Friday, January 17, 2014

Finally Friday!

I have been ready for the weekend all week! Why? Because I'm tired of driving in yucky weather. It'll be nice to stay home for the weekend.  Well..Kinda. I'm not going home this evening because my boyfriend has to work tomorrow (not typical) so we're staying up this way so that he can be closer to work and so that we can still spend time together.  I have Little Miss for the day tomorrow so I will pick her up early in the morning.

I already have our day planned out... We are going to do some of her favorite things when she comes over. Hopefully this will keep her busy and from making too big of a mess!! She can make a mess in about two minutes though, so all bets are off on that. We are going to head back to my house whenever she wakes up for the day... I'm hoping for sooner than later. She'll be at my parents for a bit early in the morning (between when her Mom goes to work and when I get there). I'm not sure if she stays asleep for a bit or she'll be up. We shall see.  Anyway, when we get back to my house it will be exercise time. Since she'll be with me, I won't get to do anything too intense or too long-lasting, but I'm hoping to get one of my TIU workouts done. Maybe both...IF I am lucky! I plan on doing a second workout later in the day, after she leaves. That's when I'll do my cardio and the rest of whatever it is I have left to do.

After we workout, we'll have breakfast. I made her some pancakes last time she was over and still have the mix left (homemade mix). I know she likes her 'cakes, so I'll probably make her those and give her some fruit slices with it.  I'll most likely opt for a protein shake, or maybe some scrambled egg whites. Since the kitchen will already be a slight mess, I decided that it is at that time that we'll do our baking activity. I found a recipe on Pinterest for Funfetti Blondies. They look easy and I don't think that they will take long.  After that we will make some homemade fruit rolls. They look SUPER easy....We will puree fruit, spread it on a pan, and bake them at 175 degrees for 3-4 hours. I found that one on Pinterest too.

After this, will begin our Spa Day.  I have recipes for homemade lip and body scrubs. I think she'll think it's fun to get all scrubbed down with food.  I'm using simple, safe recipes (brown sugar and honey for a body scrub and Vaseline and sugar for a lip scrub) that I think she will have fun with! After the scrubs, I'm popping her into a bubble bath. She will play more than relax, but that's okay. She's too young to know to relax in the tub! After the bath, we are going to do a facial mask, put cucumbers on our eyes, and relax for a few. And then we will do our nails (fingers and toes, of course!).  After that we will have lunch, complete with sparkling juice, and then it will be nap time.

Our afternoon will likely be pretty short... We'll probably do a craft or two and, if time permits, play outside. After playing outside, we'll warm-up with hot chocolate and candy canes (well, she will). I'm hoping to get some cleaning done while she naps! It should be a fun day!

As for my recent eating... Healthy. High water intake. Nothing much to report there!

Workouts have been good, even if not always the most on-track with the schedule I have written out. I was delayed in starting last night so I did not do any cardio. Well...I kinda did. I was out shoveling a good amount of snow for somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes. I tracked it on MFP as 20 because I wasn't quite certain of the time. I know it was more than 20 but it was under 30. 20 is close enough for me.  After that I did CLX Burn 3, my TIU workout for the day, and my squats.  Not a bad workout! Today is just a cardio day. Because I'm going to my boyfriend's it will probably be a shorter cardio day. I'm thinking I'll do about 30 minutes on the treadmill at my parents' house and my squats, and that will be about it. I don't want to get out there too late and I have to get a couple things from the store. I'm currently debating on doing that on my way there or tomorrow before I head home. It's probably easier to do it this evening, soooo I suppose that means I need to wrap this up and get started!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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