Monday, November 11, 2013

The Weekend Re-Cap!

Since I have not been posting as much, I don't think I've done an actual recap in a while. I suppose I don't need to write about Friday since that would be repeating what I already wrote. No one has time for that redundancy! Right?! 

So. Saturday... Saturday morning was pretty laid back. I can't remember what time we got up. I know we slept in though... Maybe it was around nine-ish? I'm trying to remember when the dogs started to get so antsy that they forced me to get up and let them out.... I think it was sometime around nine. drank some coffee, ate some breakfast, and watched some TV. Anyway, so I spent most of the morning doing some relaxing. I had big plans which fell through. I'd pretty much just cleaned the house on Friday, so other than some little things I could have done, there wasn't much to do. 

After much relaxation I decided I needed to workout. I did about an hour workout including Turbofire Fire 45, my plank challenge, and my abs challenge. 

After a shower I decided I'd use up some of these body wraps I'd been suckered into buying earlier this year. My cousin and I used them a couple times and finally, after a few too many months, I cancelled them (not an easy process, FYI - NO I do NOT wish to purchase any of your other products; just cancel it... GOOOSH!). I've had wraps sitting in my bathroom cabinet for far too long. Why I decided Saturday would be the day I'd use a few of them, I'm not quite sure... Except that someone had asked about them that same day. Seed planted? So anyway, after putting on the wraps, several layers of plastic wrap, and my compression garment from when I had my tummy tuck, I got to sit around for 45 minutes.... While the magic happened. Haha. Here's the thing with these wraps (sorry for those of you who I may offend)... They're ridiculous. Do they make your body "shrink"? I can say that, yes, I have seen results when using them. They do magically make inches disappear after just 45 minutes. The catch? You have to continue wrapping for those inches to stay gone.... Like every 72 hours. By the way, it's $100 for four wraps. I had some kind of discounted plan so I didn't pay even close to that, but I still wasted money on them. They're not magical. I'm not sure how it makes your appearance look different, but it does. I've actually seen that with my own eyes.... But it's temporary. The only way to really lose inches is to eat healthy and exercise. Obviously. Bottom line? I'm glad I cancelled those wraps but I might use them a day or two before a big event just to see if it makes any difference in my clothing. 

While my wraps were working their magic, I was drinking water, and getting ready for a baby shower. Luckily I could still dry my hair, straighten my hair, and put on make-up while the wraps were on. I took them off, fearful that I'd stink like the gooey substance on the wraps all night long, but it seemed to go away after a little while. I'd think someone would've said, "you smell like some sort of strange herbal tea" if I had a cloud of stench like that of "Pig Pen" trailing along behind me. 

I went the baby shower for about an hour, but had to leave early to get to a dance recital. Some of the people at the shower laughed and asked if the "recital" was code for me going to a local Casino to see a male revue ("Thunder From Down Under"). I did not, in fact, go to that show. This was an actual dance recital - you know, ballet, tap, modern... That kind of thing! A couple friends had invited me to the other "dance" show but with the time they wanted to leave and me having the shower, I knew I wouldn't make it. I'm also glad I opted for actual dancing rather than.... gyration. 

I had a great time watching all of the dancers. It made me a bit sad that I never danced when I was a kid. Of course, back then, if you were chubby, you wouldn't dare think of dancing. Or cheering. Or any of the things where I've recently seen "cubby" girls in action (good for them, by the way!!!). I wish I'd had the confidence to do it anyway, but I definitely did not. I knew I didn't look like those othe girls and let it hold me back. Like it did a lot of things. I'm so proud to see girls who don't look like everyone else going out there and doing what they love! 

After that it was time to pick up the dogs from my parents' and head back home for a late night cooking adventure. This adventure involved me observing, mostly. I pretty much just relaxed (wasn't home until after ten!) and then hung out for a bit. Bed time was kinda late for me, but it was Saturday after all. 

Of course, this meant I did not get up early enough to workout on Sunday before the rest of the guests arrived for football! I think I originally woke up around eight, which was too early considering I'd been up until around two-ish. So it was back to sleep for a bit. No one else in the house seemed to want to get up that early anyway. I think we all finally got up around ten. I made a plan, cleaned a little (despite the fact that I had done most of it on Friday and it didn't need to be done), and showered before going to the store. I had to get a few things for the week as well as some snacks for the party. I was done with everything just as my cousin, her daughter, and a friend got there. Yay! 

We watched the game and hung out for a  after, all of which included drinking and eating too many calories. If I had been able to do a good workout, I would have at least broken even, which would've been better. However, I did not. So I was over my calories for the day by about 500. I didn't eat a lot, but some of what I hate was high calorie. Seriously, P-Hut, it's over 200 calories for two of your stinkin' chicken wings??? That's insane. I should've gotten up earlier and put the effort into making my own, oven-baked!! At least that would've shaved some calories. I will say that I did munch on a ton of veggies, so at least some of my snacking (other than wings and cheese breadsticks) was healthy. My cousin wanted something sweet and naturally no one touched the dozen cookies that I now have just chillin' at my house. I suppose I should take them somewhere to get rid of them. I'm not a huge sweet eater but if they're around, I'll eat them. 

Anyway... If I only would've eaten, my calories would've been fine. It was the wine that did me in. My cousin and I split two bottles although I believe she was a glass ahead of me on each) and then I started on a third. Over 500 calories in wine? Yup... Not good, but tasty! There's also no use dwelling...Right?! 

Well, I'm off to visit my chiropractor to  this back adjusted. It's Monday, so the ritual will take place.... I'll do some kind of workout at my parents' house and try to make them dinner before my Mom gets home from work/before I leave. But we will see... I will have to try to find something that I can whip up real quick and let cook while I workout. I want to get at least 30 minutes of activity in. An hour would be ideal, but given time frames, I know that won't happen. A little activity will be better than no activity though!!

I hope you all had a fun, exciting weekend and that your week is off to a great start!!! 


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