Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back in the Habit.

As I mentioned previously, this week is going well. I'm already planning on what to do over the weekend too. Just because other people eat foods that aren't as healthy doesn't mean that I have to! I need to get back to doing what I used to do; having my own healthy options available. Sometimes others end up liking them too. So I'm doing some planning for the weekend already. It feels good. 

Workouts have been good this week. Yesterday I worked out for about 80 minutes and burned over 800 calories. I've been doing a seven minute workout (it's an app) as a warm-up for a while now. I usually do two rounds before starting my next activity. I did that, followed by moves from a plank challenge and moves from an abs challenge I've been doing. I was behind on both challenges so I had three days worth of work to do! You can bet I won't be getting quite so far behind again. Even if I'm busy and only have time to do those, I'll be doing them!! 

After that work was done, I did 45 minutes of Turbofire (Fire 45). When I was done I decided I wanted to run a little. I've been sick so it wasn't long and it wasn't fast. I only did a mile. I shouldn't say "only," that makes it sound as though it's nothing, which it isn't. A mile is a mile. That one mile is one more mile than I was planning to do. So? I'll take it! 

Today I plan to start with two rounds of the seven minute workout, my challenges, and then probably an hour of Turbofire. I'm thinking I'll do Fire 30 and then one of the strengthening workouts. I should log about another 80 minutes by doing that. I won't burn as many calories since one workout is focused on strengthening rather than cardio but that's okay. I may just have to run another mile when I'm done. Or maybe do one of the short Turbofire high intensity workouts. I guess I'll see how I feel when I'm done with what I have planned; then I'll add something extra. My goal is to burn 500 (or more) calories during each workout so I'd say I'm doing well so far! 

I worked out a few days last week which really helped me to get back into the swing of things. I started feeling that fire again and wanted more. Then the weekend came and I got busy (didn't make time to workout). Even though this is only day two for the week, it feels good. I feel sore. I feel healthy. I know a couple workouts doesn't make a huge difference physically, but for me it does mentally. When I feel the soreness, watch the calories burn, and see my lovely sweat-covered post-workout glow I get "that" feeling back. I want more. I don't want to to stop. I'm so glad I've been working out the last two weeks. I missed it! Even though last week was only a few times, that's a few times more than the week before. And the week before that. I haven't even started today's workout and I'm already looking forward to what I will do tomorrow! I haven't dreaded working out - I've looked forward to it! Yes... That feeling has returned. And I am so, so happy!!

 It terms of nutrition, I've been eating healthy this week. I've had a couple little snacks (leftover Smartees from Halloween) and did have some chips with my lunch today but that's it. I plan to continue to eat healthy. Last night I made bunless cheeseburgers (made with extra lean ground been and the 2% milk cheese singles). I could've (should've) had a veggie with it but two burgers filled me up! My original plan was to make taco salad but since I was out of taco seasoning I had to go with something else. Burgers seemed quick and easy, which was needed by the time I made dinner. 

Tonight I'm making coconut crusted tilapia from a super cool website (Six Sisters' Stuff). I'll have some steamed veggies on the side too. I plugged the recipe into MFP and I can eat two large fillets for just over 300 calories. I'm sure I'll edit that and it's likely that my calories will be a little less. I based that on four once fillets and I've found that one fillet is not usually four ounces. I can probably eat two fillets for that. I'll edit my MFP info when I make dinner. I'll weigh my fillets before I put the crust on them. 

I suppose I need to go get started on a workout. I had to run to the store after work to get a couple things to make dinner so I'm cutting into my unwind time a little. I will most likely start working out within an hour. I like to try to be done working out by seven so that I can make dinner and be done by eight. I like to spend a little time in the evening relaxing before I go to bed.... And generally don't like eating too close to bedtime. 

Happy Camel Day!! 


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