Monday, January 6, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap (It's back!)

Generally I write this post on Monday evening but here I am on Sunday evening, writing away. I don't think that anything too eventful will happen in the little while before I go to bed. My boyfriend is already snoring like crazy but I'm just not ready to go to bed yet. I worked out a little later today and I'm thinking that's the reason. I KNEW this would happen, yet I procrastinated all day. Oh well...

This weekend has been a great success and I've dropped a few pounds already (as of this morning). I'm down three from....Wednesday morning, maybe. I can't recall exactly which day I weighed-in but it was sometime this week. Now I'll TRY my best not to weigh-in until the weekend. Weight loss or not, I feel better just knowing that I did so well over a weekend. Weekends are generally tough. There are things like football that occur and that makes it much easier to eat junk and drink booze.  I really think that getting too drunk last Sunday helped me feel like not drinking. I had a couple beers watching the Rose Bowl on Wednesday evening but nothing since. Not one drink all weekend. That is something that has not happened in a VERY long time. Part of it is that I just haven't felt like it and the other part is that I don't want to waste those calories.  I did pick up a six pack of my "diet beer" (those 55 calorie beers) on Saturday but didn't drink any of it.  Instead I drank water and actually reached my water goal on a weekend (both days!). I typically do not drink as much water on the weekends as I do on weekdays.

Eating has been good. As has working out!

 Friday I managed to eat more calories than normal because I ate a slice of Greek yogurt lemon pound cake and a serving of pretzel twists....About 350 extra calories right there! I made chicken pot pie cupcakes for dinner so two of those was over 500 calories, which is fine for a dinner.  It was the extra snack calories that did the damage. I worked out and burned 628 though so I wasn't in tooooo bad of shape.  I decided to do this Tone it Up (TIU) challenge that goes from now through Valentine's Day. It's the Love Your Body Challenge and each day there are different workouts posted. I'm officially starting CLX (for good!) and another round of half marathon training on Monday. I should be able to integrate everything pretty well. Some days I will be working out longer than others but that's okay. ANYWAY... So on Friday I did my TIU workout (a ST abs circuit) as well as some cardio. Oh and squats! I'm doing a squat challenge so I had some of those to do too. I've been mixing it up, doing some with dumbbells for extra resistance and some without.

Saturday was not a good day...But not because I overindulged or anything like that. I did not eat enough. I drank lots of water throughout the day and I think that kept me full! I worked out after not having eaten (NEVER DO THIS) and luckily I was fine but that's obviously not smart or safe. I didn't even really think about it! I had a protein shake after my workout, which was a good thing.

My boyfriend wanted my infamous nachos (he LOVES them and says they're better than a few of the restaurants around here !!) so I went to the grocery store to pick up some stuff.  Now these nachos were LOADED... Obviously there were tortilla chips, cheese, and ground beef (I used ground sirloin since it was the most lean beef at the store), but I also added Italian sausage and fried some bacon to put on them. Oh and he likes his jalapenos so I threw some of those on there.  Confession: I did eat like three of them and they were delicious. I'd never put bacon on nachos before but I had some that needed to be used and he suggested it, stating "bacon is good on everything," so I gave it a whirl. He had a good idea and it went well with the other flavors!  I've decided to call them Man Nachos.  I could've eaten all nachos for dinner but I opted to keep it healthy. I used some of the ground beef and cheese and made myself a little taco salad (minus chips). It wasn't nearly in the same category of deliciousness as the nachos but it was good and satisfied me! I ended my day with under 800 calories (that's why it was a bad day!).

My workout was some cardio (treadmill jog and biking) and my TIU arm workout. Oh! Part of the TIU challenge is to log 100 miles (walking, running, biking, swimming, etc.) by Valentine's Day. It was a day off from my squat challenge.

Today was a decent day. In terms of eating I only ate once but made it well worth the calories. My Dad was in a larger town nearby (getting carpet for the house I'll be moving to!) and because I was being "a diva" (my boyfriend's words) about not liking the color of the carpet he bought, he brought us back some wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. I know that these wings were an attempt to chill me out, a borderline bribe, so I ate them. All. And that was all I ate for the day - and was all I needed! Again, I drank a bunch of water (this time with fresh fruit in it - yum!) and it must have kept me full. With the ranch dressing I ate about 1200 calories yesterday. Was it the healthiest food? Nope. Was it wise to eat them all at once and not eat the rest of the day? Probably not. BUT... At least I ate 1200! I wasn't over or under.

My Sunday workout was another good one. I started CLX (this time just CLX; not with the TF hybrid) so I did Burn Circuit One. There was some squatting in this so I counted the squats from that workout toward my 70 for my squat challenge. I did additional squats to make up the difference. Because I did some jogging the last two days my cardio was just walking. It wasn't super intense but it felt good just to get something done and move! For the TIU challenge it was a cardio day (Sunday Runday). I counted the miles I walked to my 100 and called it good.

Other than workouts we didn't do a whole lot... I did a little cleaning and some laundry but that was about it. Other than my trip to the grocery store and a couple trips to the gas station, we didn't go too far all weekend. It was cold and we just stayed in, watching sports and spending time together. It was nice to not be running after the holidays being so busy. I was also not feeling the greatest all week so I think it was good for me to stay home and get some rest.  We had a good weekend doing absolutely nothing. I really believe it's not what you're doing but the company you have that makes things good... I'd much prefer to be home with my love sometimes than always on the go.

I suppose it's time to get a couple things done and go cuddle up with the man...If I can get a dog or two out of the bed!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!



  1. So happy to hear your story! Stay addict and motivated to workout. Definitely you'll achieve your dream shape very sooner.

  2. I'm wondered with your journey! You have fixed a great goal. Keep going. Wishing you all success Rebecca.

  3. Inspired by your story...Let success be on your side

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