Monday, January 27, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap.

First, I'm sorry that my post from last Wednesday didn't post at the correct time. I'm not quite sure what happened but it never appeared. So I published it today at lunch. Since then I have just been busy or other things got in the way of posting. Thursday I was busy and did not get a chance to post. I'm in the process of going through things and packing them up and I got busy with that on Thursday evening.

Friday the weather was a nightmare and I wasn't home to post. I did not end up going home because the weather here was so bad. I'd planned on it (and was sent home early from work to do so; along with several others) but after conversations with my Dad and my boyfriend we decided it was the safe option, so I stayed out at my boyfriend's (still a bit of a drive in some high wind/drift areas). I did not workout on Friday evening.  I was chilled and by the time we finished dinner and such, I was kind of tired. Plus, it's not like I had much with me... I picked up a workout outfit and some dumbbells at a local store and realized I didn't have shoes. Oops.

On Saturday we got up and he was ready to snow blow the driveway so we could head out and the snow blower broke.  The poor guy was outside for over two hours trying to fix it and then shoveling the massive amount of snow we'd received. We headed for my house and quickly learned that the roads themselves were worse than they'd been on Friday. It wasn't quite as windy but it was definitely a slippery drive.  Once we were at my house we had to shovel our way in, which took a good thirty or so minutes (that's with both of us shoveling). By this time it was somewhere around three in the afternoon.  By the time I did a few things around the house (cleaning, laundry), he was getting hungry and decided to go get McDonald's.  This wasn't the best option (clearly a completely unhealthy waste of calories), but since we hadn't eaten all day, we splurged. I had planned on cooking but it wasn't hard to twist my arm to get me to agree to fat (yes I left the "s" out on purpose) food. Because of our late start in the day, my workout was the shoveling, which actually was a fairly decent workout. We didn't do much on Saturday night - hung out and watched a basketball game and then... I don't know what, actually.

Sunday was a bit more normal than the previous days had been. I didn't get up quite as early as I had planned, but that was okay. First I decided that I'd "play" with my new juicer. It is a bit of a process getting all those components together (and then having to clean them), but it was very quick to actually make the juice. I tried something easy for my first juice - carrot, apples, and spinach. It turned out really well. Yay for all natural, healthy juice! I was excited to find a recipe where I could select which veggies and fruits I used, and how much, and it calculated the calorie content for me.

After I drank my juice, I started what was left of the laundry (the previous day I'd been doing blankets, sheets, and such to help get them ready to pack) and we kind of sat around for a bit, doing nothing. Then I started my workout (finally!). While I was working out he went out to shovel (I wasn't happy about this as I wanted him to wait so I could get the benefits of the extra work...oh well). I had planned on another workout later but by the time I finished and did some other things around the house (more laundry, sorting through and packing some more stuff), and just spending time with him, it was getting close to dinner time. So I started dinner... Healthy this time! I baked chicken with Bayou Bourbon Glaze from Tastefully Simple, baked  a couple potatoes, and steamed two kinds of veggies (California blend and Brussels sprouts). Due to missing workouts on both Friday and Saturday I was aiming to do two yesterday but for some reason I was just worn out. I was tired and achy...Perhaps I lifted a bit too heavy during my ST session. My back was really tight and uncomfortable (I'm thinking that shoveling on Saturday had something to do with it, as it was a little tight when I got up on Sunday - just not as tight as following my workout). It was one of those times where I had to tell myself, "you've already worked out once today. Don't push it."  I also didn't eat much yesterday so I would've been pushing it in that way too.

My calories managed to reach 1200 (thanks to a snack during wrestling - even if it was junk I needed the calories) so I was happy about that. Breakfast was my juice. Lunch was a post-workout protein shake (Shakeology, frozen strawberries, one tablespoon of peanut butter, almond milk, and ice), and then for dinner I had what I wrote about above... But I only had two ounces of chicken and half a baked potato. I tried hard to eat my full servings of veggie (one cup each) but I just was not all that hungry. I ended up getting hungry later and ate some tortilla chips with cheese sauce. Not a totally clean eating day, but I wasn't too bad - that snack was the only really unhealthy part of the day.

Today has been good in terms of my eating. I had my typical protein shake breakfast. Lunch was spaghetti squash with sauce, baby carrots, and a Greek yogurt. Today's snacks were a light string cheese, an apple, and an orange. I'm not quite sure what I will find to throw together for dinner, but whatever it is will continue with the healthy theme... I haven't bothered to look at see what I want to make, but whatever it is, it will be healthy! 

My workout will be both ST and cardio today. It's a rest day for both CLX and my half marathon training, but since things have been a little off-track I'm going to spend some time on the treadmill anyway. I'll probably do 30-45 minutes of cardio, depending on how long it takes me to do my ST. I will be doing a TIU workout today - arms and abs. Based on similar TIU workouts it will most likely take me 30 minutes to get through the circuits (three times each), so 30 minutes of cardio is what I will probably do. We shall see though... Perhaps I'll be a bit faster since I'm more familiar with the moves! At any rate, I will be getting something done today!

I suppose that's it for now. I should really get moving so I can actually get to my cardio work today! I tend to take too long doing other things on Mondays and it often does not get done. Today will be different! Time to work!

I hope you had a great weekend!!


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