Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Weekend Recap (Tuesday Edition!)

I had another busy, but fun-filled weekend! As you can see from my previous post it was a race weekend and overally that was a good time! I got home with enough time to shower and get a couple things done before my cousin brought the Little Miss over. She watched TV (Doc McStuffins of course) for a bit while I finished a couple things around the house. Then we went out and about. 

We stopped at the local pharmacy store (they have a super cool gift area there) so I could pick up a birthday present for my boyfriend's Grandma. Naturally Little Miss wanted a toy so I let her get this weird, ugly witch looking ball thing from the Halloween area. That kid is obsessed with balls whenever we go to the store, then gets them home and hardly plays with them. Must be a fun thing to buy? After that we stopped by the dollar store for some craft supplies for a project I planned to do with her. Then it was off to the local orchard's market - LOVE that place! I get most of my FPP goodies there, so I'm in there at least once a month! I noticed that they had pumpkins out last week, so we stopped by to get some...And by some I mean about eight pumpkins and several little gourds (maybe six?). Then we went home to begin our afternoon of crafting fun! 

First we worked on painting pumpkins. I let her "help" me spray some with glitter spray paint. Of course she's not even three yet (soon!) so I didn't actually let her spray anything, but I let her put the pumpkins on the cardboard and let her pick out the colors so she thought she had a big job. She was SO interested in it! My fear is that now she's going to come over and want to spray paint everything... Hmmm... Like her Auntie! After we spray painted some of the pumpkins we took three of them inside for some hand painting. I worked on while while I let her work on one. Mine of course had a design where hers is more...Abstract. She had a blast with it and was so proud of making painting her own pumpkin. We painted the third one together, which meant that while I painted different colors on different sections she painted randomly on the otherside...And then over what I had painted. Too cute! They're definitely interesting but she she was just so proud of them. I put them out on my front porch with the rest of my fall display. 

After our pumpkin painting extravaganza, we made some ghosts... Out of construction paper, glue, cotton balls, and then paint. They were pretty cool. Gotta love those Pinterest projects!! She is a very active little girl so getting her involved with something to keep her busy is always a good idea. I usually try to do some kind of craft or baking activity with her when she's over. Otherwise she's into everything and making a mess! After we (I) cleaned up, I told her I was going to make something to eat. She told me "okay... I go play in my bedroom and you cook supper." Sassy little thing! She also thinks my guest room is hers. 

Later that evening, we headed up to my parents' house. I think it was the last of the PMDD leaving my system because my mood changed and I just could not stand the thought of being alone (well without any other grown-ups around). My boyfriend was supposed to come over but wasn't feeling well and took a nap. Thankfully he felt better when he got up, but decided to spend some time with some of the guys. I think he just wanted to escape babysitting duty...! Not that she was his responsibility but sometimes you just need time with the friends. It turns out that it was a good thing because time away apparently gave him time to think and now he can't stop telling me how awesome I am and thanking me for being such a good girlfriend. He may need guy time more often! Haha! 

Anyway, my cousin and I hung out after she got out of work, since Little Miss was peacefully sleeping at my parents' house. We went and picked up some random Halloween accessories, dressed up, and took a drive. We were headed back to my parents' house when my boyfriend called to say he was on his way to my house... So we went and got Little Miss out of bed (luckily she was tired and didn't wake up and want to stay up!) and met him at my house. The three of us stayed up a little late, my cousin and I enjoyed some adult beverages and acted like our goofy selves. Then we all went to sleep. 

Sunday I took my cousin and Little Miss home, picked up some football snacks, and headed back home to spend the afternoon watching football with the boyfriend. We were going to go to his Grandma's for her birthday celebration, but we may have both fallen asleep on the couch and woken up a bit late. We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out before we headed off to bed so we could get up and go back to the working world on Monday morning! 

Yesterday I had a meeting and then had time to go home to eat and change, and then I headed over to my boyfriend's for our usual Monday night wrestling date.

It was another good weekend - minus my residual PMDD emotional symptoms on Friday and Saturday. Thankfully by Sunday I was back to normal. It's about time! My emotional craziness lasted a bit longer than usual. I actually had an anxiety attack at work on Friday and went home a little early... I was shaking, felt like I could vomit, and just wanted to cry. It took a few hours before I finally started to return to normal. I guess I kinda skipped Friday... Not much happened after that. My boyfriend came over for the night and we just hung out. We were both pretty tired (I think my anxiety attack wore me out) so we were in bed pretty early, which was good since I had that race on Saturday morning. 

I suppose that's it for now... Time to go workout!!! I'll be doing a few rounds of my seven minute workout, followed by 30DS and at least a little run. Whether it's one mile or three, I'm getting one in! If there's time I'll probably take the dogs for a walk a little later because it's a beautiful afternoon! It's perfect fall weather... Sunny, on the warm side, and the leaves are starting to change color so it's pretty. Definitely a good day to get out and enjoy it! I'm taking advantage before winter comes! 

Have a great week!! 


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