Monday, December 30, 2013

Back from a Month Long Hiatus

Hello, friends!

I took a bit of an unplanned hiatus for a while there... Life has been SUPER busy and blogging has taken a backseat to everything else. Unfortunately working out is pretty much in the backseat with blogging. I have been doing things "here and there" but not nearly at the level I had been.

Let's recap the month...

I was offered a new job shortly before Thanksgiving, which I accepted. My last day at my old job was on December, 3rd (I actually used a vaca day and left the day before around noon). I started my new job on December 4th. A new job in itself is an adjustment and I have to figure out a way to get working out into my new routine. My job is about half an hour from where I currently live so I'm getting up earlier in the morning and getting home a little later in the evening. For some reason when I get home I am super hungry. I'm thinking maybe I need a larger afternoon snack at work or something. Sooo... I end up eating dinner by 5:30 and then don't want to work out after eating.

This isn't every day...

On Mondays I go to my parents' house to make dinner and then spend the evening at my boyfriend's house. Mondays are, in general, a good rest day for me because I typically have to go to the store before I go make dinner which cuts down on time. I'm starting to feel like I'm adjusted to my new routine pretty well...Although with holidays and things going on I haven't really had a lot of time to settle into it!!

My family was up from Kentucky over Thanksgiving, so I some time with them. I managed to squeeze in working out here and there. We were going to go to a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning but got blasted with some nasty winter weather so we didn't go. My cousins got here late due to the weather on the road, so I don't think they'd have been overly excited about getting up super early to go drive in more nasty weather. We just decided that the risk wasn't worth it... My Dad suggested not going. I know that the weather has to be bad for him to say something about it! I also had to babysit that day and the next day.

Thanksgiving was nice - spent the day with Little Miss and the rest of the fam. I left in the afternoon to go over to my boyfriend's grandma's house before heading to his Aunt's. We just hung out for a bit before heading to his Aunt's, where we also just hung out for a bit. We both had eaten big meals and weren't hungry for another dinner. We stayed there for a couple hours. I did some very light black Friday shopping on Friday since I had Little Miss with me. Later in the evening I had dinner with the fam and spent time with the boyfriend as usual. Saturday we spent most of the day at home. In the evening we went to a Christmas parade and dinner with another couple, then spent some time with my family since they were leaving to go home the next morning. Thanksgiving weekend was lots of fun, but very busy!

The next week, my former co-workers had a farewell potluck for me at work on Monday...Then I enjoyed the afternoon and next day off by cleaning, doing laundry, and getting groceries. I started the new job that Wednesday. My work Christmas party was the Saturday after I started, so we went to that.

Then the following week was my birthday and my grandma's birthday, which resulted in two birthday dinners out, two nights in a row. We actually celebrated my birthday dinner out the day after my birthday... My birthday dinner at my parents' house was spaghetti squash and sauce with salad. My Dad had a meeting that night so we waited until the next night to go out with some friends. We went to a Mexican place for my dinner (complete with margaritas, thank you!). My Grandma wanted pizza for hers so I brought pizza and bread sticks to their house, which we had with salad...And wine.

Due to weather and so many activities I was either at my boyfriend's house or my parents' house that entire week. I think we went back to my house that Friday after work! I don't even know what went on that next week... I know I was able to go home most nights and that I had the 20th off, but that's about it. Oh and that Monday I was at my boyfriend's.... And he was back over on Friday. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday though? They're a blur. I think I may have gotten a workout in on one of those days! I was also doing some baking and such for Christmas, as well as cleaning, shopping, and wrapping presents. Last week was also busy with it being Christmas.

Monday was a typical work day. I met some former co-workers for dinner and spent a couple hours with them before heading out to my boyfriend's for our Monday night wresting ritual.

Tuesday I had planned to workout but that didn't quite happen... I had to finish some Christmas wrapping and such and get ready (change clothes, etc.) for my family's Christmas celebration. I picked up my boyfriend, who had been celebrating one family Christmas, then we headed to my Grandparents' house for dinner and gifts. We were there for a few hours and then went to my parent's to do presents. We hung out there for a bit before we had to leave to drive out to my boyfriend's Mom's for the night (about an hour drive, which took longer because of yucky roads). We spent some time with his family and did family gifts before going to bed. We were up kind of late and then woke up early because Santa came. So we did presents again and spent the morning just hanging out.

Then we were off to my boyfriend's Grandma's for Christmas there. We did presents but skipped the meal (which looked good) because we had to go to my boyfriend's Aunt's for Christmas dinner there. Two big meals an hour apart would've been a bad idea. So we ate and hung out there for a few hours before I took my boyfriend home and went to my parents'. I was going to stay with him, but thought that even though our celebration was over, I should probably spend some time with my parents on Christmas. Plus, I had gifts for a couple of my cousins and they were stopping by.

It was back to work on Thursday and Friday for me. My boyfriend came down on Thursday and we spent a large chunk of time shoveling out the driveway from all the snow that had fallen while we were gone for a couple days for Christmas. By the time we were done we were pretty hungry so I set to work on making dinner. I can't even think of what I made for dinner Thursday night! I may not have gotten an actual workout done, but all that shoveling was a workout in itself!! I got there before he did and probably spent 15 minutes out there alone, then he came and I think it took us another 20 or so minutes to finish the driveway and sidewalk. I'm sure I burned some calories there!!

We didn't do much on Friday night. I made dinner (parmesan crusted baked chicken breast, roasted veggies, and baked potatoes) and then we sat around and watched wrestling.

We spent the weekend doing some stuff around the house; prepping to move in a month or so. Saturday he had to go visit with family for a bit so I took the opportunity to do some grocery shopping and started dinner... I made Italian beef sandwiches (from the Six Sisters' Stuff website) so I put the roast in the crockpot in the morning. I've made them before but they are so good - and the smell throughout the house is awesome! We had dinner, watched a wrestling special, and then went and spent some time with some friends watching the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. We didn't stay for the whole thing, but stayed for most of the game. It was getting late and we wanted to get home. We stayed up pretty late that night - the latest we had in quite a while! I don't think we went to bed until about 1:30.... We ended up sleeping in until about 10-10:30 yesterday morning.

I had planned on working out both Friday and Saturday but wasn't feeling so great. I think it was hormonal. I was just feeling blah and didn't want to do much of anything and I had a bit of anxiety with making any little decision...I just couldn't seem to make one! Then I ended up with a headache on Saturday so I spent some time laying around trying to get it to go away so we could go hang out with our friends. Yesterday I got up and started working around the house. I took all of the Christmas decorations down and put them away, packed up some more stuff, cleaned the bathroom (even scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees), and then scrubbed the outsides of the kitchen cupboards, and started some laundry. I didn't get too much farther with anything else though. We just had leftovers from the day before so I even do any cooking yesterday.

My boyfriend's team was playing so I took breaks to watch parts of that game. My team started after four which was the beginning of the end of the day for me. I bought some light vodka (78 calories per 1.5 oz serving) which I decided to drink with some diet Sierra Mist cranberry. Apparently I was making my drinks a little strong (although they didn't taste that way!) because after two drinks I was drunk. After three I was a mess. I made number four but I'm not sure what even happened to it. I didn't drink it because I started to feel sick. It was too hot to wear clothes and I was sweating, wishing I had a bathing suit on, the room was spinning, and my stomach was revolting against vodka and me type of sick. My boyfriend let me lay around for a while while he picked some stuff up, and then he had me in bed by 9. Of course I woke up at four this morning because I went to bed so early... And then couldn't really get back to sleep.

 I did NOT want to get up when the alarm went off this morning. I still felt awful....Apparently I can't drink liquor like I used to. I guess I'll have to stick to wine and light beer! My stomach was still hurting late this morning. I don't think I started to feel better until closer to noon...And even then "better" wasn't what I'd call good.

My plan for today was going to be to do a quick workout at my parents', make dinner, and go to my boyfriend's. BUT tomorrow is NYE and we invited friends over so I need to go home and finish cleaning and putting some stuff away...Not to mention I need to do all the laundry that I didn't get to yesterday. So instead, my boyfriend is staying at my house (he's on vaca from work for a few more days - lucky bum!) to help me with some of that and watch wrestling of course. He's doing a few things for me today - like finishing laundry, getting dinner ready (I made it easy on him - crockpot chili), and packing up some stuff for me. I won't be working out today because I have a lot to get done around here! I also don't think I'll be working out tomorrow because I'll have to finish party prep....Have some things to pick up at the store and make for the evening. Well, maybe I'll have time to get something done in that time. If I get things done tonight I won't have to worry about much tomorrow. I'm hoping to do a vitual 5K after work tomorrow.

So anyway, there's my recap....

My plan? As soon as the next few days are over, I'll be getting back on track with things. I got an elliptical (not at my house yet because I'm going to be moving so it seems silly to set it up only to move it in a month or so!) and some select tech weights for Christmas. I also have a newer DVD program to get back into. And with Christmas money I ordered a cross country ski package (skis, bindings, poles and boots). Those should be arriving sometime this week, so I'm excited to get out and use them!! It'll be nice exercise and something a little different. There are lots of new toys to play with and I am excited to get back into the swing of things!! I'll be better about keeping up with blogging too... :)

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a fabulous New Year!!


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