Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vine Wine'd 5K Race Report

On Saturday a friend and I did a 5K at Fenn Valley Winery in Fennville, Michigan. I'm not a cross country runner (neither is she, actually) but we thought we'd give it a try. We thought it was going to be on some kind of dirt type path, maybe even gravel, or something that had been driven on. Part it was... The start and finish anyway. The rest of it was through wooded areas that seemed to be wood-chip covered trails and across the grassy fiels of the vineyard. This was the hardest race I've ever done in my life. I learned that I am NOT a cross country runner. I also didn't anticipate so many hills - and a couple really steep ones, at that! This was a new experience and part of it was fun, but I will most definitely not be doing this type of race again. Give me pavement any day!! If I do another trail race it's going to be an adventure race, like a mud run or Warrior Dash. Yes, I would rather run through dirt, mud, and obstacles than run across hilly fields. Why was I not a fan? First, it had rained the night before and early that morning. Not only were we running on uneven surfaces (which I hated enough!) but we were running on uneven wet surfaces. I was a bit afraid of falling, especially when I have Monster Dash coming up in a couple weeks. I didn't want to get injured and miss that (because TeamOrtho puts on great races, with great swag, and it's fairly pricey!). Plus it's in downtown Chicago, and will make for a nice excuse for a weekend getaway...Probably my last trip there until next Spring too! Anyway, I'm also not a fan of hills, but don't mind them - usually. It's when I'm running up wet grass that hills aren't so much fun. Overall, it was an okay race. My time was a lot slower than usual. My friend's time was also several minutes slower than her last 5K (and she's a fast, awesome runner!). I honestly think it's because we do not train cross country style and other than adventure races, neither of us has done an actual cross country style run. The course was hard and I think because it was so hard it seemed longer than a 5K. There was a point at which it seemed never-ending to me. After the race, we were given water, apples, shot size glasses of champagne or wine, and some delicious bread with a bean spread on it. We were also given a voucher for either samples of six wines or a glass of wine. Both my friend and I chose the glass of wine rather than doing the tasting outside. We had also purchased lunch tickets with registration because we decided we wouldn't get a realtively healthy lunch for six dollars anywhere else on the way home. Lunch was delicious! We had grilled chicken (huge pieces too - chicken thighs!), rolls (we didn't eat ours, as after one bite we discovered they were dry), baked beans, some type of southwest quinoa (it had corn, black beans, cliantro, and some peppers in it, I believe), fresh mixed fruit, dill pickles, and a soft drink or water. It was an awesome, healthy picnic style lunch for an awesome price! Much better than some crappy fast food on the way home. The seating was limited so my friend and I sat on some kind of a platform/deck type thing attached to one of the buildings. They definitely did not have enough tables and chairs for everyone. A lot of people had brought their own camp chairs and sat in groups around the area. After we had lunch my friend and I decided to go in to check out the wines for sale. With our registration we were given a 10% off coupon for that day, so we thougth we would check out what they had to offer We were in the tasting room and decided to have some samples before deciding what to buy. We each tried six wines (five for the tasting plus their featured wine), and then decided which we liked best and we each bought some. My friend bought a bottle of one, and I bought two different bottles. We each picked up a new wine stopper too. While we were in tasting and shopping, a downpour started and people seemed to scatter. By the time we went back outside, the rain had stopped and most people were gone. We headed home, new bottles of wine in hand! It was definitely a fun time, but I'd say I probably enjoyed the post-race eating and drinking a bit more than the run itself. I will say that food and wine were a very appropriate reward for finishing that course!!! I suppose that's it for now! I'm pretty busy today so I'll write about the rest of my weekend (fairly uneventful) and this week's plan tomorrow. Happy Monday!! XOXO

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