Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wait...It's Wednesday?

First, I totally forgot today was Wednesday. I thought it was Tuesday this morning. Losing track like that can't be good.

Yesterday I did go home but I did not workout. Instead I took the rest day that was originally scheduled for Monday. I got home and had a pretty bad headache so I just lounged for a while, then I was hungry, and then it was late...And I still had the headache. I woke up this morning without it so that's a plus.

That means that today will be busy in terms of working out. Yesterday was a training daily, which I'll do for my cardio today. Then I have my CLX workout to do. Since I didn't workout yesterday I'll be doing that workout instead. It's more of an overall workout and the workout due today is focused on abs. I think I'll be okay missing that one. I also have two days of TIU workouts and squats to do. I'm not quite sure how I will manage to fit all of this in tonight.  CLX and my cardio will be over an hour. I'll for sure do all of my squats which won't take long. I'm not quite sure I'll have time for the TIU arm workout from yesterday and/or the booty workout from today. I'd imagine that the two together will be another half an hour.  I'm not quite sure that I have time for nearly two hours (by the time everything is added together) of working out today.  I'll most likely do a two-a-day again on Saturday and Sunday is just a cardio day (for TIU) so I think I'll sit down and arrange my schedule to fit in whatever I miss today. As long as I'm moving and working the muscles, I'm good. Trying to do THREE different workout programs (half marathon training, CLX, and TIU) plus a squat challenge can make time management a little different. At least my half marathon training and TIU cardio can be counted together most days.

I think that a good solution to my time issues would be doing my TIU toning workouts in the morning. They're low impact so it wouldn't be too crazy to try to do right away. The problem is getting up.  My problem is that I tend to stay up later (even when I try to tell myself I won't  - looking at the boyfriend for blame here haha) and then I obviously want to sleep longer in the morning.  I really need to try to get a better routine down when it comes to this.  Ideally I'd be laying down by 10, hopefully sleeping before 10:30 an then up just before six in the morning to let the dogs out and change before doing a workout. Then I'd be done with the workout by 6:30 and would have roughly an hour (maybe a little over or under depending on the day) to get ready for work.  This should work. The only problem is me, and my bedtime.

I suppose that with so much to try to do I should probably get moving. I'm still undecided about the TIU workouts. I guess I should look at my schedule and see how it can be rearranged before I do anything else! If I wait too long to workout I'll won't be able to get to sleep early enough to implement Operation Early Bedtime.

I hope your week is going well!!


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