Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello, 2014.

Is it just me or did 2013 fly by? Seriously! Where does the time go? SO many things have changed in my life this year...

One relationship ended. Another began. Not to devalue any of my past relationships, but I honestly feel with my entire heart that this one is the "right" one for me. They say that when you know, you just know. And I do. Sure, every relationship has ups and downs and I'd be naive to believe that something will ever be "perfect." Perfection does not exist. But this is probably the closest I can imagine.  It's funny that after so many years, relationships with people both near and far, bad experiences and good, that I have ended up with someone I had met (and thought was cute) several years ago. Naturally I look different so he didn't remember meeting me, but I've found pictures of him to prove it. Clearly my former self didn't leave a lasting impression. Then again, he had a girlfriend at the time, so perhaps if I'd been a super model I may not have left an impression more than "woah, she hot." Just funny how life works out...Sometimes it's a path full of turns and it takes you a while to get there, but eventually you... Things really do just seem to fall into place.

I can look back and make a chain of people and events that lead up to us meeting now.  It starts with my MOTHER of all people. Had she not introduced me to my dear friend Julie, this wouldn't have happened. Julie's brother-in-law was the one who had the idea to set us up. If it wasn't for his idea, I wouldn't have met my fantastic boyfriend. If I didn't know Julie, I wouldn't know her brother-in-law. If not for my Mom, I wouldn't be friends with Julie.

So anyway, it's probably fairly obvious that the highlight of my year was meeting and falling in love with the love of my life.  I wasn't feeling well on NYE and although I wanted to go out and have some fun, I just couldn't get the motivation to do so. I felt far too blah. Instead I was cranky about it. Naturally my boyfriend picked up on this and wondered what he did wrong. Which was, of course, absolutely nothing. Poor guy kept apologizing and asking what he could do to make things better for me. Apparently he'd never seen me so bummed. The problem was just that I was feeling sorry for myself for not feeling well and not going out to do anything. Clearly I was sick because as we watched football, I managed to fall asleep. My boyfriend woke me up about ten minutes before midnight (when the game ended) and we watched the rest of the NYE TV stuff and shared our smooches. We stayed up for a little while before we went to bed.

Oh! By the way... I did do my virtual 5K that evening. I was determined to meet that goal of 13 races for the year. I was slow, and spent some of my time walking it (mostly because I didn't feels so good) but I did it. Perhaps this year, if I come up with a race goal, I won't push it to the last several hours! At any rate, I completed the race and completed my goal.  My medal should be arriving in a couple weeks.

Yesterday we didn't do a whole lot. I decided that since it was the first I would start a challenge (on the first of the month for once). It seems as though it'll be much easier to keep track of a challenge by actually starting on the first. I'm hoping this will help keep me on track. This challenge is a squat challenge that I found on Pinterest. 

I'm not sure if it was the run/walk on Tuesday or the 50 squats (I added weights to mine, doing 25 with 50 lbs total and 25 with 40 lbs total) I did yesterday, but I can feel it a little today! Of course, I haven't done much working out in weeks so I'm sure that's why I felt it. Just that little bit of soreness is enough to make me want to stay on track. I definitely needed it!

My eating has been good lately too. It seems that after Christmas I've had a better time staying on track.

Last week we ordered take out on Thursday night (mostly due to the long shoveling process and that it was late when we got done). Friday and Saturday I cooked meals that were pretty healthy... Friday was baked chicken (Parmesan crusted), roasted veggies, and baked potatoes. Saturday I did Italian beef sandwiches with sauce. I planned on veggies on the side but I wasn't all that hungry so I didn't eat them. He had chips or something with his. Saturday night was bad... We went to a football party and got Taco Bell after. SO bad! But I didn't drink, or eat a lot earlier in the day, so as unhealthy as it was, I wasn't in too bad of shape. It's nice to have a treat now and then.  Sunday was leftover day. He had leftover Taco Bell and I had a leftover sandwich. Then I started drinking, got drunk, didn't eat dinner, and went to be super early.

This week has been good too. On Monday we had chili, made with extra lean ground beef and low sodium beans for dinner. My daytime eating was typical - I had a light English muffin with cheese for breakfast, a protein shake for breakfast (and coffee) for my morning snack, spaghetti squash/sauce and a yogurt for lunch, and a string cheese for my afternoon snack.  Even though I wasn't feeling so great and my stomach was all bloated, it seemed to feel better when I ate.  Odd.  Tuesday I was still feeling yucky so my protein shake was my breakfast and I had coffee.  I had a sandwich and a yogurt for lunch. In the afternoon I snacked on some pistachios.  Dinner on Tuesday night was fairly unhealthy. Since it was NYE the man wanted "unhealthy stuff" so we basically had snacks. Thanks to my workout and eating the snacks in moderation, I didn't go over calories.  We had little cocktail sausages in sauce, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, crescent roll pizza roll things (lightened up with reduced fat rolls...I at least let him have regular cheese and pepperoni), frozen potato skins, and frozen jalapeno poppers.  I didn't eat any poppers and had half a potato skin.  I had four of the cocktail sausages. My biggies were the pizza rolls and water chestnuts... I had two rolls and nine of the little water chestnuts.  I didn't drink any alcohol...Well, MAYBE two ounces of champagne mixed with my Diet 7up, but I didn't finish it because it didn't quite sit right.  I sipped water that evening.  Yesterday I heated up our snacks for lunch (we slept in a little an my first "breakfast: of 2014 was diet hot chocolate with skim milk and a little whipped cream). Anyway, for lunch I had a couple of the pizza rolls and some water chestnuts.  Oh and half a potato skin.  For dinner we had left over Italian beef sandwiches and some chips while we watched football.  I ended up taking lots of the leftovers to his Grandma's house for all of us to much on while we watched the game. It'd all go bad at home so I had to get rid of it. The man took some of the leftovers to work today for lunch too. Better for other people to eat them (so they're out of my house!) than to go to waste.

Today I had a protein shake and coffee for breakfast, light string cheese and an apple for a snack, and a salad and yogurt for lunch.  Oh and two clementines for a snack this afternoon. I'm feeling quite tired but I know I need to workout this afternoon. I have to, at the very least, do my 55 squats. I'd like to get a little cardio done too.  I'll probably just walk for half an hour on the tready.  I would much prefer to take a nap so a walk is better than nothing.  Knowing me I will throw some jog intervals into the mix too.  I'm not on a plan at the moment but will be starting one on Monday.

I have a half marathon scheduled for the end of May but I am starting my training now. It's a 14 week plan that will have me running, doing a little cross training, and some strength training. More than likely on shorter run days I'll do a little extra cardio, or maybe I'll do extra ST. I just bought ChaLean Extreme (CLX) not long ago and I think I'll follow that plan too.  I'm not going to follow it exactly as it is written because right now my main plan in running. I will add those workouts in where I can though. As of now, my half marathon plan will have me ending in April, over a month before my half. I decided it was good to give myself extra time "just in case" I get off track with things, and so that I know I'll be ready for a half as long as I keep doing longer runs.

I suppose I should start wrapping this up...

It's time to go get my workout done and make some dinner. I'm making white pizza from Cooking Light for dinner tonight. I'm not sure if I'll make a salad or side of steamed veggies to go with it or not. One slice is under 400 calories and the way that I calculated it, once slice if a fifth of the pizza. I'm using a pre-made dough (thin crust by Pillsbury) and that's what a serving of the dough is listed as. I decided to just plug everything into the recipe builder on MFP and calculate it out. It ends up being a little higher in cal than listed on the website, but it's pretty close. I might have a side, or a little snack later, depending on how hungry I am. I'm at 1261 calories for the day with everything tracked right now (including a piece of pizza). I know I'll burn at least 300 so I can probably eat a little more, although I'd prefer not to. I guess we'll see...

Happy New Year!!


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