Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Feels So Good

It's an awesome feeling to be back in the swing of things! I worked out for over 90 minutes yesterday (plus burned some calories doing about 20 minutes of shoveling snow!). I did my Turbofire in the morning, then my Hip Hop Abs and a run in the afternoon. As I suspected, HHA was a lot like Rockin' Body. I didn't have a high burn, but the point was to get a little extra movement and burn a few extra calories - which I did. I feel like it worked my abs a little. I can feel soreness if I move certain ways. I don't feel quite as much muscle soreness as I do after doing lots of crunches and such, but it was also the first day. Sometimes learning new moves can take away from how well you do the work. As I learn the dance moves, I suspect that I will start to feel more of a burn in my core because I'll be able to focus more on it. 

Dinner last night was healthy. I forgot to make a veggie though! I had shrimp seasoned with garlic, cooked on butter and lemon. It was delicious and healthy (minus the butter!). I ate some brown rice with it. 

Tonight's menu is similar - I plan to have lobster tails. One tail is only 50 calories! I plan on eating two tails but we'll see. They're not huge so I doubt there's a ton of meat on them. I'll most likely have the remainder of my brown rice and some steamed veggies with it. You know, if I remember to make veggies tonight.

Eating today has been healthy. I had a protein shake for breakfast, egg salad on an English muffin for my "snack," lunch was salad and leftover lasagna, and I had an apple and some almonds this afternoon. I've tracked everything, including pre-tracking my dinner, and I'm under 1500 calories for the day, which is good! I try to stay between 1200 and 1500 a day. This might change when my Body Media monitor comes but until then I'm keeping it where MFP has recommended it to be. 

Speaking of which... I've read mixed reviews. Do any of you use a Body Media or a Fitbit? I'm just curious as to your experiences with each. It seems as though Body Media is more accurate which is why I chose that one. 

Anyway... I haven't worked out yet today, but will do so after I post this. I have HHA, TF/CLX, and a run on the agenda. The TF/CLX workout doesn't look like it'll be a huge calorie burner, and I know HHA won't be either. TF/CLX calls for about 30 minutes today; 10 minute of abs and 20 of a yoga style workout. I'll be lucky to burn 200 calories during that 30 minutes. I burned just over 200 last night doing HHA, so that's what I anticipate. I really think that during that hour I'll burn less than 500 calories. This is where my treadmill time will come in handy. I was planning a 30 minute jog, but may up that time a little just to burn a few more calories....Not much; maybe 35 or 40 minutes. I'd like to burn at least 800 (total) today. My run will be the last thing that I do and will be a huge factor my burn. Knowing what I burn during the other workouts will let me know what I need to burn on my run. I'll either go a little longer or try to go a little faster for longer periods of time (hmmm...I may still be done in 30 minutes that way!). 

I'm looking forward to my workout! It felt good to jog a little last night. HHA wasn't bad and the time actually went by super fast. After that I need to finish my tutu for my Thanksgiving race and get some things done around the house - laundry, unloading and reloading the dishwasher, and a little cleaning. Exciting stuff. Ha. 

I guess that's about it for now! I don't have anything super exciting to report, which isn't all bad!

Life has been pretty calm and wonderful lately... I'm back into my health and fitness regime full-force, my family and friends are wonderful as always, I have a fantastic boyfriend who makes me super happy (hence the weight gain over the last several month!), I have a great new job that I'm starting next week, and, well... Things are just so good right now. So, no one rain on my parade, please! :)

Hope you've had a great Tuesday!!


Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Been A Little While. Again.

When I'm off-track with my healthy eating and exercise, it's generally because I'm busy. When that happens I don't blog either. It's been 12 days since I last wrote a post. It's been about that long since I was last "behaving" myself with my nutrition and exercise. I'm honestly not sure where that time has gone!! I didn't workout at all last week because I had things going on - people over, shopping, preparing for a party for my Mom's birthday, time with friends, and then it was Friday and time for another weekend!!

To recap recent events... The most exciting thing that has happened is that on the 15th of this month I had an interview for a new job. I was called on Monday afternoon and was offered the job. I accepted! It's a great step for me in terms of my career and will also allow me to be closer to my friends and family. I start there on December fourth.

Yesterday was my Mom's 60th birthday so I had a party for her on Saturday evening. Lots of time last week was spent shopping and prepping for the party. Shopping meant I was out of town Tuesday evening. I planned on eating a healthy dinner late. My cousin went with me and was "starving" and insisted we eat earlier. Red Robin - 1, me - 0. Party prepping took over Tuesday and Thursday evenings. 

Wednesday I met some friends for a wine tasting and dinner, which was a lot of fun. 

Friday I went out of town for the day with my Mom - shopping and, lunch out. If you're keeping track, by Friday I'd eaten out THREE times. Burgers and fries. Wine. Hard Cider. It was a rough week for the diet.

And because of being so busy, exercise was non-existent. Needless to say I feel "fat" this week. 

Friday evening meant that it was time for my boyfriend to come back over. He had a vacation day on Monday so instead of me going to his house, he just stayed at mine on Monday night too. I'm glad I had things to keep me busy during the week - those three days that we don't see each other can be rough. Yes, three days. Yes, seriously they bum me out. We still talk and text on those days, but I happen to like it better when we're together. Some weeks this fluctuates and we spend at least one of those days together too. I know, I'm sickening. Such a sap! 

Little Miss came over on Friday night too, as I had to babysit on Saturday. My cousin works early in the morning and it was just easier to take her on Friday night. Saturday was busy getting last minute things ready for the party and trying to manage Little Miss. Thank goodness my boyfriend was there to help with her! I felt bad because babysitting wasn't a responsibility that he took on. He just jumped right in and helped me with her without having to be asked. We had a few hours of quiet time when she went home and before the party. We're not used to having a toddler around so it was a nice relief - and it was quiet! We headed to the party (where I ate pizza - but hey at least I had salad too - and wine). 

Yesterday we just kind of hung out around the house. I did some laundry and a little cleaning, and made dinner. But mostly we just relaxed. We watched football during the day and wrestling last night. Eating wasn't too terrible! I made lasagna for dinner and the store I went to didn't have whole grain noodles, so I had to use white, but I only ate one piece so it's not like it was awful. I also made some (again white) garlic toast, of which I ate two pieces. I was going to have salad with it, but I wasn't all that hungry so I didn't. During the day I munched a bit on some unhealthy stuff - chips and my boyfriend's famous football dip. I actually didn't eat much of that, so that was a good thing. Oh and I made some bacon wrapped water chestnuts! Yummy! Those were by far my weakness of the day! I didn't eat a ton of them, but I think I had two servings (six of the little buggers) of them! 

My drinking wasn't quite as atrocious as it has been in the past. I drank two 55 calorie beers on Friday night, oh and a hard cider at lunch. Saturday I had wine at the party but that was it... I'm honestly not sure how many glasses. Maybe four? Let's just say a bottle. I drank a bottle of wine. I'm pretty sure. Yesterday I killed a bottle of wine too, but that was all. In comparison, I've done that during the day (during football - I like to mix it with a splash of OJ for mimosas), and then drank later in the evening. This time I slowly day drank and then was done. In terms of calories and such that's a very ugly day, but it's definitely not as bad as other days have been! 

Today I feel like I'm entering a detox program for my body!! I've kept my eating healthy and clean! Mostly... I started my day with some bacon wrapped water chestnuts for breakfast (only three little guys this time). I'm sure I could've chosen something better but they were staring at me, begging to be eaten. Okay, maybe not, but they looked good and I was just kind of munching, not eating. I also had some coffee. Lunch was a salad - just a bagged mix with two hard boiled eggs on top, and dressing - and a broccoli, cheese, and quinoa patty left from last week. I had an apple and half a cup of cottage cheese for a snack this afternoon. Admittedly, I'm hungry. I've eaten under 800 calories and it's all been healthy, but I'm still hungry. Yes, I've been drinking my water. I'm not quite sure what I'll have for dinner yet. It will include a lean protein and veggies for sure. Maybe a whole grain on the side too, because I'll probably need a few extra calories. 

I worked out (just for 30 minutes) this morning and am undecided about this afternoon... This depends on what I decide to do in the next few minutes. I am supposed to be leaving for the chiropractor but it's kind of crappy out... Meaning we got a fair amount of snow today, which I hate driving in. And it's cold. I'd prefer to stay home, workout, and have dinner. I may call and change my appointment. Then again, it's Monday and that's the day I go to my boyfriend's house. I don't want to miss out on our Monday wrestling date. It's supposed to snow another inch or two overnight, so it shouldn't be too bad come morning. He has to work early this week anyway so I'll be up earlier and have extra time to drive home tomorrow morning. If I change my appointment, I can still get another workout and healthy dinner in before I head up there. I just don't feel like being rushed right now (because I NEEDED to blog when I could've been getting ready to go - ha!). I hate driving in this and would prefer to be able to take my time if I go somewhere.

Update - Scratch most of that last paragraph. I just called my chiro's office and changed my appointment to Wednesday afternoon, when I know I'll be in town for sure. This is also at a time that gives me two-and-a-half hours between when I leave work and my appointment time. Yes, that works much better for me. Now I do not have to rush and can workout for an hour or so. I'm waiting until my boyfriend gets home to tell me how his drive home from work was before I decide what I'm doing. I'm such a wimp with this winter stuff.... 

I'm (officially) starting a challenge group next week and this week is meant to be getting prepped for it. I am actually starting my program now (mostly because it goes past the 30 day challenge time, and I need to get on track NOW rather than waiting). I'll be doing a hybrid schedule of Turbofire and Chalean Extreme for my program, with some running and Hip Hop Abs thrown into the mix. I think it's do-able. 

The Hip Hop Abs schedule is a month long and the first month of my hybrid program doesn't look like it'll be too bad. I think the longest workout on the schedule is an hour, and I should be able to more than just that. If I find that it's too hard to follow the HHA schedule and the hybrid, I'll just do some HHA workouts as "extras" when I have time; along with running for 30 minutes a few days a week. The TF/CLX program is my main program for the challenge. I just thought some extra work would be a good idea - can't hurt! Once I'm done with HHA, I'll likely incorporate something else as "extra" work. I haven't done Brazil Butt Lift in a while, so I'll likely do some of those workouts, or maybe Rockin' Body. 

The TF/CLX hybrid will be my main program and the other workout will be something physical but maybe not quite as intense. I know when I've done both RB and BBL in the past, they're not big burners, but they do their job. My goal with the extra workouts will be just getting more movement and doing my body some more good, rather than focusing on a huge calorie burn.

It will also give me something extra and different to look forward to. I'm hoping that this will help keep things from getting "boring" which is what tends to happen when I do a program that's a longer duration. I'm thinking that the mix of TF and CLX will help with that on its own.... It's not like it will be the same style of workout every day for 20 weeks! 

I suppose that's it for now... I need to go get this workout done. I called my Dad and he said that the main roads aren't bad, so I will most likely get my hour done, shower, eat dinner, and head up to my boyfriend's for the night. I love my time with him, so the thought of missing a day would be a total bummer for me!

Now that I'm super serious about getting back to where I need to be (this challenge will help with motivation - big time!), be expecting more consistent blogging. Life will be busy with the holidays but I will try to find the time to post at least on weekdays!! 

I hope that you had a fantastic weekend and that your week is even better! 


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Another Busy Day... What Else is New?

I have an eye appointment shortly, so this will most likely be a quick post. I left work early enough to be able to squeeze in a short workout (30 minutes is better than no minutes!) and a quick shower before my appointment. I did not do this intentionally... I thought my appointment was at 12:45 and realized when I got home I wrote it down wrong on my work calendar. It's actually at 1:45. So yay for small mistakes that will benefit me! 

After my eye appointment I'm meeting a friend for a late lunch (no worries, I'll keep it healthy!), and then I have a hair appointment a little later. If possible I'm going to try to make a quick trip to the grocery store between lunch and my hair appointment. Needless to say I won't be home until close to 8:00 tonight. That's a bit late for a workout so I'm glad I get to squeeze something in now. I was going to get up this morning to workout, but by now we all know how that goes... I stayed up later than planned, chatting on the phone, and then didn't get up early. Typical. Oh well... My energy level isn't that high first thing in the morning anyway. 

Yesterday was a pretty good day... I ate a bit over my calorie range, but with what I burned my net calories for the day was under my goal. I generally don't like to eat back what I burn, and did not intend to do so yesterday. I guess it was just one of those days where I ate more than I planned. Part of it was that I ate dinner so early and felt hungry for a snack later. 

My workout was Fire 30, one round of the seven minute workout, and my plank and abs challenges... I had a couple challenge days to catch up on because I got behind again due to wine on Sunday and being busy on Monday. 

As of now, even with lunch out, I'll be just fine in terms of calories....Even if I don't workout (but I'm going to because I want to), so that's good. It saddens me that even salads at restaurants can be over 500 calories. I'm guess-timating because the place I'm going is a local place that doesn't list nutritional data on their website. I'll use information from a chain or try to add the ingredients separately, if I have time. Due to my crazy schedule it's more likely that it will be easier to use information from another place. I suppose that's it for now. 

I'm going to do Fire 30 now and will try to fit in my plank and abs challenges later on. I can do those in the evening without feeling like I'll be energized too late at night. In the end I'll do a bunch of crunches, about half that number in leg raises, and two planks. I think I can handle that later this evening (as long as I don't forget). 
I I suppose that's all I have time for now...

Happy camel day! 


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just Another Tuesday

I should know better than to try to plan a workout on a Monday when I have limited time. Yeah... Didn't happen yesterday. Other than that my Monday was typical. 

Oh except that it started to snow and snowed throughout the night. It made the first part of my drive home this morning a little rough. I took it slow until the roads cleared up and then it wasn't so bad. It only ended up taking me about ten extra minutes getting home this morning. Confession? Sometimes I lay back down for a bit when I get home on Mondays. That extra twenty minute nap is kind of nice. Today I didn't do that and actually felt pretty energized this morning. 

My eating has been pretty good the last couple days. I'm tracking everything which is the important part! I've actually logged into MFP for 10 days which means I actually tracked over the weekend. It's time to get serious again so it's a good feeling to be on track!! 

After work I relaxed for a few then worked out for about an hour. It took me a bit to get motivated to work out because I was super cold. Every now and then I have to re-set my heater. Today was one of those days. Once it warmed up I was good to go. 

Yes I know working out warms the body. My problem with the cold? My toes get super cold and feel weird so working out with cold feet is obnoxious. I noticed today that the toes that feel strange (I really can't explain it but it's almost as if they aren't there) also appear white at the tips. I've never really checked but after taking to someone I decided to. I think it's likely that I have Raynaud's. It really isn't a big deal; just a nuisance.... Especially when it comes to working out. This is part of the reason I don't like running on the cold! I get cold SO easily and the funky toes do not help. 

Anyway so I worked out, had a quick dinner, and have spent the evening relaxing. I'm currently watching my two college basketball teams (Kentucky and Michigan State) battle it out. It sure is strange to watch them play since it happens so rarely! Last time they played was on 2005! It's strange to watch and to cheer for a team playing my other team. One team appears much better than the other right now... And it's not the one I chose to cheer for! Of course!! Luckily I love them both so the outcome won't be tragic to me. If anything I'm nervous to see how UK does this season. And Michigan State is giving me a feeling of confidence about their season!!

I suppose that since I'm going on a sports tangent it's about time to wrap this up. I'm off to enjoy the second half!

Hope your week is going great! Keep it healthy!!


Monday, November 11, 2013

The Weekend Re-Cap!

Since I have not been posting as much, I don't think I've done an actual recap in a while. I suppose I don't need to write about Friday since that would be repeating what I already wrote. No one has time for that redundancy! Right?! 

So. Saturday... Saturday morning was pretty laid back. I can't remember what time we got up. I know we slept in though... Maybe it was around nine-ish? I'm trying to remember when the dogs started to get so antsy that they forced me to get up and let them out.... I think it was sometime around nine. drank some coffee, ate some breakfast, and watched some TV. Anyway, so I spent most of the morning doing some relaxing. I had big plans which fell through. I'd pretty much just cleaned the house on Friday, so other than some little things I could have done, there wasn't much to do. 

After much relaxation I decided I needed to workout. I did about an hour workout including Turbofire Fire 45, my plank challenge, and my abs challenge. 

After a shower I decided I'd use up some of these body wraps I'd been suckered into buying earlier this year. My cousin and I used them a couple times and finally, after a few too many months, I cancelled them (not an easy process, FYI - NO I do NOT wish to purchase any of your other products; just cancel it... GOOOSH!). I've had wraps sitting in my bathroom cabinet for far too long. Why I decided Saturday would be the day I'd use a few of them, I'm not quite sure... Except that someone had asked about them that same day. Seed planted? So anyway, after putting on the wraps, several layers of plastic wrap, and my compression garment from when I had my tummy tuck, I got to sit around for 45 minutes.... While the magic happened. Haha. Here's the thing with these wraps (sorry for those of you who I may offend)... They're ridiculous. Do they make your body "shrink"? I can say that, yes, I have seen results when using them. They do magically make inches disappear after just 45 minutes. The catch? You have to continue wrapping for those inches to stay gone.... Like every 72 hours. By the way, it's $100 for four wraps. I had some kind of discounted plan so I didn't pay even close to that, but I still wasted money on them. They're not magical. I'm not sure how it makes your appearance look different, but it does. I've actually seen that with my own eyes.... But it's temporary. The only way to really lose inches is to eat healthy and exercise. Obviously. Bottom line? I'm glad I cancelled those wraps but I might use them a day or two before a big event just to see if it makes any difference in my clothing. 

While my wraps were working their magic, I was drinking water, and getting ready for a baby shower. Luckily I could still dry my hair, straighten my hair, and put on make-up while the wraps were on. I took them off, fearful that I'd stink like the gooey substance on the wraps all night long, but it seemed to go away after a little while. I'd think someone would've said, "you smell like some sort of strange herbal tea" if I had a cloud of stench like that of "Pig Pen" trailing along behind me. 

I went the baby shower for about an hour, but had to leave early to get to a dance recital. Some of the people at the shower laughed and asked if the "recital" was code for me going to a local Casino to see a male revue ("Thunder From Down Under"). I did not, in fact, go to that show. This was an actual dance recital - you know, ballet, tap, modern... That kind of thing! A couple friends had invited me to the other "dance" show but with the time they wanted to leave and me having the shower, I knew I wouldn't make it. I'm also glad I opted for actual dancing rather than.... gyration. 

I had a great time watching all of the dancers. It made me a bit sad that I never danced when I was a kid. Of course, back then, if you were chubby, you wouldn't dare think of dancing. Or cheering. Or any of the things where I've recently seen "cubby" girls in action (good for them, by the way!!!). I wish I'd had the confidence to do it anyway, but I definitely did not. I knew I didn't look like those othe girls and let it hold me back. Like it did a lot of things. I'm so proud to see girls who don't look like everyone else going out there and doing what they love! 

After that it was time to pick up the dogs from my parents' and head back home for a late night cooking adventure. This adventure involved me observing, mostly. I pretty much just relaxed (wasn't home until after ten!) and then hung out for a bit. Bed time was kinda late for me, but it was Saturday after all. 

Of course, this meant I did not get up early enough to workout on Sunday before the rest of the guests arrived for football! I think I originally woke up around eight, which was too early considering I'd been up until around two-ish. So it was back to sleep for a bit. No one else in the house seemed to want to get up that early anyway. I think we all finally got up around ten. I made a plan, cleaned a little (despite the fact that I had done most of it on Friday and it didn't need to be done), and showered before going to the store. I had to get a few things for the week as well as some snacks for the party. I was done with everything just as my cousin, her daughter, and a friend got there. Yay! 

We watched the game and hung out for a  after, all of which included drinking and eating too many calories. If I had been able to do a good workout, I would have at least broken even, which would've been better. However, I did not. So I was over my calories for the day by about 500. I didn't eat a lot, but some of what I hate was high calorie. Seriously, P-Hut, it's over 200 calories for two of your stinkin' chicken wings??? That's insane. I should've gotten up earlier and put the effort into making my own, oven-baked!! At least that would've shaved some calories. I will say that I did munch on a ton of veggies, so at least some of my snacking (other than wings and cheese breadsticks) was healthy. My cousin wanted something sweet and naturally no one touched the dozen cookies that I now have just chillin' at my house. I suppose I should take them somewhere to get rid of them. I'm not a huge sweet eater but if they're around, I'll eat them. 

Anyway... If I only would've eaten, my calories would've been fine. It was the wine that did me in. My cousin and I split two bottles although I believe she was a glass ahead of me on each) and then I started on a third. Over 500 calories in wine? Yup... Not good, but tasty! There's also no use dwelling...Right?! 

Well, I'm off to visit my chiropractor to  this back adjusted. It's Monday, so the ritual will take place.... I'll do some kind of workout at my parents' house and try to make them dinner before my Mom gets home from work/before I leave. But we will see... I will have to try to find something that I can whip up real quick and let cook while I workout. I want to get at least 30 minutes of activity in. An hour would be ideal, but given time frames, I know that won't happen. A little activity will be better than no activity though!!

I hope you all had a fun, exciting weekend and that your week is off to a great start!!! 


Happy Weekend!!!

**Naturally I wrote this, got distracted, and did not post it on Friday. What else is new???

I'm so glad it's finally Friday!! I love the weekend. It's typically when I have the most fun and I enjoy my free time. A lot. 

I didn't get around to posting yesterday because I was pretty busy. I worked in the morning, and left early enough to run home and have some lunch before going to an appointment. After my yearly visit with the doc, my Mom and I headed to Hobby Lobby and Target for a little shopping. I had to pick up some tutu making supplies for this race coming up on Thanksgiving... I have three tutus to make so I decided I needed to get some supplies now. Naturally I got some other stuff at Hobby Lobby. We decided a stop at Target was essential before heading home. I got a few things there too. I wanted to workout after we got back, but it was a little later than anticipated. Instead I ate a little dinner and got ready to meet my friend Christen for a drink or two, which of course turned into four glasses of wine. Good Thursday night!!

Today I worked most of the day and cut a couple hours so I could go home and get some stuff done. There's a chance of rain this weekend and I really needed to get my patio furniture put away. So I spent an hour re-arranging and sweeping my garage, taking down Halloween decorations, and putting furniture away. Then I went in the house and did about an hour of cleaning. I decided that this was my workout for the day... A last minute active rest day, I suppose. I had planned on working out, but again ran out of time. Oh well. I don't typically carry around lawn furniture or sweep out my garage, so I decided it counts. 

Plans for the night? Nothing much...Just staying in and relaxing. It's a stay in kind of evening, which I am okay with. I'm not sure what I'll make for dinner tonight but I'll come up with something. 

This should be a fairly busy weekend. Tomorrow I plan on getting in a good workout, I have a baby shower to go to, and later a dance recital to attend. All should be fun. If I'm feeling really ambitious I may get some groceries, but we'll see. Sometimes I like to just sit and relax for a bit on Saturday. I'm also not done with all of my cleaning and laundry so I could clean the bathroom, and touch up whatever gets messy tonight (probably not much, which will probably be touched up anyway). 

Sunday I have some friends coming over to watch football (Go Bears!!!) so that will be a fun time. I plan on serving some snacks and drinks. I'm hoping to find a time to workout, but I haven't quite figured out where to fit that into my day. I'd say I'll do it after football, but let's be realistic... I'll be drinking a little. I'm not quite sure I want to try a workout after some drinks. I guess we'll see how early I manage to get up in the morning. That will determine whether or not a workout happens. Secret? I kinda like the days I can sleep in a little so I'm not going to set an alarm or anything. If I workout, fantastic. If I don't, it's not the end of the world. I've had four good workout days this week and other than last night's wine I've been on target with the healthy eating. I'm not concerned. That much.

Well I suppose that's about it for now....

Have a lovely weekend!! 


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back in the Habit.

As I mentioned previously, this week is going well. I'm already planning on what to do over the weekend too. Just because other people eat foods that aren't as healthy doesn't mean that I have to! I need to get back to doing what I used to do; having my own healthy options available. Sometimes others end up liking them too. So I'm doing some planning for the weekend already. It feels good. 

Workouts have been good this week. Yesterday I worked out for about 80 minutes and burned over 800 calories. I've been doing a seven minute workout (it's an app) as a warm-up for a while now. I usually do two rounds before starting my next activity. I did that, followed by moves from a plank challenge and moves from an abs challenge I've been doing. I was behind on both challenges so I had three days worth of work to do! You can bet I won't be getting quite so far behind again. Even if I'm busy and only have time to do those, I'll be doing them!! 

After that work was done, I did 45 minutes of Turbofire (Fire 45). When I was done I decided I wanted to run a little. I've been sick so it wasn't long and it wasn't fast. I only did a mile. I shouldn't say "only," that makes it sound as though it's nothing, which it isn't. A mile is a mile. That one mile is one more mile than I was planning to do. So? I'll take it! 

Today I plan to start with two rounds of the seven minute workout, my challenges, and then probably an hour of Turbofire. I'm thinking I'll do Fire 30 and then one of the strengthening workouts. I should log about another 80 minutes by doing that. I won't burn as many calories since one workout is focused on strengthening rather than cardio but that's okay. I may just have to run another mile when I'm done. Or maybe do one of the short Turbofire high intensity workouts. I guess I'll see how I feel when I'm done with what I have planned; then I'll add something extra. My goal is to burn 500 (or more) calories during each workout so I'd say I'm doing well so far! 

I worked out a few days last week which really helped me to get back into the swing of things. I started feeling that fire again and wanted more. Then the weekend came and I got busy (didn't make time to workout). Even though this is only day two for the week, it feels good. I feel sore. I feel healthy. I know a couple workouts doesn't make a huge difference physically, but for me it does mentally. When I feel the soreness, watch the calories burn, and see my lovely sweat-covered post-workout glow I get "that" feeling back. I want more. I don't want to to stop. I'm so glad I've been working out the last two weeks. I missed it! Even though last week was only a few times, that's a few times more than the week before. And the week before that. I haven't even started today's workout and I'm already looking forward to what I will do tomorrow! I haven't dreaded working out - I've looked forward to it! Yes... That feeling has returned. And I am so, so happy!!

 It terms of nutrition, I've been eating healthy this week. I've had a couple little snacks (leftover Smartees from Halloween) and did have some chips with my lunch today but that's it. I plan to continue to eat healthy. Last night I made bunless cheeseburgers (made with extra lean ground been and the 2% milk cheese singles). I could've (should've) had a veggie with it but two burgers filled me up! My original plan was to make taco salad but since I was out of taco seasoning I had to go with something else. Burgers seemed quick and easy, which was needed by the time I made dinner. 

Tonight I'm making coconut crusted tilapia from a super cool website (Six Sisters' Stuff). I'll have some steamed veggies on the side too. I plugged the recipe into MFP and I can eat two large fillets for just over 300 calories. I'm sure I'll edit that and it's likely that my calories will be a little less. I based that on four once fillets and I've found that one fillet is not usually four ounces. I can probably eat two fillets for that. I'll edit my MFP info when I make dinner. I'll weigh my fillets before I put the crust on them. 

I suppose I need to go get started on a workout. I had to run to the store after work to get a couple things to make dinner so I'm cutting into my unwind time a little. I will most likely start working out within an hour. I like to try to be done working out by seven so that I can make dinner and be done by eight. I like to spend a little time in the evening relaxing before I go to bed.... And generally don't like eating too close to bedtime. 

Happy Camel Day!! 


Food : An Update.

For some reason this did not post yesterday... Not sure what's up, but I've been having issues with posts lately; as well as other issues with the site. I can't write anything in compose so I have to write it in HTML then go back in and edit. No wonder I miss posting now and then!!! Anyway here's the second post from yesterday.... 

Food. Eating. It's not been pretty lately. I've eaten out too much (especially a couple weeks ago - one day it was even twice!). I have been good about following a plan during the week, but the weekends are a struggle. I never used to struggle, but I think that differences in my lifestyle have made it easy to go astray during the weekends. 

Football season makes it hard because Sundays are full of football and not-so-healthy foods. With only two of us eating it shouldn't be that hard, but then I don't want to make a ton of something either. I've gotta find a balance of healthy foods for weekends. I also need to stop drinking so much booze on the weekends. 

Easier said than done. 

I suppose if I stick to my 55 calorie beers it shouldn't be TOO hard. My problem is champagne and OJ. Mimosas. I can drink my way through two bottles without a problem. Not only is that a lot of booze, but each splash of OJ adds up!! I'm also quite fond of wine and find it easy to drink a glass, or two, or an entire bottle when I'm on a roll. 

I have some ideas in mind for the weekend, so with the proper planning I should be able to initiate them and avoid not-so-good foods. I'm having a small gathering for a football game on Sunday, so this will be a good time to initiate a plan and introudce some tailgate friendly healthy foods into the mix! 

Despite my perceived poor habits, I haven't done too bad weight-wise. I'm not losing but I'm not gaining either. I guess what I had gained was from changing my schedule and my body has adjusted. I'm not happy with my current weight and definitely need to drop at least the 20 pounds I gained back. I'd prefer to drop 40 overall and be happy with that as a final goal. I like how I looked 30 pounds ago, at my lowest weight, and that's become my new goal. I think at that time I got frustrated, trying to continue to lose, and after a while that's when I started having difficulties. That's my new goal. I'll never be 130 pounds, no matter what... I'm quite certain. What I need to do is learn to be happy with weighing more than that. Weighing 150, 160, or even 170 doesn't have to mean you're "fat" or "unhealthy." In fact, I think 150 is a good healthy weight... As is 160, which is just two pounds out of my "normal" BMI range. For me, keeping my weight below 180 is what I've determined to be my happy weight. I want to be healthy and have good muscle tone. I don't need to be a stick. I don't need to be tiny. What I do need to learn to do is accept that a weight in the 170s isn't a "bad" thing. 

My eating this week has been good. Of course, it's never the weekdays that's a problem. I'm aiming for 1200-1500 calories consumed per day; it's generally closer to 1500. This is, I think, a good thing becuase I've bumped up my workouts too. Well... My burn seems to be higher, which makes since given my weight and not having worked out in a couple weeks. I work out for 80 minutes and burn about 800 calories. I'm good with that!! I've still not figured out all the math and who's correct in the argument about eating back what you burn, but I'm going to try my own method and see what happens. I know net calories shouldn't be under 1200 which means if I burn 800 I should eat 1600... I figure 1500 is pretty dang close to that!!! I'm trying to eat as clean and as healthy as possible. I'm counting calories and such, but I'm not doing any wild diets or different eating plans. I'm just keeping it healthy, drinking my water, and exercising. That's what worked for me before, so I'm hoping that's what will work for me again!! 

Well, I'm off to workout.... 

Have a fantastic evening!! 


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fitness Update Time!

As you may have noticed, I've not posted much lately. No worries though, today you'll get two posts - one on fitness and one on my eating as of late. Why two posts? Because one will undoubtedly become too long. I haven't blogged much (obviously) lately so there's more than a little information to catch up with. 

I guess I'll start about three weeks ago. Things had been going along pretty well. At that time I wasn't doing so great with workouts (or eating) but I was managing well enough. Nothing was too bad. Then Wednesday, October 16th came.... Actually I'd say it started Sunday the 13th. I started feeling anxious and knew something wasn't right. I went along like like was okay but the feelings intensified. By Wednesday all heck broke lose and I had a bit of a breakdown. 

Without getting into the situation too much, it wasn't good. At all. For over a week my workouts stopped. My eating was all over the place - from eating only a few hundred calories for several days to drinking most of my calories (with some unhealthy meals thrown in the mix). I did not care. About anything. I had hit a major depression and coped by drinking. A lot. So much that my parents tried to have a bit of an intervention with me (while drunk... because CLEARLY I was accepting at that time - ha!). They got through to me a little bit, mostly because they took my cell phone and keys (yes I'm an adult; I was at their house). 

At first I knew I had to pretend to be okay so that I could get my stuff back. It worked. And after a few days, although still depressed, I started feeling somewhat normal again. Almost a week later I was getting back to myself.

I did not end up doing Monster Dash because of this depression. It turned out to be good that my Mom and I stayed home because early that Sunday morning (the day I would've been running) my Grandpa had a stroke. He was in a the hospital for a few days before going home. Thankfully it was a small stroke and he's pretty much back to where he was before. That really helped snap me out of my depression. For a few days I was busy with my family; cooking, cleaning, visiting my Grandpa in the hospital... Anything I could do to help, which also kept my mind off of my own drama. 

The following Wednesday was my first night home in a week. It was odd. I talked to friends, got a phone call from the man, and things seemed to be looking up. I'd gotten into a pretty major.... I don't know... Not a fight, or even a dispute...A falling out I guess?... With someone and received a fairly long apology phone call. By the weekend life was getting back to what was normal for me. Hearts were being mended. I was able to release my anger and start to get back to myself. 

I did not workout that entire time. I finally started working out again last week... After almost two weeks of not working out. Also in there, my back got kind of messed up, so my soreness kept me down for a few days. UGH! I think I completed three days of workouts last week... Better than nothing; and what I needed to get back into the swing of things. 

Since I've had the lyrics "I'm a bad girl, break me like the law..." stuck in my head I decided that it must be time to have some Turbofrie in my life again. I've been doing my seven minute workout app, turbofire, a plank challenge, another abs challenge, and a little running (jogging...with walknig...wogging?). Then I came down with a nasty cold, so I have not worked out in a few days -- AGAIN. I guess the middle of last week was a success, with the weekend being a total wash.

I was going to workout yesterday but this cold has been an absolute killer. I had no motivation to do it, much less time between blowing my nose, sneezing, coughing, and feeling a bit feverish. The good news is that I'm feeling a little better today. Hopefully I'm on the mend now. I actually feel like I can tackle a workout. Maybe not an intense workout, but a workout that will be intense enough! 

I'm going to do two rounds of my seven minute workout as a warm-up like a I usually do, and then I'm going to do some Turbofire, followed by my plank and abs challenge moves (which I need to catch up on, so that will take a bit of time). Due to my congestion I don't really feel up to running today. I'm going to give myself another day or two to continue to let my head and chest clear before I try to do that. It also sounds like a huge energy zapper and I'm feeling short on energy anyway!!

I'm not sure when I'll add it into the mix, but I found this link http://www.self.com/blogs/flash/2011/10/the-8-minute-fat-blasting-cros.html and definitely want to initiate some of these moves at least a couple days a week. 

My cousin, my other cousin's girlfriend, and I are doing a 5K on Thanksgiving morning. Last year I did the five miler but since they're being so nice and joining me, we decided on the 5K. They're not huge runners and since I haven't been doing much running lately, I anticipate a fairly slow pace. My cousin's girlfriend warned me to be ready to do some walking. I'm okay with that. In fact, I'll probably need that!! Although, Thanksgiving is three weeks away so as long as I'm consistent with my workouts, I should be good to go! I hope anyway! 

Speaking of races, I am short on my 13 for the year. The one on Thanksgiving will be race 11. That means I need to fit in two more before the end of the year. There's an 8K in my town on November 30th. Some of my friends are doing it, so I'm thinking about doing that one too. I DO need two more races. It's convenient and local. Honestly? I would prefer a 5K distance though? And because it's that time of year... I'm worried about the possiblity of snow and a longer race. Also? There are trails. After that vineyard 5K I vowed I'd stay away from trails unless it's an adventure race, like a mud run. The thought of trails and snow frightens me. However.... That WOULD boost me up to 12 races. I think I'd prefer to find a nice street 5K though... I'm also looking at the possiblity of some virtual races. I'm thinking of doing one of those and then finding one more outdoor race in December. A virtual 5K won't come with swag, but will be cheaper, and as long as I still get a bib I'll be a happy girl! 

I suppose that's it for fitness.... Time to get back into it more consitently - and to combine it with healthier eating. I'd like to wear my smallest clothing again... And I can see where some of the fat has landed; right on my belly. Apparently my butt and thighs too since my smallest jeans don't fit (although they haven't fit in a while....). 

 This is it. This is the time. I have to get back on track and live healthy!!! 

Hope your week is going well!!! 


FPP October!

For some reason this did not post when it was supposed to...Guess I goofed something up!

This month was another awesome FPP month! My package came from Melissa at redwhiteandblueberries.com and it was awesome! I'd also encourage you to check out her website, which is one that I'll be visiting often! I've already spotted a few recipes that I MUST try! That's one of the things I love about FPP... Getting to connect with people from all over the country and visiting new blogs! Fun, fun, and more fun! As usual, check out theleangreenbean.com for more info on FPP and to join in the fun! 

My favorite items were probably the two small bags of popcorn from Cornucopia Popcorn. Those were the first items to disappear from the box, fairly quickly I might add! 

Melissa also sent me some goodies from a candy company in Indiana... One I'm actually familiar with; Albanese. I have a few friends (and one ex) who live in that area. It was kind of cool to have that connection with Melissa (as well as the fact that she's also a runner!). In addtion to those goodies, she sent me some cupcake wrappers and sprinkles...Fall themed; I should probably bake some cupcakes soon!! 

I also tried a super yummy dark chocolate fig bar that she sent. It was the second fig bar I've tried, and it was just as yummy as the last one I received. I'm not a huge dark chocolate fan, but the combination was great together! I really need to stock up on some fig bars for snacks. 

She sent a box of tea, which is one of my favorite things - especially this time of year! I love a nice cup of hot, calming tea before bed. Sleepytime tea is perfect!

There are a couple things in the package I've yet to try, but will try soon! Melissa sent me seasnax which is a seaweed snack. Honestly I'm slightly afraid of this one. I mean, it's SEAWEED!!! I scream when that stuff touches my feet... And now I'm going to volunteer to eat it? Yes, that one will take a little effort to try.... Maybe. I recently tried kale chips, which I thought would disgust me and I really liked those. I suppose eating seaweed won't be so bad... It's dry, so it's not like it's straight out of the ocean, all fuzzy and ready to attack me! Humor aside, I'm intriqued and maybe even a bit excited to try the seasnax. 

The other item I haven't tried yet is the barley soup mix, simply because I haven't had time yet. I'll definitely be making that soon and can't wait to try it! It looks so pretty in the box that I almost don't want to open it, but no worries... I will.

I'm super happy (again!) with my package this month and cannot wait to join in the next FPP!! If you haven't checked it out yet, I'd strongly encourage you to do so!! 


Friday, November 1, 2013

Hello Everyone! I've taken a bit of a leave of absence but I'm back to blogging now. I had scheduled my FPP post to go live...Well, I thought I had, but obvioulsy not. I'll be posting that shortly. Monday will most likely be the return of my regular blogging. Hope you are well!