Monday, January 6, 2014

Yucky Monday.

Oh. My. Gosh.  This Winter storm we're having is ridiculous.  It sounds like lots of areas are under poor conditions...Not good in the Midwest or the Northeast right now!! We've had steady snow fall all day, although it's hard to tell exactly how much accumulation. The biggest issue has been insane wind and cold! The wind made my morning commute a nightmare today! Luckily I do not have to return home this evening and will monitor the weather before I decide when I'll go home. 

Eating today has been good - healthy. I've actually not been all that hungry and almost forgot lunch today. I'm really trying to make sure I eat on a consistent time period, with the hope that this will keep me full longer and I won't be super hungry by the time dinner rolls around. That seems to be a problem with getting workouts done (I'm so hungry I want to eat when I get home, rather than workout). I've been packing lots of protein-rich snacks to keep me full. So far it seems to be working. I'm thinking that not having eaten so much over the weekend could be why I didn't feel all that hungry throughout the day today. I'm just happy I can get my workout done before I eat!

Today's workout agenda includes some TIU moves and cardio. It's actually a rest day for both half marathon training (even though it is technically the first day...weird) and CLX.  I should be done working out in an hour or less....Which is great considering the nasty weather we are having. I'm definitely ready to throw on some sweats and a hoodie to sit and snuggle while watching good ol' wrestling. Wrestling really doesn't sound like something to snuggle to, does it? This is, of course, if I can con my Dad out of his TV for a few hours. Since my boyfriend is working for my Dad for a couple days; and the weather is yucky, we're staying at my parents' house tonight. Because he is there, they might be more willing to give up control of the TV. Sometimes I think they might like him better...They seem to give in to him a lot easier! Hmm! Haha! I'm probably most looking forward to cuddling up in bed later! I didn't sleep very well (one awful nightmare and I was awake off and on) last night so I'm starting to feel a bit tired! I tend to get tired on Mondays anyway, but my sleep wasn't the best last night.

Speaking of sleep... I am LOVING my bodymedia arm band! SO cool! My boyfriend thinks it's a little freaky because it tracks sleep. He was like, "how does that thing know when you're sleeping?" He's also interested in knowing all about calories burned throughout the day and such. It's a very cool little gadget, although it is a bit creepy that technology can sense so much. I currently have it linked to my MFP account so the calories I consume automatically update to it... It's nice not to have any double tracking to do!

Well anyway that's about it for now... Time to go get my workout done and hang with my favorite guy.


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