Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thank You, Sweet Jen!

I was just skimming some blogs and came across Jen's latest post and after reading I felt some extreme joy.  She shared a piece of information that I was unaware of... There is a Whole Foods in Lexington. Whhhaaaat!? I guess I'd never thought to check. How long as this gem been hiding there?! I try to get to Kentucky at least once a year to visit family. They come up here once a year. Um... Why have I not been making trips and stocking up when I've been there? And why have I not been asking, super nicely; pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top, one of my cousins to pick up a few things for me before they come to visit? Obviously, those answers are BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW (OR BOTHER TO CHECK) TO SEE IF LEXINGTON HAD A WHOLE FOODS. My closest WF stores are at least three hours away; to the West, East, and South. Needless to say I NEVER get to visit WF. For the record, my closest Trader Joe's stores are about the same distance away. Generally when I travel to an area with one of these locations, it is not to go grocery shopping. Most often I'm near a TJ in Chicago. Downtown Chicago. How many groceries does a person want to carry for blocks to the parking garage or hotel where the car is parked? The answer? Not many. I did one "bigger" trip to TJ's a couple years ago and my then-boyfriend was with me to help me carry groceries. Luckily we parked on the next block, but we still had a bit of a haul. My point? When I'm near these stores, it's not usually convenient to stop and shop.

But now that I know that there is one in Lexington, at least I can stock up on some off-the-shelf type products. No fresh things (which are the best) but that's a start. Lucky me... I think my parents will be down that way next month. I see a WF shopping list in their future. That is if I can convince my Dad. My Mom wouldn't need much convincing, but my Dad is another story...And if not, at least I know that next time I go, I can visit the mecca that is WF.

So, THANK YOU, Jen for sharing your story (which sounds a bit frustrating, and yay for you for not giving into the junk!) because without it, I wouldn't know that there is a WF in Lexington. At least not today.

Now that I've expressed my excitement over that discovery...

This has been a good week, thus far. Work has been a bit busy, which I'm thankful for! The days go by faster and generally when there is more going on, I have more places to get up and walk to. I warmly welcome the extra activity.

Yesterday my workout was the TIU workout for the day and my squats for the challenge. I did not end up having time to do any cardio, which I missed. Naturally with no cardio I didn't burn as many calories, but I worked the muscles a little so that's important too. Unfortunately because I worked out at my parents' house I was limited to using five pound dumbbells. For this girl, five pound dumbbells doesn't feel like much of a workout. At last I had a little extra resistance.... I feel lucky that I had some dumbbells to use! Light resistance is better than none, I'd say!

After I worked out, I found some leftovers in my parents' refrigerator and ate them before my standing Monday WWE date night with my boyfriend.  I kind of get a kick out of the fact that our standing weekly date is to watch wrestling. We do this on Fridays too, but for some reason I consider the Monday nights to be date nights.... I guess that's because it's how it was early in the relationship and it's stuck.

We are currently under some sort of advisory. Ugh. I never know what to do in this situation. To go home or to stay at the parents'... Always the same question. Never an easy answer.  Part of me thinks that right now it isn't bad. Like at all. But what will it do later? We're expecting inches and inches of snow, which will make my morning drive a pain (if it comes).  The advisory started at seven this morning and goes through one tomorrow afternoon. We could see 3-6 inches of snow (or something like that). Typically when I come to work it's not bad (except last Monday with the crazy wind factor thrown in the mix). So... Here I am, in my typical prediciment, which I need to solve ASAP so I can workout.... Do I stay or take the gamble and go?

I WANT to go home. My appropriate workout equipment is there. If I go home I can do CLX, as scheduled. If I do not go home, I cannot do CLX because I do not have the DVDs with me. I also am limited to five pound dumbbells if I stay here. That's too light for me. I can do my squats and my TIU workout as well; arms and abs, plus cardio today. Cardio will be my half marathon training for today...Which I cannot recall and my schedule is in my notebook at home. I believe it's a run/walk of two or three miles but I can't be certain. I suppose I can always look it up. I also want to go home and make my own healthy dinner. Oh! And I forgot to put on my BodyMedia armband yesterday, which I'm not liking. I enjoy tracking my day... And I feel a bit naked without it.

I suppose that settles it. Both my desire to workout and my desire to eat healthy are going to win.  I'll take the gamble and hope that the weather doesn't turn into a nightmare. Now, I need to get moving otherwise I'm going to be hungry when I get home and I'm going to want to eat and workout late, which will throw my sleep schedule off....

Siiiggghhh...No time to contemplate when it comes to this stuff, that's for sure!!

I hope you are having an excellent week!


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