Monday, January 20, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap

This weekend went by fast. Too fast. Way too fast. Seriously, I feel like I hardly had time to enjoy it!

On Friday, we didn't do much. I did what I typically do during the week after work (workout, shower, dinner) and then my boyfriend and I just hung out for while (watching Smackdown, of course). He had to work on Saturday (BOO!!) so we didn't stay up very late. For some reason he got up and wandered to the couch in the middle of the night (I think it was too stinkin' hot) and I couldn't sleep. So I got up and tried to get him up. No luck. I laid down and after 45 minutes of not being able to sleep, I went and made him get up and come back to bed. He needed to - he felt cold in the living room, and I (apparently) needed him in order to fall back to sleep!

When he left for work in the morning, I headed to my parents' house where my Dad was waiting for me. He agreed to stay home until I got there to make it easier on me for watching the Little Miss.  I planned to nap in the recliner but then I realized that repeats of "Toned Up" were on at 6:30 and 7, so I watched those. I tried to nap after that, but no such luck. I was too awake for any napping to take place. I may have lightly dozed for a few minutes here and there but it wasn't much. Little Miss got up around 8:30 and we snuggled and shared a granola bar. Then it was time to get ready to go to my house.

I didn't end up going to the store on Friday evening, so we started our day there. By the time we got there, shopped, and got back to my house it was nearly ten. Then I had to carry in, and put away, my mountain of groceries. Hardly into the day and my planned schedule was already off-track. She watched a little "Doc McStuffins" while I took care of the groceries and cleaned up the kitchen a bit. Then we made a mess in the kitchen...Well, not a mess, really. We just dirtied some dishes; no big deal.  We made some funfetti cake batter blondies that I found on Pinterest. The addition of the white chocolate chips and sprinkles was pretty fun for her.  I measured out the first container of sprinkles and found it was just about a half cup. I let her just dump the second container into the batter.  I helped her mix a little bit, but mostly let her swirl her spatula around the bowl for a while. While they baked, I cleaned up (not much to clean) and ran her bath water. Spa day was about to commence!

First, we made a sugar lip scrub. Needless to say I had to remind her several times not to EAT it off of her lips because it had Vaseline in it ("and that will make you really, really sick"). With her lips sugared, I had her stand in the tub and put a body scrub on her, which she thought was kinda funny. I think it was the texture. Then she just played in the tub for a while before we cleaned her up. She got out just in time for our blondies to be done. Of course she wanted to taste them right away but I told her we had to wait until after lunch....Which was quickly approaching.

Before lunch I gave her a little pedicure, which she got a kick out of. I think she enjoyed playing with all the little tools more than anything. She looked like such a big girl using the pumice stone on her own little feet. Of course, there's not much on the sweet feet of a toddler, so her pedi was pretty short. She picked out her own color for her toenails (bright red like I usually wear). I'm pretty sure that her two favorite parts of the pedi were having her nails painted and the little foot massage she got.

Side note: later my boyfriend whined when he heard she got a pedi/foot massage and wondered why he never gets them. Insert eye roll here.  Although, I suppppose I'll have to give him one, one of these days.

After the pedi, I made lunch and she watched some of her new Dora DVD.  Lunch was....Not quite a spa lunch.  I made some fruit and cheese kabobs (grapes, strawberries, and cheese cubes), homemade turkey nuggets, and some crescent pizza rolls.  We also had fruit water with our lunch (she thought the slices of fruit in the water was super cool, and loved that I let her use a "big girl cup"). For dessert we enjoyed the blondies we had made in the morning. I'm pretty sure the dessert was her favorite part of the meal.

After I cleaned up (and she watched a little more Dora) it was nap time - for her! I laid with her for about half an hour and I did feel a bit tired, but couldn't fall asleep. Plus I needed to use my time wisely...So I did some cardio and took a shower before she got up. I didn't have time for my ST moves but planned to do them later... Then my cousin texted and wanted to know if I could keep Little Miss longer because she'd been asked to work a little later. So, I did.

After nap time, we snuggled while she was still in that sleepy zone, and then we had some creative time. She painted for quite a while and we made her a new shirt (painted hearts onto a plain long-sleeve shirt using a doily for a stencil - Pinterest.). Then she painted some more. She was doing really well most of the day, and then my boyfriend got there. I think she likes to show off or him because she seems to get a little wild when he's around. Shortly after he got there, we cleaned up the paint and we finished our spa day with a manicure. I gave her a little hand massage and put on the press-on nails (Princesses) that we had bought that morning. My boyfriend wanted nachos (he loves my homemade nachos - says they're better than a couple local restaurants!) so I made those for the two of them. I saved some of the taco meat for a salad which is what I had. After dinner, she wanted dessert so I let her have another blondie (she was taking the rest home with her too). Then she sat with me for a while and watched videos of babies (laughing, being silly) until her Mom got there.  She actually sat and watched those videos for quite a while, which surprised me. Maybe she is calming down a little.

My boyfriend and his full belly had drifted off to a nap, so I watched some of the hockey game we had on before dozing off myself.  Apparently or days wore us out! We stayed up for a few minutes after I woke up, but once I'm dozing like that, I'm ready for bed. So, we went to bed shortly after 11. Then I laid there and couldn't fall asleep for a while. 

We slept-in until about 8:00 on Sunday morning, which was nice! We both get up early all week and were obviously worn out on Saturday night, so we must've needed that sleep (and 8:00 is pretty much sleeping-in for us). We hung out and watched a movie before I decided I should workout. I did my CLX DVD, my TIU workouts that I had missed during the week (and didn't get to squeeze in on Saturday), and some cardio. After I showered, we just hung around, waiting for football to start. I did some laundry and picked-up a little during that time, but we were pretty lazy overall.

We watched most of the first half of the game before my boyfriend came and laid his head in my lap. Nap time. What is it with these people and their stinkin' naps all weekend!? I wasn't tired this time, so I didn't nap. I sat for a bit and at half time I got up, and stuck a pillow under his head. I picked up a little more and then ordered some pizza. During the third quarter, I ran to the gas station and to pick up the pizza. I watched the rest of the game and some of the post-game show before he woke up.  He had been sleeping so hard he didn't even know a left! So, he was pleasantly surprised at the two Mt. Dew's for today and the pizza for dinner (and the leftovers for his lunch today because I only allow myself junky "treats" one meal a week so the rest MUST GO). He said, "you are the most awesome girlfriend - ever!"  He tells me this frequently but the way he said it yesterday cracked me up. He was so excited over pizza.... It's the little things!

We watched all of the second game and then part of a TV show before heading to bed for the night since today we were back to work.

It was a fantastic weekend, but it was much to short!! We both said on Sunday that we wished we would've had more time to spend together. But, it is what it is... He made some extra cash and I had a girls' day with Little Miss.  As busy as it was, I enjoyed my time with her. Normally my boyfriend home, so it was nice to have a little girls' day and spend some time with just her. We haven't had one of those days in quite a while.

My agenda for today (after I finish this) is a workout, making dinner for my parents', and then Monday date night. My workout will be my TIU workout. I have abs and cardio on the agenda. Since it is a rest day from half-marathon training, my cardio will likely be just a walk on the tready. If I can stick to just that. It's often that I say I'm just going to walk and end up doing at least a little running too. We'll see... I think I'm tired enough, though, that a walk might actually sound good!

Oh! I nearly forgot...My exciting news! I am down almost seven (6.6) pounds in two weeks! Yay!! It is awesome to be back on track! My boyfriend actually made a comment on Friday and said "you look like you're getting smaller." I was like "whatever..." but maybe he did see it. Generally people don't notice changes on that small of a loss, but if he did, I'm happy about that!

Okay, now I suppose I need to go get this workout done!! I hope you had a great weekend and that your week is off to a fantastic start!!!


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