Thursday, January 30, 2014

Busy Week!

Gosh, it's been  a busy week - both at work and outside of work, or so it seems. I suppose that since I have not posted since Monday I should write an update of the week's events.

Monday - I did my TIU workout, but didn't have time for cardio. Other than that, it was the typical ritual.

Tuesday - I didn't do a traditional workout. Instead I had to shovel my way into my house, yet again. By the time I got home and got done shoveling it was getting kind of late. By the time I warmed up from being out so long in the cold, I was hungry. So? I had dinner and relaxed for the evening. I'm quite certain it took me hours before I felt warm!

Wednesday - I worked late then met some friends for dinner (late). We went to a Mexican choice so between margaritas and Mexican food, I totally blew it on my calories. I also did not end up working out because instead of going over to my parents' I went to my boyfriend's instead. So, if you're keeping track, that's two days with no traditional workout and no cardio since Sunday (I suppose shoveling does count as a little light cardio though).  Anyway, I didn't have my workout stuff with me and by the time I ate and drank, my belly was full and I was tired. Apparently I was super tired because when we went to bed, my boyfriend watched a movie...And he also got up and had a snack during that time. All while sitting on the bed next to me. I was oblivious! Yeah, I was tired, for sure.

Today - Thanks to the return of nasty Winter weather (yesterday was a nice break; as were clear roads yesterday afternoon and this morning), I'm not going home. I kind of knew this was coming so I made sure I packed extra clothes and such for tomorrow. It's snowing and blowing like crazy again. Yay. I'm not sure if, after I workout, I'll stay at my parents' house for the evening of if I'll go over to my boyfriend's. Or perhaps he'll come over there. Naturally we're ridiculous and spent every possible minute together but he also borrowed a movie from someone that we both want to see.  Maybe if I don't go there I can convince him to wait and we will watch it tomorrow or Saturday! I guess the events of the evening will depend on how the weather is when I finish my workout and such. I'm  not feeling like I want to drive anywhere. At all. However, it would be nice to go see the man. It's definitely been worse out than it is now and I've driven to his house in worse weather than this, so I guess it'll depend what I feel like doing a little later. It will also depend on what the "back roads" are like as I can take two possible routes there from my parents' house. One is the long way, which is all main roads but takes longer. I've noticed that main roads also mean other crazy drivers who make me nervous. However, I'm never quite certain on what the back roads will be like. It's a total catch 22 sometimes.

One thing I know for sure is that I am beyond tired of this weather! It's only the end of January and I feel like we've already had months of crazy weather. I guess that's because this Winter (so far) has been worse than any Winter I can recall. I don't know what phenomenon is to blame, but it's friggin' annoying. I have, seriously, had enough already. Enough! As a mental health professional, I'd be really interested to see the changes in rates of depression (mostly Seasonal Affective Disorder) this year versus other recent years. Personally, I am not feeling depressed but I can see how it might start to effect some people. It's cold. It's dark. It's too dang crappy to do much of anything.

Well I suppose, that's my update for now. I will be getting my workout done and then I'll see what I want to do for the evening.... I'd like to be lazy the entire evening but I'm not quite sure that's the best plan. Especially since I have not worked out since Monday.  Laziness, be gone; I've got stuff to do!!

Hope your week is going well!!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Computer People - HELP!

So I recently noticed that when I try to leave my web page an annoying pop-up comes up about monetizing the site.

Are any of my readers experiencing this? Please comment if you are!

Are any of my readers handy when it comes to this technology stuff? How do I make that go away? HELP!

That's all...For now.

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap.

First, I'm sorry that my post from last Wednesday didn't post at the correct time. I'm not quite sure what happened but it never appeared. So I published it today at lunch. Since then I have just been busy or other things got in the way of posting. Thursday I was busy and did not get a chance to post. I'm in the process of going through things and packing them up and I got busy with that on Thursday evening.

Friday the weather was a nightmare and I wasn't home to post. I did not end up going home because the weather here was so bad. I'd planned on it (and was sent home early from work to do so; along with several others) but after conversations with my Dad and my boyfriend we decided it was the safe option, so I stayed out at my boyfriend's (still a bit of a drive in some high wind/drift areas). I did not workout on Friday evening.  I was chilled and by the time we finished dinner and such, I was kind of tired. Plus, it's not like I had much with me... I picked up a workout outfit and some dumbbells at a local store and realized I didn't have shoes. Oops.

On Saturday we got up and he was ready to snow blow the driveway so we could head out and the snow blower broke.  The poor guy was outside for over two hours trying to fix it and then shoveling the massive amount of snow we'd received. We headed for my house and quickly learned that the roads themselves were worse than they'd been on Friday. It wasn't quite as windy but it was definitely a slippery drive.  Once we were at my house we had to shovel our way in, which took a good thirty or so minutes (that's with both of us shoveling). By this time it was somewhere around three in the afternoon.  By the time I did a few things around the house (cleaning, laundry), he was getting hungry and decided to go get McDonald's.  This wasn't the best option (clearly a completely unhealthy waste of calories), but since we hadn't eaten all day, we splurged. I had planned on cooking but it wasn't hard to twist my arm to get me to agree to fat (yes I left the "s" out on purpose) food. Because of our late start in the day, my workout was the shoveling, which actually was a fairly decent workout. We didn't do much on Saturday night - hung out and watched a basketball game and then... I don't know what, actually.

Sunday was a bit more normal than the previous days had been. I didn't get up quite as early as I had planned, but that was okay. First I decided that I'd "play" with my new juicer. It is a bit of a process getting all those components together (and then having to clean them), but it was very quick to actually make the juice. I tried something easy for my first juice - carrot, apples, and spinach. It turned out really well. Yay for all natural, healthy juice! I was excited to find a recipe where I could select which veggies and fruits I used, and how much, and it calculated the calorie content for me.

After I drank my juice, I started what was left of the laundry (the previous day I'd been doing blankets, sheets, and such to help get them ready to pack) and we kind of sat around for a bit, doing nothing. Then I started my workout (finally!). While I was working out he went out to shovel (I wasn't happy about this as I wanted him to wait so I could get the benefits of the extra work...oh well). I had planned on another workout later but by the time I finished and did some other things around the house (more laundry, sorting through and packing some more stuff), and just spending time with him, it was getting close to dinner time. So I started dinner... Healthy this time! I baked chicken with Bayou Bourbon Glaze from Tastefully Simple, baked  a couple potatoes, and steamed two kinds of veggies (California blend and Brussels sprouts). Due to missing workouts on both Friday and Saturday I was aiming to do two yesterday but for some reason I was just worn out. I was tired and achy...Perhaps I lifted a bit too heavy during my ST session. My back was really tight and uncomfortable (I'm thinking that shoveling on Saturday had something to do with it, as it was a little tight when I got up on Sunday - just not as tight as following my workout). It was one of those times where I had to tell myself, "you've already worked out once today. Don't push it."  I also didn't eat much yesterday so I would've been pushing it in that way too.

My calories managed to reach 1200 (thanks to a snack during wrestling - even if it was junk I needed the calories) so I was happy about that. Breakfast was my juice. Lunch was a post-workout protein shake (Shakeology, frozen strawberries, one tablespoon of peanut butter, almond milk, and ice), and then for dinner I had what I wrote about above... But I only had two ounces of chicken and half a baked potato. I tried hard to eat my full servings of veggie (one cup each) but I just was not all that hungry. I ended up getting hungry later and ate some tortilla chips with cheese sauce. Not a totally clean eating day, but I wasn't too bad - that snack was the only really unhealthy part of the day.

Today has been good in terms of my eating. I had my typical protein shake breakfast. Lunch was spaghetti squash with sauce, baby carrots, and a Greek yogurt. Today's snacks were a light string cheese, an apple, and an orange. I'm not quite sure what I will find to throw together for dinner, but whatever it is will continue with the healthy theme... I haven't bothered to look at see what I want to make, but whatever it is, it will be healthy! 

My workout will be both ST and cardio today. It's a rest day for both CLX and my half marathon training, but since things have been a little off-track I'm going to spend some time on the treadmill anyway. I'll probably do 30-45 minutes of cardio, depending on how long it takes me to do my ST. I will be doing a TIU workout today - arms and abs. Based on similar TIU workouts it will most likely take me 30 minutes to get through the circuits (three times each), so 30 minutes of cardio is what I will probably do. We shall see though... Perhaps I'll be a bit faster since I'm more familiar with the moves! At any rate, I will be getting something done today!

I suppose that's it for now. I should really get moving so I can actually get to my cardio work today! I tend to take too long doing other things on Mondays and it often does not get done. Today will be different! Time to work!

I hope you had a great weekend!!


Camel Says It's "Huuuummp Daaaay!"

This week seems to be going by pretty quickly. I believe the same thing happened last week. Here it is Wednesday evening and I've not yet accomplished much of what I wanted to do this week. Of course I pretty much only had yesterday in which to accomplish it and just didn't feel up to it.  I didn't really do much of anything last night except browse Pinterest, looking at clothes, and read fashion blogs.

I did not workout as I thought I might. It was after seven by the time I finished making dinner and by then I was super hungry (increased appetite yesterday, for sure). Since it was getting too late to workout, I ate dinner instead.  And then I did nothing but talk to my boyfriend and watch TV. Productive night? Not at all. Apparently I needed it.  I was tired, had a slight headache, and just had no energy.

I was so tired that I did not get up early to workout today either. I'm not surprised. I needed the rest. I'm honestly not sure which day was my last official rest day.... I'm thinking back as far as I can and I can't come up with it. Sometime last week? The week before? Who knows...So a rest day was much needed. That and I'm sure I'm more tired than usual due to some physical factors. I noticed I'm retaining a little water (puffy hands/fingers) which explains why I was ravenous and tired last night. Anyway, so getting up early...Didn't happen. That plan ALWAYS seems to fail. Of course, that's because the going to bed early plan always fails (still looking at you, Mister!). I decided that I'd get a workout done tonight. My plan? Don't stay at dinner that long, plan to be home by seven and get something done. I figured half an hour was better than nothing and if I'm done by 7:30 I should be able to fall asleep at a different time.

I got a text today that changed my plan! The dinner outing has been rescheduled for next week. I have my evening back and don't have to feel guilty about two rest days in a row or a light day following a rest day. Naturally, my plan is altered from what is scheduled so I'll be doing CLX Burn 2 (from yesterday), my TIU workout, and some tready time....Oh and my daily squats. I can't forget those.

While I craved junk food and a Diet Pepsi yesterday (indulged in both the pop and junk - small bag of Frito's and a Milky Way) I managed to stay under my calories.  I guess I didn't eat a whole lot, which allowed for some room for the junk.  This is a rare vent...And I always feel guilty after. I did last night, especially since I did not work out, but I'm okay with it today. I think that the fact that everything else I ate was healthy probably helps me be more accepting. That and it is okay to indulge sometimes.

Last night for dinner I made the HG roasted veggie mac and cheese and it was delicious. There really isn't that much cheese in it (like you really can't even see the cheese on it) but it gave it just enough of a cheese flavor. I recommend it, however don't expect to be eating a super cheesy version. It smells great and I loved the combo of flavors! I probably should not have had pasta for both lunch and dinner, but I had it in small amounts (and at last dinner was whole grain) so that's not bad.  I generally don't eat much pasta so to have it twice in one day is a change for me.

I feel better today - no cravings and I'm not as tired, so there's that! I've eaten healthy all day and dinner will be healthy too. I'm behind on my water consumption, but I'll make up for it when I workout (and after). I'm an entire JUG behind (usually I have two jugs a day - about 14 cups total). Today I've had only one jug and a bottle of water. I'm at nine cups which isn't bad, but yesterday I was at 16 cups at this time of day. But then I didn't drink any water for the rest of the night (but enjoyed that pop!). I'll drink four more cups when I workout and four more after so I'll end the day at 16 (at least). I'm good shape.

I've had my protein shake (shake mix, strawberries, PB, and almond milk), healthy snacks (a light string cheese this morning then pistachios and an orange this afternoon), a nice lunch (leftover HG mac and cheese, baby carrots, and a Greek yogurt), and dinner will be a pretty picture of healthy goodness too! I'm making a chicken recipe that I saw online (FB, I believe). It's chicken breast, plain Greek yogurt, grated parm cheese, and it is seasoned with salt and pepper. I plan to have some steamed veggies alongside it. Given my workout duration/intensity and all that I'll burn, I could probably stand to eat a bit more. I may have a salad or something on the side. We'll see.

Well, I guess it's time to go get my mid-week workout done! I'm feeling pretty good so as long as I'm still energized after my workout, I'm going to do a little more cleaning/packing around here this evening.... It needs to be done, even if I really do not want to do it.  I'm not crafting much with being busy so I think I'll start boxing up some stuff that's in the craft room. I also have a cabinet in the bathroom that I can empty out. Hmmm... I'll start there.  If I can get the bathroom pretty much packed up, that will be one room almost done (except for the things I use frequently). Yes, bathroom is the goal this evening. I see no reason I can't accomplish that!

Hope your week is treating you well!!!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fashion and Insults.

This topic is a little different than my usual topics but came to mind tonight as I was surfing various fashion blogs on my iPad, watching nothing particularly exciting on TV, and not working out (more on that in my next typical type of post). I'll probably set this to go live sometime tomorrow since I'm not sure if I will have time tomorrow night for a post. I'm not writing about health and fitness for once. And because I'm not, and condoning plus size fashion, I'm sure someone will have something to say. Yes, clinically and health-wise, it is unhealthy to be overweight or obese (just as it is to be underweight).... I'm not talkin' about health though. I'm talkin' fashion...

Recently, I think someone tried to insult me... Or tried to make me upset with the person who supposedly said these things.  I read the exchange of messages out loud to that person and those things were denied. I believe the person I know (who supposedly said them) over the person I don't know (who I feel may have been trying to stir up drama). Anyway, so there were words like "insecure" and "pathetic" thrown around (in response to something I had posted on FB). If that's how I appeared to that person, well... okay.  People who know me know otherwise. More importantly, I know otherwise. I'm neither insecure nor pathetic. I something I did made me look that way, then that's unfortunate, but I didn't really let it get to me. Also, that was the opinion of one person who was offended by me. Grain of salt? Yup.

I am, in fact, a very secure person. Have I always been? No.  I used to be pretty insecure about some things that I'm no longer insecure about. I made those public in places like Facebook and on the blog. I suspect that said person's thoughts on which insecurities to attack were stemmed from my past insecurities. Good thing I'm over those, or those words really would've hurt me. Now, I know we all have insecurities... However, mine have changed. In fact they've changed so much that I'm not quite sure what they are... I guess I can't think of any major insecurities I had. Now they're more situational. Something happens, it hurts, you become a little insecure over it. I guess I don't have one thing that jumps out at me that makes me feel insecure.

Holy crap... That's a first. Seriously. I used to be able to make a long list of insecurities. Now I can't. I'm challenging myself to think of a few...Right now.

I still get a little insecure about my running abilities when races come about - I have this odd, irrational fear of being last. That shouldn't matter though. And typically when I see the last runner cross, it takes all I have to not run over to a complete stranger and congratulate them. Place doesn't matter - being there, participating...That's what matters. However, I still feel little pang of insecurity sometimes.

What else? My cooking every now and then. My boyfriend does not typically eat as healthy as I do. I frequently worry that he's not going to like whatever healthy, "strange" (to him) concoction I come up with or new recipe I try. So far he has not complained, yet I worry that I'm going to try a new recipe and it's gonna bomb.  I shouldn't worry... That's why they have delivery and take out right?!

Okay, good, I'm still human... I have some insecurities.

Back to the discussion at hand... Some of what was said was that this person said that I dress like I'm skinny but I'm not.  I think this could've been a double insult. First, it's attacking my style of dressing, which is pretty dang normal. I realize that I have cellulite on my thighs... I don't go running around in hot pants because I don't think I'd like how they looked...Not because of what someone else may think.  I dress in a way that is comfortable (for me) and stylish (I even try to coordinate my workout gear!). I cannot think of a single outfit that I've worn that makes me look like a cow trying to squeeze into a cat's outfit. Nope. Not one. I don't wear it if I don't feel confident in it. So, that's false.

Secondly....Did you just call me fat?! I wanted to bit a derogatory adjective in front of "did" but I refrained because I'm not that rude. Even if someone else calls me the b-word I'm not going to do it in return. IF I did it certainly wouldn't be publicly on my blog.  I just feel some things are inappropriate for publishing. I know it's my blog and I can say what I want... I just don't like to use language that makes me look trashy (my own opinion of how I would appear).

Anyway, I'm not fat. Thanks. I USED to be fat. I'm not fat anymore. Even on my "fat days" I'm not fat. I have fat, yes. We all have some percentage of fat. But I'm not fat.  I'm fairly certain that "you dress like your skinny and your not" (in quotes due to the incorrect usage of "your" - seriously no one should EVER give me a red pen or I'd be correcting the entire world; pet peeve) translates to, "you dress like you'RE skinny but you'RE fat." Typically the opposite of skinny is fat.

Anyway, I'm not fat. I'm not skinny either.  I'm somewhere in between; about average, actually...But with a little more muscle. Last time I checked, wearing a medium/large did not equal fat. I'm sitting here as I write this wearing something that's a size large and is too big for me. That's fat? I'm pretty sure it is not. Can I wear a small/medium like I could a couple years ago? Nope. But I'm not fat. When I was fat I was busting out of a size 24 (2/3X)  because I refused to go up. To me, that's fat. I suppose someone else may think average is fat, but that's not my belief...Or the belief of many, many others.  I don't think that what was said took this into consideration. I honestly believe that it came from a negative place and was an attempt to, sneakily, call me fat. FAIL.

Have I mentioned.... I have no desire to be "skinny." I currently strive to be fit, thank you very much. Am I what fits my personal definition of fit? Nope. Am I on my way to that point? Yup.  Even when I weighed less than I do now I wasn't fit.  I looked skinny. I recently showed my boyfriend a picture from the summer of 2011 and he said I looked too skinny. I said, maybe...Other than the excess skin (which is still apparent to me and not others). It is true, my bones stuck out a lot more and the shape of my face did resemble a skull.  I like the weight that I was at, which is why I'm currently working to get back to that weight. However, when I get there, I'd like to have more muscle....Which is why I'm focusing more on ST than I did in the past.  So, as insulting as "you dress like your skinny and your not" was meant to be - it wasn't insulting. Why? Because I know I'm not fat and I don't want to be skinny. When you have self-confidence and you know what you want and are working toward your goal, things like that don't bother you as much as they might otherwise.

The second part of this has to do with fashion. Could someone please tell me how plus size should dress? Frumpy? In mu-mus? Sweats and big, baggy t-shirts? Plus size girls are not supposed to have style, are they? THAT seems to be the trend. I do not agree.

**By the way, I'm using the words "fat" and "plus size"in a way that society would define it. NOT as a way I would define it and I do not agree. It's being used just for the sake of this post.**

Plus size girls should have style like anyone else. Wearing baggy pants and t-shirts is unflattering. Honestly, ya look frumpy. You do not have to look frumpy. Maybe people just don't care about fashion, which is their prerogative. Maybe others don't know what to wear or don't have the confidence to wear fashionable things? That just plain sucks.

When I was fat, I still had style.  I still loved to shop. I was limited to wear I could buy things (most frequently Lane Bryant, Torrid, and the plus selections at others stores sometimes). While I knew I shouldn't wear tight, roll-emphasizing clothing, I also knew that I shouldn't be limited to looking like a slob (my opinion of how I'd look if I dressed in a certain way; not saying others are slobs). It does not matter your size...You should always dress to flatter your body. Believe me, so-called "skinny" people can make huge, unflattering mistakes too. I learned to wear what accentuated my positives and drew attention away from my "flaws" - or areas I did not need to accentuate. I spent a lot of time on make-up and hair; and loved my accessories. I still use those same rules. I accentuate areas I like. I wear shirts that show my chest - no, not my boobs, but the space above them. I wear colors and use make-up that shows off my beautiful eyes. I wear fitted bottoms that hug my curves (but not too tightly). I love high-waisted skirts that draw attention to the more narrow part of my body. I still like my accessories.

Plus size girls can be stylish. They can love fashion just as much as any other girl. I found a couple blogs that emphasize my point.  I know that there are narrow-minded people who will say "she's too fat" for that, but they're obviously looking at outfits with a different eye than I am. I'd take a guess that they are really not into fashion either. I think that people who are passionate about fashion see things a little differently than others might. Open your eyes; open your minds... See the beauty in what is different. You don't have to change your opinion or agree with mine, but try to see it from a different perspective.

I found a lot of blogs that showcase great fashion, in a larger size. They show how a plus size lady can be stylish and look fabulous without looking like she's inappropriately dressed.

Gabi Gregg
Nadia Aboulhosn
Chasity Garner
Nicolette Mason

There are several others out there, but those are some that I really liked and thought would be good examples of how plus size women can be stylish and can wear some of the same looks that "skinny" ladies wear, and that it does not mean that they look "bad." Those blogs are also a good reference for places to shop. If you're plus size and need some style tips or ideas on where to shop, check out those blogs!

That brings me to the end of my post.

Things to be noted -
1. I'm confident. I'm secure.
2. Comments/opinions about how I dress are listened to (as with any) but that's it. They do not hurt my feelings. If they did, I would not constantly over-dress...Believe me, in a small town if you show up at a bar wearing heels and a cute LBD, you're gonna get some looks and some comments ("who does she think she is?"). I've heard them. I don't let them bother me. Instead I smile and say to myself "bless her heart" (look up this Southern reference if you don't know what it means).  In retrospect, I should've closed my last message to previously mentioned person with that line. Dang. Always too late!
3. I'm not fat, thank you very much.
4. I'm not skinny, either. Thank you even more.
5. Things that people attempt to use to insult me generally will not work (see above note about confidence).
6. Plus size women can look good in things that people think are reserved for "skinny" people.

Happy Wednesday!!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

LOW Motivation Tuesday.

I'm tired.  Too tired.  This is what happens when you stay up too late two nights in a row. I really, really do not feel like doing anything. I don't even want to make dinner. However, I pre-tracked it so if I don't make what I planned, then everything will be all off-track, which I don't want to deal with. My boyfriend and I s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y need to start going to sleep earlier.

I had to go the the chiropractor and run a quick errand after work, so I'm home a little later than planned, which kind of throws me off even more. I'm debating on what to do first. I decided to make a somewhat complex recipe tonight. Not complex in the sense that it is difficult to cook, but it takes a little time. I'm making this Roasted Veggie Mac & Cheese from Hungry Girl. It's not really something that I can throw in the oven and go workout while it cooks. I have to get the veggies in the oven and while they cook, make the mac and cheese. There's 30-40 minutes of my time.  I guess I can at least do my squats as I cook!

I'm pretty certain that my workout will not be started until at least 6:30 evening. Maybe even 7:00. I may not do my TIU workout though, so that will save time I suppose.  There is a kettlebell workout on the schedule, but I checked a little while ago and it was not posted to the website yet. Considering the time difference between here and Cali, I don't think it's going to be posted during what will be a decent time for me. So, no TIU tonight. I'll do squats while I cook then my CLX workout and most likely half an hour of cardio. We'll see... Depending on how late it is I may skip the cardio. I don't really want to do it either. Running anyway. I'm not in the mood today... I suppose I can always bike, which isn't so bad! Of course, I didn't end up having time for cardio (running) last night, so I really feel like I should get it done.

Last night I did my TIU abs workout (three rounds) and my squats. Again, I was in a time-crunch so I didn't get to the cardio. I could've done cardio instead of cooking though. My parents ended up going out for dinner last night, which I didn't know until dinner was made and I was leaving. At least they'll have dinner ready for tonight! Honestly, with being tired, I'm not going to be sad if I miss cardio tonight...But then I don't know what tomorrow will bring soooo....I should probably just do it!

Tomorrow I absolutely HAVE to get up early and do a workout. I'd like to do my TIU workout (arms and abs) and cardio. This means I need to set aside at least an hour for a workout in the morning. I better be going to bed early tonight (another reason I do not want to be working out too late - I'll never get to sleep!). I have dinner plans tomorrow evening at five, so I'm pretty sure I won't even get home until at least seven.  That's getting to be too late to workout - and who wants to workout on a full stomach? Not me! SO unless I make tomorrow an unplanned rest day, which I really do not want to do (especially with eating out!), I really need to get my arse out of bed early tomorrow!

Well I suppose that since I am short on time, I should get moving. Dinner isn't going to make itself and my workout isn't going to happen without me either. In all honesty, I want to eat toast and do nothing but sit around. I won't though. I can't. I know I will feel better after I workout, so I need to suck it up and get it done.

I hope your week is going well!


Monday, January 20, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap

This weekend went by fast. Too fast. Way too fast. Seriously, I feel like I hardly had time to enjoy it!

On Friday, we didn't do much. I did what I typically do during the week after work (workout, shower, dinner) and then my boyfriend and I just hung out for while (watching Smackdown, of course). He had to work on Saturday (BOO!!) so we didn't stay up very late. For some reason he got up and wandered to the couch in the middle of the night (I think it was too stinkin' hot) and I couldn't sleep. So I got up and tried to get him up. No luck. I laid down and after 45 minutes of not being able to sleep, I went and made him get up and come back to bed. He needed to - he felt cold in the living room, and I (apparently) needed him in order to fall back to sleep!

When he left for work in the morning, I headed to my parents' house where my Dad was waiting for me. He agreed to stay home until I got there to make it easier on me for watching the Little Miss.  I planned to nap in the recliner but then I realized that repeats of "Toned Up" were on at 6:30 and 7, so I watched those. I tried to nap after that, but no such luck. I was too awake for any napping to take place. I may have lightly dozed for a few minutes here and there but it wasn't much. Little Miss got up around 8:30 and we snuggled and shared a granola bar. Then it was time to get ready to go to my house.

I didn't end up going to the store on Friday evening, so we started our day there. By the time we got there, shopped, and got back to my house it was nearly ten. Then I had to carry in, and put away, my mountain of groceries. Hardly into the day and my planned schedule was already off-track. She watched a little "Doc McStuffins" while I took care of the groceries and cleaned up the kitchen a bit. Then we made a mess in the kitchen...Well, not a mess, really. We just dirtied some dishes; no big deal.  We made some funfetti cake batter blondies that I found on Pinterest. The addition of the white chocolate chips and sprinkles was pretty fun for her.  I measured out the first container of sprinkles and found it was just about a half cup. I let her just dump the second container into the batter.  I helped her mix a little bit, but mostly let her swirl her spatula around the bowl for a while. While they baked, I cleaned up (not much to clean) and ran her bath water. Spa day was about to commence!

First, we made a sugar lip scrub. Needless to say I had to remind her several times not to EAT it off of her lips because it had Vaseline in it ("and that will make you really, really sick"). With her lips sugared, I had her stand in the tub and put a body scrub on her, which she thought was kinda funny. I think it was the texture. Then she just played in the tub for a while before we cleaned her up. She got out just in time for our blondies to be done. Of course she wanted to taste them right away but I told her we had to wait until after lunch....Which was quickly approaching.

Before lunch I gave her a little pedicure, which she got a kick out of. I think she enjoyed playing with all the little tools more than anything. She looked like such a big girl using the pumice stone on her own little feet. Of course, there's not much on the sweet feet of a toddler, so her pedi was pretty short. She picked out her own color for her toenails (bright red like I usually wear). I'm pretty sure that her two favorite parts of the pedi were having her nails painted and the little foot massage she got.

Side note: later my boyfriend whined when he heard she got a pedi/foot massage and wondered why he never gets them. Insert eye roll here.  Although, I suppppose I'll have to give him one, one of these days.

After the pedi, I made lunch and she watched some of her new Dora DVD.  Lunch was....Not quite a spa lunch.  I made some fruit and cheese kabobs (grapes, strawberries, and cheese cubes), homemade turkey nuggets, and some crescent pizza rolls.  We also had fruit water with our lunch (she thought the slices of fruit in the water was super cool, and loved that I let her use a "big girl cup"). For dessert we enjoyed the blondies we had made in the morning. I'm pretty sure the dessert was her favorite part of the meal.

After I cleaned up (and she watched a little more Dora) it was nap time - for her! I laid with her for about half an hour and I did feel a bit tired, but couldn't fall asleep. Plus I needed to use my time wisely...So I did some cardio and took a shower before she got up. I didn't have time for my ST moves but planned to do them later... Then my cousin texted and wanted to know if I could keep Little Miss longer because she'd been asked to work a little later. So, I did.

After nap time, we snuggled while she was still in that sleepy zone, and then we had some creative time. She painted for quite a while and we made her a new shirt (painted hearts onto a plain long-sleeve shirt using a doily for a stencil - Pinterest.). Then she painted some more. She was doing really well most of the day, and then my boyfriend got there. I think she likes to show off or him because she seems to get a little wild when he's around. Shortly after he got there, we cleaned up the paint and we finished our spa day with a manicure. I gave her a little hand massage and put on the press-on nails (Princesses) that we had bought that morning. My boyfriend wanted nachos (he loves my homemade nachos - says they're better than a couple local restaurants!) so I made those for the two of them. I saved some of the taco meat for a salad which is what I had. After dinner, she wanted dessert so I let her have another blondie (she was taking the rest home with her too). Then she sat with me for a while and watched videos of babies (laughing, being silly) until her Mom got there.  She actually sat and watched those videos for quite a while, which surprised me. Maybe she is calming down a little.

My boyfriend and his full belly had drifted off to a nap, so I watched some of the hockey game we had on before dozing off myself.  Apparently or days wore us out! We stayed up for a few minutes after I woke up, but once I'm dozing like that, I'm ready for bed. So, we went to bed shortly after 11. Then I laid there and couldn't fall asleep for a while. 

We slept-in until about 8:00 on Sunday morning, which was nice! We both get up early all week and were obviously worn out on Saturday night, so we must've needed that sleep (and 8:00 is pretty much sleeping-in for us). We hung out and watched a movie before I decided I should workout. I did my CLX DVD, my TIU workouts that I had missed during the week (and didn't get to squeeze in on Saturday), and some cardio. After I showered, we just hung around, waiting for football to start. I did some laundry and picked-up a little during that time, but we were pretty lazy overall.

We watched most of the first half of the game before my boyfriend came and laid his head in my lap. Nap time. What is it with these people and their stinkin' naps all weekend!? I wasn't tired this time, so I didn't nap. I sat for a bit and at half time I got up, and stuck a pillow under his head. I picked up a little more and then ordered some pizza. During the third quarter, I ran to the gas station and to pick up the pizza. I watched the rest of the game and some of the post-game show before he woke up.  He had been sleeping so hard he didn't even know a left! So, he was pleasantly surprised at the two Mt. Dew's for today and the pizza for dinner (and the leftovers for his lunch today because I only allow myself junky "treats" one meal a week so the rest MUST GO). He said, "you are the most awesome girlfriend - ever!"  He tells me this frequently but the way he said it yesterday cracked me up. He was so excited over pizza.... It's the little things!

We watched all of the second game and then part of a TV show before heading to bed for the night since today we were back to work.

It was a fantastic weekend, but it was much to short!! We both said on Sunday that we wished we would've had more time to spend together. But, it is what it is... He made some extra cash and I had a girls' day with Little Miss.  As busy as it was, I enjoyed my time with her. Normally my boyfriend home, so it was nice to have a little girls' day and spend some time with just her. We haven't had one of those days in quite a while.

My agenda for today (after I finish this) is a workout, making dinner for my parents', and then Monday date night. My workout will be my TIU workout. I have abs and cardio on the agenda. Since it is a rest day from half-marathon training, my cardio will likely be just a walk on the tready. If I can stick to just that. It's often that I say I'm just going to walk and end up doing at least a little running too. We'll see... I think I'm tired enough, though, that a walk might actually sound good!

Oh! I nearly forgot...My exciting news! I am down almost seven (6.6) pounds in two weeks! Yay!! It is awesome to be back on track! My boyfriend actually made a comment on Friday and said "you look like you're getting smaller." I was like "whatever..." but maybe he did see it. Generally people don't notice changes on that small of a loss, but if he did, I'm happy about that!

Okay, now I suppose I need to go get this workout done!! I hope you had a great weekend and that your week is off to a fantastic start!!!


Friday, January 17, 2014

Finally Friday!

I have been ready for the weekend all week! Why? Because I'm tired of driving in yucky weather. It'll be nice to stay home for the weekend.  Well..Kinda. I'm not going home this evening because my boyfriend has to work tomorrow (not typical) so we're staying up this way so that he can be closer to work and so that we can still spend time together.  I have Little Miss for the day tomorrow so I will pick her up early in the morning.

I already have our day planned out... We are going to do some of her favorite things when she comes over. Hopefully this will keep her busy and from making too big of a mess!! She can make a mess in about two minutes though, so all bets are off on that. We are going to head back to my house whenever she wakes up for the day... I'm hoping for sooner than later. She'll be at my parents for a bit early in the morning (between when her Mom goes to work and when I get there). I'm not sure if she stays asleep for a bit or she'll be up. We shall see.  Anyway, when we get back to my house it will be exercise time. Since she'll be with me, I won't get to do anything too intense or too long-lasting, but I'm hoping to get one of my TIU workouts done. Maybe both...IF I am lucky! I plan on doing a second workout later in the day, after she leaves. That's when I'll do my cardio and the rest of whatever it is I have left to do.

After we workout, we'll have breakfast. I made her some pancakes last time she was over and still have the mix left (homemade mix). I know she likes her 'cakes, so I'll probably make her those and give her some fruit slices with it.  I'll most likely opt for a protein shake, or maybe some scrambled egg whites. Since the kitchen will already be a slight mess, I decided that it is at that time that we'll do our baking activity. I found a recipe on Pinterest for Funfetti Blondies. They look easy and I don't think that they will take long.  After that we will make some homemade fruit rolls. They look SUPER easy....We will puree fruit, spread it on a pan, and bake them at 175 degrees for 3-4 hours. I found that one on Pinterest too.

After this, will begin our Spa Day.  I have recipes for homemade lip and body scrubs. I think she'll think it's fun to get all scrubbed down with food.  I'm using simple, safe recipes (brown sugar and honey for a body scrub and Vaseline and sugar for a lip scrub) that I think she will have fun with! After the scrubs, I'm popping her into a bubble bath. She will play more than relax, but that's okay. She's too young to know to relax in the tub! After the bath, we are going to do a facial mask, put cucumbers on our eyes, and relax for a few. And then we will do our nails (fingers and toes, of course!).  After that we will have lunch, complete with sparkling juice, and then it will be nap time.

Our afternoon will likely be pretty short... We'll probably do a craft or two and, if time permits, play outside. After playing outside, we'll warm-up with hot chocolate and candy canes (well, she will). I'm hoping to get some cleaning done while she naps! It should be a fun day!

As for my recent eating... Healthy. High water intake. Nothing much to report there!

Workouts have been good, even if not always the most on-track with the schedule I have written out. I was delayed in starting last night so I did not do any cardio. Well...I kinda did. I was out shoveling a good amount of snow for somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes. I tracked it on MFP as 20 because I wasn't quite certain of the time. I know it was more than 20 but it was under 30. 20 is close enough for me.  After that I did CLX Burn 3, my TIU workout for the day, and my squats.  Not a bad workout! Today is just a cardio day. Because I'm going to my boyfriend's it will probably be a shorter cardio day. I'm thinking I'll do about 30 minutes on the treadmill at my parents' house and my squats, and that will be about it. I don't want to get out there too late and I have to get a couple things from the store. I'm currently debating on doing that on my way there or tomorrow before I head home. It's probably easier to do it this evening, soooo I suppose that means I need to wrap this up and get started!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wait...It's Wednesday?

First, I totally forgot today was Wednesday. I thought it was Tuesday this morning. Losing track like that can't be good.

Yesterday I did go home but I did not workout. Instead I took the rest day that was originally scheduled for Monday. I got home and had a pretty bad headache so I just lounged for a while, then I was hungry, and then it was late...And I still had the headache. I woke up this morning without it so that's a plus.

That means that today will be busy in terms of working out. Yesterday was a training daily, which I'll do for my cardio today. Then I have my CLX workout to do. Since I didn't workout yesterday I'll be doing that workout instead. It's more of an overall workout and the workout due today is focused on abs. I think I'll be okay missing that one. I also have two days of TIU workouts and squats to do. I'm not quite sure how I will manage to fit all of this in tonight.  CLX and my cardio will be over an hour. I'll for sure do all of my squats which won't take long. I'm not quite sure I'll have time for the TIU arm workout from yesterday and/or the booty workout from today. I'd imagine that the two together will be another half an hour.  I'm not quite sure that I have time for nearly two hours (by the time everything is added together) of working out today.  I'll most likely do a two-a-day again on Saturday and Sunday is just a cardio day (for TIU) so I think I'll sit down and arrange my schedule to fit in whatever I miss today. As long as I'm moving and working the muscles, I'm good. Trying to do THREE different workout programs (half marathon training, CLX, and TIU) plus a squat challenge can make time management a little different. At least my half marathon training and TIU cardio can be counted together most days.

I think that a good solution to my time issues would be doing my TIU toning workouts in the morning. They're low impact so it wouldn't be too crazy to try to do right away. The problem is getting up.  My problem is that I tend to stay up later (even when I try to tell myself I won't  - looking at the boyfriend for blame here haha) and then I obviously want to sleep longer in the morning.  I really need to try to get a better routine down when it comes to this.  Ideally I'd be laying down by 10, hopefully sleeping before 10:30 an then up just before six in the morning to let the dogs out and change before doing a workout. Then I'd be done with the workout by 6:30 and would have roughly an hour (maybe a little over or under depending on the day) to get ready for work.  This should work. The only problem is me, and my bedtime.

I suppose that with so much to try to do I should probably get moving. I'm still undecided about the TIU workouts. I guess I should look at my schedule and see how it can be rearranged before I do anything else! If I wait too long to workout I'll won't be able to get to sleep early enough to implement Operation Early Bedtime.

I hope your week is going well!!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thank You, Sweet Jen!

I was just skimming some blogs and came across Jen's latest post and after reading I felt some extreme joy.  She shared a piece of information that I was unaware of... There is a Whole Foods in Lexington. Whhhaaaat!? I guess I'd never thought to check. How long as this gem been hiding there?! I try to get to Kentucky at least once a year to visit family. They come up here once a year. Um... Why have I not been making trips and stocking up when I've been there? And why have I not been asking, super nicely; pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top, one of my cousins to pick up a few things for me before they come to visit? Obviously, those answers are BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW (OR BOTHER TO CHECK) TO SEE IF LEXINGTON HAD A WHOLE FOODS. My closest WF stores are at least three hours away; to the West, East, and South. Needless to say I NEVER get to visit WF. For the record, my closest Trader Joe's stores are about the same distance away. Generally when I travel to an area with one of these locations, it is not to go grocery shopping. Most often I'm near a TJ in Chicago. Downtown Chicago. How many groceries does a person want to carry for blocks to the parking garage or hotel where the car is parked? The answer? Not many. I did one "bigger" trip to TJ's a couple years ago and my then-boyfriend was with me to help me carry groceries. Luckily we parked on the next block, but we still had a bit of a haul. My point? When I'm near these stores, it's not usually convenient to stop and shop.

But now that I know that there is one in Lexington, at least I can stock up on some off-the-shelf type products. No fresh things (which are the best) but that's a start. Lucky me... I think my parents will be down that way next month. I see a WF shopping list in their future. That is if I can convince my Dad. My Mom wouldn't need much convincing, but my Dad is another story...And if not, at least I know that next time I go, I can visit the mecca that is WF.

So, THANK YOU, Jen for sharing your story (which sounds a bit frustrating, and yay for you for not giving into the junk!) because without it, I wouldn't know that there is a WF in Lexington. At least not today.

Now that I've expressed my excitement over that discovery...

This has been a good week, thus far. Work has been a bit busy, which I'm thankful for! The days go by faster and generally when there is more going on, I have more places to get up and walk to. I warmly welcome the extra activity.

Yesterday my workout was the TIU workout for the day and my squats for the challenge. I did not end up having time to do any cardio, which I missed. Naturally with no cardio I didn't burn as many calories, but I worked the muscles a little so that's important too. Unfortunately because I worked out at my parents' house I was limited to using five pound dumbbells. For this girl, five pound dumbbells doesn't feel like much of a workout. At last I had a little extra resistance.... I feel lucky that I had some dumbbells to use! Light resistance is better than none, I'd say!

After I worked out, I found some leftovers in my parents' refrigerator and ate them before my standing Monday WWE date night with my boyfriend.  I kind of get a kick out of the fact that our standing weekly date is to watch wrestling. We do this on Fridays too, but for some reason I consider the Monday nights to be date nights.... I guess that's because it's how it was early in the relationship and it's stuck.

We are currently under some sort of advisory. Ugh. I never know what to do in this situation. To go home or to stay at the parents'... Always the same question. Never an easy answer.  Part of me thinks that right now it isn't bad. Like at all. But what will it do later? We're expecting inches and inches of snow, which will make my morning drive a pain (if it comes).  The advisory started at seven this morning and goes through one tomorrow afternoon. We could see 3-6 inches of snow (or something like that). Typically when I come to work it's not bad (except last Monday with the crazy wind factor thrown in the mix). So... Here I am, in my typical prediciment, which I need to solve ASAP so I can workout.... Do I stay or take the gamble and go?

I WANT to go home. My appropriate workout equipment is there. If I go home I can do CLX, as scheduled. If I do not go home, I cannot do CLX because I do not have the DVDs with me. I also am limited to five pound dumbbells if I stay here. That's too light for me. I can do my squats and my TIU workout as well; arms and abs, plus cardio today. Cardio will be my half marathon training for today...Which I cannot recall and my schedule is in my notebook at home. I believe it's a run/walk of two or three miles but I can't be certain. I suppose I can always look it up. I also want to go home and make my own healthy dinner. Oh! And I forgot to put on my BodyMedia armband yesterday, which I'm not liking. I enjoy tracking my day... And I feel a bit naked without it.

I suppose that settles it. Both my desire to workout and my desire to eat healthy are going to win.  I'll take the gamble and hope that the weather doesn't turn into a nightmare. Now, I need to get moving otherwise I'm going to be hungry when I get home and I'm going to want to eat and workout late, which will throw my sleep schedule off....

Siiiggghhh...No time to contemplate when it comes to this stuff, that's for sure!!

I hope you are having an excellent week!


Monday, January 13, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap.

This weekend was another good, relaxing weekend. On Friday I worked out for a little over an hour and that was the extent of my excitement for the night. Because it was a little later, I didn't even make dinner. My boyfriend at a chicken sandwich (you know, those breaded patty style unhealthy sandwiches) and I had a lightened up grilled cheese. Easy night. We just hung out at home and watched some TV (Wrestling, of course). We went to bed pretty early (I guess we must have been tired!) on Friday night which meant that we were up early on Saturday.

I think we woke up at 6:00 and lazed in bed for a bit. We were up at 6:30. I thought maybe we would go back to bed, but we didn't. We were both wide away (probably because we had gone to bed at 10 on Friday night). We watched this cheesy show my boyfriend has found and just kind of hung out. I drank some water and after I had time to hydrate a little, I did my first workout of the day. I did some weight training and cardio DVDs (CLX and TF) for over an hour of work total.  My boyfriend was napping when I got done, so I showered and had a protein shake.  I went to the store and got a few groceries, but otherwise we didn't do much other than spend the day together at home.  I did my second workout (45 minutes on the treadmill and the TIU full body workout) and then showered just in time for my cousins to get there.  I invited them over for dinner and to hang out for a bit because I hadn't seen them in a while. Naturally my cousin had Little Miss with her, and her younger (almost 13 year-old) sister was with her too. Dinner wasn't extravagant; BLTs and chips at the boyfriend's request.  Later in the night when he was hungry again I also made him a grilled cheese...I guess he was in sandwich mode because I had a grilled cheese on Friday night. We all watched some football before the girls headed home. We watched more TV and I think we went to bed by 11:30.

On Sunday we actually slept-in a little (if 8:00 is sleeping in!). Again, we spent part of the morning being lazy, before I got started on some household tasks. I did some cleaning, including steam cleaning some carpets, and laundry. Then I ran out and got pizza (his request because it was "football Sunday" - gosh he is spoiled!). I decided that it would be  my splurge day, although I stayed within my calories because, other than a protein shake, all we ate was pizza and bread sticks. Oh and I had a small salad with my pizza to get some veggies in the mix. I wasn't even that hungry - probably because I was drinking water like it was going out of style! I guess I had to flush some of that sodium out, and better sooner than later! I watched one football game and then I did a workout. I did another CLX workout followed by half an hour on the tready.  It was a more typical workout day for me. I generally try to workout for around an hour (usually a little more). Saturday's two-a-day thing is not something that happens frequently...But maybe once a week wouldn't be so bad. 3

According to my half marathon training plan and my CLX plan, today is SUPPOSED to be a rest day. I'm probably not actually going to do much resting. In fact, I think I will do the TIU workout for the day and maybe some time on the tready. We'll see what I have time for... I have to make dinner for my parents, eat, and shower before it's my Monday date night with my boyfriend. Luckily I was out of work on time, didn't have many errands to run, and as soon as I publish this, I should be ready to go! If the TIU workout doesn't take very long, I'll do at least 30 minutes on the tready. I don't think the TIU workout will take long because I do not have my weights with me so I have to use my Mom's wimpy (for me) five pounders! Although I prefer to lift heavy, I suppose light is better than nothing....?

I hope you had a great weekend and that your week is fantastic!


Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday. Already?

Wow has this week gone by fast!!! I haven't even really taken the time to blog thanks to the odd week. This also means that I ate differently (Mama's home cooking, although it was pretty healthy) and didn't end up working out as much (nothing since Sunday until yesterday!). Why is it that the wonky weather had to go and throw me all off-track as far as workouts are concerned? Well...Let's figure that out...

Monday I did not end up working out. We basically had a blizzard. It was cold.  My boyfriend worked for my Dad and ended up being at his shop when I got out of work. We decided to stay in town at my parents'. We had to wait for the driveway to be plowed which took f-o-r-e-v-e-r. We got back to their house around 6:30 and I was in charge of dinner.  No workout.

Tuesday I had to go shopping for more clothes after work because it was still super yucky and slippery so I decided to stay (and had nothing with me). By the time I got done with that and got to my parents' house it was after 5:30. This wouldn't have been so bad had I not needed to warm-up for a while. And then my Mom was had dinner ready and was ready to eat.  No workout.

Wednesday I had a hair appointment. As noted multiple times before, I have a lot of hair.  My appointment wasn't done until around 7:00.  Too late to workout. I also decided to stay at my parents' house again since it was silly to drive 30 minutes home and be home for less than 12 hours.

Last night I FINALLY went home! Gosh it was nice to be back in my normal environment.  Given the yucky weather, I had to shovel my way into the driveway and house.  My boyfriend was at my Dad's shop hanging out so obviously I stayed and chatted for a while and left for home around 5:30. I shoveled for about 45 minutes (some of it heavy snow). There was my workout... By the time I got home and inside from shoveling it was already nearly 7:00. No typical workout, but 45 minutes of shoveling was definitely not something I do daily. My new skis arrived and after dinner and some relaxation I had to check them out. Naturally checking them out means that I had to test them out....So around 9:00 last night I was playing in my street...On my skis.  My boyfriend thought I was crazy, of course. I kind of get his thinking on that... I mean, who skis city streets at nighttime? Other than me. Apparently my neighbor boy thought it was a pretty funny sight because his Mom told me today that last night he said to her, "Mom someone is skiing in the street!" I'm glad that they now know it was just their weirdo neighbor testing out her new skis.

So, here I am...Friday evening. Finally! I'm about to do some kind of a workout...Probably some full body weight training and cardio. I've gotta look at my schedule and see how much I can squeeze in the next few days. No doubt I'll be eliminating some of what I planned, which will be my more minor workouts (sorry, yoga, looking at you...). Tomorrow and Sunday might have to be two-a-day kind of days! I'm hoping that next week I can stay on schedule a little better!

Have a great weekend!!!


Monday, January 6, 2014

Yucky Monday.

Oh. My. Gosh.  This Winter storm we're having is ridiculous.  It sounds like lots of areas are under poor conditions...Not good in the Midwest or the Northeast right now!! We've had steady snow fall all day, although it's hard to tell exactly how much accumulation. The biggest issue has been insane wind and cold! The wind made my morning commute a nightmare today! Luckily I do not have to return home this evening and will monitor the weather before I decide when I'll go home. 

Eating today has been good - healthy. I've actually not been all that hungry and almost forgot lunch today. I'm really trying to make sure I eat on a consistent time period, with the hope that this will keep me full longer and I won't be super hungry by the time dinner rolls around. That seems to be a problem with getting workouts done (I'm so hungry I want to eat when I get home, rather than workout). I've been packing lots of protein-rich snacks to keep me full. So far it seems to be working. I'm thinking that not having eaten so much over the weekend could be why I didn't feel all that hungry throughout the day today. I'm just happy I can get my workout done before I eat!

Today's workout agenda includes some TIU moves and cardio. It's actually a rest day for both half marathon training (even though it is technically the first day...weird) and CLX.  I should be done working out in an hour or less....Which is great considering the nasty weather we are having. I'm definitely ready to throw on some sweats and a hoodie to sit and snuggle while watching good ol' wrestling. Wrestling really doesn't sound like something to snuggle to, does it? This is, of course, if I can con my Dad out of his TV for a few hours. Since my boyfriend is working for my Dad for a couple days; and the weather is yucky, we're staying at my parents' house tonight. Because he is there, they might be more willing to give up control of the TV. Sometimes I think they might like him better...They seem to give in to him a lot easier! Hmm! Haha! I'm probably most looking forward to cuddling up in bed later! I didn't sleep very well (one awful nightmare and I was awake off and on) last night so I'm starting to feel a bit tired! I tend to get tired on Mondays anyway, but my sleep wasn't the best last night.

Speaking of sleep... I am LOVING my bodymedia arm band! SO cool! My boyfriend thinks it's a little freaky because it tracks sleep. He was like, "how does that thing know when you're sleeping?" He's also interested in knowing all about calories burned throughout the day and such. It's a very cool little gadget, although it is a bit creepy that technology can sense so much. I currently have it linked to my MFP account so the calories I consume automatically update to it... It's nice not to have any double tracking to do!

Well anyway that's about it for now... Time to go get my workout done and hang with my favorite guy.


The Weekend Re-Cap (It's back!)

Generally I write this post on Monday evening but here I am on Sunday evening, writing away. I don't think that anything too eventful will happen in the little while before I go to bed. My boyfriend is already snoring like crazy but I'm just not ready to go to bed yet. I worked out a little later today and I'm thinking that's the reason. I KNEW this would happen, yet I procrastinated all day. Oh well...

This weekend has been a great success and I've dropped a few pounds already (as of this morning). I'm down three from....Wednesday morning, maybe. I can't recall exactly which day I weighed-in but it was sometime this week. Now I'll TRY my best not to weigh-in until the weekend. Weight loss or not, I feel better just knowing that I did so well over a weekend. Weekends are generally tough. There are things like football that occur and that makes it much easier to eat junk and drink booze.  I really think that getting too drunk last Sunday helped me feel like not drinking. I had a couple beers watching the Rose Bowl on Wednesday evening but nothing since. Not one drink all weekend. That is something that has not happened in a VERY long time. Part of it is that I just haven't felt like it and the other part is that I don't want to waste those calories.  I did pick up a six pack of my "diet beer" (those 55 calorie beers) on Saturday but didn't drink any of it.  Instead I drank water and actually reached my water goal on a weekend (both days!). I typically do not drink as much water on the weekends as I do on weekdays.

Eating has been good. As has working out!

 Friday I managed to eat more calories than normal because I ate a slice of Greek yogurt lemon pound cake and a serving of pretzel twists....About 350 extra calories right there! I made chicken pot pie cupcakes for dinner so two of those was over 500 calories, which is fine for a dinner.  It was the extra snack calories that did the damage. I worked out and burned 628 though so I wasn't in tooooo bad of shape.  I decided to do this Tone it Up (TIU) challenge that goes from now through Valentine's Day. It's the Love Your Body Challenge and each day there are different workouts posted. I'm officially starting CLX (for good!) and another round of half marathon training on Monday. I should be able to integrate everything pretty well. Some days I will be working out longer than others but that's okay. ANYWAY... So on Friday I did my TIU workout (a ST abs circuit) as well as some cardio. Oh and squats! I'm doing a squat challenge so I had some of those to do too. I've been mixing it up, doing some with dumbbells for extra resistance and some without.

Saturday was not a good day...But not because I overindulged or anything like that. I did not eat enough. I drank lots of water throughout the day and I think that kept me full! I worked out after not having eaten (NEVER DO THIS) and luckily I was fine but that's obviously not smart or safe. I didn't even really think about it! I had a protein shake after my workout, which was a good thing.

My boyfriend wanted my infamous nachos (he LOVES them and says they're better than a few of the restaurants around here !!) so I went to the grocery store to pick up some stuff.  Now these nachos were LOADED... Obviously there were tortilla chips, cheese, and ground beef (I used ground sirloin since it was the most lean beef at the store), but I also added Italian sausage and fried some bacon to put on them. Oh and he likes his jalapenos so I threw some of those on there.  Confession: I did eat like three of them and they were delicious. I'd never put bacon on nachos before but I had some that needed to be used and he suggested it, stating "bacon is good on everything," so I gave it a whirl. He had a good idea and it went well with the other flavors!  I've decided to call them Man Nachos.  I could've eaten all nachos for dinner but I opted to keep it healthy. I used some of the ground beef and cheese and made myself a little taco salad (minus chips). It wasn't nearly in the same category of deliciousness as the nachos but it was good and satisfied me! I ended my day with under 800 calories (that's why it was a bad day!).

My workout was some cardio (treadmill jog and biking) and my TIU arm workout. Oh! Part of the TIU challenge is to log 100 miles (walking, running, biking, swimming, etc.) by Valentine's Day. It was a day off from my squat challenge.

Today was a decent day. In terms of eating I only ate once but made it well worth the calories. My Dad was in a larger town nearby (getting carpet for the house I'll be moving to!) and because I was being "a diva" (my boyfriend's words) about not liking the color of the carpet he bought, he brought us back some wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. I know that these wings were an attempt to chill me out, a borderline bribe, so I ate them. All. And that was all I ate for the day - and was all I needed! Again, I drank a bunch of water (this time with fresh fruit in it - yum!) and it must have kept me full. With the ranch dressing I ate about 1200 calories yesterday. Was it the healthiest food? Nope. Was it wise to eat them all at once and not eat the rest of the day? Probably not. BUT... At least I ate 1200! I wasn't over or under.

My Sunday workout was another good one. I started CLX (this time just CLX; not with the TF hybrid) so I did Burn Circuit One. There was some squatting in this so I counted the squats from that workout toward my 70 for my squat challenge. I did additional squats to make up the difference. Because I did some jogging the last two days my cardio was just walking. It wasn't super intense but it felt good just to get something done and move! For the TIU challenge it was a cardio day (Sunday Runday). I counted the miles I walked to my 100 and called it good.

Other than workouts we didn't do a whole lot... I did a little cleaning and some laundry but that was about it. Other than my trip to the grocery store and a couple trips to the gas station, we didn't go too far all weekend. It was cold and we just stayed in, watching sports and spending time together. It was nice to not be running after the holidays being so busy. I was also not feeling the greatest all week so I think it was good for me to stay home and get some rest.  We had a good weekend doing absolutely nothing. I really believe it's not what you're doing but the company you have that makes things good... I'd much prefer to be home with my love sometimes than always on the go.

I suppose it's time to get a couple things done and go cuddle up with the man...If I can get a dog or two out of the bed!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello, 2014.

Is it just me or did 2013 fly by? Seriously! Where does the time go? SO many things have changed in my life this year...

One relationship ended. Another began. Not to devalue any of my past relationships, but I honestly feel with my entire heart that this one is the "right" one for me. They say that when you know, you just know. And I do. Sure, every relationship has ups and downs and I'd be naive to believe that something will ever be "perfect." Perfection does not exist. But this is probably the closest I can imagine.  It's funny that after so many years, relationships with people both near and far, bad experiences and good, that I have ended up with someone I had met (and thought was cute) several years ago. Naturally I look different so he didn't remember meeting me, but I've found pictures of him to prove it. Clearly my former self didn't leave a lasting impression. Then again, he had a girlfriend at the time, so perhaps if I'd been a super model I may not have left an impression more than "woah, she hot." Just funny how life works out...Sometimes it's a path full of turns and it takes you a while to get there, but eventually you... Things really do just seem to fall into place.

I can look back and make a chain of people and events that lead up to us meeting now.  It starts with my MOTHER of all people. Had she not introduced me to my dear friend Julie, this wouldn't have happened. Julie's brother-in-law was the one who had the idea to set us up. If it wasn't for his idea, I wouldn't have met my fantastic boyfriend. If I didn't know Julie, I wouldn't know her brother-in-law. If not for my Mom, I wouldn't be friends with Julie.

So anyway, it's probably fairly obvious that the highlight of my year was meeting and falling in love with the love of my life.  I wasn't feeling well on NYE and although I wanted to go out and have some fun, I just couldn't get the motivation to do so. I felt far too blah. Instead I was cranky about it. Naturally my boyfriend picked up on this and wondered what he did wrong. Which was, of course, absolutely nothing. Poor guy kept apologizing and asking what he could do to make things better for me. Apparently he'd never seen me so bummed. The problem was just that I was feeling sorry for myself for not feeling well and not going out to do anything. Clearly I was sick because as we watched football, I managed to fall asleep. My boyfriend woke me up about ten minutes before midnight (when the game ended) and we watched the rest of the NYE TV stuff and shared our smooches. We stayed up for a little while before we went to bed.

Oh! By the way... I did do my virtual 5K that evening. I was determined to meet that goal of 13 races for the year. I was slow, and spent some of my time walking it (mostly because I didn't feels so good) but I did it. Perhaps this year, if I come up with a race goal, I won't push it to the last several hours! At any rate, I completed the race and completed my goal.  My medal should be arriving in a couple weeks.

Yesterday we didn't do a whole lot. I decided that since it was the first I would start a challenge (on the first of the month for once). It seems as though it'll be much easier to keep track of a challenge by actually starting on the first. I'm hoping this will help keep me on track. This challenge is a squat challenge that I found on Pinterest. 

I'm not sure if it was the run/walk on Tuesday or the 50 squats (I added weights to mine, doing 25 with 50 lbs total and 25 with 40 lbs total) I did yesterday, but I can feel it a little today! Of course, I haven't done much working out in weeks so I'm sure that's why I felt it. Just that little bit of soreness is enough to make me want to stay on track. I definitely needed it!

My eating has been good lately too. It seems that after Christmas I've had a better time staying on track.

Last week we ordered take out on Thursday night (mostly due to the long shoveling process and that it was late when we got done). Friday and Saturday I cooked meals that were pretty healthy... Friday was baked chicken (Parmesan crusted), roasted veggies, and baked potatoes. Saturday I did Italian beef sandwiches with sauce. I planned on veggies on the side but I wasn't all that hungry so I didn't eat them. He had chips or something with his. Saturday night was bad... We went to a football party and got Taco Bell after. SO bad! But I didn't drink, or eat a lot earlier in the day, so as unhealthy as it was, I wasn't in too bad of shape. It's nice to have a treat now and then.  Sunday was leftover day. He had leftover Taco Bell and I had a leftover sandwich. Then I started drinking, got drunk, didn't eat dinner, and went to be super early.

This week has been good too. On Monday we had chili, made with extra lean ground beef and low sodium beans for dinner. My daytime eating was typical - I had a light English muffin with cheese for breakfast, a protein shake for breakfast (and coffee) for my morning snack, spaghetti squash/sauce and a yogurt for lunch, and a string cheese for my afternoon snack.  Even though I wasn't feeling so great and my stomach was all bloated, it seemed to feel better when I ate.  Odd.  Tuesday I was still feeling yucky so my protein shake was my breakfast and I had coffee.  I had a sandwich and a yogurt for lunch. In the afternoon I snacked on some pistachios.  Dinner on Tuesday night was fairly unhealthy. Since it was NYE the man wanted "unhealthy stuff" so we basically had snacks. Thanks to my workout and eating the snacks in moderation, I didn't go over calories.  We had little cocktail sausages in sauce, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, crescent roll pizza roll things (lightened up with reduced fat rolls...I at least let him have regular cheese and pepperoni), frozen potato skins, and frozen jalapeno poppers.  I didn't eat any poppers and had half a potato skin.  I had four of the cocktail sausages. My biggies were the pizza rolls and water chestnuts... I had two rolls and nine of the little water chestnuts.  I didn't drink any alcohol...Well, MAYBE two ounces of champagne mixed with my Diet 7up, but I didn't finish it because it didn't quite sit right.  I sipped water that evening.  Yesterday I heated up our snacks for lunch (we slept in a little an my first "breakfast: of 2014 was diet hot chocolate with skim milk and a little whipped cream). Anyway, for lunch I had a couple of the pizza rolls and some water chestnuts.  Oh and half a potato skin.  For dinner we had left over Italian beef sandwiches and some chips while we watched football.  I ended up taking lots of the leftovers to his Grandma's house for all of us to much on while we watched the game. It'd all go bad at home so I had to get rid of it. The man took some of the leftovers to work today for lunch too. Better for other people to eat them (so they're out of my house!) than to go to waste.

Today I had a protein shake and coffee for breakfast, light string cheese and an apple for a snack, and a salad and yogurt for lunch.  Oh and two clementines for a snack this afternoon. I'm feeling quite tired but I know I need to workout this afternoon. I have to, at the very least, do my 55 squats. I'd like to get a little cardio done too.  I'll probably just walk for half an hour on the tready.  I would much prefer to take a nap so a walk is better than nothing.  Knowing me I will throw some jog intervals into the mix too.  I'm not on a plan at the moment but will be starting one on Monday.

I have a half marathon scheduled for the end of May but I am starting my training now. It's a 14 week plan that will have me running, doing a little cross training, and some strength training. More than likely on shorter run days I'll do a little extra cardio, or maybe I'll do extra ST. I just bought ChaLean Extreme (CLX) not long ago and I think I'll follow that plan too.  I'm not going to follow it exactly as it is written because right now my main plan in running. I will add those workouts in where I can though. As of now, my half marathon plan will have me ending in April, over a month before my half. I decided it was good to give myself extra time "just in case" I get off track with things, and so that I know I'll be ready for a half as long as I keep doing longer runs.

I suppose I should start wrapping this up...

It's time to go get my workout done and make some dinner. I'm making white pizza from Cooking Light for dinner tonight. I'm not sure if I'll make a salad or side of steamed veggies to go with it or not. One slice is under 400 calories and the way that I calculated it, once slice if a fifth of the pizza. I'm using a pre-made dough (thin crust by Pillsbury) and that's what a serving of the dough is listed as. I decided to just plug everything into the recipe builder on MFP and calculate it out. It ends up being a little higher in cal than listed on the website, but it's pretty close. I might have a side, or a little snack later, depending on how hungry I am. I'm at 1261 calories for the day with everything tracked right now (including a piece of pizza). I know I'll burn at least 300 so I can probably eat a little more, although I'd prefer not to. I guess we'll see...

Happy New Year!!