Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Food : An Update.

For some reason this did not post yesterday... Not sure what's up, but I've been having issues with posts lately; as well as other issues with the site. I can't write anything in compose so I have to write it in HTML then go back in and edit. No wonder I miss posting now and then!!! Anyway here's the second post from yesterday.... 

Food. Eating. It's not been pretty lately. I've eaten out too much (especially a couple weeks ago - one day it was even twice!). I have been good about following a plan during the week, but the weekends are a struggle. I never used to struggle, but I think that differences in my lifestyle have made it easy to go astray during the weekends. 

Football season makes it hard because Sundays are full of football and not-so-healthy foods. With only two of us eating it shouldn't be that hard, but then I don't want to make a ton of something either. I've gotta find a balance of healthy foods for weekends. I also need to stop drinking so much booze on the weekends. 

Easier said than done. 

I suppose if I stick to my 55 calorie beers it shouldn't be TOO hard. My problem is champagne and OJ. Mimosas. I can drink my way through two bottles without a problem. Not only is that a lot of booze, but each splash of OJ adds up!! I'm also quite fond of wine and find it easy to drink a glass, or two, or an entire bottle when I'm on a roll. 

I have some ideas in mind for the weekend, so with the proper planning I should be able to initiate them and avoid not-so-good foods. I'm having a small gathering for a football game on Sunday, so this will be a good time to initiate a plan and introudce some tailgate friendly healthy foods into the mix! 

Despite my perceived poor habits, I haven't done too bad weight-wise. I'm not losing but I'm not gaining either. I guess what I had gained was from changing my schedule and my body has adjusted. I'm not happy with my current weight and definitely need to drop at least the 20 pounds I gained back. I'd prefer to drop 40 overall and be happy with that as a final goal. I like how I looked 30 pounds ago, at my lowest weight, and that's become my new goal. I think at that time I got frustrated, trying to continue to lose, and after a while that's when I started having difficulties. That's my new goal. I'll never be 130 pounds, no matter what... I'm quite certain. What I need to do is learn to be happy with weighing more than that. Weighing 150, 160, or even 170 doesn't have to mean you're "fat" or "unhealthy." In fact, I think 150 is a good healthy weight... As is 160, which is just two pounds out of my "normal" BMI range. For me, keeping my weight below 180 is what I've determined to be my happy weight. I want to be healthy and have good muscle tone. I don't need to be a stick. I don't need to be tiny. What I do need to learn to do is accept that a weight in the 170s isn't a "bad" thing. 

My eating this week has been good. Of course, it's never the weekdays that's a problem. I'm aiming for 1200-1500 calories consumed per day; it's generally closer to 1500. This is, I think, a good thing becuase I've bumped up my workouts too. Well... My burn seems to be higher, which makes since given my weight and not having worked out in a couple weeks. I work out for 80 minutes and burn about 800 calories. I'm good with that!! I've still not figured out all the math and who's correct in the argument about eating back what you burn, but I'm going to try my own method and see what happens. I know net calories shouldn't be under 1200 which means if I burn 800 I should eat 1600... I figure 1500 is pretty dang close to that!!! I'm trying to eat as clean and as healthy as possible. I'm counting calories and such, but I'm not doing any wild diets or different eating plans. I'm just keeping it healthy, drinking my water, and exercising. That's what worked for me before, so I'm hoping that's what will work for me again!! 

Well, I'm off to workout.... 

Have a fantastic evening!! 


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