Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Feels So Good

It's an awesome feeling to be back in the swing of things! I worked out for over 90 minutes yesterday (plus burned some calories doing about 20 minutes of shoveling snow!). I did my Turbofire in the morning, then my Hip Hop Abs and a run in the afternoon. As I suspected, HHA was a lot like Rockin' Body. I didn't have a high burn, but the point was to get a little extra movement and burn a few extra calories - which I did. I feel like it worked my abs a little. I can feel soreness if I move certain ways. I don't feel quite as much muscle soreness as I do after doing lots of crunches and such, but it was also the first day. Sometimes learning new moves can take away from how well you do the work. As I learn the dance moves, I suspect that I will start to feel more of a burn in my core because I'll be able to focus more on it. 

Dinner last night was healthy. I forgot to make a veggie though! I had shrimp seasoned with garlic, cooked on butter and lemon. It was delicious and healthy (minus the butter!). I ate some brown rice with it. 

Tonight's menu is similar - I plan to have lobster tails. One tail is only 50 calories! I plan on eating two tails but we'll see. They're not huge so I doubt there's a ton of meat on them. I'll most likely have the remainder of my brown rice and some steamed veggies with it. You know, if I remember to make veggies tonight.

Eating today has been healthy. I had a protein shake for breakfast, egg salad on an English muffin for my "snack," lunch was salad and leftover lasagna, and I had an apple and some almonds this afternoon. I've tracked everything, including pre-tracking my dinner, and I'm under 1500 calories for the day, which is good! I try to stay between 1200 and 1500 a day. This might change when my Body Media monitor comes but until then I'm keeping it where MFP has recommended it to be. 

Speaking of which... I've read mixed reviews. Do any of you use a Body Media or a Fitbit? I'm just curious as to your experiences with each. It seems as though Body Media is more accurate which is why I chose that one. 

Anyway... I haven't worked out yet today, but will do so after I post this. I have HHA, TF/CLX, and a run on the agenda. The TF/CLX workout doesn't look like it'll be a huge calorie burner, and I know HHA won't be either. TF/CLX calls for about 30 minutes today; 10 minute of abs and 20 of a yoga style workout. I'll be lucky to burn 200 calories during that 30 minutes. I burned just over 200 last night doing HHA, so that's what I anticipate. I really think that during that hour I'll burn less than 500 calories. This is where my treadmill time will come in handy. I was planning a 30 minute jog, but may up that time a little just to burn a few more calories....Not much; maybe 35 or 40 minutes. I'd like to burn at least 800 (total) today. My run will be the last thing that I do and will be a huge factor my burn. Knowing what I burn during the other workouts will let me know what I need to burn on my run. I'll either go a little longer or try to go a little faster for longer periods of time (hmmm...I may still be done in 30 minutes that way!). 

I'm looking forward to my workout! It felt good to jog a little last night. HHA wasn't bad and the time actually went by super fast. After that I need to finish my tutu for my Thanksgiving race and get some things done around the house - laundry, unloading and reloading the dishwasher, and a little cleaning. Exciting stuff. Ha. 

I guess that's about it for now! I don't have anything super exciting to report, which isn't all bad!

Life has been pretty calm and wonderful lately... I'm back into my health and fitness regime full-force, my family and friends are wonderful as always, I have a fantastic boyfriend who makes me super happy (hence the weight gain over the last several month!), I have a great new job that I'm starting next week, and, well... Things are just so good right now. So, no one rain on my parade, please! :)

Hope you've had a great Tuesday!!


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