Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Been A Little While. Again.

When I'm off-track with my healthy eating and exercise, it's generally because I'm busy. When that happens I don't blog either. It's been 12 days since I last wrote a post. It's been about that long since I was last "behaving" myself with my nutrition and exercise. I'm honestly not sure where that time has gone!! I didn't workout at all last week because I had things going on - people over, shopping, preparing for a party for my Mom's birthday, time with friends, and then it was Friday and time for another weekend!!

To recap recent events... The most exciting thing that has happened is that on the 15th of this month I had an interview for a new job. I was called on Monday afternoon and was offered the job. I accepted! It's a great step for me in terms of my career and will also allow me to be closer to my friends and family. I start there on December fourth.

Yesterday was my Mom's 60th birthday so I had a party for her on Saturday evening. Lots of time last week was spent shopping and prepping for the party. Shopping meant I was out of town Tuesday evening. I planned on eating a healthy dinner late. My cousin went with me and was "starving" and insisted we eat earlier. Red Robin - 1, me - 0. Party prepping took over Tuesday and Thursday evenings. 

Wednesday I met some friends for a wine tasting and dinner, which was a lot of fun. 

Friday I went out of town for the day with my Mom - shopping and, lunch out. If you're keeping track, by Friday I'd eaten out THREE times. Burgers and fries. Wine. Hard Cider. It was a rough week for the diet.

And because of being so busy, exercise was non-existent. Needless to say I feel "fat" this week. 

Friday evening meant that it was time for my boyfriend to come back over. He had a vacation day on Monday so instead of me going to his house, he just stayed at mine on Monday night too. I'm glad I had things to keep me busy during the week - those three days that we don't see each other can be rough. Yes, three days. Yes, seriously they bum me out. We still talk and text on those days, but I happen to like it better when we're together. Some weeks this fluctuates and we spend at least one of those days together too. I know, I'm sickening. Such a sap! 

Little Miss came over on Friday night too, as I had to babysit on Saturday. My cousin works early in the morning and it was just easier to take her on Friday night. Saturday was busy getting last minute things ready for the party and trying to manage Little Miss. Thank goodness my boyfriend was there to help with her! I felt bad because babysitting wasn't a responsibility that he took on. He just jumped right in and helped me with her without having to be asked. We had a few hours of quiet time when she went home and before the party. We're not used to having a toddler around so it was a nice relief - and it was quiet! We headed to the party (where I ate pizza - but hey at least I had salad too - and wine). 

Yesterday we just kind of hung out around the house. I did some laundry and a little cleaning, and made dinner. But mostly we just relaxed. We watched football during the day and wrestling last night. Eating wasn't too terrible! I made lasagna for dinner and the store I went to didn't have whole grain noodles, so I had to use white, but I only ate one piece so it's not like it was awful. I also made some (again white) garlic toast, of which I ate two pieces. I was going to have salad with it, but I wasn't all that hungry so I didn't. During the day I munched a bit on some unhealthy stuff - chips and my boyfriend's famous football dip. I actually didn't eat much of that, so that was a good thing. Oh and I made some bacon wrapped water chestnuts! Yummy! Those were by far my weakness of the day! I didn't eat a ton of them, but I think I had two servings (six of the little buggers) of them! 

My drinking wasn't quite as atrocious as it has been in the past. I drank two 55 calorie beers on Friday night, oh and a hard cider at lunch. Saturday I had wine at the party but that was it... I'm honestly not sure how many glasses. Maybe four? Let's just say a bottle. I drank a bottle of wine. I'm pretty sure. Yesterday I killed a bottle of wine too, but that was all. In comparison, I've done that during the day (during football - I like to mix it with a splash of OJ for mimosas), and then drank later in the evening. This time I slowly day drank and then was done. In terms of calories and such that's a very ugly day, but it's definitely not as bad as other days have been! 

Today I feel like I'm entering a detox program for my body!! I've kept my eating healthy and clean! Mostly... I started my day with some bacon wrapped water chestnuts for breakfast (only three little guys this time). I'm sure I could've chosen something better but they were staring at me, begging to be eaten. Okay, maybe not, but they looked good and I was just kind of munching, not eating. I also had some coffee. Lunch was a salad - just a bagged mix with two hard boiled eggs on top, and dressing - and a broccoli, cheese, and quinoa patty left from last week. I had an apple and half a cup of cottage cheese for a snack this afternoon. Admittedly, I'm hungry. I've eaten under 800 calories and it's all been healthy, but I'm still hungry. Yes, I've been drinking my water. I'm not quite sure what I'll have for dinner yet. It will include a lean protein and veggies for sure. Maybe a whole grain on the side too, because I'll probably need a few extra calories. 

I worked out (just for 30 minutes) this morning and am undecided about this afternoon... This depends on what I decide to do in the next few minutes. I am supposed to be leaving for the chiropractor but it's kind of crappy out... Meaning we got a fair amount of snow today, which I hate driving in. And it's cold. I'd prefer to stay home, workout, and have dinner. I may call and change my appointment. Then again, it's Monday and that's the day I go to my boyfriend's house. I don't want to miss out on our Monday wrestling date. It's supposed to snow another inch or two overnight, so it shouldn't be too bad come morning. He has to work early this week anyway so I'll be up earlier and have extra time to drive home tomorrow morning. If I change my appointment, I can still get another workout and healthy dinner in before I head up there. I just don't feel like being rushed right now (because I NEEDED to blog when I could've been getting ready to go - ha!). I hate driving in this and would prefer to be able to take my time if I go somewhere.

Update - Scratch most of that last paragraph. I just called my chiro's office and changed my appointment to Wednesday afternoon, when I know I'll be in town for sure. This is also at a time that gives me two-and-a-half hours between when I leave work and my appointment time. Yes, that works much better for me. Now I do not have to rush and can workout for an hour or so. I'm waiting until my boyfriend gets home to tell me how his drive home from work was before I decide what I'm doing. I'm such a wimp with this winter stuff.... 

I'm (officially) starting a challenge group next week and this week is meant to be getting prepped for it. I am actually starting my program now (mostly because it goes past the 30 day challenge time, and I need to get on track NOW rather than waiting). I'll be doing a hybrid schedule of Turbofire and Chalean Extreme for my program, with some running and Hip Hop Abs thrown into the mix. I think it's do-able. 

The Hip Hop Abs schedule is a month long and the first month of my hybrid program doesn't look like it'll be too bad. I think the longest workout on the schedule is an hour, and I should be able to more than just that. If I find that it's too hard to follow the HHA schedule and the hybrid, I'll just do some HHA workouts as "extras" when I have time; along with running for 30 minutes a few days a week. The TF/CLX program is my main program for the challenge. I just thought some extra work would be a good idea - can't hurt! Once I'm done with HHA, I'll likely incorporate something else as "extra" work. I haven't done Brazil Butt Lift in a while, so I'll likely do some of those workouts, or maybe Rockin' Body. 

The TF/CLX hybrid will be my main program and the other workout will be something physical but maybe not quite as intense. I know when I've done both RB and BBL in the past, they're not big burners, but they do their job. My goal with the extra workouts will be just getting more movement and doing my body some more good, rather than focusing on a huge calorie burn.

It will also give me something extra and different to look forward to. I'm hoping that this will help keep things from getting "boring" which is what tends to happen when I do a program that's a longer duration. I'm thinking that the mix of TF and CLX will help with that on its own.... It's not like it will be the same style of workout every day for 20 weeks! 

I suppose that's it for now... I need to go get this workout done. I called my Dad and he said that the main roads aren't bad, so I will most likely get my hour done, shower, eat dinner, and head up to my boyfriend's for the night. I love my time with him, so the thought of missing a day would be a total bummer for me!

Now that I'm super serious about getting back to where I need to be (this challenge will help with motivation - big time!), be expecting more consistent blogging. Life will be busy with the holidays but I will try to find the time to post at least on weekdays!! 

I hope that you had a fantastic weekend and that your week is even better! 


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