Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just Another Tuesday

I should know better than to try to plan a workout on a Monday when I have limited time. Yeah... Didn't happen yesterday. Other than that my Monday was typical. 

Oh except that it started to snow and snowed throughout the night. It made the first part of my drive home this morning a little rough. I took it slow until the roads cleared up and then it wasn't so bad. It only ended up taking me about ten extra minutes getting home this morning. Confession? Sometimes I lay back down for a bit when I get home on Mondays. That extra twenty minute nap is kind of nice. Today I didn't do that and actually felt pretty energized this morning. 

My eating has been pretty good the last couple days. I'm tracking everything which is the important part! I've actually logged into MFP for 10 days which means I actually tracked over the weekend. It's time to get serious again so it's a good feeling to be on track!! 

After work I relaxed for a few then worked out for about an hour. It took me a bit to get motivated to work out because I was super cold. Every now and then I have to re-set my heater. Today was one of those days. Once it warmed up I was good to go. 

Yes I know working out warms the body. My problem with the cold? My toes get super cold and feel weird so working out with cold feet is obnoxious. I noticed today that the toes that feel strange (I really can't explain it but it's almost as if they aren't there) also appear white at the tips. I've never really checked but after taking to someone I decided to. I think it's likely that I have Raynaud's. It really isn't a big deal; just a nuisance.... Especially when it comes to working out. This is part of the reason I don't like running on the cold! I get cold SO easily and the funky toes do not help. 

Anyway so I worked out, had a quick dinner, and have spent the evening relaxing. I'm currently watching my two college basketball teams (Kentucky and Michigan State) battle it out. It sure is strange to watch them play since it happens so rarely! Last time they played was on 2005! It's strange to watch and to cheer for a team playing my other team. One team appears much better than the other right now... And it's not the one I chose to cheer for! Of course!! Luckily I love them both so the outcome won't be tragic to me. If anything I'm nervous to see how UK does this season. And Michigan State is giving me a feeling of confidence about their season!!

I suppose that since I'm going on a sports tangent it's about time to wrap this up. I'm off to enjoy the second half!

Hope your week is going great! Keep it healthy!!


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