Thursday, February 27, 2014

Toned Up Thursday (Or So My Schedule Says!)

The TIU workout of the day is supposed to be running (which I'll do) and an ab routine. Unfortunately I will not be following the TIU running workout. They have a specific plan laid out for the running but I have to finish my February virtual race (5K) by the end of the month, which is tomorrow. I'll most likely just do a typical run, walk, or combo (most likely a combo) so that I can log my 5K time so I get my medal. So, I'll still be running, just not following the TIU plan. The TIU workout also calls for abs and given the time of day that it is (and how insanely hungry I am), that's not happening.

I had a meeting after work, around five, and it lasted for about an hour. Then I had to pick up the dog-children before heading home. So, as you may be able to guess, it is going on seven. There's just not enough time in the evening to do a long workout and eat dinner at a decent time. I'd actually like to eat now (did I mention I'm super hungry?) but need to get that run done because... A. I need to workout, and B. I need to get my time entered. So, that's that. Tready time on my own terms, sorry TIU... I like your plan and all but I have to adapt it today (as I do, fairly often).

I will let dinner bake (the tilapia I was going to eat a couple days ago; and some rice too) while I workout so that I won't be eating too insanely late. By the time finish this, change, and get started it'll most likely be after seven. Oh well... Not too much after so I'll be done and eating by eight (I really wanna eat right now - why am I so hungry today!?). My legs are finally not sore anymore so that will make running a little more enjoyable today! I'm not quite sure why I was so stinkin' sore earlier in the week but I'm glad I'm not anymore!

I never did get back on track with CLX this week. I guess it just wasn't a good week for it... Now I'm out of the CLX program for two weeks. I'm trying to decide if I should just pick up where I left off or if I should start again. Any beachbody experts out there have any input on that? My thought is that since I'm doing it for strengthening I will most likely just start again this coming week. My goal for the program is to build muscle so it's not like starting again will be detrimental to my program. Of course I'll be my weight for some of the exercises will end up being lower than it was before! I've been doing some weight training but different moves and with lighter weights (higher reps) so it could be interesting. We shall see....!

I suppose that's my little update for now...Nothing all that noteworthy, I know. I suppose when you're on track with clean, healthy eating (minus last night) and exercising during a fairly quiet week, there really isn't much to report. That's a good thing though, right? I'd much rather just do daily entries being healthy than writing about an injury or falling off the wagon. I think that once the weather clears up and my workouts can change a little (ohhhh to run outside and do some races!) my posts will be a little more exciting.

Hope your week continues to go well!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I Was Wrong.

I did not end up working out yesterday. By the time I finished blogging I was having three conversations (one via Facebook, text, and actual) that stretched out over a period of time. One was about a possible upcoming race. One and part of another were about this ridiculous situation that my friend and I are rumored to have something to do with (we are not - and I'm starting to wonder if it was some kind set-up to make us look bad or something...Who freakin' knows... It's just drama, drama...Oh boy!). And other than that I was just having usual conversation with my boyfriend. Anyway, between all the texting, talking, and Facebooking, before I knew it, it was 8:13 (and I missed the first 13 minutes of Pretty Little Liars). It was suddenly too late to workout (and I didn't wanna miss the show!) and I wasn't hungry for dinner.  Dinner ended up being a snack (Smartpop) so that I could get a few more calories in my system. I watched PLL and, of course, fell asleep on the couch.

Tonight I met up with some friends and consumed a couple margaritas and my monthly splurge on Mexican food. I actually kept it as light as I could by eating chicken tacos with corn tortillas instead of flour. I typically plan ahead when I go there so that I get something that isn't quite as bad as all the rest. The food itself wasn't bad (under 500 calories for three tacos that I did not finish) but the margaritas weren't the best. Obviously. Of course, they fill those suckers FULL of ice so even though I counted a full 12 ounces per drink, I'm not convinced I was actually drinking 12 ounces of margarita. Heck, just the ice I add to my protein shakes makes the liquid measure up to the two cup mark when it's actually only one cup. See...Eight ice regular ice cubes can make it seem like you have two cups of liquid! I find the same true of like 12 or 16 (I forgot how many are in the try) tiny ice cubes. So chances are that 12 ounce margarita I am tracking is more like eight ounces - or even six! I don't know the info to calculate an exact amount. Although, now that I'm thinking of it.... I just may take a measuring cup and try to figure it out next time I'm there.  Yes, I'm fully capable of such dorkery (made up that word.. Clearly).

Now I'm writing and deciding if I should try to workout or not. I most certainly could stand to do something (and will most likely do that TIU arms routine that I was going to do yesterday). I'm not sure about cardio. An after dinner walk is something a lot of people do. However, I'm not sure they do this after having consumed margaritas. I'm not by any means drunk so I should be perfectly fine. My Mom came with and I decided just to stay at their house tonight (silly to go home for less than 12 hours!) so it's still early enough that I could easily do some very light cardio, like a walk.

It's the full factor that's weighing me down (hardy har har).  I honestly want to put on my pajamas and just relax (probably fall asleep on the couch). I shouldn't though. I took an unplanned rest day yesterday so I really need to do SOMETHING today.

So, off I go... Time to walk and then do some arm work!

Hope your week is going well!!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Work it OR Rest, THAT IS the Question...

The answer is yet to be determined.

I'm freaking tired today. Yesterday I was too (that's because SOMEONE kept me up super late Sunday night). I'm not sure why I'm so tired today. I dozed off and on during one-and-a-half to two of the three hours of wrestling we watched last night (lightly dozed, I should eyes were closed but I heard all of what was happening). Some date I am...Can't even stay awake! Then again, it was his fault for keeping me up so late on Sunday night. Anyway, so I'm tired again.  After work I went to the Chiropractor, picked up the dogs, and made the trek home. It's nearly six. I'm tired. Also? I'm hungry. Apparently my spaghetti squash and yogurt didn't hold me over that well.

So now...I'm in my Tuesday predicament. Do I rest or work out? This seems to be a trend on Tuesdays (probably because I'm up late on Mondays). In the end I'm pretty sure I'll end up doing some kind of workout. I probably won't run, but I can imagine I'll do a TIU workout (I think it's an arms routine today - not bad) and maybe some walking or biking. I'm definitely feeling too tired to run....I know that a run would be less than good if I were to do it. On top of that I am SO sore. I'm not sure if it's because I hadn't done any running for a while and then did two days in a row (Sunday and yesterday) or if it's a combo of things... I suppose WHY doesn't matter and isn't all that important. My thighs and glutes are sore, which I actually like because I'm some weirdo who enjoys muscle soreness...This kind anyway. Not the kind of muscle soreness that screams "injury!"

Dinner will be some fish, baked, and brown rice. This means I'll be under calories. UGH. WAY under. I suppose I'll find some kind of snack or something to eat later. Or just have a light day. Tomorrow is a dinner out kind of night so I'll be, at least, at my goal, if not over. I'm also pretty sure I'll live if I'm under calories for a day. I was under for several days when sick and it took a while to get my appetite back and ...I'm still standing. I don't like to be under but it happens periodically. I just don't make a habit of it. Just like going over... It happens, but not often. Can't dwell on it either! This actually makes me feel better about doing a lighter workout. It's definitely not healthy to push it if you don't have enough energy (calories) to move!

I suppose that's about it for now... Need to go get this workout done!! 

So there is the answer. I guess the question was irrelevant. I usually end up working out even when I think I won't. Silly me.... Why even ask?

Hope you are having a great week!


Monday, February 24, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap

Friday was another busy day, so busy that I didn't have time to post!

Before the re-cap a small NSV... The shit I wore today (purchased in January I think) is much baggier than when I bought it. At that time I'd describe it as more fitted (supposed to be). Good to know that, at the very least, my upper body is slimming back down! Yay!! 

Thursday I ended up doing some treadmill time and some toning (TIU) exercises. It was pretty good - burned some cals, continued the streak...Fun times.  My parents got home from vacation but I stayed there anyway. I got all of my stuff packed up and loaded in the car and just spent time hanging out with my parents.  Plus? It was nice to be close to work and have another day of sleeping in.

I finally went home which meant that we had a driveway full of icy snow waiting to be cleaned up. Yay.  Guess what my workout on Friday evening was? Yup...Shoveling.  My boyfriend always uses the "good shovel" so I used the "not-so-good shovel," as I like to call them. I feel like I probably got a better workout than he did. Of course because he had the good shovel he was able to lift more and break-up the chunks. My stupid shovel was like, "" So I ended up scooping up the deeper areas of snow and he broke-up the chunks. I tracked it as 30 minutes but he says we were out there for more like an hour. I think he exaggerated, but I honestly forgot to check the clock when we started. Not that it matters... I burned some cals, so that's good.  By the time we were done, that is all I did. We didn't in the house from shoveling and unloading the car until after 7 ( maybe we were out there for an hour...) so it was just getting a bit too late to workout. Oh well - shoveling did it for me. I think the arm work I did all week really impacted me because I could feel it when we shoveled!

Other than shoveling we didn't do much on Friday night... Just hung out at home, watched Smackdown and ate a terrible dinner because I had like zero groceries. He had some frozen White Castle sliders (blaaaacccchhhh) with chips (because we had chips!) and I had some SmartPop.  Not the healthiest but I didn't feel like going to the store and there wasn't much that I could throw together to make a meal. So...Junk night it was.

Saturday we spent the morning hanging out at home. I worked out for about an hour - tready and a TIU workout. The TIU workout was supposed to be a "quickie" workout that I'd be done with in 10 minutes. It was four exercises, 30 reps each, and was to be repeated four times. I modified it slightly by using heavier weights so it took me a lot longer than 10 minutes. I'm thinking that 10 minutes was for one round...Because that's about how long it took me to do one round. Or it is meant to be done with much lighter weights, in which case I'd have been done quicker. Anyway, so I used heavy weights and it took me about 30 minutes. Honestly? It sucked. I think it was because of the heavy weights. I'm used to doing fewer weights with heavier reps. I think I went too heavy for that many reps.  I just broke it up into smaller sets (some of the moves) and took more time. I definitely felt the work!!

After my workout we both got ready to head out. It was a gorgeous day and given the insanity of the Winter we haven't gotten out to do much of anything. Our trip out of town last weekend was the most we've done in months. We're both really tired of Winter!! We can't even go outside so he can kick the snot out of me in ladder golf or something. It's cold and it stinks to drive in this stuff...So we've been cooped up at home more often than not. We have had Applebee's gift cards since Christmas so we decided to take a little drive to a town not far away. We went to the mall and Target for some shopping. I got Starbucks. Twice.  I got the first one when we left Target and planned to walk the mall with it. I dropped it. Seriously it was like the little kid that drops their ice cream cone.... Minus the tears. I even paid the extra dollar for the reusable cup, which promptly rolled under another car. Not that I'd use it after it hit the ground, but I'd have at least thrown it out (I HATE littering). Starbucks Round Two was a success.

After our mall wandering and coffee drinking, we drove over to Applebee's for dinner. Talk about busy!! My gosh! They told us it would be a 25-30 minute wait to be seated but it seemed longer. Of course, when you're standing among several other people also waiting to be seated, with others going out and more coming in,that tends to make things seem a bit longer.  At least their entry way was heated! We were there for a while after we were seated and it was a little slow, but that's to be expected when it's busy and there are large parties (and like six birthdays...If I never hear that song it'll be too soon). We enjoyed dinner and drinks before heading home.  I think we got home around 10 and just hung out for a while and watched TV. We both fell asleep on the couch (I knew he was going to the second he used me as his human pillow) and then finally got up and went to bed.

Yesterday was pretty similar. We hung out for a while in the morning - I worked out while he watched part of a DVD. I just put in some tready time and I figured my other muscles could use a break. And I just wasn't into the idea of ST yesterday. I also did some laundry and a little cleaning. Then we got ready to go to my Grandparents' house to celebrate my Papa's birthday. We spent a few hours with my fam before heading out to his house for a few. Then we went over to the home of some friends and watched the Wrestling Pay-Per-View.  Gosh. I talk about Wrestling a lot. I suppose when you watch it at least three times a week it takes up some of your life! Silly boyfriend... Actually I think it's cute that he is still into something he liked as a kid. Most people don't hang onto that kind of stuff. And it IS pretty darn entertaining. I'm most impressed by the strength and muscles. I honestly spend time looking up workouts and watching videos (not A LOT of time, but sometimes if I'm just hanging out watching TV I'll youtube a vid or something). I can't help it...Scripted or not, there is definitely athleticism involved!!

So after the PPV we stayed up too late and had to get up too early...And that was that! I definitely wished we could've stayed in cuddle mode this morning instead of having to get up.  Coffee helped to get me through my day today. Luckily work went by pretty quickly and now it's time to get my workout done before our standing Monday date!

Hope you have an excellent week!!


Thursday, February 20, 2014


That? Is the sound of this week flying by! Wow, guys, have I been busy - both at work and after! I guess by the time I've gone to the store, done errands, gotten home to workout, make dinner, and then do things around the house I just haven't taken the time to blog. It's been crazy! BUT the good thing about that is that I took time to buy a bunch of healthy things and have cooked quite a bit. And after not having worked out for a few days, I'm back into that routine too!

I haven't had my CLX DVDs with me, so I'll be starting that again Sunday. Until then I'll continue doing the TIU workouts and HIIT that I've been doing. I haven't wanted to get on the treadmill so I decided that I'd do some different HIIT workouts. The one I did last night was really good - burned 255 cals in 20 minutes! Best one I've done this week. I'm not sure what I'll do tonight... I definitely want to some more TIU moves for strength but I'm undecided on my cardio. I want to do a HIIT workout, but I need to slowly get back onto the tready too (since it's been like a week!). I found a shorter HIIT (12 minutes) so I'm thinking I'll start with that and then I'll at least walk on the tready for half an hour... More like a run-walk mix, I'm thinking since I generally have a hard time just walking (unless I'm sick...I've learned I'm good at walking when I'm sick). Then I'll do my TIU toning workout. I'd guess I'll probably end up working out for just over an hour tonight, which will be good. The last couple nights have been 35-40 minutes. Not bad, but not quite as long as what I generally do either. At least I've been moving though, right!?

Luckily dinner is already prepped so it just has to be heated. Last night I made a spaghetti squash that I plan to eat with sauce and a little cheese...Nothing too extravagant or involved tonight, but that's okay. It's healthy and it won't take long to heat it up! I will probably have some steamed veggies along with it.

So.... Food.

I've done a fair amount of cooking this week -and trying new things! On Monday I used what I had on hand. I ended up making (not the healthiest) some Hawaiian Kielbasa with brown rice.  It was pretty good - had a good mix of flavors with the ingredients. Like I said, not the healthiest but it was homemade and could've been worse. Also? I didn't eat a lot of the sausage so it was mostly brown rice with sauce and a little pineapple and sausage. I was going to have some veggies on the side but I got full super fast and didn't end up eating much. Tuesday's menu was thin pork chops in a sauce and mashed cauliflower. I found both recipes on Pinterest and they were from Clean Eating Magazine.  I also found a recipe for garlic Parmesan roasted chickpeas and made those for snacks. I portioned them so that I only eat a serving at a time. Otherwise? I could've eaten the whole dang batch - they were that good!

And Workouts...

On Monday I did not end up having time to workout - and I had a killer headache. My boyfriend got there around seven and I was already in pajamas. He asked if I worked out and I told him I did not. He looked a little surprise and wondered why. Naturally his response to me having a headache was "well, take something then!" I didn't, of course. Oh well... I think I was still tired from the weekend which probably had something to do with it. That and it was super cold and the weather was bad... Just not a very motivating day. Seriously. Sunshine and good weather can make SUCH a difference when it comes to my "workout mood." Most days I do it anyway, but Monday was not that day. Tuesday I got back into the swing of things with a TIU workout and a HIIT workout I found on Pinterest. Both were good. The HIIT could've been a little more intense but it wasn't bad.

Last night I was pretty much busy from the time I got home until I went to bed. I worked a bit later than planned (did that on Tuesday too...hmmm....I see a trend this week!) so I was home a bit later. Since my house sitting is about over, I had to get things back in order. I immediately started the laundry and changed into my workout gear. Dinner would take a while to make (mostly because it was a bit of a process) so I started that before I started my workout. I made Rosemary Chicken Potato Salad with a home made vinaigrette (also from Clean Eating Magazine). It was delicious, but due to cooking, cooking, and other steps, the whole process took a bit. After that was all made, I cleaned up the kitchen. I then did my workout - a HIIT workout (awesome one this time!!) followed by a TIU workout.  After my workout was done, I finished the laundry and then decided that I'd make my Dad some cookies. So, I baked. Then I cleaned up again. At least by that time the laundry was done! Then I got my stuff ready for work today, and finally, around 10 I actually sat down to relax before I went to bed.

So, here I am, enjoying my last night here, with nothing but a nice long workout, an easy dinner, packing my stuff up, and some relaxation on the agenda. I'm thinking it's going to be a nice evening!! I'm pretty much all packed up so I just have to take out what I'll need for tomorrow and I'll put the rest in my car. Easy.

I can't believe the weekend is almost here!! It's going to be a busy one so it will probably fly by a little fast. On Saturday my Grandparents want to do lunch and my parents want to do dinner to celebrate my adopted Birthday. I'm thinking my parents can come down to my town for dinner since we will be up there during the day Saturday. I don't want to be up there all day but I also don't want to have to drive back and forth twice. There are a couple good restaurants by my house so I'm thinking that's the plan... Or, weather permitting, we'll drive a bit farther.  Then on Sunday we have to go back up to town to celebrate my Grandpa's Birthday. That won't take long and I'm guessing we'll just be there for dinner or something... Shouldn't be too bad.  It's not like it'll be a crazy, rushed weekend. We just have a few things going on that will take a bit of time. There's also the typical "around the house" stuff to do, which I'm sure will begin with shoveling since we haven't been there in days and days. I have to say that I'm super thankful I have my boyfriend to help with that! So, tomorrow shoveling will be a part of the workout plan!

Anyway... I need to get moving so I can get this workout done! 

I hope you are having an excellent week!!


Monday, February 17, 2014

Busy Bee!

As you can tell from my sporadic posts last week, I've been busy! Between getting things ready for the weekend, working out, being out of doing, and whatever else was going on... I didn't have a lot of time to post last week!

I've not worked out in a few days because, well, I just haven't. I think being out of town and then just spending more time with the boyfriend added up. That and yesterday I was busy with some household tasks - the usual, you know... Laundry. Cleaning up. Taking the trash out. That kind of thing. We pretty much just hung out at home yesterday. Oh and we napped a little! We had talked about going out to eat again but since we napped it got kinda late. It was a beautiful day so we were kind of looking forward to getting out and going for a ride (and using Christmas gift cards) but ended up staying in. We ordered pizza and bread sticks for dinner instead. I don't think we even ate half of what we ordered so my boyfriend took the rest to work with him today.  I think I had one piece of pizza and a couple bread sticks and he had two pieces and a few bread sticks. Come to think of it, we didn't eat much of anything at all yesterday. Perhaps we were still dragging from our Friday night out! I suppose that's not a bad thing since pizza and bread sticks aren't healthy. I sent the rest with him to work so he will have lunch for at least a couple days.

The weekend was great! We exchanged gifts before heading out of town for a night and day. My boyfriend got me the sweetest card that was probably my favorite thing. He had warned me that it was "a real sapper," but it wasn't what I expected from him. He's not an overly romantic guy, although he is sensitive and doesn't hesitate to tell me how I feel so I guess I wasn't surprised. It was really sweet and totally perfect. I think it expressed his love really well. For a second we almost thought we bought the same card - same brand, same style, but different words (similar though!!). He got me a Bears t-shirt and a candle, as well as a lovely infinity bracelet. He's the best!! Of course he thought his Man Bouquet that I made him was awesome and loved the hat that I bought for him. He's decided he wants to collect all of the New Era NFL team official hats. I have at least a year's worth of gift ideas now, I think!! I got him a Dolphins one because a while back ago he mentioned that the colors were pretty cool.  I'd have gotten him a Bears hat, but decided to go in the order that he mentions these things rather than the order I'd like to buy them. I mean they are for him....

Our little get-a-way was perfect... We left on Friday after work and headed to  a town, roughly, a couple hours north. It's a little closer than that but with a couple gas station stops, it added a few extra minutes each time. That and we stayed on the other side of the town we wer in, and it takes a bit to drive through it. On Friday night, we got checked in and pretty much got ready for our evening out right away. We had to watch part of wrestling (he had to see both his guys, you know) and then we went to dinner at one of the hotel restaurants. While there we met some fun people and spent some time hanging out with one couple. We all ran back to our room for something (so we could get coats I think) and had a quick beer. We planned on going to a bar that supposedly has an amazing view (at the resort) but the couple we were with wanted to head to the casino so I guess we decided to go with them.  We were having cocktails so things are a bit fuzzy!

We spent a few hours at the casino and didn't gamble a dime. Neither my boyfriend and I are gamblers but we had fun chatting with our new friends. We also ran into a girl I used to work with (and her finance) so we spent some time chatting with them. We had more drinks there, of course. I was off at the bar getting a cocktail when I met another couple. My boyfriend finally wondered what was taking me so long and came over. We all chatted for a while and learned that they were at our hotel too. We ended up leaving about the same time they did (shortly after 2 AM), while our other new friends continued their casino fun. We were invited to hang with some other people too but decided against it. It was getting late and we were, honestly, getting drunk.  When we got to the hotel, the second couple we met offered us some drinks so we had a couple beers and some fireball with then before we all decided it was most definitely bed time. I think we got back to our room around 3:30!! It was definitely a late night for us and not something we do very often... I honestly don't think we have ever been out for an evening that turned into such a late night affair!

When the alarm went off at 9:30 Saturday morning I seriously felt like I could've slept for a while longer. Probably until noon. I never do that!  We hung out in bed for a few then finally decided we should get up and get ready to leave since check-out was at 11. I had planned to go to some of the resort's shops and we talked about getting breakfast but neither happened. Luckily it isn't far away so there will be many more opportunities to do that. After we checked out we decided to head to the mall. I needed coffee so that was the first thing I got when we were there. We spent some time in the hat store (Lids) and FYE then I decided to go into a few of my favs, starting with Victoria's Secret. It was well after noon by this time so after we left there and went to Express, my boyfriend decided to get a drink (hair of the dog, you know!). His Dad called and my boyfriend learned that he and his girlfriend were also at the mall. While I finished shopping they met up at a restaurant/bar in the mall (not the one he originally planned to go to), so I met them there shortly after.  We had a drink with them...Well I had about half of a beer and a large glass of water.  After they left, we finished our drinks and then went back into the mall. We browsed in some of the jewelry stores, then went back to FYE because he wanted to check on something. After that we were both getting hungry and tired so we went back to Lids (he had to decide what he wanted) before we left.

We had a later lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings so we spent an hour or so there. Now we were full and tired, and by this time it was after 3. We decided to head call it a day and head home.  Since his house is on the way I dropped him off, went to pick up my dogs, and then headed to the lake where we were staying for the night (we did not go back to my house but stayed in the town where I work). He came over shortly after I got home and got everything hauled in (interesting how that worked out!). We spent the night in, dealt with some drama that's far too ridiculous to get into (but started because he wanted to stir the pot, I THINK, and then spiraled from there). He got thinking about a situation in which he was wronged and got mad and then it spiraled...So, what a night THAT became. It wasn't anything bad, mostly just annoying, if anything. By the end of the night we were able to laugh it off. We went to bed fairly early (like by 11), I think because we were so tired from our trip.

As I said, yesterday was a pretty lazy day (well somewhat, I did accomplish a bit around the house!).

Today it was back to the usual routine. I had to run to the store after work to pick up a few things to make dinner, then it was over to my parents' house as usual. Because they're out of town and I have my dogs, my boyfriend will be coming over here tonight instead of me going over there. That's the plan anyway... It's kinda crappy out so I guess that will depend on the roads. Of course, I'm sure I've driven to his house in worse, so I expect that I will see him shortly. I suppose I should go squeeze in a workout! I'm going to use my TIU moves and spend some time on the tready. I forgot to bring CLX here with me so I'll be a few workouts off track when I go back home, but that's alright I guess. I'll do other stuff in the meantime and get back on track when I'm back into my normal routine. As long as I am doing something, I'm happy and I'll be just fine!

Hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's Day and an awesome weekend!!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Decisions. Decisions.

Wow! WHAT a week! Life has been crazy, mostly at work, this week. It hasn't been "bad" but very, very busy. Home hasn't been quite as busy, although tonight it will be. I'm actually thinking I'll take my first rest day since last Thursday. I have a few things I need to get done, the big one being backing for a little getaway. Naturally this is a process that may take me a year-and-a-half. My boyfriend and I are headed out of town after work Friday, and I won't be home tomorrow night, so I need to get these packed up for tomorrow night, Friday, and the weekend. So, anyway, dinner will be quick and I don't think I'll do a workout. I'm okay with that since I've done something daily for almost a week without rest. Even if some of it was lower impact and lower intensity because  I was sick, I was still working. Yay!

Last night I ended up doing a the TIU Legs and Booty workout after my CLX and tready time. I know I wasn't sure if I'd do that or the HIIT so I went with that. My booty and legs can always use a little extra work!

Tomorrow I have a meeting after work and then need to go get the things to put my boyfriend's Valentine's Day present together. I imagine by the time I'm done with those things, I'll be home around seven. I'll take CLX with me so it's likely that I'll get that done and probably not much else... Maybe the TIU HIIT workout or something else quick. It'll be a little shorter than usual but I need to get something done. Since I'll be closer to work, I'm hoping planning to get up early on Friday to get a workout done before work so that I don't miss all day Friday and Saturday.

So that's that. Life is hectic all around... But where there's a will, there's a way, right? SO I'll just have to find ways to make it happen!

When I was sick, I missed the deadline for the deferral for the Princess Half.  This means that I totally just lost between $150 and $200 on my registration fee. Ouch. I tried to do the deferral before, but it wasn't taking my card as the system said it was not the card I used to register. I'm not sure what other card it would've been, although my previous card that I registered with my have expired. I was busy at the time so I was going to get back on and try to figure out who to contact later. Then... I got busy, distracted, and whatever else and then last week totally forgot to get on and try again. So, anyway, I'm bummed I missed the deferral deadline...Not so much because I lost this year's money, but because when I register for next year, it'll be like paying double because of the missed deadline. Grrr. That's why I'm mad at myself.

I loved the Princess Half last year and when it comes up next weekend, I'll be totally bummed that I won't be there. But...What can you do? I got a new job and didn't want to ask for time off right away or use the vacation time I'll accumulate that quickly. I like to work up a little bit of a safety net, especially since I tend to take more time off during the nice weather. So anyway, part of me will be a little sad that I won't be at Disney next week, but I know that I made the right decision.

Speaking of decisions....

I'm not sure if I'll do next year's Princess Half or not. Had I deferred, I'd have done it. No question about it. Since I missed the deadline I'm not sure now. There are other Disney races that I'd like to do and I know that I'll be ready for a fun vacation before a year is up. My dilemma is that if I still decide to do the Princess Half, one of those races is just a couple months before. It's the Wine and Dine half that's held in November. I know people who do frequent half marathons. But for me... I don't know what I think about the idea of doing one in November and then one again in February. Plus, it seems a bit close together in terms of vacationing. Then, of course, there's the weather in February. What will it be like? I know if it's anything like it has been this Winter, I'm not going to want to drive to Florida. So, I'd most likely want the fam to go too, so that my Dad can drive through the bad parts. Ha! That's not the only reason. Our vacation was a ton of fun last year and it would be great to get away with my parents again! This is the time of year they like to go, so it just might work out.  I could always fly, which is also risky because of cancellations and such.

The other race I want to do, which I need to decide on fairly soon, is the Tower of Terror 10 Miler. It looks super cool and is in October. That's 3.1 miles less than a half. And it's another month (almost two) before Princess. This one is at night (starts at 10 PM) and goes through Hollywood Studios and to the Wide World of Sports Complex and back, rather than through the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. This one has a "scary" theme and villains are all along the race course.

Wine and Dine is also a nighttime race that starts at 10 PM.  It's run in conjunction with Epcot's International Food and Wine Festival. Um...Super cool for the wineo in me! The other cool thing is that Disney typically puts their Christmas decorations up around the first of November. This race is the weekend of the of the eighth, so it's entirely possible that the race course will be all lit up and Christmasy!

The stinky part about both of these races is that they occur during football season. My boyfriend will not be thrilled about missing one of his beloved Lions games (as he will be going with me, obviously). Unless the Lions are playing a Florida team or are on a channel he can get, I'm not sure we'll be able to watch the game. He'll just have to suck it up and miss a game if we can't find it. I think he'll live. It may take some convincing on my part, but I'm confident I can do it.

So. I've got to decide, fairly quickly since registration for the 10 Miler is already open, which race to do. The good news is that it most likely does not fill up as quickly as the Princess Half, so I probably have a little time to decide...But I don't know how much. If I decide on this one, I don't want to miss my window of opportunity. The Princess Half shows a bar of the percentage of capacity the race is at. I do not see that on the website for this one, so I'm thinking I have a little more time. Hopefully they do that for all of their races. I'll definitely keep an eye on it as I decide.... At this point I'm leaning toward the 10 Miler because I'd really like to do the Princess Half again. There's a part of me that says "you've done the half; experience some other Disney races too." Then I figure that those races will be in existence for a while so I'll just do one this year and the other one next year! So many things to think through.... Such a big decision for me to make!

Well this packing is not going to do itself so I should get moving... Anyone with experience in doing either the 10 Miler or the Wine and Dine race, please share!

Happy Hump Day (Night)!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap...On Tuesday.

Yesterday was a super busy day for me (both at work and after). I went to my parents', as usual, to prepare dinner and workout (and shower!) before going to my boyfriend's for the night.  Luckily I had pre-made dinner, turkey chili, so I just had to turn the crock pot back on to heat it through. This meant that I had time to workout for longer than 20-30 minutes like I usually do Mondays! Yay! I was feeling a lot better so I attempted some tready time too. I just walked but that's a half an hour longer than I've been on the treadmill in days! I don't think I used it at all last week!  For the other part of my workout I followed the TIU arms and abs routine that was posted for the day. After I was done with that, eating, and my shower, I headed off to my boyfriend's for our standing Monday night night.

So that was Monday... It was over in a flash! Today has been quite similar!  Work was busy and here it is, after 5:00 and I'm home and about to get ready for my workout. I have my CLX workout to do and will likely spend some time on the tready after. I'll most likely just walk again today. My cold is much better but I am still congested and have these random coughing fits. A fast walk is better than nothing at all, so I'm okay. I'm feeling well enough that, knowing me, I'll probably attempt to run a little...Which will end up being a bad idea. I need to keep telling myself not to run so that I don't push it too hard. The last thing I want to do is not finish because I'm having a coughing fit. Today's TIU workout is fat burning plus legs and booty. I'll most likely do the booty work this evening while I watch TV...It's all pretty standard (lunges, squats, planks, and punch & crunch). It won't take long and is something I can easily do upstairs while I watch TV.  Not a huge burner but it's always good to do a little extra! It's actually the HIIT routine I did last weekend, so it's three rounds per exercise, as intense as you can go, with a rest in between rounds.  It takes under 20 minutes so I'll be done before an episode of a show is over. Honestly, how can you NOT do something that easy!? And by easy, I mean in terms of getting it done....NOT in terms of how the exercises will be. I'll be trying to go as fast as possible and make the moves as hard as possible.

So anyway, now that I'm all out of order... Back to the weekend...

I posted on Saturday so I don't really have a whole lot to add.  I just did the one workout which was sufficient. After my workout Friday night and on Saturday afternoon, I got the lecture about being careful from my boyfriend. That's why I didn't push it either time. Saturday night we didn't do much. After my workout we got a few groceries, gas, and came home.  I made him a homemade version of the Grilled Stuft Nacho from Taco Bell, and he said that my home made version was much better. Of course, I put all my love into it, so it should be better! Haha! I added some ingredients that are not in the fast food version, and while I'm fairly certain mine was just as unhealthy,he said it tasted better so I was happy about that. I didn't eat one because it was too unhealthy for me. And I still didn't have an appetite. I did take some of the stuff and made it into a small salad and ate that. I needed to eat something because other than a mix of a fat-free cappuccino and coffee from the gas station, I hadn't eaten much all day.  So anyway, we watched a movie and cuddled on the couch...Then he fell asleep and I watched another movie (chick flick that probably would've put him to sleep anyway - haha). When he woke up we watched a little TV and hung out for a bit before bed.

Sunday we slept in (just like Saturday) pretty late. Having both been sick I guess we really needed our rest...Which was kind of my plan for the weekend, I just didn't think that rest would involve as much sleeping as it did! My version was just laying around and relaxing, but hey, sleep is better I'm sure! I did a longer workout Sunday - just over an hour. I kept the intensity low by biking. I also did a CLX DVD and apparently my body wasn't ready or I was lifting heavy because it made me a bit nauseous during some of the moves. Either is a valid possibility.  We didn't do much else on Sunday. I cleaned and did some laundry but we stuck around the house. Being that the weather has been so bad and with us both being sick lately, this has been our routine and we've been okay with it. We spend time together, don't spend a lot of money, and enjoy ourselves. It's great to be happy doing absolutely nothing with someone. Although this weekend we are going out to celebrate Valentine's Day so I'm looking forward to that. It's kind of a corny holiday (I knooooow) but it's our first one, so we thought it should be special. Or I did and he thought my idea was great...Same thing.

Well I suppose it's about time to get moving!! I'll be putting in just over an hour with the DVD and tready time and I still need to figure out what to make for dinner, so I should get to it. 

I hope you're having a great week!!


More on the Biggest Loser

This post is really not a post at all. It's just a link that I saw that I thought was important to share. It does not talk about the most recent BL winner. It talks about the show and what it promotes. It's wonderfully written by Chalene Johnson, a fitness professional sharing her opinion.  It is posted on her Facebook page.

It's an interesting perspective on the situation and one that I think is worth reading.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Health Update...

I don't typically post on Saturdays and this will probably be short...

I am still sick but feeling a little better. I think anyway. I woke up feeling pretty weak (after sleeping for like 10 1/2 hours and sleeping-in until 10 AM!) but as the day has gone on I feel a bit better. I still don't have much of an appetite but we have spent the morning doing basically nothing so that might be why. Or at least part of the reason. 

On the plus side, I did war a sloppy Joe for dinner last night. So my calorie total for the day was better than the two days prior, but still not up to 1200. Meh. It'll get there.... 

I'm still not feeling well enough to try anything super intense. Last night during my ST workout I had some coughing spells and it felt difficult to breathe. So I knew cardio was out of the question. I was pretty worn out after that so I decided not to do anything else. And my boyfriend kind of scolded me. He told me how awful I sounded and how I really need to just take it easy. It was, of course, meant with love and he may have been right. 

So today my largest accomplishments have been doing his taxes and cleaning the bathroom. I picked up the kitchen a little too but it wasn't really all that messy.  At the moment I'm biking. I decided that I could probably handle a little biking today. I haven't done any ST or any other type of workout today so I think my biking will be fine. I'm obviously not going   at an intense speed or high resistance since I'm writing while I bike. My heart rate isn't getting high but after very little activity I'm definitely feeling it in my lungs and chest. I'm not really breaking a sweat... Maybe a little but that's probably because I haven't showered yet. 

I'm just happy to be getting a little activity on and I'll be glad if I burn a couple hundred calories in thirty minutes. Today really isn't about the burn so much as it is just moving and getting my body back into the swing of things. I feel that by doing light activity that I can tolerate, it won't take as long to get back into the intense stuff.

I may attempt a slow walk or maybe a other round of biking later this eve isn't. We shall see how I feel!!

We don't really have much going on today. I may do a little more light cleaning or packing. We need to run to the store of a couple things. Ummm otherwise we are being lazy. Or resting I should say. Lazy sounds like we don't want to do anything at all. If that were true we wouldn't. I'm at least trying to accomplish whatever I can. So I suppose we are just having a lightly active recovery day. That sounds far less negative. And ten times better than using the word "lazy."  

Well I suppose that's it for now. I think I will go browse Pinterest while I finish up this bike ride to nowhere (stationary bike). 

Hope your weekend is going well!!!


Update: Got an e-mail from TIU not long ago... The HIIT workout is not the legs and booty workout. There was a second one they hadn't announced yet. Now I'm not sure which I will do.... 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Random Friday Update.

I'm not certain that this post will follow any particular pattern. I apologize now if it gets super off-track or takes some twists and turns. 

First, I'm still not feeling well and have not worked out since my half hour of ST on Wednesday night. This is also why I did not post yesterday. I really had nothing to write about (except being sick) because I didn't do much of anything.  I spent all day on the couch, in a medication-induced stupor. I got up to use the bathroom, get more water, get more tissue, and to try to eat a couple times. Oh, I did venture down stairs later in the evening and did a couple loads of laundry. That was the extent of the excitement of my day. I didn't even shower.

While I'm not feeling great, I do feel better today. My fever (which as far as I know peaked at 100.9) seems to be gone. I didn't take my temp this morning and haven't all day but I feel better. I'm not as tired or out of it. Of course, I'm pretty sure the cold medicines played a role in how groggy I was feeling. Other than feeling a bit congested, things seem to be getting better. I definitely feel more alert when not taking any cold meds, however it is getting to the point that I'm so congested, I may need to. 

I'm actually getting my appetite back too. I haven't been hungry much this week. On Monday I did manage to eat just over 1200 calories so, I at least got enough in one day. Tuesday it decreased to just under 1200. Wednesday and yesterday were pretty bad. Wednesday I ended the day at 875 (plus I did some ST which made my net for the day 608 calories). Yesterday I didn't even eat half of the minimum I should've eaten. I ended the day just short of 600. I'm at 540 for today, as of now, so as long as I eat dinner I should be in a little bit better shape today. I'm actually starting to feel hungry again, so that's good. Yesterday I felt absolutely no hunger, yet my stomach was growling. Odd.  Today that actual feeling of hunger has returned. There goes the five pounds I dropped in two days. I'm sure I'll gain it back as soon as I eat normally again, which isn't a bad thing. It's not good to lose weight so fast, and it is definitely not good to lose it because you aren't eating. No worries, friends, at least a couple of those pounds will be back soon, I'm sure.

I feel as though I might be able to workout in a bit too.... Nothing too intense! I'll most likely do CLX, which will be around 30 minutes. I'm still feeling pretty fatigued so I don't think I'll do much cardio. If anything, I can probably handle 20-30 minutes of biking. I will not be running and doubt that I'll even be able to pull off a walk...Maybe a slow one. I'll see how I feel after the DVD. Then I'll attempt either a 20-30 minute (slow) walk or biking. Biking is far less intense, obviously. It might be  a nice way to start getting back into the swing of things. I'll honestly be happy if I complete just the ST DVD. No guilt or being hard on myself if I'm too tired to do anything else after.

In other news...

My Dad called me at work today to tell  me some sad news...Our family dog died this morning. He's been failing for a while now and today just got to the point where his suffering needed to end. He had a large tumor on his back and some smaller ones, that may or may not have been malignant. At his age, there was not really any reason to test them, as my parents would not have treated him. He'd been having urinary incontinence and I think even some pooping accidents, in the house. He couldn't jump up into vehicles anymore; he had to be picked up.  He had been having more pain. Last night he was up barking and howling for no apparent reason (suspect it was pain). This morning my Mom went to get him up and he wouldn't move from the bedroom floor. She called my Dad who had to go get him. The dog couldn't (or wouldn't) walk. He even growled at my Dad when he went to pick him up, so we think he was in some serious pain. My Dad carried him to his truck and took him to our local animal control center to have him put down. Ugh... I can't even write about it without tearing up. I just picture his fuzzy old body laying there with the medicine going into him, slowly drifting him off to sleep. I suppose that was the most peaceful way for him to go.... It's just hard. He just turned 14, so he was old and it was obviously time.  I think it would've been harder on everyone to watch him suffer and wait to go on his own. My Mom said that she felt like the look he gave her this morning reminded her of a person who would've said, "please let this be over." 

I wonder what my dogs will do when they go to my parents' house next time. I imagine they'll be running all over trying to find him. How sad...Animals can't understand why their buddy is suddenly not there anymore. I know that animals do not think or feel the way that humans do (although we often give them human attributes), but I'm sure that on some level they have some sense of those things. My Buddy always knows when I'm upset. I can be crying and he will not leave my side. There's gotta be something there that makes him sense that I need him.

I'll never forget the day we got Spanky. It was actually night time. I was in college and my Mom was working 3-11 at that time (she's a nurse). She came home from work and woke my Dad up to tell him something was under the deck and it was crying.  The commotion woke me up too. I remember it being March and my Dad crawling under the deck and retrieving this adorable little black mutt.  My Dad was against getting a dog but both my Mom and I thought we should keep him. That first night my Dad insisted we keep him in a box.  He cried. My Dad wrapped a clock in a blanket to try to comfort him. He cried.  I fed him some Cheerios. The dog ended up in my bed that night. And may other nights. Eventually the little puppy became my Dad's best buddy, going to work with him every day. He'd get mad if he was left behind.

In more recent months, he wasn't as willing to go and sometimes my Dad would have to force him to go with him.  On days my Mom was off, like today, he'd stay home with her.

He was quite the dog.... Stubborn, that's for sure. He did what he wanted and it was difficult to change his mind. He loved treats. His favorite place was outside. He'd lay for hours in the cold because he'd refuse to come back in. My Dad had someone stop and yell at him about not caring for his dog once, because she thought he was always left outside and it was cold. Nope. Spanky refused to go in and wanted to lay out there. He was well fed and had a warm, happy home.

He liked to attack squirrels and cats, like the stereotypical dog. He once cost my dad about 200 dollars in vet fees because he attacked a lady's cat.  He was a hunter and catching his prey was something he was so proud of....Even if he didn't realize that sometimes he went after the wrong prey!  I remember how he'd catch a squirrel and run with it in his mouth like he was the winner of some contest.  He also liked to shake them around a little bit. I know that sounds terrible, but remember, animals are hunters...And that's what he did.

So...I've spent some time crying today. And will spend more time crying this evening and in the days to come.  I'm an animal lover. Pets are like family to me. Spanky was my brother.  Buddy and Belle are my children. I'm one of those people give human attributes to animals and I see nothing wrong with that. They get into my heart like some people do; and in some cases more than some people! I'll miss the old man so much. As the sun shines down, on a day that was supposed to be cloudy and full of snow showers, I know that Spanky is in Doggy Heaven, chasing some squirrel or cat, or chewing on a treat.

I'm off to spend the weekend resting, recovering, and grieving my old friend.

I hope that you all have a good weekend!!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Crud.

SO my darling boyfriend has given me the crud. Well, maybe. He came down with a cold (mostly a nasty cough) over the weekend and I started feeling yucky on Monday. Either he gave his junk to me and it mutated or I caught something from someone else, around the same time. Anything it possible with all the various crud going around lately. Last night I just did not feel like posting. Or doing anything at all. Earlier in the day I had planned on working out and as the day went on I started feeling yucky. By the time I got home I knew I had a fever and that a workout wouldn't happen. And? It didn't. I put on some comfy gear and burrowed myself under a blanket on the couch for the night. I didn't do anything around the house and was essentially a big ol' lump. I watched TV that was about it. Oh and because I was sick I was a whiny baby and cried over nothing...Well, over being sick I guess which is something. So I was whiny to my boyfriend and probably was kind of pissy because I didn't feel well. I get like that when I'm sick - I want to be babied and taken care of and at the same time I want to be left alone. It's like I want someone there for me but I want them to be quiet and not make a sound. I'm probably a huge pain when I'm sick.

I'm pretty sure I'm not feeling any better today. I have some meds to control the symptoms so I have periods of time where I feel better but then it wears off and I feel run down and gross all over again. This afternoon my voice has started playing tricks on me too. Oh yay! It'll be totally fine and then all of the sudden it is weak and there's no voice production. Hopefully it doesn't totally go on me... I had laryngitis a year or two ago and it was terrible. Except at that time I felt a little better. Do you know how frustrating it is to feel okay and be unable to talk? Super frustrating. I remember texting my Dad to call-in for me because I couldn't call on my own because I couldn't talk. I missed two days of work. UGH! I definitely do not want that to happen again.

Tonight I'll be taking it easy again. This means no pushing myself soooo that means no workout. I suppose that's not a bad thing because I really haven't had an appetite since yesterday afternoon. I've eaten because I know I have to but I'm sitting around 500-550 calories for the day. Clearly that's too low for normal functioning which means it is way too low to even think about working out. And, as my Dad always says, "rest is the best medicine." I hate resting like this. I feel gross and working out seems to be the only thing that I feel would make me feel better. And I just can't do it because I need to rest.

Note: I find it interesting that it's super frustrating to not workout when I'm sick but when I'm feeling tired or something I can easily skip a day. Interesting. Soooo I'm sick and feeling run down and am pissed off about it? But last week I was exhausted on Tuesday and didn't think twice about missing it? That really doesn't make much sense to me.

SO...Rest it is.  I'll likely enter the nap zone after I write this. I probably SHOULD find something of some kind of substance for dinner though. UGH. I don't feel hungry. My throat hurts.  My stomach is growling. Horrible situation.

I'm sure that I'm not alone in the next thoughts I'll share...

First, I do not watch The Biggest Loser anymore. I have not watched in quite some time. I don't know why. I just kind of got out of it. Maybe I'm jealous that I wasn't in contention to win a big ol' fat prize when I lost weight. I also question how long taping goes on and how healthy it is...And really, who can live like that in the real world? I'd love to workout all day long, but....I've gotta work! Anyway, I stopped watching.

Today the show caught my eye because the winner of this season has been plastered all over the place.  Apparently she's sparked a bit of a debate. There are people criticizing how she looks. There are people defending it. People are concerned about this woman's well-being. I can understand where comments are coming from on both sides of the debate. I tend to lean toward the side that thinks maybe she's overdone it a bit.  Losing 155 pounds isn't a bad thing...Depending on where you start. Going from 260 to 105 seems a little extreme. I'm not sure how tall she is, as that seems to be anywhere from 5'2" to 5'4". Depending on her actual height, she might be underweight. She might also be at the low end of normal. She LOOKS underweight to me, and apparently to many other people. Even Bob and Jillian looked shocked (and not in a good way!) in the photos I saw.

Here's the issue... We judge. Everyone judges all the time. I feel for this woman because if you're too fat, you're judged. If you're too thin you're judged. Heck, we can be judged when we look "normal" or "average" - whatever that is. We can't base someone's health on their appearance. We don't know what all the various levels in someone's body are doing.

The bottom line? Just because I feel she doesn't look good doesn't give me the right to bash on her. It's my opinion. Am I jealous? No. Am I concerned about her well-being? No...Because I don't know the entire picture of her health. I'm honestly quite tired of seeing this girl's face all over the place. It's not that I don't care - it's that I don't know. And until we know, no one should be criticizing her. 

I think she looks to thin, IN MY OPINION. My "idea" look would be bigger than she is, more muscular and a little thick. That's my opinion of what I think would look good...It's how I would prefer to look. I'd rather have a little meat on my bones than be a super thin 105 pounds and look as though I am 20 years older than I am.

But maybe she's happy as she is. Maybe she thinks she looks fantastic. Maybe she doesn't. In the end, her opinion of herself is what matters. NOT the opinions of millions of other people. Body shaming is wrong on all levels...Fat, thin, average, whether someone has had weight loss surgery, whether someone has had cosmetic surgery... We shouldn't be ridiculing others because of their choices in life and because of their bodies.  Honestly? If someone else is an unhealthy 300 pounds, it is NOT my business. If they're an unhealthy 90 pounds, it is NOT my business.  It only becomes my business when someone involves me; personally or (for me) professionally. Honestly, putting yourself on a reality show kind of does make it the business of others. You don't go on TV expecting someone not to notice. However, there is a line that some appear to be crossing. You watch the show, you don't know her.

I'm not defending her and I'm not criticizing her. I'm just simply saying that appearance is up to our own interpretation. We don't know things like her lab values or her BMI. We can't say for certain that she's unhealthy because of how she looks. And it's that simple. Would I want to be that thin? Nope. Never. But that's for ME...Not for anyone else.

And that's that. I'm off to rest now.


Monday, February 3, 2014

The Weekend Re-Cap

Okay so the weekdays have been flying by, but I feel like this past weekend just went by super, super quick. Of course it's Monday evening and I don't feel well, so I'm pretty certain that I wish it was still the weekend so I could've lazed around with my manfriend today. But, I couldn't. Sigh...First time since starting my new job that I wished Monday hadn't come so soon because I actually did not want to go to work. I always miss my boyfriend when we're apart but today was different... I think that's because the stinkin' love of my life gave me a cold. I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse. He's pretty sick today with a nasty cough (I think he has more than a bad cold - more like an upper respiratory infection). So I won't be too hard on him for giving me part of his funky germs. At least he didn't give them all to me...Yet.

Anyway...So I don't feel well. I feel run down and really would like to just put on pajamas, snuggle, and sleep. My throat is sore. I'm stuffy. I feel tired. I don't have much of an appetite and almost worked through lunch today. I guess I didn't feel hungry so I didn't realize it was almost lunchtime. I did eat my lunch because I KNOW that I need to fuel my body to keep it going. One thing I try to do is eat even when I don't have an appetite (unless more disgusting sickness-related things are happening). I had my Shakeology this morning, string cheese for a snack, and a salad and yogurt for lunch. Not bad. Anyway, sickness... I also feel as though I may have a low grade fever. Nothing bad... Actually my temp is frequently a little low so my low grade fever is probably a "normal" temperature. I usually run in the 97-range rather than the typical 98.6, so even a normal temp is a fever for me.

I'm going to do a workout anyway though. I don't think that I'm so sick that I can't. I'm just not sure how intense it will be. Yesterday should've been my first workout in the next phase of my CLX program, however I got behind last week so I completed the first phase and will start phase two today. I've now just under completed four weeks of the part of the program. I've diligently done my Burn Circuit 1/2/3 DVDs however I haven't been as good about the other workouts - abs and recharge. I know that to get the most out of the program I should be doing them, but I am feeling slightly over-extended with all the stuff I have going on. The TIU challenge and my half marathon training (sad as it may currently be) kind of throw things off as far as that schedule. As does the craptastic Winter weather and changes in plans and where I will be from day-to-day. It makes it hard to get every single workout in, but I am adapting and fitting things in where I can. I guess there are just certain pieces of these various workouts that I've decided to give priority to.

I never took measurements at the start of the program like I was supposed to. I suspect that I've lost some inches, as I look smaller. I've also lost some pounds (seven last time I checked two weeks ago - then TOM came and threw my weight off as it usually does - I'm sure I was up, so I didn't even bother to weigh-in that week; then this past weekend I just plain forgot to weigh before I ate and worked out). We'll see what this coming weekend brings. I'm hoping for a total loss of about eight pounds. Yes, that's just over a pound more than what I had been at a couple weeks ago, but the effects of TOM are always hard on my system. And I ate out last week. And whatever else...So, anyway, this weekend will be just over a month into the swing of things again and I think that eight pounds (heck even six at this stage in the game) would be a good rate of loss for a month. Long gone are the days of losing 10 a month (of course I was a lot heavier then too; and had more to lose!).

The most important factors of this last almost-month... I feel better. I look smaller. I'm engaging in healthy habits again. Most of the time. I definitely took too many "rest" days last week. And felt it this weekend. I splurged a little more this week than in the past couple weeks (Mexican night, then for the Super Bowl last night) but I kept it in check and didn't go too crazy. I'm not 100% thrilled with my actions of this month, but I'm not super disappointed in myself either. There's always room for improvement and this last week - and month - have shown me areas I need to work on.

Now for the weekend....

Friday evening I got home and got busy with a few things around the house before starting my workout. My boyfriend went out and shoveled while I worked out, which I nearly begged him not to do. I was hoping he'd wait until I was done so that we could do it together. I was thinking maybe I'd burn a few more calories. But he was sweet and did it all so I didn't have to, while I worked out. I can't complain... He's so good to me and does so many little things for me. I'll admit that it was pretty nice not to have to go out in the cold!

So for my workout I did CLX and some treadmill time. I had a 5K to do for my virtual race (gotta get that medal, ya know!) so I did that plus some extra minutes just for the heck of it and too cool down. I did a jog/walk combo. Dinner was kind of weird. I wasn't all that hungry and we couldn't decide what we wanted anyway, so I didn't cook. I had left overs (small steak and half of a baked potato) and my boyfriend had frozen burritos (YUCK!). We just hung out and watched TV for the night...Nothing exciting.

Saturday we slept-in for a bit and then got up and hung around the house.  I did a little cleaning, then worked out. I did a CLX workout that I'd gotten behind on during the week, and then spent some time on the treadmill. For some reason (probably because I hadn't been so great at workouts during the week and then worked out on Friday night), my legs felt heavy and sore. I have a muscle (an oblique, I'd guess) that's been making my hip and lower back sore recently and that was really bothering me when I tried to run. I think I walked almost all of my treadmill time. After I worked out and showered we went to get some groceries. The man wanted subs for dinner so I decided to make them at home instead, thinking it might save on some calories. After I added up all of my dinner calories, I think it would've been about the same to go to Subway! Oh well.. They were homemade and much tastier than Subway subs would have been!

After we got groceries, we just hung out for a while before I made our subs. Ours were a little different as I did not put as much stuff on mine as I did on his. Honestly I made him such a giant sandwich he could barely eat it! We used white sub buns (blah; all I could find at the store), deli turkey and salami, pepper jack cheese, provolone cheese, lettuce, pickle, onion, mayo, and mustard. Mine didn't have everything on it, but those are the things we got. We ate some chips with them too... I had only eaten toast and a Shakeology so I was safe to have a larger dinner. It wasn't healthy but it wasn't seriously unhealthy either. Could have been much worse! We ate and watched "Bad Grandpa" (pretty funny!). Then I cleaned up and we watched the NFL awards (well, mostly me since someone decided to nap). Oddly he woke just in time to watch some low-end wrestling show. About that time the Flexeril I took for my muscle was kicking in and it was my turn to start dozing. I slept off and on until we decided to go to bed.

Yesterday we got up and just hung out again. My boyfriend was starting to get a cold on Saturday and it was a little worse yesterday. So we didn't do much. I did workout - finally caught up on the last of the first phase of my CLX workout - but not for long. I decided to skip the cardio since my hip/back and been so sore. It actually felt a little better but I did not want to push it. So my workout wasn't a huge calorie burner, but I got something done. I made my boyfriend another sub for lunch (and one to take to work with him today) but I didn't really eat much. I had some salami pre-workout for some energy and then later some chips because I knew I'd be eating some unhealthy stuff later. I did laundry and we pretty much just hung out before headed out for a Super Bowl party.

The party was a lot of fun! It was at my boyfriend's Step-Brother's house and it was pretty small - just family. His Step-Brother's wife and three boys were there, and his Dad and Step-Mom were there. It was small and pretty quiet so that was nice. I had a decent balance of healthy and unhealthy snacks/dinner. I don't typically condone eating super light all day for a one-meal pig-out, but I did that yesterday. I took some fairly healthy snacks with us - veggies and dip, black bean tortilla chips and pretzel chips with hummus, and dill pickle roll-ups (with light cream cheese and ham). I tried to stick to munching most on my veggies with a little dip and the black bean tortilla chips and hummus (both of which my boyfriend liked -YAY!!!). My roll-ups were a pretty big hit and went fast! I did eat a couple of those before they were gone. My indulgences were a slice of pizza and some garlic bread stick things. Oh and some peanut butter and Frito bake thing that my boyfriend's Step-Mom made. I completely avoided spinach dip, cheese dip, and regular tortilla chips. I was also pretty happy that I filled up on veggies and didn't eat much pizza or garlic bread. No dips (ranch like I usually like!) for them either. Oh... and my other indulgence... I drank some beer.  I haven't been drinking much at all this month, a bad habit I'd gotten into over the summer. I've definitely cut down on that but did have some of my "diet beers" (the 55 calorie beers) last night.  We left the party shortly after the game ended and actually went to bed at a decent time (by 11, I think!).

This morning both of us felt kinda yucky - my boyfriend more than I. He has a nasty cough (that kept me up part of the night) and was feeling really rundown. Poor guy. I was cranky because I wasn't feeling so hot either AND his dang coughing woke me up way earlier than necessary and I couldn't get back to sleep. I feel kind of bad...He just wanted to be cuddled and taken care of and I was like, "Gosh! Now I can't get back to sleep, thanks to your stupid cough." I thought my throat felt sore just because it was dry during the night, but apparently it's a bit more than that. I just hope that I don't get whatever it is he has....Seems to be respiratory and I'm hoping it's just a super nasty cold or something easy to treat - and not the miserable flu that's going around!! I most definitely do not want to catch that.

I suppose I should go get this workout done so I can start dinner. I'm going to start the next phase of CLX and, hopefully, do my TIU workout too. I definitely do not have the energy to jump on the tready today and quite honestly it is not at all appealing. Luckily the TIU workout is considered a HIIT workout (hopefully I can handle it!).The workout includes lunges, push-ups, squats, planks, and a move called punch & crunch. There are three rounds for each workout and it appears that each round changes the moves little. I think this workout will go by pretty quickly! Today's workout is also supposed to include  around of total body, but since I'm doing CLX I probably won't do that part. I usually just to TIU on Monday but since I got behind with CLX, I don't know that I will have time. I guess we'll see how it plays out and what I decide to do this evening. It's typically date night but I don't know that either of us are feeling up to doing much of anything. And I know I don't want to be up until after 11 watching wrestling... I guess I could always just go to bed when I get tired and let him stay up. Hmm...Yes, perhaps that's what I will do....Which means I need to get going so I can try to get ALL of the TIU workout done. Honestly? It probably won't happen as I always end up trying to do too much and short myself on time on Mondays! But I at least need to do my HIIT and CLX. I go...

I hope your weekend was great!!


January FPP Reveal!

**Once again I hit "save" instead of "publish" so here is my post from Friday - the exciting FPP reveal post!!

After missing the deadline for November and no FPP in December, I was excited to join in again for January! I was matched with Claire this month, and once again it was fun to send things to the same person sending things to me.

Claire shared some of her Naturebox goodies with me! She sent some dried fruit (peaches) and some of the Peanut Butter Nom Noms (and, oh, where they nom-nomy!). I have been considering signing up for Naturebox for a while so it was really nice to be able to sample some of their goodies! I'm definitely thinking more about it!

Something new that I have heard of but never really tried (and still haven't, as I am looking for a good recipe to use it in) is tahini. This particular kind is tahini with honey. That sweet component is making my Pinterest recipe search a little more challenging than finding regular tahini recipes, but I've found some good ones! I just need to narrow it down and decide which to try first. I found a cookie recipe that looks really good, so I think that when I take time to bake next I will use the tahini. Claire shared with me that she likes it on some bread or even on fruit, so those are some good options too!

She also sent a couple goodies for when those sweet cravings hit! She sent some pomegranate candies which I have not tried yet, but they look yummy! She also sent this awesome hot chocolate that I probably could have polished off in a day, however that would be insane. Seriously though, it was THAT good. The flavor? Salted Caramel. One of my favs!!  It's the perfect treat, especially on these cold Winter evenings after shoveling! She picked up both at World Market.

Luckily World Market isn't too close otherwise I'm sure it would be on my list of places-to-visit-and-spend-far-too-much-money.  The closest location is about an hour to hour-and-a-half from where I live. I'm not down there frequently, but will plan a stop at World Market next time I am down that way! I didn't even know I had any that nearby (and honestly only heard about World Market in the last few months) so now I am excited for a new shopping adventure! In looking at their website, it reminds me a bit of HomeGoods. Dangerous. Just dangerous!!

I was super happy with my package this month and had a fun time exchanging with Claire! Please take a moment to check out her blog (which I am now following), Intuitive Appetite.  She is studying to be a Registered Dietitian and has posted some great recipes (some of which I really need to try!).

FPP is a program in which you are matched with someone to participate in a food swap. There's a spending limit of $15. You are to contact the person you're matched with to find out about allergies and diet restrictions. Then you pack up a box of food items within the guidelines they've given you. You must register by the fourth; matches go out the fifth; and you mail your box by the fifteenth.  If you have a blog, you're to post about it at the end of the month. As always, for more information or to participate in FPP, please visit The Lean Green Bean!

Have a great weekend!