Monday, January 27, 2014

Camel Says It's "Huuuummp Daaaay!"

This week seems to be going by pretty quickly. I believe the same thing happened last week. Here it is Wednesday evening and I've not yet accomplished much of what I wanted to do this week. Of course I pretty much only had yesterday in which to accomplish it and just didn't feel up to it.  I didn't really do much of anything last night except browse Pinterest, looking at clothes, and read fashion blogs.

I did not workout as I thought I might. It was after seven by the time I finished making dinner and by then I was super hungry (increased appetite yesterday, for sure). Since it was getting too late to workout, I ate dinner instead.  And then I did nothing but talk to my boyfriend and watch TV. Productive night? Not at all. Apparently I needed it.  I was tired, had a slight headache, and just had no energy.

I was so tired that I did not get up early to workout today either. I'm not surprised. I needed the rest. I'm honestly not sure which day was my last official rest day.... I'm thinking back as far as I can and I can't come up with it. Sometime last week? The week before? Who knows...So a rest day was much needed. That and I'm sure I'm more tired than usual due to some physical factors. I noticed I'm retaining a little water (puffy hands/fingers) which explains why I was ravenous and tired last night. Anyway, so getting up early...Didn't happen. That plan ALWAYS seems to fail. Of course, that's because the going to bed early plan always fails (still looking at you, Mister!). I decided that I'd get a workout done tonight. My plan? Don't stay at dinner that long, plan to be home by seven and get something done. I figured half an hour was better than nothing and if I'm done by 7:30 I should be able to fall asleep at a different time.

I got a text today that changed my plan! The dinner outing has been rescheduled for next week. I have my evening back and don't have to feel guilty about two rest days in a row or a light day following a rest day. Naturally, my plan is altered from what is scheduled so I'll be doing CLX Burn 2 (from yesterday), my TIU workout, and some tready time....Oh and my daily squats. I can't forget those.

While I craved junk food and a Diet Pepsi yesterday (indulged in both the pop and junk - small bag of Frito's and a Milky Way) I managed to stay under my calories.  I guess I didn't eat a whole lot, which allowed for some room for the junk.  This is a rare vent...And I always feel guilty after. I did last night, especially since I did not work out, but I'm okay with it today. I think that the fact that everything else I ate was healthy probably helps me be more accepting. That and it is okay to indulge sometimes.

Last night for dinner I made the HG roasted veggie mac and cheese and it was delicious. There really isn't that much cheese in it (like you really can't even see the cheese on it) but it gave it just enough of a cheese flavor. I recommend it, however don't expect to be eating a super cheesy version. It smells great and I loved the combo of flavors! I probably should not have had pasta for both lunch and dinner, but I had it in small amounts (and at last dinner was whole grain) so that's not bad.  I generally don't eat much pasta so to have it twice in one day is a change for me.

I feel better today - no cravings and I'm not as tired, so there's that! I've eaten healthy all day and dinner will be healthy too. I'm behind on my water consumption, but I'll make up for it when I workout (and after). I'm an entire JUG behind (usually I have two jugs a day - about 14 cups total). Today I've had only one jug and a bottle of water. I'm at nine cups which isn't bad, but yesterday I was at 16 cups at this time of day. But then I didn't drink any water for the rest of the night (but enjoyed that pop!). I'll drink four more cups when I workout and four more after so I'll end the day at 16 (at least). I'm good shape.

I've had my protein shake (shake mix, strawberries, PB, and almond milk), healthy snacks (a light string cheese this morning then pistachios and an orange this afternoon), a nice lunch (leftover HG mac and cheese, baby carrots, and a Greek yogurt), and dinner will be a pretty picture of healthy goodness too! I'm making a chicken recipe that I saw online (FB, I believe). It's chicken breast, plain Greek yogurt, grated parm cheese, and it is seasoned with salt and pepper. I plan to have some steamed veggies alongside it. Given my workout duration/intensity and all that I'll burn, I could probably stand to eat a bit more. I may have a salad or something on the side. We'll see.

Well, I guess it's time to go get my mid-week workout done! I'm feeling pretty good so as long as I'm still energized after my workout, I'm going to do a little more cleaning/packing around here this evening.... It needs to be done, even if I really do not want to do it.  I'm not crafting much with being busy so I think I'll start boxing up some stuff that's in the craft room. I also have a cabinet in the bathroom that I can empty out. Hmmm... I'll start there.  If I can get the bathroom pretty much packed up, that will be one room almost done (except for the things I use frequently). Yes, bathroom is the goal this evening. I see no reason I can't accomplish that!

Hope your week is treating you well!!!


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