Monday, February 17, 2014

Busy Bee!

As you can tell from my sporadic posts last week, I've been busy! Between getting things ready for the weekend, working out, being out of doing, and whatever else was going on... I didn't have a lot of time to post last week!

I've not worked out in a few days because, well, I just haven't. I think being out of town and then just spending more time with the boyfriend added up. That and yesterday I was busy with some household tasks - the usual, you know... Laundry. Cleaning up. Taking the trash out. That kind of thing. We pretty much just hung out at home yesterday. Oh and we napped a little! We had talked about going out to eat again but since we napped it got kinda late. It was a beautiful day so we were kind of looking forward to getting out and going for a ride (and using Christmas gift cards) but ended up staying in. We ordered pizza and bread sticks for dinner instead. I don't think we even ate half of what we ordered so my boyfriend took the rest to work with him today.  I think I had one piece of pizza and a couple bread sticks and he had two pieces and a few bread sticks. Come to think of it, we didn't eat much of anything at all yesterday. Perhaps we were still dragging from our Friday night out! I suppose that's not a bad thing since pizza and bread sticks aren't healthy. I sent the rest with him to work so he will have lunch for at least a couple days.

The weekend was great! We exchanged gifts before heading out of town for a night and day. My boyfriend got me the sweetest card that was probably my favorite thing. He had warned me that it was "a real sapper," but it wasn't what I expected from him. He's not an overly romantic guy, although he is sensitive and doesn't hesitate to tell me how I feel so I guess I wasn't surprised. It was really sweet and totally perfect. I think it expressed his love really well. For a second we almost thought we bought the same card - same brand, same style, but different words (similar though!!). He got me a Bears t-shirt and a candle, as well as a lovely infinity bracelet. He's the best!! Of course he thought his Man Bouquet that I made him was awesome and loved the hat that I bought for him. He's decided he wants to collect all of the New Era NFL team official hats. I have at least a year's worth of gift ideas now, I think!! I got him a Dolphins one because a while back ago he mentioned that the colors were pretty cool.  I'd have gotten him a Bears hat, but decided to go in the order that he mentions these things rather than the order I'd like to buy them. I mean they are for him....

Our little get-a-way was perfect... We left on Friday after work and headed to  a town, roughly, a couple hours north. It's a little closer than that but with a couple gas station stops, it added a few extra minutes each time. That and we stayed on the other side of the town we wer in, and it takes a bit to drive through it. On Friday night, we got checked in and pretty much got ready for our evening out right away. We had to watch part of wrestling (he had to see both his guys, you know) and then we went to dinner at one of the hotel restaurants. While there we met some fun people and spent some time hanging out with one couple. We all ran back to our room for something (so we could get coats I think) and had a quick beer. We planned on going to a bar that supposedly has an amazing view (at the resort) but the couple we were with wanted to head to the casino so I guess we decided to go with them.  We were having cocktails so things are a bit fuzzy!

We spent a few hours at the casino and didn't gamble a dime. Neither my boyfriend and I are gamblers but we had fun chatting with our new friends. We also ran into a girl I used to work with (and her finance) so we spent some time chatting with them. We had more drinks there, of course. I was off at the bar getting a cocktail when I met another couple. My boyfriend finally wondered what was taking me so long and came over. We all chatted for a while and learned that they were at our hotel too. We ended up leaving about the same time they did (shortly after 2 AM), while our other new friends continued their casino fun. We were invited to hang with some other people too but decided against it. It was getting late and we were, honestly, getting drunk.  When we got to the hotel, the second couple we met offered us some drinks so we had a couple beers and some fireball with then before we all decided it was most definitely bed time. I think we got back to our room around 3:30!! It was definitely a late night for us and not something we do very often... I honestly don't think we have ever been out for an evening that turned into such a late night affair!

When the alarm went off at 9:30 Saturday morning I seriously felt like I could've slept for a while longer. Probably until noon. I never do that!  We hung out in bed for a few then finally decided we should get up and get ready to leave since check-out was at 11. I had planned to go to some of the resort's shops and we talked about getting breakfast but neither happened. Luckily it isn't far away so there will be many more opportunities to do that. After we checked out we decided to head to the mall. I needed coffee so that was the first thing I got when we were there. We spent some time in the hat store (Lids) and FYE then I decided to go into a few of my favs, starting with Victoria's Secret. It was well after noon by this time so after we left there and went to Express, my boyfriend decided to get a drink (hair of the dog, you know!). His Dad called and my boyfriend learned that he and his girlfriend were also at the mall. While I finished shopping they met up at a restaurant/bar in the mall (not the one he originally planned to go to), so I met them there shortly after.  We had a drink with them...Well I had about half of a beer and a large glass of water.  After they left, we finished our drinks and then went back into the mall. We browsed in some of the jewelry stores, then went back to FYE because he wanted to check on something. After that we were both getting hungry and tired so we went back to Lids (he had to decide what he wanted) before we left.

We had a later lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings so we spent an hour or so there. Now we were full and tired, and by this time it was after 3. We decided to head call it a day and head home.  Since his house is on the way I dropped him off, went to pick up my dogs, and then headed to the lake where we were staying for the night (we did not go back to my house but stayed in the town where I work). He came over shortly after I got home and got everything hauled in (interesting how that worked out!). We spent the night in, dealt with some drama that's far too ridiculous to get into (but started because he wanted to stir the pot, I THINK, and then spiraled from there). He got thinking about a situation in which he was wronged and got mad and then it spiraled...So, what a night THAT became. It wasn't anything bad, mostly just annoying, if anything. By the end of the night we were able to laugh it off. We went to bed fairly early (like by 11), I think because we were so tired from our trip.

As I said, yesterday was a pretty lazy day (well somewhat, I did accomplish a bit around the house!).

Today it was back to the usual routine. I had to run to the store after work to pick up a few things to make dinner, then it was over to my parents' house as usual. Because they're out of town and I have my dogs, my boyfriend will be coming over here tonight instead of me going over there. That's the plan anyway... It's kinda crappy out so I guess that will depend on the roads. Of course, I'm sure I've driven to his house in worse, so I expect that I will see him shortly. I suppose I should go squeeze in a workout! I'm going to use my TIU moves and spend some time on the tready. I forgot to bring CLX here with me so I'll be a few workouts off track when I go back home, but that's alright I guess. I'll do other stuff in the meantime and get back on track when I'm back into my normal routine. As long as I am doing something, I'm happy and I'll be just fine!

Hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's Day and an awesome weekend!!


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