Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fitness Update Time!

As you may have noticed, I've not posted much lately. No worries though, today you'll get two posts - one on fitness and one on my eating as of late. Why two posts? Because one will undoubtedly become too long. I haven't blogged much (obviously) lately so there's more than a little information to catch up with. 

I guess I'll start about three weeks ago. Things had been going along pretty well. At that time I wasn't doing so great with workouts (or eating) but I was managing well enough. Nothing was too bad. Then Wednesday, October 16th came.... Actually I'd say it started Sunday the 13th. I started feeling anxious and knew something wasn't right. I went along like like was okay but the feelings intensified. By Wednesday all heck broke lose and I had a bit of a breakdown. 

Without getting into the situation too much, it wasn't good. At all. For over a week my workouts stopped. My eating was all over the place - from eating only a few hundred calories for several days to drinking most of my calories (with some unhealthy meals thrown in the mix). I did not care. About anything. I had hit a major depression and coped by drinking. A lot. So much that my parents tried to have a bit of an intervention with me (while drunk... because CLEARLY I was accepting at that time - ha!). They got through to me a little bit, mostly because they took my cell phone and keys (yes I'm an adult; I was at their house). 

At first I knew I had to pretend to be okay so that I could get my stuff back. It worked. And after a few days, although still depressed, I started feeling somewhat normal again. Almost a week later I was getting back to myself.

I did not end up doing Monster Dash because of this depression. It turned out to be good that my Mom and I stayed home because early that Sunday morning (the day I would've been running) my Grandpa had a stroke. He was in a the hospital for a few days before going home. Thankfully it was a small stroke and he's pretty much back to where he was before. That really helped snap me out of my depression. For a few days I was busy with my family; cooking, cleaning, visiting my Grandpa in the hospital... Anything I could do to help, which also kept my mind off of my own drama. 

The following Wednesday was my first night home in a week. It was odd. I talked to friends, got a phone call from the man, and things seemed to be looking up. I'd gotten into a pretty major.... I don't know... Not a fight, or even a dispute...A falling out I guess?... With someone and received a fairly long apology phone call. By the weekend life was getting back to what was normal for me. Hearts were being mended. I was able to release my anger and start to get back to myself. 

I did not workout that entire time. I finally started working out again last week... After almost two weeks of not working out. Also in there, my back got kind of messed up, so my soreness kept me down for a few days. UGH! I think I completed three days of workouts last week... Better than nothing; and what I needed to get back into the swing of things. 

Since I've had the lyrics "I'm a bad girl, break me like the law..." stuck in my head I decided that it must be time to have some Turbofrie in my life again. I've been doing my seven minute workout app, turbofire, a plank challenge, another abs challenge, and a little running (jogging...with walknig...wogging?). Then I came down with a nasty cold, so I have not worked out in a few days -- AGAIN. I guess the middle of last week was a success, with the weekend being a total wash.

I was going to workout yesterday but this cold has been an absolute killer. I had no motivation to do it, much less time between blowing my nose, sneezing, coughing, and feeling a bit feverish. The good news is that I'm feeling a little better today. Hopefully I'm on the mend now. I actually feel like I can tackle a workout. Maybe not an intense workout, but a workout that will be intense enough! 

I'm going to do two rounds of my seven minute workout as a warm-up like a I usually do, and then I'm going to do some Turbofire, followed by my plank and abs challenge moves (which I need to catch up on, so that will take a bit of time). Due to my congestion I don't really feel up to running today. I'm going to give myself another day or two to continue to let my head and chest clear before I try to do that. It also sounds like a huge energy zapper and I'm feeling short on energy anyway!!

I'm not sure when I'll add it into the mix, but I found this link http://www.self.com/blogs/flash/2011/10/the-8-minute-fat-blasting-cros.html and definitely want to initiate some of these moves at least a couple days a week. 

My cousin, my other cousin's girlfriend, and I are doing a 5K on Thanksgiving morning. Last year I did the five miler but since they're being so nice and joining me, we decided on the 5K. They're not huge runners and since I haven't been doing much running lately, I anticipate a fairly slow pace. My cousin's girlfriend warned me to be ready to do some walking. I'm okay with that. In fact, I'll probably need that!! Although, Thanksgiving is three weeks away so as long as I'm consistent with my workouts, I should be good to go! I hope anyway! 

Speaking of races, I am short on my 13 for the year. The one on Thanksgiving will be race 11. That means I need to fit in two more before the end of the year. There's an 8K in my town on November 30th. Some of my friends are doing it, so I'm thinking about doing that one too. I DO need two more races. It's convenient and local. Honestly? I would prefer a 5K distance though? And because it's that time of year... I'm worried about the possiblity of snow and a longer race. Also? There are trails. After that vineyard 5K I vowed I'd stay away from trails unless it's an adventure race, like a mud run. The thought of trails and snow frightens me. However.... That WOULD boost me up to 12 races. I think I'd prefer to find a nice street 5K though... I'm also looking at the possiblity of some virtual races. I'm thinking of doing one of those and then finding one more outdoor race in December. A virtual 5K won't come with swag, but will be cheaper, and as long as I still get a bib I'll be a happy girl! 

I suppose that's it for fitness.... Time to get back into it more consitently - and to combine it with healthier eating. I'd like to wear my smallest clothing again... And I can see where some of the fat has landed; right on my belly. Apparently my butt and thighs too since my smallest jeans don't fit (although they haven't fit in a while....). 

 This is it. This is the time. I have to get back on track and live healthy!!! 

Hope your week is going well!!! 


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