Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday. Already?

Wow has this week gone by fast!!! I haven't even really taken the time to blog thanks to the odd week. This also means that I ate differently (Mama's home cooking, although it was pretty healthy) and didn't end up working out as much (nothing since Sunday until yesterday!). Why is it that the wonky weather had to go and throw me all off-track as far as workouts are concerned? Well...Let's figure that out...

Monday I did not end up working out. We basically had a blizzard. It was cold.  My boyfriend worked for my Dad and ended up being at his shop when I got out of work. We decided to stay in town at my parents'. We had to wait for the driveway to be plowed which took f-o-r-e-v-e-r. We got back to their house around 6:30 and I was in charge of dinner.  No workout.

Tuesday I had to go shopping for more clothes after work because it was still super yucky and slippery so I decided to stay (and had nothing with me). By the time I got done with that and got to my parents' house it was after 5:30. This wouldn't have been so bad had I not needed to warm-up for a while. And then my Mom was had dinner ready and was ready to eat.  No workout.

Wednesday I had a hair appointment. As noted multiple times before, I have a lot of hair.  My appointment wasn't done until around 7:00.  Too late to workout. I also decided to stay at my parents' house again since it was silly to drive 30 minutes home and be home for less than 12 hours.

Last night I FINALLY went home! Gosh it was nice to be back in my normal environment.  Given the yucky weather, I had to shovel my way into the driveway and house.  My boyfriend was at my Dad's shop hanging out so obviously I stayed and chatted for a while and left for home around 5:30. I shoveled for about 45 minutes (some of it heavy snow). There was my workout... By the time I got home and inside from shoveling it was already nearly 7:00. No typical workout, but 45 minutes of shoveling was definitely not something I do daily. My new skis arrived and after dinner and some relaxation I had to check them out. Naturally checking them out means that I had to test them out....So around 9:00 last night I was playing in my street...On my skis.  My boyfriend thought I was crazy, of course. I kind of get his thinking on that... I mean, who skis city streets at nighttime? Other than me. Apparently my neighbor boy thought it was a pretty funny sight because his Mom told me today that last night he said to her, "Mom someone is skiing in the street!" I'm glad that they now know it was just their weirdo neighbor testing out her new skis.

So, here I am...Friday evening. Finally! I'm about to do some kind of a workout...Probably some full body weight training and cardio. I've gotta look at my schedule and see how much I can squeeze in the next few days. No doubt I'll be eliminating some of what I planned, which will be my more minor workouts (sorry, yoga, looking at you...). Tomorrow and Sunday might have to be two-a-day kind of days! I'm hoping that next week I can stay on schedule a little better!

Have a great weekend!!!


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