Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sometimes You've Gotta get it DONE.

I'm still not feeling well today. I thought that I wasn't feeling well because of what I drank on Sunday evening. I doubt that this is still related to that. Or is it? I rarely drink liquor so is it possible that my stomach is still bothering me almost two days later? Hmmm... Or did I pick up a bug at about the same time? I'm not sick-sick, I just don't feel myself. My stomach hurts a bit and I feel kinda "blah" and tired.

I have that virtual race to do after work and, whether I walk it all (okay, that won't happen, I'd get too bored) or jog it all, I HAVE to get it done. This was a huge goal that I set and I really want to achieve it. It took a lot of detours and remapping along the way but to end the year and say, "I did it. I did thirteen races." would make me feel fantastic. So, even though it'll be slow (I haven't ran since my race on December first combined with not feeling well, AND the fact that it'll be on the Treadmill of Terror - boooring!), I have to do it. Obviously I'll slow it down and walk if I don't feel well. I'm not going to push myself too hard when I shouldn't. BUT I do at least want to jog some of it (no matter how slow). This is the perfect way to end one year and to start another.

Our plans for tonight (yes, it's pretty much tonight already!) are STILL up in the air. We were invited to a friends' house, invited to meet up with some other friends when they finalized plans, invited friends over (whom I haven't heard from so I'm not planning on that given the time of day), and had discussed going out for the evening. All I know is I'm going to run, shower, and then get ready for whatever we decide to do. Heck, depending on how I feel we might end up home, in our comfy clothes, on the couch...Just the two of us! I'm kind of on the fence... On one hand I'd love to get all dressed up and have a night out. On the other, I wouldn't mind keeping it more casual or even staying home.

My problem? It's COLD. And snowy. And windy. I'm not sure that I want to get all dressed up (because, for me, this obviously includes a cute, sparkly LBD and heels...Neither of which goes along with this Winter weather). I'm also still not sure how I feel. I'm kind of blah and consuming adult beverages (um, especially in the cold!) does not sound as though it will be all that appealing right now. Of course, not drinking would make me the perfect candidate for DD for whomever in our group goes out.  I'm pretty sure I'm still "good" from having drank on Sunday. Then again who knows how I'll feel in a couple hours.  DD or not, I hate driving in this stuff and the idea of driving home in it late at night is even less appealing.

Hmmm....Maybe I'll just leave it up to the man to decide, which he won't want to do. I guess we'll see how things are after I get this virtual race done. I suppose I should get moving on that... Gotta get it done while I'm feeling up to it! I'm also thinking that if I feel up to it after I might do a round of some moves with my new weights, just to give them another spin. At any rate, I don't want to leave myself TOO short on time, so I'm off to workout!

Happy New Year!!! I wish you all the best in 2014!


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