Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Another Busy Day... What Else is New?

I have an eye appointment shortly, so this will most likely be a quick post. I left work early enough to be able to squeeze in a short workout (30 minutes is better than no minutes!) and a quick shower before my appointment. I did not do this intentionally... I thought my appointment was at 12:45 and realized when I got home I wrote it down wrong on my work calendar. It's actually at 1:45. So yay for small mistakes that will benefit me! 

After my eye appointment I'm meeting a friend for a late lunch (no worries, I'll keep it healthy!), and then I have a hair appointment a little later. If possible I'm going to try to make a quick trip to the grocery store between lunch and my hair appointment. Needless to say I won't be home until close to 8:00 tonight. That's a bit late for a workout so I'm glad I get to squeeze something in now. I was going to get up this morning to workout, but by now we all know how that goes... I stayed up later than planned, chatting on the phone, and then didn't get up early. Typical. Oh well... My energy level isn't that high first thing in the morning anyway. 

Yesterday was a pretty good day... I ate a bit over my calorie range, but with what I burned my net calories for the day was under my goal. I generally don't like to eat back what I burn, and did not intend to do so yesterday. I guess it was just one of those days where I ate more than I planned. Part of it was that I ate dinner so early and felt hungry for a snack later. 

My workout was Fire 30, one round of the seven minute workout, and my plank and abs challenges... I had a couple challenge days to catch up on because I got behind again due to wine on Sunday and being busy on Monday. 

As of now, even with lunch out, I'll be just fine in terms of calories....Even if I don't workout (but I'm going to because I want to), so that's good. It saddens me that even salads at restaurants can be over 500 calories. I'm guess-timating because the place I'm going is a local place that doesn't list nutritional data on their website. I'll use information from a chain or try to add the ingredients separately, if I have time. Due to my crazy schedule it's more likely that it will be easier to use information from another place. I suppose that's it for now. 

I'm going to do Fire 30 now and will try to fit in my plank and abs challenges later on. I can do those in the evening without feeling like I'll be energized too late at night. In the end I'll do a bunch of crunches, about half that number in leg raises, and two planks. I think I can handle that later this evening (as long as I don't forget). 
I I suppose that's all I have time for now...

Happy camel day! 


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