our goofy selves. Then we all went to sleep. 

Sunday I took my cousin and Little Miss home, picked up some football snacks, and headed back home to spend the afternoon watching football with the boyfriend. We were going to go to his Grandma's for her birthday celebration, but we may have both fallen asleep on the couch and woken up a bit late. We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out before we headed off to bed so we could get up and go back to the working world on Monday morning! 

Yesterday I had a meeting and then had time to go home to eat and change, and then I headed over to my boyfriend's for our usual Monday night wrestling date.

It was another good weekend - minus my residual PMDD emotional symptoms on Friday and Saturday. Thankfully by Sunday I was back to normal. It's about time! My emotional craziness lasted a bit longer than usual. I actually had an anxiety attack at work on Friday and went home a little early... I was shaking, felt like I could vomit, and just wanted to cry. It took a few hours before I finally started to return to normal. I guess I kinda skipped Friday... Not much happened after that. My boyfriend came over for the night and we just hung out. We were both pretty tired (I think my anxiety attack wore me out) so we were in bed pretty early, which was good since I had that race on Saturday morning. 

I suppose that's it for now... Time to go workout!!! I'll be doing a few rounds of my seven minute workout, followed by 30DS and at least a little run. Whether it's one mile or three, I'm getting one in! If there's time I'll probably take the dogs for a walk a little later because it's a beautiful afternoon! It's perfect fall weather... Sunny, on the warm side, and the leaves are starting to change color so it's pretty. Definitely a good day to get out and enjoy it! I'm taking advantage before winter comes! 

Have a great week!! 


Vine Wine'd 5K Race Report

On Saturday a friend and I did a 5K at Fenn Valley Winery in Fennville, Michigan. I'm not a cross country runner (neither is she, actually) but we thought we'd give it a try. We thought it was going to be on some kind of dirt type path, maybe even gravel, or something that had been driven on. Part it was... The start and finish anyway. The rest of it was through wooded areas that seemed to be wood-chip covered trails and across the grassy fiels of the vineyard. This was the hardest race I've ever done in my life. I learned that I am NOT a cross country runner. I also didn't anticipate so many hills - and a couple really steep ones, at that! This was a new experience and part of it was fun, but I will most definitely not be doing this type of race again. Give me pavement any day!! If I do another trail race it's going to be an adventure race, like a mud run or Warrior Dash. Yes, I would rather run through dirt, mud, and obstacles than run across hilly fields. Why was I not a fan? First, it had rained the night before and early that morning. Not only were we running on uneven surfaces (which I hated enough!) but we were running on uneven wet surfaces. I was a bit afraid of falling, especially when I have Monster Dash coming up in a couple weeks. I didn't want to get injured and miss that (because TeamOrtho puts on great races, with great swag, and it's fairly pricey!). Plus it's in downtown Chicago, and will make for a nice excuse for a weekend getaway...Probably my last trip there until next Spring too! Anyway, I'm also not a fan of hills, but don't mind them - usually. It's when I'm running up wet grass that hills aren't so much fun. Overall, it was an okay race. My time was a lot slower than usual. My friend's time was also several minutes slower than her last 5K (and she's a fast, awesome runner!). I honestly think it's because we do not train cross country style and other than adventure races, neither of us has done an actual cross country style run. The course was hard and I think because it was so hard it seemed longer than a 5K. There was a point at which it seemed never-ending to me. After the race, we were given water, apples, shot size glasses of champagne or wine, and some delicious bread with a bean spread on it. We were also given a voucher for either samples of six wines or a glass of wine. Both my friend and I chose the glass of wine rather than doing the tasting outside. We had also purchased lunch tickets with registration because we decided we wouldn't get a realtively healthy lunch for six dollars anywhere else on the way home. Lunch was delicious! We had grilled chicken (huge pieces too - chicken thighs!), rolls (we didn't eat ours, as after one bite we discovered they were dry), baked beans, some type of southwest quinoa (it had corn, black beans, cliantro, and some peppers in it, I believe), fresh mixed fruit, dill pickles, and a soft drink or water. It was an awesome, healthy picnic style lunch for an awesome price! Much better than some crappy fast food on the way home. The seating was limited so my friend and I sat on some kind of a platform/deck type thing attached to one of the buildings. They definitely did not have enough tables and chairs for everyone. A lot of people had brought their own camp chairs and sat in groups around the area. After we had lunch my friend and I decided to go in to check out the wines for sale. With our registration we were given a 10% off coupon for that day, so we thougth we would check out what they had to offer We were in the tasting room and decided to have some samples before deciding what to buy. We each tried six wines (five for the tasting plus their featured wine), and then decided which we liked best and we each bought some. My friend bought a bottle of one, and I bought two different bottles. We each picked up a new wine stopper too. While we were in tasting and shopping, a downpour started and people seemed to scatter. By the time we went back outside, the rain had stopped and most people were gone. We headed home, new bottles of wine in hand! It was definitely a fun time, but I'd say I probably enjoyed the post-race eating and drinking a bit more than the run itself. I will say that food and wine were a very appropriate reward for finishing that course!!! I suppose that's it for now! I'm pretty busy today so I'll write about the rest of my weekend (fairly uneventful) and this week's plan tomorrow. Happy Monday!! XOXO

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Weekend Re-Cap (Yes on Wednesday night!).

Sorry I'm a bit late in posting this... I had another busy, long weekend! I'm just going to summarize by the day, it seems easier to do it that way. Friday - I worked most of the day and then went home to get things done that I needed to do. I planned on being off (just got permission to work more hours two days prior) so I had things to do, but also wanted the hours at work. My boyfriend came over Friday night (as usual). I made some turkey pumpkin chili in the crockpot (skinnytaste recipe, I believe) and he ate it with me. I was pretty happy that he kept saying how good my healthy chili was! Honestly I love it when he compliments anything I cook (which is pretty much everything he's tried) because it makes me feel good about my skills. And it makes me feel like that's just one more way in which I'm capable of taking care of him... I like to take care of people, especially those close to me. Saturday - We didn't do much Saturday morning...Just kinda hung out around the house. On Saturday afternoon we went to his brother's football game so it was fun to spend a little time with that part of his fam. After that we returned some cans and bottles to the store then stopped by my Dad's shop. I'd only planned on stopping for a few minutes but we ended up spending a couple hours there, hanging out with my Dad, one of our friends, and then my Mom. Then we went home and grilled some burgers for dinner and spent the night just hanging out. Sunday - We were up bright and early to drive over to Detroit for a football game! He's a huge Lions fan and I'm a huge Bears fan so I got tickets for the Lions-Bears game. Unfortuantely my Bears let me down and suffered their first loss of the season. I will say that my boyfriend was much nicer about his team winning than I would've been about my team winning. I'd have picked on him for sure, and he didn't tease me about it at all. Now I fear that he may be nicer than I. Uh-oh... :) After the game we went back to the hotel where he napped (he loves his naps) and I continued to drink. We hadn't eaten and I proceeded to be drunk by six in the evening. He woke up from his nap and came down to the hotel bar where we learned food was no longer being served. Rats. It was only like... Well I don't know exactly what time but not much after eight, I'd imagine. We went back up to the room, where I managed to find myself in an alcohol-fuled PMDD moment... Or several moments. I don't even know what happened because I'd been fine, but suddenly I was sobbing. Uncontrollably. And then I was angry. All over nothing. This is, by far, the most severe the emotional symptoms of my PMDD have been in a while... Also the first time he's had to witness them. Being drunk certainly did not help me any. Note to self: no drinking the week before TOM... If the emotional symptoms of my PMDD are bad, alcohol will only make them worse. The poor guy could not stop me. I just kept crying and muttering who knows what (well I know some of it but it's embarrassing and doesn't make much sense - typical of PMDD). I noticed at one point that he may or may not have had tears in his eyes (I wouldn't want to say something that would make him seem too sensitive haha). He just did not know what to do with me. We tried to order pizza and between calls (all unanswered because who delivers pizza after 11 on a Sunday night?), I'd start sobbing again. My poor boyfriend... He seriously is the best for putting up with this and trying his best to comfort me. And it's a few days later and he hasn't run away. Actually I've apologized several times and he's told me it's no big deal. I could not ask for a better guy; I'm beyond lucky to have someone so supportive even when he has no idea what's wrong. Minus the drama on Sunday night, the weekend was fantastic! Of course, I felt awful on Monday - sad and embarrassed for my behavior on Sunday night. I was fighting off tears most of the day because I felt so guilty and bad. Naturally some of that had to do with the PMDD, which is my typical cycle. It's happened for years. I act like a jerk and then feel so bad afterward that all I want to do is cry. Tuesday I went back to work and felt like I could cry (and was irritable) all day. I finally broke down after I went home and then felt better. I guess I just needed to get it out. After that my mood swung back to normal and I've felt fine all day today. I might be one of the few women out there who are happy when TOM shows up... It means that the PMDD symptoms have gone and I can act like my normal, happy, sweet self. Gosh I hate having PMDD. I've described it as PMS on crack, but recently saw someone else describe it as PMS on steroids. Either way you get the picture - it's far worse than having PMS. I think I'd rather suffer having more severe physical symptoms (bloating, cramps, headaches, etc.) than more severe emotional symptoms. Symptoms of each show up monthly, but some months some are worse than others. It's horrible not feeling like yourself....It's like this demon possesses me and sometimes I don't even know why I'm doing what I'm doing (like the uncontrollable sobbing). My parents have always stood by my side and dealt with me. They've always been there with hugs when the tearful apologies come. It's so wonderful to have an amazing man in my life who is as supportive as they are. And now I want to cry because I'm so happy.... I suppose that's it for now! Have a great week! XOXO

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

FPP September Reveal

I'm a couple days late posting this since I was out of town, but here it is... This month I got a package from Lauren out in Pennsylvania. She sent me some really good, healthy treats so I was pretty excited about this box! 

Fig Bar - This was the first thing that I ate. It was delicious!! Great, sweet snack that wasn't unhealthy. 

Chocolate Cherry Kiss Coffee - SOOOO yummy! I usually use my Keurig and this was definitely worth busting out my old coffee pot. 

Granola - Two different kinds. I've tried (totally eaten) one but haven't had a chance to try the other yet. The Sheila's Crunchy Delight pumpkin granola is the one that I tried and absolutely loved. This was a local item and I so badly wish I could get it around here! I'm going to have to visit Pinterest to see if I can find a recipe that's just as good. 

I was definitely happy with my box this month! Not only was Lauren the person who sent me my box, but I also got her for my FPP. It was fun to send and receive items to/from the same person! I was also interested to see that Lauren and I sent some similar items (granola, coffee). I've had wonderful experiences with FPP and will definitely be continuing this for a while! If you're interested please visit the Lean Green Bean for more info! 

Have a great week!!